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June 7 to June 14, 2013

Michael, watching this trial is so disheartening; witnessing the events surrounding this wrongful death suit has made me despair for the state of mankind. From AEG executives writing emails that show a complete and utter lack of respect for the greatest artist and humanitarian this world has known … to young people coming out of the woodwork to make claims against a man who is no longer present, at least in physical form, to defend himself … to your beautiful daughter feeling so alone that she would make an unsuccessful attempt on her life. Beloved, being so helpless in all of this is dreadful and frightening. I don’t know what to do, how to help.

First of all, do not despair for the state of the mankind. Giving up is giving in and allowing ‘them’ to make the rules … and agreements … by which you will be required to live.

You are doing what you can do, which is more than most people are doing. You and your friends are banding together to send spiritual support on a daily basis to shine the Light of Truth upon all the legal proceedings and testimonies you mentioned taking place in the courthouse. It may not feel like much, but it is such an important job … and I thank all of you for continuing to support my family in these dark times.

If just sending your love
Is all you can give
Helping one live

I know you don’t see the immediate results of your efforts clearly, but believe me … they are not in vain. Like the tree that is slow to bud in the spring, the leaves and flowers are still there … they exist in the Plan … and they will make themselves known in glorious blooms and fruits when the timing is right. If you cut down the tree because it doesn’t bloom on your schedule, you thwart that potential. You can’t reach down into the earth and pull those leaves and fruits out of the ground on your schedule. You need to await the perfect timing … and let the Plan unfold.

No sense pretending it’s over
Hard times just don’t go away
Gotta take that chip off your shoulder
It’s time you opened up
Have some faith 

Nothing good ever comes easy
All good things come in due time
Gotta have something to believe in
I’m telling you to open your mind


The thing to remember in all this is: the presence of Light brings an increased awareness of the darkness trailing in its wake. So it has always been; so it must be in this realm of duality. And this increased awareness of the darkness can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience. When you stand in the light and move from the light into the surrounding darkness, it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the change, doesn’t it? For a little while, the darkness becomes almost blinding because your eyes have become accustomed to the brightness, right?

Yes, I experience this regularly. It is this fact that contributes to night blindness. The approaching headlights make the night feel even darker for several seconds after I’ve passed the car, which is a very uncomfortable feeling.

Exactly! The measure of your discomfort in the situations you mention above is the measure of your enlightenment or awareness. Let me see if I can explain.

What is the purpose of a mirror?

It reflects an accurate image of whatever stands in front of it. The accuracy of the reproduction depends on the quality of the mirror.

Right! But it needs Light to reflect anything at all. If you surround a mirror with darkness, the mirror only reflects darkness. Without light, its function and purpose are invalid. However, shining a light in the room … even if it is just one single candle or lighter … produces a clear and accurate representation or reflection of the room itself and the furniture and people in the room. More light produces more clarity and dispels the darkness in a greater circumference from the source of the light. You can experience this yourself by entering a darkened room with a mirror in it. When you enter, nothing is reflected in the mirror except darkness, but turn on a light and the whole room and everything and everyone in it magically appear not only in the room itself, but also in the mirror.

So, you and your friends are shining a bright light into a darkened room. In that room stands a mirror. Without your light, it reflects emptiness but with your light it has the potential of reflecting a true and accurate image of the truth of the room … the society in which you are living your life. The measure of your discomfort with that reflection or image, again, is the measure of your awareness.

Some of you are approaching a very high level of awareness and the representation you are seeing feels ‘icky’ … it causes you distress … it makes you feel ashamed to be a part of it … it makes you sick to see your society reflecting such a lack of respect. “It isn’t supposed to be like this,” you reflect. These observers want to do something.

If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself
And make a change!

Others are just beginning … taking the first baby steps … along that path of awareness and their feelings reflect only a mild discomfort. They have a germ of curiosity about what they read (which grows more urgent at times), but they don’t feel the need to change anything, yet. As they feed that germ of curiosity, they will become more aware of what they are seeing and their interpretation will mature. However, for now, they can remain more neutral in the face of what the light reflects.

