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Installment #101

March 23 through March 29, 2016


An event has occurred here in the physical realm that I am afraid will, perhaps, rock your world quite seriously, so I am a little reluctant to tell you about it.

[Michael laughs.] Have you forgotten? My world cannot be rocked seriously or otherwise, so don’t be afraid. Nothing can shake the foundations of my reality because I live, now, in ultimate reality. No storm can mask my sense of identity and no tide can turn me from my purpose of healing the world. I know who I am and I know who you are and I know our mission. Nothing can shake my faith and trust in you or in the love dimension we share. Nothing can alter my knowledge that everything that happens happens for a reason and my faith that it all occurs for the greatest and highest good of all.

Immortality’s my game
From Bliss I came
In Bliss I am sustained
To Bliss I return
If you don’t know it now
It’s a shame
Are you listening?

Pure unbounded consciousness
Truth, existence, Bliss am I
In infinite expressions I come and go
Playing hide and seek
In the twinkling of an eye
But immortality’s my game

Join me in my dance
Please join me now
If you forget yourself
You’ll never know how
This game is played
In the ocean bed of Eternity

So, go ahead and tell me. Do I need to sit down?

It might not be a bad idea, my love.

Okay … I’m sitting down … metaphysically speaking. Get it? Metaphysically? [Gales of laughter!]

Oh, you are very funny, Baby! Okay, but please don’t shoot the messenger. The executors of your Estate have announced that they have reached a “memorandum of understanding” with Sony Music to sell your holdings in the ATV/Sony Music Catalog to Sony for a reported $750 million.

[Michael’s laugh crescendos and escalates.] And THIS is gonna rock my world?

Well, it has rocked many of ours! This was not a welcome announcement; nor was it particularly well-received by many of your children. I must admit, though, you are taking it much better than I had anticipated you would.

[Michael’s chuckles subside.] Are you saying that your are surprised?

Me, personally?

Yes, you personally. Do you see anyone else around?

No, I can’t say I was particularly surprised by the announcement; but I was not happy about it. It feels like you are being systematically stripped of all your acquisitions and that the executors of your Estate are doing very little to stop it. Many others, though, felt much betrayed and militantly against it. Are you not surprised?

That’s what happens when you transition. All the wealth and possessions, the trappings of your imagined power and accolades you have amassed are stripped away. You come into this world naked and you leave the same way. All you take with you is the love you shared and by that measure, I am richer than Croesus.

Success, fame and fortune, they’re all illusions
All there is that is real is the friendship two can share.”

We are proving that line from The Wiz every day. Now, let me ask you a question.

Okay … shoot!

How can one be surprised when the inevitable happens? It was written on the wall in plain sight for anyone to read. How could anyone not see it? I AM surprised that it took this long (in your way of measuring time, at least.) I, personally, spoke about it often. I referred to a “complete conspiracy” in interviews and speeches on a couple of occasions. Didn’t you believe me?

Let me say it again here so there can be no misunderstanding. Read my lips.

There was a major conspiracy at the highest levels for many years, since my acquisition of that catalog, in fact.  I talked about it often during the physical side of my life. That was not paranoia as the media claimed, chalking it up to my escalating “eccentricities,” “my mental instability,” or my overall “weirdness.” It was also not delusions of grandeur or an over-inflated sense of my own importance.

It’s one of the major reasons that I am no longer walking among you in the physical sense!

However, rest assured, I remain among you … and am accessible to those among you who are accustomed to hearing my voice and sensing evidence of my continued presence … and I will remain with you always in our love dimension. That is carved in granite and will never change. You can all take that to the bank. It is a blank check you can cash at the drop of a thought.

Thank God and you, Beloved.

Let’s look at this issue realistically for a moment.

Most of us (in the USA, at least) like to believe that we are living in a democracy; but we aren’t. The Founding Fathers of our great country would be rolling in their graves if they saw what has been made of their high-sounding ideals. They were idealists (translate naïve and innocent.) They believed that the world could be changed and they gave their lives and their fortunes for the evolution of the human spirit. They bucked the system which spawned them very successfully, at least for a while. However, they would be appalled to see how their devotion to that ideal has been corrupted.

We have exchanged the “divine right of kings” for the “divine right of the almighty dollar” and we have taken much of the rest of the world with us, unfortunately. Money is energy just like anything else, but when our total preoccupation is with acquiring money, it is ruling us instead of us ruling it.

