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Installment 123

April 22, 2021 – May 15, 2021


Are you still with me?

Now, you know the answer to that question. Without the answer, asking the question makes no sense. Of course, I am still with you. You can run from me, but you cannot hide.

Run from you? I would never run from you! Why on Earth would I run from you?

And, verily I say unto you (to use the Master’s turn of phrase): You have been running from me for darn near a year (in the way that time is perceived from the physical perspective). Because time is a human construct, from my perspective, it has been a couple of minutes since we last talked in this way.

Actually, it would be much closer to the truth to say that you have been running from yourself for darn close to a year. But it really ends up being the same thing because we are ONE.

I have?

Oh, yes, indeed. You have. Not consciously – subconsciously, but the results are the same – feelings of isolation, regret, even the occasional resentment because you have felt somewhat abandoned. However, I have never abandoned you; I have always been here. More precisely, you have always been here with me, but who’s counting. That is the promise I made to you and I have never broken it.

Feels like a fire
That burns in my heart
Every single moment
That we’ve spent apart
I need you around
For every day to start
I haven’t left you alone.

Because you are vibrating at a different frequency, your senses tell you that you are separate from the greater invisible part of yourself … and me … and from all the potentials that greater invisible part of you holds. Just because you can’t see it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. You are just vibrating at a different frequency. You can retune … recalibrate … your frequency at any time.

However, you have been a little distracted for darn near a year. You have had a difficult time breaking through all the worry and anger and stress and judgment you have felt in the past several months. That is perfectly understandable; it is only human. It has been an … um … interesting time. [Michael chuckles.] But a time of great and powerful change, in many ways.

In what ways? I haven’t seen a great deal of change.

That is because you don’t see the whole picture. It’s like a mosaic and you are one tiny little tile in the mosaic. You see only a tiny part of the picture – the part in which you participate. You are unaware of the collective part of the picture and even more unaware of the larger invisible, non-physical and inspirational contribution to the entire mosaic, but even the tiny part you can see has changed because YOU have changed.

Interesting? That is an understatement! It has been absolute chaos! I have found myself totally entrenched in the utter madness displayed by an increasingly corrupt and insane world.

That is exactly my point. You have been “totally entrenched.” Once again, it is a matter of focus. How have you focused your attention during this time and where has that focus led you? Are you satisfied with your state of being as a result of your entrenchment … or dissatisfied?

I have been appalled on a daily basis. I have been angry, hurt, disappointed, disillusioned, chronically worried about the state of the country I live in and the world, in general. I feel a bit like I would imagine a soldier suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome would feel – rehashing all of those things that I feel as injustice over and over again without seeing any way of rectifying them or understanding them.

With the election of a new President and Vice-President in November and their oaths of office in January, at least we are not bombarded with bombastic, derogatory “tweets” on a daily basis (Thank God!) The unapologetic bigotry and division promoted and encouraged by the previous administration is no longer running roughshod over our psyches. But the mess they left behind … Dear Lord! Incidents of violence against ethnic groups continues unabated; it feels as if the previous administration gave the white supremacist groups permission to run amok at will with no threat of accountability for their actions. Even overt insurrection has been given a free pass in the storming of the Capitol to overturn the election on January 6, 2021, which I find absolutely reprehensible.

I have so wanted to have a very deep conversation with you regarding all this, but I didn’t want to just go on a rant because that would just add to the energy of insanity which was already far too prevalent. So, I resisted.

Yes, I am feeling a huge burden of resistance in your words. You have been in a state of resistance towards what you see as madness and insanity; you have been in a state of resistance towards the injustices you have seen playing out in the world at large; you have been in a state of resistance towards discussing it all with me in a formal way in these conversations. I say it that way because we are always discussing the happenings and events in your life in a less formal manner.

And what happens when you resist something?

What you resist persists.

Exactly. What you resist persists. At least, it persists until you decide that you have had enough of that experience and change your focus.

They’ve gotta hear it from me
They’ve gotta hear it from you
They’ve gotta hear it from us
We can’t take it
We’ve already had enough.

Often, as you have discovered, changing your focus is not easy. It takes some will power and discipline, but it can be done.

