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September 25 through October 1, 2011

Okay, Baby, I’m all yours! I have felt you calling me since yesterday … and I’ve gotten a feeling from you that we are going to get that Tour of Foreverland in this conversation. I can’t wait. But there’s been a strong sense that this is going to be a bit different than previous conversations.

Yes, it’s going to be very different for several reasons. First, I feel that you all need a distraction … something to take your mind off current events … something that will help you feel my love for you in the midst of your hardship. Because I understand your love for me, I don’t want you to be hanging on every word of the news reports to find out what’s going on these next few weeks. I don’t want your stomachs churning or your anger rising or your tendency towards defense of me and vengeance against Conrad Murray escalating. I want you to have a place to retreat where you can immerse yourself in my words … know that I return your love multiplied by hundred … know that I’m okay … know that they can’t hurt me anymore … and be refreshed for the next round of revelations.

I mean, past events have proven to you that you can’t believe what the media is telling you, anyway. I’d like to think that the media will present a fair and unbiased view, but, in case it doesn’t … we all need an option. Why hang around and wait for the lies? My life has shown you that the media has no scruples and abides by no common rules of decency or fairness. I know you are aware of it. Allowing those reports to enter your mind too much can bring the energy of love crashing down and the energy of anger and vengeance and defense going off the charts. So, a distraction … and one that, I think you’ll find, will help you keep the energy of love topped off and at fever pitch. I want you all to relax … here with me … in Foreverland.

Second, I’ve always wanted to do this … and never really gotten the chance … except with Prince and Paris and Blanket. I’m going to tell you all a little story … through you … that explains Neverland Valley Ranch and how it has morphed into Foreverland. God bless you for allowing me this opportunity. Always wanted to be a storyteller, this is my chance.

Michael, My Dear One, you can’t be serious! You don’t think you’re a storyteller? You are the most brilliant storyteller this culture has ever known. Brothers Grimm got nothin’ on you! Every song you sang or film you made told a story. And we all love every single one!

Aww, God bless you! But you can’t fit much of a story into a five minute song. A short film is a little better; you can say more with it with skillful editing, but it’s still not much of a story. Now, quit distracting me! I want you all to close your eyes … sit back and relax … take a couple of deep breaths … and hear my voice … it’s story time! You ready?

Yup … ready!

Okay … here we go!

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who stood looking out his bedroom window at the houses up and down the street he lived on. It was Christmas Time and all the other houses had lots of multi-colored lights strung along the roof lines and wreaths decorating the doorways. Some had great big, life-sized plastic statues of Santa Claus or candy canes that were lit from within so that they shone onto the sidewalks and street.  The little boy stared out his window late at night when all his brothers were sleeping in the bunk beds in his tiny room and watched the bulbs blink on and off. He thought it was the most magical sight he had ever seen and wished with all his might that his tiny little four-room house was part of the magic. But his parents didn’t believe in celebrating Christmas, for religious reasons that the little boy didn’t understand regardless of how many times it was explained to him by his mother.

“Someday,” the little boy repeated to himself, “someday, I’m going to decorate every inch that I can find with light … little twinkling lights that will flash on and off like fireflies and chase each other through the branches of every tree I see. The sidewalks and paths will be brightly lit, too, and all the buildings will shine with a glow that will never dim.”

The little boy felt that he spent a lot of his time looking out at the world from an isolated place. He and his brothers practiced a lot which didn’t leave much time for playing with the other children who attended their school. The little boy ached for a feeling of connection with other children, but they always seemed to be just on the other side of his window.

Late at night, when the rest of the world was asleep, this little boy had long conversations with imaginary friends who lived among the stars. Long past his bedtime, voices no louder than the merest breath of a whisper told him that he was special … that he had a very special job to do. They told him that they loved him and that he was not alone no matter how alone he felt … that they were always nearby … that they cherished him … and that he should never be afraid.  He told them, “Someday, I am going to be loved by so many people that it will be hard to count them. I’ll run out of zeros! People from everywhere in the world will want to be near me. And in their love for me, they will love each other enough to see past their differences and pains. They’ll hold hands and sway and laugh and dance and their hearts will be glad.”

The voices believed him and, of course, the little boy believed them because what little boy wouldn’t believe voices that spoke to him from the stars above his tiny little four-room house when everyone else was asleep? From the sound and timbre of their voices, he pictured beautiful creatures with long, flowing robes and magnificent wings that rose from their shoulder blades and reached taller than their heads all the way to the floor and reflected all the colors of the multi-colored bulbs that decorated the houses on his street at Christmas Time. He found comfort in their words … and in their presence.