What we are living in currently is a corporatocracy. Corporations in the United States have been granted the same rights as human beings … by law!! Contrast that with the South American nation of Bolivia, which has granted legal standing to Mother Earth … by law! Now, that’s a movement I can get behind.

As a matter of fact, corporations are generally given more rights than human beings. Just look at my life. I was given none of the rights constitutionally guaranteed to all citizens … like the right to privacy or the right to presumption of innocence … while the publishing corporation’s right to freedom of the press was sacrosanct and protected in a court of law, even though everything it was printing was proven to be lies. Its representative was allowed to hide behind its “shield law” when questioned under cross examination.

Consumerism rules our airwaves, our news broadcasts, and our so-called democratic elections. The manipulation of information is big business, raking in billions of dollars every year. A closer examination of my physical life provides all the proof you need of that. Profit is king. End of story.

We talked briefly about this issue when we were discussing the AEG Trial and we will probably talk about it again as the Presidential elections draw nearer.

We … you and I and all those who continue to hear my voice and who are beginning to live my messages in a world that little understands compassion … are in the process of changing that, but it is neither easy nor comfortable. It is an uphill battle. We must begin to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE and when one of us is harmed, all of us are diminished. This realization is not won only by addressing external problems and fighting against them, but by approaching those problems from a state of pure consciousness with love and compassion. That state is only achieved by facing our own inner fears, restrictions and limitations and transcending them. This battle is not waged in battlefields with weapons of destruction … but in mind fields with instruments of construction because as Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the same mindset that caused it. You are my Spiritual Warriors, and I love you all … but more about that a little later.

The “corporatocracy,” which currently holds all the chickens in its basket (particularly in the United States) controls the sister music and publishing industry conglomerates between them on a global scale. It became increasingly uncomfortable that so much power and potential residual earnings rested in one man’s hands, especially one “black man’s” hands (and there’s that racial component, which must be taken into effect because no matter how many articles were published claiming I didn’t look like a black man anymore, no one ever lost sight of the fact that I am an African-American and proud of it.) To add insult to injury, that one “black man’s” hands belonged to someone who was heaven-bent on giving everything he had to improve the world and “make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” That’s flying in the face of their bottom line.

They like the world just the way it is, thank you very much, because they are in charge of telling the rest of us what we will consume … in food … in fashion … in physical beauty … in health care … in beliefs … in information processing … in news broadcasts and publications … in our acceptable self-concepts … in what we accept in our politicians and journalists … in just about everything … and we pay them BIG  money for the privilege.

They have been telling us who we are and what we are capable of … what is possible and what is not possible for human beings to achieve … for a very long time and most of us have believed them and bought into their worldview to one degree or another … until we don’t. It is their stories about ourselves that most of us grow up believing, at least until we decide to take charge and discover that we are much more than they have told us we are capable of being. In many cases, we have handed our right to determine our own destiny over to them.

They, in turn, feed us a steady diet of junk food … of fear and division, limitations and lack, violence and sexual stimulation, sensation and innuendo to control our free-thinking minds and keep us too mired in negativity to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way. And God help anyone who dares to buck the system.

Everywhere I turn
No matter where I look
The system’s in control
It’s all run by the book
I got to get away
So I can free my mind
Escape is what I need

John Branca, himself, said in the BAD 25 Documentary by Spike Lee that there was almost a feeling in many circles that you didn’t have the right to have such foresight, business savvy, and in-your-face chutzpah as to acquire that catalog.

Yes! Exactly. There was and still is.

That one acquisition put me on a par … on the same level … as that occupied by the power brokers and corporatocrats. It gave me a seat in their enclaves, increased my veto power, and allowed me a degree of control that just didn’t sit well with the powers that be in the entertainment and music publishing fields. That kind of control only belongs in corporate hands (according to them) and preferably corporate hands that can be manipulated, bribed, or browbeaten into going along with the corporatocracy’s agendas.

A renegade entertainer noted for his “childish innocence” and “naïve” notion that the world can be changed … or that it should be … just does not have the acceptable credentials required to count himself as one of them … in their exalted sphere of influence … or into that big a share of the pie … especially one who is likely to give it all away to save some starving, famine-stricken, African backwater that doesn’t count anyway or heal some anonymous sick child in a former Eastern Bloc warzone that they have never known and don’t care about.