Please understand. I am not judging whether your focus on all that “insanity” is right or wrong … justified or unjustified … good or bad. These are only judgments … human constructs … and, therefore, basically irrelevant. The only relevance to be found in this is: does that serve you in your previously-stated intention of raising your consciousness … or does it not serve you?

If you decide it does serve you, you are free to continue to focus your attention toward all the insanity, but be aware (or conscious) that one definition of insanity is continuing to do the exact same things while, at the same time, expecting those things to produce different results.

If you decide that it does not serve your intention, you are free to change your focus at any time to more closely align with your stated intention. As a sovereign being, you have that right. As a matter of fact, as a sovereign being you have that responsibility; for we are all responsible for our own state of being.

When you have committed yourself to achieving a higher consciousness, you cannot blame your inner turmoil on your external environment. It doesn’t work. Things happen out there, but only you can decide how you will respond. Will you resist … blame … rant against it … become entrenched in it? Or will you adjust your focus … retune … recalibrate your frequency?

You are the sovereign in your inner world. Only you have the power to decide. The world can tell you that you don’t have that power (don’t believe it); and the external world can try to program you by bombarding you with bombastic “tweets” on a daily basis (don’t give it the power to run “roughshod over your psyche”). However, it can only take your power to decide your state of being if you give it. When you tire of the experience of all of those stressful emotions, you can recalibrate and shift your focus.

Whether you experience your inner world as joyful, playful, happy … or sad, irritated, angry … is entirely up to you. No one can take that choice from you; and no one can make that choice for you. The only real choice involved is; Will you decide consciously or will you decide by default?

Or as Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are.” And that is such a wonderful lead in to what I have wanted to discuss with you. How do you do that?

[Michael laughs.] A magician never gives away his secrets.

Well, I guess I have had enough of the feelings of powerlessness, isolation, and judgment by which I was living most of my life in the aftermath of the previous administration. While the new administration continues to provide a welcome and refreshing change to the “same old, same old” to which we had become accustomed in the previous one, I just decided to retreat from all of it and the corporate media as much as possible.

I was finding myself in search of some greater purpose and, as a result, I began listening to YouTube videos with a more mystical or spiritual bent like Jerry and Esther (Abraham) Hicks, whose books regarding the law of attraction we have discussed previously in some detail when we talked about virtual realities. [Reference: Volume 3, Installment 91, January 8 to January 22, 2015, pages 137-153]

Then, I found another video channel that I found fascinating because it was devoted to Gregg Braden, another author to whose works we have devoted discussions. [Reference: The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, Volume 3, Installment 87, May 28 through May 30, 2014, pages 59-75]

On his channel, Mr. Braden offers many interviews in which he talks about some of the most current scientific discoveries in addition to introducing other leading edge researchers in the new sciences of the quantum world such as:

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

Dr. Joe Dispenza,

Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind,

You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter;

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One;

Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon; and

Nassim Haramein,

Quantum Revolution: Complexity in a Conscious Universe.

Because these new sciences based in quantum research do not conform (and, in some cases are in direct opposition) to the Darwinian model of random evolution and survival of the fittest, they are basically being ignored by most of our institutions and systems (educational, health care, and governmental) which have been founded in Darwin’s theories. In other words, unless you are a scientist with access to the latest journals, the most recent discoveries and new sciences arising from them are not commonly known or taught in our universities. As a result, mainstream education, corporate media and mainstream science currently cling to the past, outdated model (against the evidence of data compiled by peer-reviewed scientific method to which they purport to pay allegiance) instead of forging a way to the future of our world and humanity, in general.

Having never studied any kind of science, current or otherwise, I thought that it was fairly presumptuous of me to try to make any kind of rational study of these obviously brilliant men’s books or interviews until I began to listen to them speak. Each of them has a slightly different field of expertise (cellular biology, aerospace industrial technology, healing the body/mind, physics) but they all share a sense of mission as well as an ease in communicating fairly complex, scientific subjects in everyday language which even the least scientifically-minded individual (like me) can understand and relate to. All of them travel the world, speaking to large audiences, proposing that we all make a change in the way we think of ourselves and our position in the world. Each of them is bringing the leading-edge sciences of epigenetics, neuroendocrinology, and psychoneuroimmunology out of the scientific journals and making them more accessible in the public domain.