Soon, practices turned to performances and, as the little boy grew, his singing and dancing grew with him. Crowds of people clapped and stomped their feet when he sang. He didn’t understand everything that was happening. He didn’t always understand all the words and feelings he was singing. He was so young. All he knew was that he loved to sing and he loved to dance.

More importantly, he loved to watch his audiences’ joy in his performances. His off-stage life began to fade into the background as his on-stage life grew more and more intoxicating. He loved to make people happy … to make them laugh … to watch them sing and dance with him and to know that, in those moments, no windows separated him from his dream; he was connected to them as he had always wished. In those moments, he was not alone. They shared his joy, his ebullient laughter, his wonder. Regardless of the fact that he still looked out at the world from behind his window in his hours off-stage, he was just another part of everyone in the world when he was on-stage. He and his audiences were one in the music. He began to live for those moments. They were his drug … his high … his joy.

Late at night, when he looked out his window all alone, his brothers’ snores the only sounds to disturb the sleepy world’s silence, he would whisper so silently that not even the window before him heard, “Someday, I’m going to build a world that is full of fun and laughter where no little kid will be allowed to be lonely. It will be huge and have space enough for every kind of fun. Someday, I am going to be loved by everyone and I am going to use all that love to bring happiness to everybody. Someday, all my dreams of a beautiful, peaceful world where children are valued and cherished and healed of their sadness … or illness … by the love that rises from the very ground they walk on … will come true.”

And the little boy’s imaginary friends heard his thoughts and dreams; they cherished them, storing them up for a later day when the little boy would be older, but still their precious little boy.

The little boy knew that he could pour all the love he felt and all the wonder and magic in his heart into song and into dance; he knew that this was his instrument. He knew that with these tools he could forge a link with the world he viewed from his bedroom window. And he knew that by pouring his heart and soul into every song and every performance, he could forge a strong chain to the hearts and souls of his audiences that would be unbreakable.

He became the front man for his brothers and observed some things in the process that were not magical. He ignored them. Some of the venues they played were not ideal for young boys to retain their sense of wonder and magic. He remained unfazed by them, maintaining that wonder and magic long past the point that its glimmer should have been eroded in the school of hard knocks. Often, he was beset by fears and doubts, but he remained steadfast in his sense of destiny.

Late at night when everyone else was asleep, the little boy who lived inside the growing body still stood at his window and conversed with his imaginary friends who continued to speak to him of their love and his specialness. And he continued to speak to them of his somedays. Sometimes, he could almost feel those magical, iridescent wings enfolding him in their care and concern for his welfare. From those late-night visits, he drew the strength he needed to continue on his journey through the sometimes gritty reality that he faced.

For the little boy’s life was not always kind. His world was often filled with criticism and violence as well as the ever-present truth of hard work and grueling schedules and late night travels. When most of the kids he knew worried about finishing their homework early enough to go out and play baseball, he often wondered if he would have time to eat before leaving for the nightly performances and talent shows. He usually completed his assignments in his dad’s VW bus in transit to another gig. His late-night visits to his friends became a little less frequent as the demands on his young life increased. But he knew they had promised that they would never leave him and he held their voices inside his heart, vowing that one day, when he was a man, he would build a world lit by colored, blinking lights every night … not just at Christmas Time.

Soon, the little boy’s schedule included concert dates and interviews and picture sessions and recording sessions in addition to practices and performances. After a death threat was received at the school he was enrolled in, he and his brothers were no longer allowed to attend schools like other kids their age; they were taught by a private tutor who traveled with them in airplanes that took the little boy and his brothers to every corner of the world. She insisted that they study the languages and traditions and history of all the lands they visited in their travels and through her tutelage, the little boy’s education was broadened while his world became smaller and smaller.

It became harder and harder for him to find time to have long conversations with his friends late at night. He missed them. He never talked about his friends to his brothers; he knew they would tease him and make fun of their ‘baby’ brother if they knew. After all, isn’t that what ‘baby’ brothers are for? Sometimes, their teasing hurt him; sometimes, like all big brothers, they went too far. But he loved them and he knew they loved him. They were family.

Through all the travel and practice and concerts and interviews and picture sessions, he never forgot the words of his imaginary friends … and he began to sense this ‘specialness’ they had referred to in their silent whispers outside his bedroom window. He began to intuit each moment that he breathed as a moment of history, each song that he sang as a note in the continuing symphony of life, each step that he danced as the first step of a long journey with purpose whose destination didn’t matter as long as he lived each moment of the journey to the fullest possible extent.