This was a man who had, on more than one occasion, actually interrupted their legal wrangling because a child had entered the room! He had objected to them ignoring the child’s presence among them … talking over him and around him … because their discussion was so all-consumingly important. “I mean, exactly who does he think he is to challenge us like that? Over a kid? Time is money. Our time is BIG money. And who IS this kid, anyway?”

It’s okay for a black man to dance and sing and perform on their cue like a puppet. THAT they understand and expect. They could get on board with that as long as they remained in charge of his earning potential by controlling promotion and distribution of his product. After all, black men have been known for their musical abilities and athletic prowess for a long time. They could exploit that. Just look at the history of the music business. From “black minstrelsy” to Elvis and The Beatles, it is a history of black innovative expression being appropriated by white artists and backed by pervasive marketing campaigns. “But he doesn’t belong here … with us!”

The fact that this particular black man had saved their corporate … uh, how did you put it … aspidistras … on a couple of occasions in the past couple of decades didn’t really enter the equation.

However, to actually hold a controlling stake in their decision-making process … to be represented in their board rooms and conferences when they were making decisions with global repercussions … that affect the world … and the way the world sees itself … and the way the world reacts to threatening situations, at least, as reported in their publications?  


Suddenly, I was DANGEROUS and they could not allow that! I could not be allowed to affect their bottom line! I could not be allowed to be that big a stakeholder … that much a voice of sanity … in the way they conducted their business practices and protected their corporate interests on a global scale. I couldn’t be trusted. I was far too independent, far too liberal-minded, far too innocent … far too “eccentric” … far too stubbornly committed to a better future for all of humanity (not just addicted to personal power and the all-important perks that attend it). That made me far too dangerous for them to rest easy at night tucked snuggly in the surety of their supremacy.

They never forgave me for having the bald-face audacity to step out of line by acquiring that catalog. I was getting way above my “station” and had to be “kept in my place.” No single individual, especially one who did not parrot their “party line” by rote, could be allowed to hold that kind of stranglehold on their bottom line. One who advocated for the poor and the helpless, for the voiceless and marginalized? I don’t think so!

That’s what started all the media attacks on my mental and physical potency that eventually escalated to putting me on trial for crimes against children. I was becoming too powerful.

It was fear … fear that I would become too much a force for good … fear that I would wrest control from their corporate board rooms and topple their monopoly on the minds and hearts of the public. Fear that I would continue to “waste my time” … and what they saw as their money … on alleviating conditions in war-torn countries and terrorist attack relief instead of towing their line of profit, profit, profit at all costs. Every cent I gave away was another cent not being piled up in their already bulging coffers. They could not allow that.

It started out with “warning volleys” … shots across my bow … to turn me from my resolve and teach me a lesson in the hopes that I would “see reason” and bend my knee to their worldview, at least in public. “See? We are the ones with the power. You just do as you are told. You can’t buck the system on the world stage and get away with it.”  

Things like alleged “homosexuality” and taking “female hormones” to stretch my range and sleeping in hyperbaric chambers and wanting the Elephant Man’s bones, irrelevant things that were meant to get me to change my course. Worse than all those put together … I wanted to be white, as if the whole world didn’t know that I was an African-American! But the public bought it by the bucketful. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest gossip about things that were just “weird” enough for the general public to question my sanity. When that didn’t work in curbing my streak of “adolescent rebelliousness” they had to up the ante.

Around Dangerous, they were getting worried because I was not bowing to their pressure to cease and desist in my resolution to heal the world and my grip was not loosening on that catalog, despite many efforts to convince me to sell up. So, they had to get serious.

In 1993, circumstances played right into their hands. I was accused of crimes against a child for the first time and the coporatocracy went into overdrive to convict me in the court of public opinion (and raked in boatloads of cash in the bargain … win/win) for the first time. The entire thing was an obvious extortion attempt. They had the tapes in their hands to prove it, but they played that down as much as possible (in some cases, ignored it completely, although they knew it perfectly well.) And would you please put that quote from the TV special you watched here?

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true as long as we can PAY someone enough to SAY it’s true.”[Frontline Special, PBS, February, 1994, Tabloid Truth: The Michael Jackson Scandal]

There ya go! This was their opportunity to crush me. In addition, it was too big a cash cow.  To take advantage of the lightning strike, the media frenzy was all about my “weirdness” … my “eccentric” way of life, which now could be stretched and warped to include criminal trespass against a child!