Still others have no feelings regarding what they see at all. They read a short blurb on one of the websites and quickly decide, “Well, what do you expect? After all, it is Michael Jackson!” They shrug it off, going on with the daily business of making a living, with hardly any notice at all and remain firmly ensconced in their pre-conceived opinions. These are satisfied with the status quo and see no reason to change it.

Each reaction is valid. Some are just further along in awareness than others.

Now, let me ask you this: what is the common denominator in all of the situations you mentioned above? What do they all have in common?

All of them have YOU in common, Michael. Each of them revolves around YOU.

There ya go! You just found your mirror. As in so much of my life, let me be the mirror and keep shining that brilliant light of TRUTH into the room so that the mirror can show an accurate reproduction of society and its allegiances, but don’t let the reflection of the mirror distress you or make you despair. Your light is needed here.

Now, what specifically has made you uncomfortable about all of this? Let’s examine each of your points one-by-one.

Okay. Well, first, I find the revelations that are unfolding in this trial abhorrent and I feel they should be raising alarms in the national media. But they aren’t. The humiliation and disrespect you suffered at the hands of the AEG executives is appalling. Everything from calling you derogatory names in emails … to lying about you being ‘drunk and despondent’ to justify inhuman treatment … to trying to deceive you into thinking you were performing less than your schedule showed by changing the colors on your calendar to reflect fewer show days and more time off … to assaulting you physically and throwing you in a cold shower! I cannot believe that your human rights were so violated and that you were not better cared for by those around you. Where were your bodyguards? Where was your manager? Where were the people who love you?

I cannot conceive how this corporation can justify its executives’ behavior.  The fact that every newspaper in this country … and the world … isn’t trumpeting the horror of AEG’s total lack of respect for your dignity just adds to my feelings of conflict and outrage. So far as I’ve seen, only one journalist has taken the bull by the horns by tackling the question: why is assaulting the greatest musical artist in the world NOT being covered by the media? [Thank you, Charles Thomson.] How can the news-gathering industry ignore such blatant disregard for human rights?

And the fact that Randy Phillips used your exact words in our previous conversation as a defense this week just floors me.  The entire incident has made it difficult for me to watch This Is It because of AEG’s involvement and its treatment of you. It feels almost like a betrayal of you!

Yes, now you see what I was so angry about when I made those speeches against Sony. You see how artists are treated in the name of profit. All artists experience similar treatment to some extent, but as I spoke about during my physical life, black artists, in particular, are forced to tour unceasingly just to live. Their enormous contributions to the public culture are often ignored, minimized or marginalized in order to keep them enslaved to the big ‘powers’ in the music industry.

When an artist is on the top of his game, he is the world’s darling and he is pampered, petted and promoted. However, if he is absent from the charts for a couple of years, the large music corporations manipulate and exploit him, controlling everything he does. They can make or break an album or song release by lack of promotion. They can force an artist into contracts in which the artist is the least of the benefactors.

I was no exception. My status as the ‘biggest selling artist’ did not afford me any special treatment. My history of making the music industry billions of dollars didn’t make a bit of difference. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary; they used that status against me to control me … and to exert pressure on me to perform.

The fact that the media made such a mockery of my life for so long just made that manipulation and exploitation easier. The large music corporations and the large news-gathering and publishing industry scratch each others’ backs all the time. They don’t really hold an artist back, but they work on his fears and self-doubts and insecurities so that he holds himself back.

They told me that because of my absence from the stage and the events of my life in the preceding decade, I could not expect to fill the arena for ten shows … maybe five shows tops would be filled; the others would have empty seats. [Michael laughs.] And they had me believing it. This is why I always tell you to block out all the negative energy people hurl at you to try to control or limit you; just ignore them and have faith in yourself. I wish I had followed that advice, but I was still just regaining my equilibrium after the trial.

What You Believe, You Become!

They had obviously underestimated me … but more importantly they had underestimated YOU! Then, they put the tickets on sale and their jaws landed on the floor with the response from all of you. God bless you! You showed them! They hadn’t anticipated the reaction of my fans and I am so grateful for your loyalty. It was beautiful!