So, for the past four or five months, I have been spending more of my time in studying their books and listening to interviews and speaking engagements by these wonderful men, who have devoted themselves to changing the world, healing ourselves and our planet, and have done so with humor and devotion to a more expanded idea of our consciousness. Individually, all of them are wonderful speakers, but put all three of them on a stage together at the same time and magic happens. There is a video on YouTube called the “Three Amigos” that I highly recommend to my readers.

I think that if you were physically present today, you would have loved to have deep, meaningful conversations with each of these men as you did with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. You would have loved them.

There ya go! You have removed your focus from what the corporate media has been feeding you, which is always going to be negative because that’s what sells. And, as we have seen so often before, in the corporate media, it’s all about the bottom line.

Instead, you have shifted the laser beam of your focused attention on learning new ways to think about the world and feel about yourself and your capabilities – and, therefore, the nature of the world and humanity’s role in it. Instead of obsessing constantly about all the ways humankind has disappointed and appalled you (which is a never-ending loop of negativity promoted by the corporate media to program you into a state of fear and panic because you are more controllable and suggestible in that state) you have shifted your focus.

Now, what can you tell me about each one of these innovators and his impact upon you?

Well, first, Gregg Braden with his books The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits, both of which we have examined before in Installment 87, was my introduction into these new ways of thinking. He began his career working in the aerospace-industrial complex and academia, but became frustrated with the lag in the acceptance of the newest, evidenced-based science by the mainstream scientific and academic communities. He is a very eloquent and sincere speaker, providing specific references and quotations of leading-edge scientific breakthroughs in slides and presentations during his talks.

In addition to his own presentations, his channel introduces his viewers to other science-based speakers working in the fields of cell biology (such as Bruce Lipton) and mind/body medical theory (Dr. Joe Dispenza) and quantum physics (Nassim Haramein). Since we have already discussed many of Gregg Braden’s discoveries in our previous discussions, I will just reference those discussions again here (Volume 3, Installment 87).

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist whose pioneering work in the field of cell biology is updating the understanding of how cells work in our bodies. Contrary to the Darwinian model of random (or accidental) evolution and survival of the fittest or competition, Dr. Lipton and his colleagues are discovering that the 50 or so trillion cells of the human body … like the thousands of forms of life in nature … work in a collaborative, cooperative way to enhance our health and consciousness. It is not random; it is not a competitive race for limited resources. The cells in our bodies are very social; they link up in networks (communities) and systems (nations) and cooperatively function or we would not be here.

He has shown that the nucleus of the cell is not the brain of the cell as had been thought previously; rather, the membrane or skin of the cell contains the cell’s intelligence. It is the membrane that receives signals from the cell’s environment through its receptors, interprets those signals, and responds to them by creating proteins (hormones and enzymes) which control its behavior.

The environment surrounding the cell is controlled by our thoughts and feelings (our state of being). If we are living in survival mode (which most of us are 90% of our lives as a result of our fast-paced, dog-eat-dog, competition-conditioned mentality), the cell’s environment consists of stress hormones and chemicals (such as cortisol) which put our bodies in a “flight, fight, or hide” response mode. This is not a problem when we are faced with emergencies; it is adaptive. While all organisms can tolerate the “flight or fight” survival mode for short periods of time, living in survival mode for years on end exposes the human body to disease. If we can re-align our thoughts and feelings to create a more cooperative and coherent internal environment, our 50 or so trillion cells can receive more coherent signals and respond in more healthy and collaborative ways.

Yes, as we’ve talked about before, stress kills. It sounds like the science is beginning to take notice of and track the mechanisms that lead to that conclusion and this author is on the leading edge of that process.

This is what has been distracting you for darn close to a year. You have been stewing in a hot, boiling cauldron of stress chemicals produced by your “flight or fight” survival mode. Shifting your focus is cooling off the stew in that cauldron.