I was broken, but I held firm. Right around HIStory, I agreed to a half-and-half shared partnership, which gave me a little breathing space. But even that was not enough.

In 2003, circumstances played right into their hands again. Lightning struck twice and they took full advantage of what they saw as their “luck.” I was accused of crimes against a child for the second time and the publishing industry went into overdrive to convict me in the court of public opinion, (and raked in boatloads of cash in the bargain … double win/win), for the second time.

Better yet (for them, at least), this time there was a trial that they could milk on a daily basis for every penny it was worth by steering their coverage towards the prosecution, character assassination and speculative rhetoric. Entire programs were geared toward informing the viewing audience about what my life would be like in prison when I was convicted, which was the only outcome given any airtime!

Under the restrictions of a “gag order,” I was not allowed to speak, but the publishing industry’s right to freedom of speech was protected and Jay Leno’s right to make me the nightly butt of his questionable humor was allowed … by law. The judge allowed that! The trial extended into five months of pure hell for me but a “gravy train” for them, during which they did everything they could to demean, degrade, and humiliate me. “Surely, he won’t be able to recover from that,” they thought gleefully, rubbing their hands together in anticipation of nightly reports from the jail cell next door. “And he won’t be able to take an active role in the administration of the catalog from a jail cell!”

They hadn’t taken into account the fact that I was innocent. To be quite frank, they knew that and didn’t really care. A little thing like the TRUTH can’t be allowed to affect their bottom line. They hadn’t taken into account that the jury would exonerate me. How could it? They had stacked the deck in their favor. Nor had they reckoned on my pure stubbornness. When they finally picked their collective jaws up off the floor as the fourteen verdicts of “not guilty” were read, they went on with business as usual. While I healed outside of their manipulative grasp in countries that owed less allegiance to their influence, my grip on my share of the catalog tightened.

My reputation and my career were in shambles. My most recent album had been sabotaged at the highest levels because I refused to tow the line, give up my share of the catalog, and stop “wasting my time” in trying to heal the world … “they say I’m wasting my time … NO!” My physical health was irretrievably compromised.

Is that what you’re saying in the ad libs on “What More Can I Give?”


That’s what I’m saying. Sony had stopped supporting my efforts to be a healing presence in the world. “Let’s just buckle down and make oceans of money! That’s what it’s about. We don’t care that people are dying and their families are left destitute. Why should that concern us? This is business. Let the priests handle that; it’s their job. We are in this for profits. If you give it all away, that diminishes the return on our considerable investment.”

There was absolutely no compassion or humanity in the upper echelons of Sony at that time, even though the attacks on the World Trade Center were just blocks away from their corporate headquarters. How I longed for Walter to retire from his retirement! His replacement had vetoed my proposal to release the song after 9/11  with all of the profits going for the relief of the families involved in the attacks, refused to release the song in the United States at all because I held firmly to that intention, and stopped the marketing campaign promoting the Invincible album to strangle the cash flow and get me to buckle under and give up my share in the catalog. But I held firm both in my resolve to heal the world and my share of the catalog.

When I agreed to the O2 shows … well, we have discussed that in the lead up to the AEG Trial, so we don’t have to go over all that again. [Author’s reference: Installment #75 – May 1 through May 15, 2013] Suffice to say that their reluctance to continue to do business with me as a partner in the ownership of that catalog had reached a fever pitch and we all know what happened.

Now, please understand … I am not saying that they conspired with Conrad Murray in my death. That, as we have seen, they left to sheer incompetence and questionable medical practices, which they could blame on me. After all, I requested him and they hired him. It wasn’t their fault. Nor am I claiming they conspired to bring about the allegations that plagued my life. They didn’t have to. They left that to a vindictive States Attorney, who was well-known as a bigot and white supremacist by his subordinates and who wanted that “white n-word” out of his county and was willing to commit a decade (and millions of taxpayer’s dollars) to making that happen.

Sorry, Baby, but I still cannot type that word.

It’s okay. I respect your principles. [Jan gets a visual of Michael joining his hands in Namaste and bowing.]