But, please, do not feel awkward to watch This Is It because of AEG’s involvement. I am grateful to them. This Is It is a gift for all of you … and they allowed me to give you that gift. Even though it was not completed … and is not as perfect as I wanted it to be … it is MY gift to you all … not theirs … because I love you MORE!

Now, what’s next?

Well, the Wade Robson thing still has me in its grip.

Have you managed to include him in your visualizations?

Oh, yes, Baby … he plays a prominent part in my daily meditations. One time, I had a veritable tornado of beautiful, white angel feathers pestering him as he was walking down the street. He was batting them away and trying to brush them off, but they wouldn’t leave him alone … kept getting stuck under his nose and blowing in his face. They persistently stuck with him. As the feathers landed on him, each one sparked a true memory of his life at Neverland and his friendship with you to dislodge the false memories or outright lies that he is now averring as ‘his truth.’ Those feathers clung to his hair and eyebrows and eyelashes and shoulders as if they were stuck with glue. No amount of evasion would shake them loose. I’m afraid I ended up laughing out loud in the middle of my visualization, but remembered what you had told me in the case of the ‘Elmer Fudd  gun incident’ (Installment #56) and refrained from feeling that the meditation was a failure because it ended up in laughter.

Good! As we talked about, it has been anchored in your mind because of the humor. Humor, too, is a gift that helps us to take ourselves a little less seriously. We all need to laugh more; it is very healing. Actually, that’s a pretty funny image. [Michael chuckles.]

And, lastly, your beautiful daughter has made an unsuccessful (thank God) attempt on her life. I’ve been so very worried about her.

My little girl is so alone … or, at least, feels like she is alone … as I always felt I was alone. Being in the midst of a human experiment, we don’t often see the leagues of spiritual assistants who surround us in every moment of every day. So, we perceive that we are alone. Aloneness can be oppressive. 

I always wanted to protect my babies from growing up with the eyes of the world always focused on everything they do, everywhere they go, every relationship they have. However, none of us is ever alone.

I am with Paris all the time, but her ability to know my presence hinges on her openness … just like yours. If she is mired in negative feelings of fear or anger or self-loathing … if she is exposed to the press’s animosity for her beloved father or the hatred and jealousy that I battled all my life from her peers in school, her ability to remain ‘in love’ is affected … just as yours is. She can’t recognize the little signs in her life that would reassure her of my constant presence … or feel my spiritual support and love  if she is caught up in insults and angry taunts hurled at her from her classmates … or the media questioning her parenthood.

Her worldview has been seriously shaken because she believed that I would always be there. And I am, but she doesn’t see that as clearly now as when I was physically alive … and she misses the continuity of the life we shared with her brothers. She is angry that her life has changed so dramatically … angry at me … angry at herself for being angry at me … angry at the world … angry at God for taking me from her. She wonders if she could have done more … could have done something to change things. My poor little girl.

She has had a traumatic year; June is a difficult month for her in many of the same ways that it is difficult for all of you but with much greater intensity. Her entire world has been upended and shaken and while she has tried to put a brave face on it, her concept of herself is in shambles; she feels insecure and that insecurity is compounded and magnified because she is too exposed to the nastiness of the world in her school  … and in her home … and on the internet. She is experimenting with finding herself, like all teenagers do, but where most teens have parents to rebel against, she has lost the two people who were able to hold it all together for her … her daddy and her nanny who had been with her since she was born.

The teen years are difficult for any child; for my children they are miserable. Being in the public eye and photographed all the time make it harder. I lived that life during my teenage years; it changed my whole personality. I never wanted my babies to go through that; it is very, very difficult.

I appreciate your concern for her … and your prayers … your spiritual support is so important. Keep it up! But it is also important for you all to realize that she is safe … as are all of you. Even if her attempt had been successful and the worst had occurred, she would still be safe for she would be here in my arms … as she is always … and she would know it as surely as anyone can know anything.

There is nothing to fear. Fear is just love that feels abandoned. If you know that abandonment is just an illusion and that with vision and purpose you can see through the illusion to a deeper reality in which we are all ONE, what possible outcome is there to fear? A moment to walk through an open door … to take off the blinders physical existence imposes as you would remove sunglasses in a brightly lit room … liberation?