I told you, it is an exciting time to be alive. However, exciting does not always mean comfortable. There will be opposition; there has to be. Science is taking its first baby steps in realizing how our thoughts and feelings become our reality.

What you believe you become.

As a result, the line in the sand that has been drawn between spirituality and science for centuries is being washed away by the tides of scientific discovery. Each is just a different language used to explain the same phenomenon. It is all ONE.

Dr. Lipton also uses the analogy of the television set to explain the concept of death, reincarnation, and the unified field. I find his analogy very … uh … almost familiar.

“Consider the human body as a television set. You are the image on the screen. But your image did not come from inside the television. Your identity is an environmental broadcast that was received via an antenna. One day you turn on the TV and the picture tube has blown out. Your first reaction would be, “Oh, #*$?!! The television is dead.” But did the image die along with the television set? To answer that question you get another television set, plug it in, turn it on, and tune it to the station you were watching before the picture tube blew out. This exercise will demonstrate that the broadcast image is still on the air, even though your first television “died.” The death of the television as the receiver in no way killed the identity broadcast that comes from the environment.”

Yes, this analogy explains so much about how we have these conversations. My television (body) may have left the arena but the broadcast (my energy or spirit) remains in the field. The operative word in the quotation is tune. You tune your station to me and I tune my station to you and we are ONE. We share the same frequency, what we have called our Love Dimension.

It also reminds me so much of our earlier discussion of your visit to ‘my library.’ Do you remember?

Of course, I remember, Beloved. I am always amazed at how our Conversations seem to emphasize or illustrate concepts from other authors … even before I’ve read their books.

Good! Will you put the relevant part of that earlier dialog here?

From Installment 52, January 15 through January 22, 2012 Volume 1, pp 476-477:

That’s a very good analogy for what you are doing right now … you are living a human experience … a movie … a play … a fantasy that you have created so that you could experience some aspect or facet of life. This life you are living is a role that you have dreamed up … an illusion that you directed before you arrived here in this particular physical manifestation. The parameters by which you experience this life are changeable; all you have to do is change them.

In truth you are sitting safely in a comfortable chair in ‘my library’ and you have projected yourself into this life, but not all of you is encased within your physical body. What is not required for your physical experience is here with me comfortably watching your life unfold in perfect safety and projecting yourself into the events and moments of this particular physical manifestation. And as the events unfold, the experiences are absorbed, enhancing and intensifying the colors of your energy field as you apply meaning … or validity … or value … to each of them as they progress.

There ya go! Exchange the word “projected” with “broadcast” and it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

Yes, indeed it is. I find it totally amazing how a concept we have discussed becomes explained in a scientific manner nine years after we discussed it in 2012. How does that happen?

As we’ve said before: time is not linear. You were ready for a more scientific framework to explain what we discussed and the teacher appeared, leading you to the scientific explanation as you asked for it and opened yourself to the possibility that it was there. When was the book published?

The original copyright was filed in 2005, with a 10th-Anniversary edition in 2015 and a second edition in 2016.

That is interesting. So, these ideas have been floating around in the field. I am going to begin calling this field that everyone is talking about “the Cloud” because it is a term that most of you can relate to as a result of being somewhat tech-savvy. (Note: I am not saying you are expert but most of you are able to use computers and have heard of storing your “stuff” in the cloud.)

Oh good! Every time I hear someone refer to the field, I see a football field. I am not a fan; I find the competitiveness and dog-eat-dogedness of it off-putting. The concept of “the Cloud” doesn’t conjure that image.

Yeah … I felt your confusion. I think I’ll capitalize it.

So the information has been stored in “the Cloud” for roughly fifteen or sixteen years, but you have just been led to it very recently.

Apparently, you needed these ideas to contribute to your retreat from what you have called “the madness and insanity.” Have they helped?


Good! Tell me more.

Okay. To illustrate this broadcast concept, Dr. Lipton tells the story of a young girl who received a heart transplant from another young girl. Almost immediately, the girl began to have vivid nightmares of being murdered. The recipient of the heart transplant was able to describe so much about the scene and identity of the murderer that he was caught. Dr. Lipton attributes that to the donor’s heart still being tuned to the broadcast of her identity through the self-receptors contained within the cells of her heart.