He was waiting in the wings for his chance … and he took it. They didn’t have to get their hands dirty that way. But they were eager to take advantage of lightning striking three times in the same place to make a grab for the catalog.

What does surprise me is that Branca held them off for this long. But its transfer was a foregone conclusion from June 25, 2009 on. It was an inevitability that could not be avoided.

However, that being said, I think they have undervalued the catalog by leaps and bounds and I am surprised that Branca agreed to that price. It is half, perhaps a third of what I would have expected him to hold out for considering the potential earning power over time. The estimated value of that catalog was between $2 and $3 billion in 2008. At the price quoted, Sony is getting quite a bargain. Even that is not entirely unexpected, though. Branca never saw his representation of my share and Sony’s share as a conflict of interest. I did.

In hindsight, it all becomes very clear, doesn’t it?

Indeed it does, my dear one, indeed it does.

Once again, we see how a blessing carries with it its own curse. The acquisition of that catalog was a major coup at the time, but it also carried the seeds of my destruction within it. Given the current world (collective) consciousness, which represents the nourishment of water and sunlight, those seeds have resulted in the tree of my transition.

Now, can we return to a point I made earlier in this discussion?

Of course, Michael.

This dialog may make a lot of you feel hopeless and helpless against the enormous power of the forces arrayed against the evolution of the human spirit. Please know this:





Would you please copy the paragraph about Spiritual Warriors from earlier in this discussion here?

Is this the one, Beloved?

We … you and I and all those who continue to hear my voice and who are beginning to live my messages in a world that little understands compassion … are in the process of changing that, but it is neither easy nor comfortable. It is an uphill battle. We must begin to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE and when one of us is harmed, all of us are diminished. This realization is not won only by addressing external problems and fighting against them, but by approaching those problems from a state of pure consciousness with love and compassion. That state is only achieved by facing our own inner fears, restrictions and limitations and transcending them. This battle is not waged in battlefields with weapons of destruction … but in mind fields with instruments of construction because as Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the same mindset that caused it. You are my Spiritual Warriors, and I love you all … but more about that a little later.

Yes … that’s it. Thank you.

As we have spoken about so often before, we are engaged in an experiment in “consciousness raising.” And our world is over-ripe for this long overdue change.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has …” Margaret Mead said that and she was right.

Jesus and his twelve disciples were a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens of their world. By their very presence, they changed it. He was and is a Spiritual Warrior. He wasn’t just about atoning to a fear-based, vengeful God for the sins of the world or the miracles he enacted or the painful, violent death he endured to prove that death is not the ultimate reality. These aspects of his mission have been emphasized by his followers in the years after his death, but they were not the major focus of the path he walked.

Jesus was all about radically changing the prevailing value system of his day (which was very similar to ours today, by the way) by advocating for raising the consciousness of his followers.

“My kingdom is not of this world.”

“Be in this world … but not of it.”

That message, unfortunately, was swept away by centuries of consolidating the church’s power over its constituents and fighting senseless wars against “infidels” and “free-thinkers,” which was never even close to what Jesus’ message was about. He didn’t claim earthly power as his followers did after him. He shunned it. His power was in achieving a state of consciousness that WE ARE ALL ONE and living from that consciousness.

“I and My Father are one.”

He was all about “showing us the way to go” and he told us that we all can achieve that state of consciousness. All of us … no exceptions. It is not blasphemous to strive to attain that state of consciousness. As a matter of fact, that is our birthright. That is who we are.

 “I am the Light of the world.”

“Greater works than these shall you also do.”

“Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added unto you.”

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

Within? Yes, within. Within what? Within YOU! When you find that place … that state of awareness that is the most integral, intimate, and natural part of you … you have to express it. It will nag you until you do. You have experienced this urgent drive toward expression yourself. You find methods of expression you never knew were open to you because you have no alternative but to project that state of consciousness into your immediate vicinity, your communities, your governments, your religious beliefs, and your world with every thought you think, every emotion you feel, and every word you say. From this new mindset you can influence the kind of radical change we are talking about. It is not revolution Jesus was proposing, as many of his followers thought. It was evolution!

However, finding that state of Christ consciousness is not easy. It wasn’t easy for Jesus; it wasn’t easy for the Buddha, it isn’t easy for the Dalai Lama. You have to cultivate it. You have to remove layer after layer of conditioning, pre-conceived notions, judgments, criticisms, and other and self-imposed restrictions (sweep out all the negative energies that fill our inner and outer environment.)