I know that as a spiritual being still passionately committed to your human experience, you find this concept hard to grasp. Nonetheless, it is true. She is in no danger. And neither are any of you at any time, regardless of the circumstances you face.

Perhaps, this terrible attempt will wake people up to the fact that she needs to be less exposed, more protected, less alone and have more stability, more continuity in her life. It is often said that one has to hit the bottom before one can soar.

Perhaps her dilemma will produce a new and totally foreign sense of responsibility in media outlets, clearly showing a direct relationship between her misery and its cavalier use of insult and injury.

Perhaps, she caught a glimpse of me out of the corner of her eye and will, as a result, become more aware of my constant presence and love.

While I never wanted my children to be collateral damage in the war of words the world seemed intent upon waging against me and did everything I could to shield them, I cannot protect them from coming to these difficult realizations themselves, on their own terms and in their own time. No one can, for that is our larger purpose. The sooner we all remember that beneath this illusion we are all living … WE ARE ONE IN LOVE, the less we will fear what we don’t see around the curves and bends of our lives. My children … like all of you … must be given the freedom … and allowed the opportunity … to arrive at these truths for themselves; and those opportunities, by their very nature,  frequently engender pain and feelings of being lost and alone. Just as great suffering often produces great art, it also produces great growth.

So be at ease and continue to send her your spiritual support to help her through her difficult times. It is the best and most healing thing you can do for her.

Thank you, Beloved. Would you mind terribly if we lightened up this conversation a little bit?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, I would welcome it.

Well, the anniversary of your transition is approaching again. This year will mark the fourth year that we have been missing you, but it has been an incredible year in which many projects begun in your honor have been completed.

Michael Jackson is EVERYWHERE around the world. The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil has taken its outstanding tribute to you around the world and the Cirque show One has opened in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. Thriller Live has been named the longest running show in London. New statues have been erected in Germany. Michael Jackson’s Legacy has completed construction of Everland in Liberia with contributions from around the world. It has also dedicated an acre of wild forestland in England in your name and begun the process of building Everland in Haiti. A Million Trees for Michael continues to reforest the planet in your name and in your honor. We will be holding a very intimate and informal art show at Neverland and, hopefully, donating any proceeds realized to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  I, personally, cannot wait to experience that ‘love bubble’ again. One Rose for Michael is planning on deluging Holly Terrace with more red Freedom Roses than last year and I am planning on being at Holly Terrace to see them this year. I wanted to ask you something about that.

Thank you all for remembering me in so many beautiful and meaningful ways. I LOVE YOU MORE! Okay, shoot!

Well, last year you told me that you were walking among all of your children who had gathered in your name at Forrest Lawn … and around the world. Are you planning to be with us all again?

Michael Over Forest Lawn Great Mausoleum 2

[Michael laughs.] Of course! Did you think I would miss the chance to be among you? Not likely! So, be alert! You never know when and where I may show up or what little miracle will prove my presence.

Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
Togetherness is all I’m after
Just call my name
And I’ll Be There!

I’ll be there with bells on. I can’t wait to welcome you. Don’t forget to fly MJAir! We don’t want you hurling all over the airplane!

Jan – June 14, 2013 



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Soul Warrior



This Is It2Resize


Soul Warrior, armed in Love
Girded in strength from above
Swathed in beauty, draped in peace
Bound in freedom, limitless in reach
Heart broken open wide,
He welcomes all who thirst inside
Arms outstretched to everyone
Embracing all, he leaves out none
His eyes are soft, compassion’s door
And only ask, “Can I give more?”
He feels the wounds of every heart
And deeply knows he plays a part
In God’s perfect plan, he comes to show
A broken world the way to go
With universal language, he imparts
A message of love in every heart
His mission always at the fore
A stranger in a stranger world
He stands alone against the tide
Of greed and self-interest, arrogance and pride
Darkness is banished in his light
His star shines brightly on the darkest night
Soul Warrior continues to inspire
No one could have reached higher

My Soul Warrior, be at rest
You’ve done it all
You gave us your best.

@Jan Carlson
June, 2013

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