Dr Lipton’s research in the field of cellular biology is also questioning a concept upon which our entire culture is based and that is “genetic determinism.” According to this concept, an organism’s appearance, health and behavior is pre-determined by its genes and the organism is powerless to influence or avoid any of it. All of our current institutions, including our allopathic symptom care system, our public healthcare educational systems, and our media have programmed all of us to believe that we are controlled by our genetic makeup over which we have no control. We are just victims of a toss of the dice. We have believed that for centuries.

Instead, Dr. Lipton describes genes as just cells like any other cell, but they are cells which contain a blueprint (DNA). A blueprint does not build the building; it does not operate the technology to construct the foundations, walls, or roof. A master architect reads the blueprint, interprets it and directs and performs all the actions required to construct the building. The blueprint is not in charge of the construction; it requires a master to interpret its information.

Yes, in this it is like our Symphony in the Key of Love.

Oh, good catch, Beloved! Our genes, like any other of our 50 or so trillion cells, receive signals from their environment and respond by secreting proteins which activate (upregulate) or deactivate (downregulate) the genetic information contained within the blueprint (DNA). And as shown before in this discussion, the gene’s environment is made up of our inner environment … our thoughts and feelings. Our thoughts and feelings create our state of being.

In other words, WE ARE THE MASTER ARCHITECT! If we are living in survival mode 90% of the time, we are giving our genes instructions to activate their genetic blueprint by default, usually unconsciously. However, if we shift our focus from survival to more conscious, coherent states by meditating with clear intention and elevated emotion and becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can shift our energy to relieve the stress survival mode imposes and deactivate or turn off the gene’s expression in our bodies. I hope I have explained that well. I recommend my readers to read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles.

Yes, as we have talked about before, life is a massive move towards consciousness. That’s what we are all doing both on the physical plane and on the non-physical plane. The more aware we become of thoughts and feelings that do not support our goals of becoming conscious participants in life, the better we are able to change those thoughts and feelings to more closely align with our goals.

That is why this period that you have considered “wasted” time has been so important. Do you think that you have been the only one who has become aware of the “madness and insanity” that has so upset you? Let me assure you, there are many, many people who have become more aware and who are beginning to awaken to a need for more consciousness in their daily lives. And they have been given the opportunity to acquire information and time to re-direct their focus, just as you have.

All of these authors emphasize that we live 95% of our lives running subconscious programs that we downloaded during our childhoods through observing the world around us, the behavior of our parents and the conduct that was judged acceptable or unacceptable by our authority figures and society. What is horrifying is that most of our subconscious programs are not even our own. Therefore, we are living in someone else’s past and we are unaware that we are doing so.

Our conscious, creative mind is only operating approximately 5% of the time. These authors liken our mind to a computer. We can bring home a new computer and turn it on, but we won’t get very far in using it until we download a software program that does what we want it to do.

Unfortunately, most of the subconsciously downloaded programs installed on our internal computers do not do what we want them to do to meet our goals. They do what someone else has told us is appropriate and expects us to do. They run programs from our past that keep us locked into our memories and outdated behaviors and fears that we outgrew long ago.

As we become more aware of when we have defaulted to a software program downloaded during our childhood, we can become conscious that our thoughts and feelings … and therefore our bodies (due to the receptors in our cell membranes) … are running subconscious programs and we can begin to install new neural circuitry (instructions) into our subconscious programs. In other words, we are the programmers of our software programs. We have the hardware (the neuro-plasticity of our brains) and the software (our state of being comprised of our thoughts and feelings) required to change our programs, but only when we are conscious that we are running software programs from our past, which most of us aren’t.

Oh my gosh, Beloved! I just glanced at the word count and realized that we have surpassed 4500 in this one dialog. We are very verbose!

[Michael chuckles.] Well, don’t forget you are typing for two now.

Very funny, Michael. Maybe we should stop here and pick up with Dr. Joe Dispenza in a latter installment.

Sounds good. I have a feeling that’s gonna be a LONG one.

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