Like anything else “it takes practice, practice, practice until you get it right … and then practice some more until you get it beautiful.” Just as singing and dancing takes practice … “that’s why we have rehearsals” … and drawing and painting takes practice … and writing takes practice … spiritual, conscious evolution takes practice. 


On the Cusp of Greatness

Once we achieve a state of peaceful, unconditional love … love based not on getting the outcome we want but in achieving a state of non-attachment and getting the outcome that is the most beneficial for all of humanity and contributes the most to the elevation of the human spirit, then and only then are we coming from a focus of

Pure unbounded consciousness
Truth, existence, Bliss am I 

From that state, we need to focus all the love and compassion we can muster, gather it into visualizations of powerful energy release, and hurl it into those situations that require them.

That is what we are doing with our Change the World Initiative, our visualization practices, and our monthly prayer vigils. We are refocusing our attention, sending our love and compassion by extending our prayer (energy) fields to blanket our world with an awareness of our ONENESS.

The leaders of the Renaissance were a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens of their world … and they changed it. Their art stands as their testament centuries later as do their scientific discoveries. They moved their world forward by expressing their newly-discovered talents and abilities.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens of their world … and they changed it. Their idealistic view of human nature and governance was a radical departure from the prevailing consciousness at the time and set the tone for several centuries of progress. All of them were Spiritual Warriors.

Our generation has been blessed with many teachers who have shown us a new way of viewing ourselves and our world. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Gandhi-ji, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra and all the spiritual teachers and authors who are writing to uplift the human spirit have shown us a better side of ourselves and how to achieve it. All of them are Spiritual Warriors.

May I please add your name to that list, my Anam Cara? In my mind, you are the perfect embodiment of the Spiritual Warrior you describe with so much genuine admiration.

God bless you! I love you more! And I am so grateful to all of you for your loyalty and your defense of me and my family. However, it is important for all of you to realize that none of my material possessions and acquisitions during the physical side of my life … none of my titles or accolades or records or acquisitions … contribute in any way to my glory on the eternal side of my life. They were just the material trappings of my accomplishments, but as my mentor, Berry Gordy said at The Jackson Family Honors, “Those are my accomplishments. They aren’t me.”


YOU are my small group of thoughtful, committed citizens of the world and like the others mentioned earlier, we are committed to changing our world. But we are not alone. Never think that we are alone in this commitment. There are many groups cropping up all over the world advocating for meaningful and lasting change. Some are based in mystical channels. Others are founded upon advocacy for environmental change. Others approach from a spiritual perspective and still others from a scientific, energetic viewpoint. However, all are invoking a radical shift in consciousness, a turning away from the prevailing “the end justifies the means,” “dog-eat-dog,” “survival of the fittest,” “profit is king,” Darwinian model. All are moving humanity towards a more humane, compassionate, and sane view of human nature. All of them are Spiritual Warriors.

I know that sometimes you become discouraged because you don’t see immediate results in your world. Change on the scale and magnitude that we are talking about does not happen overnight. It’s a big world and the corporatocracy is firmly entrenched behind its bureaucracy. It has dug itself in behind impenetrable walls. Its only allegiance is to its survival and it will hold on tightly to the power it wields, make no mistake.

It is important to remember that each one of you who rejects the fear-based, violence- and separation-supporting, profit at all costs, prevailing view of the world and refocuses his/her attention on finding a life-enhancing, division-denying state of awareness within is another nail in the coffin of that bureaucracy. This is the Kingdom of Heaven Jesus spoke about so often to his disciples.

Each individual consciousness that is lifted into that higher awareness removes his allegiance from the prevailing value system and becomes part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

It is a proactive.

It is effective.

It cannot fail to influence your own inner environment. Your world and your attitude towards it changes. At the same time, none of us is separate from the collective consciousness of the planet so you are changing the world’s collective environment, little by little but just as surely as night follows day. You are changing the mindset that created the problem to begin with, as Einstein recommended. From a new mindset, solutions are possible.

Like the Berlin wall dismantled stone by stone in 1989, each of you is another stone removed from the wall that separates us, that divides us along ethnic, national, economic, or generational lines of demarcation. With enough stones removed, the wall must tumble.

You are so inspiring, Michael … and I love you MOST!









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