In his travels, he saw places where people lived in poverty and children died from preventable causes. He looked out the windows of the cars that rushed him through slums and ghettos to his fancy hotels and thought, “Someday, I’m going to fix this. Someday, I’m going to do something to help. It’s not right that I should have so much while these people have so little.” He watched news programs with his mother that actually brought him to tears and vowed, “Someday, I am going to do something about wars and famines and droughts. I will make a difference.” These dreams of ‘someday’ brought purpose and drive to the little boy’s life.

His family eventually moved from their tiny little four-room house into a much larger estate and his window no longer looked out over the other houses on the familiar street decorated with small multi-colored lights at Christmas Time. His brothers and he were working long hours. It seemed that he had exchanged his small window in his bedroom for a larger plate glass window at the recording studio where they recorded their music. From this window he could gaze out over a park. Children were always playing in the park across the street. Many, many days all the little boy wanted to do was run across the street and play with them. But he had a date with destiny and, in order to keep that date, he knew that he had to do the voice and leg work required to catapult him into an unassailable position. So, he didn’t mind the work or the constant repetition.

“Someday,” he whispered to himself, “someday, I will have an enormous park in my back yard with swings and seesaws and slides and amusement park rides and carousels and Ferris Wheels and swimming pools. I’ll invite all the kids in the neighborhood over for play dates and slumber parties. I’ll have horses and ride all over the grounds. There’ll be a zoo filled with every animal possible. A movie theater will play movies and cartoons any time of the day or night and all the popcorn and candy they can eat will be free. The lawns will always be perfectly mowed and so green it will make my eyes hurt. There will be flower beds everywhere filled with every color flower imaginable. The trees will be tall and magnificent and none of them will be disturbed by the rides or animals. I will climb them and sit among the branches and talk to my imaginary friends whenever I want.”

Even though his regular late-night visits with his imaginary friends had been somewhat curtailed by his move, those friends remained nearby. They heard his whispers and envisioned his dreams as he described them, adding their vision to his and cherishing them close to their hearts.

Soon, however, the little boy wasn’t so little anymore. He was growing in stature and independence … in talent and autonomy. His life had changed in many, many ways. Where he used to look out the window at the world as it carried on without him and his brothers; now he was alone behind the window sill. His brothers had grown, married, moved out of the house. His landscape had shifted; his bearings were lost. Often, he found himself wandering around outside in the small hours of the morning looking for anyone who would just love him as a human being. His loneliness was crippling, his isolation complete.

His conversations with his imaginary friends had become less and less frequent; his sense of wonder and magic a little more distant. He felt a little embarrassed that he had held onto them for so long. Even his dreams had changed.

Now, the little boy who was quickly approaching manhood, dreamed of creating music … music like no one had ever heard before … music that would capture the hearts and minds of the multitudes outside his window and bring everyone together in common purpose. He dreamed of dancing … dancing that would express that music in new and truly innovative ways … dancing that would make everyone pay attention. He dreamed of films … films that would capture everyone’s imagination and, perhaps, while totally enthralled in those films, everyone would hardly notice the moral seamlessly embedded within the music and entertainment value.  He dreamed of performances … performances that would, finally, shatter the windows that always kept him on one side and his audiences on the other … performances during which no barrier existed between him and the world … where love would flow from one to the other without hindrance, instantaneously transforming not only his audiences … but driving him to impossible feats himself.

He hadn’t abandoned his dreams of an ideal world where every child would be welcomed and engaged and loved; they still hovered in the secret recesses of his soul. While the little boy crouched in the corner of his heart for the perfect time to make his dreams real, the young man felt driven by dreams of music and dance and film. They made his feet itch … his heart race … his fingers snap; they populated his imagination with promise and potential so that he couldn’t wait for the night to be over to start creating in the morning.

Soon, his recordings began to break through every barrier known to man; his music spoke to all races, creeds, countries, ages in ways his world had never seen, winning award after award and uniting people who had never been united before. His dancing was heralded by all as fresh, unique, other-worldly. His films told stories … stories that contained gems of meaning for those who cared enough to search.

Demand for tickets to attend his performances far exceeded space to accommodate all who wanted them. Once again, he found himself on the road, touring his world. And, as before, he often looked out his hotel room windows at seething crowds gathered to honor him and show him that they loved him. He would wave from his windows or from the balconies outside them to the accompaniment of screams and whistles and his own songs rising from thousands of voices. He felt the waves of emotion through the windows and walls of the hotels, but it was only when he was in full flight on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people that the window disintegrated and he was one with those who loved him and whom he loved with all his heart.

To be continued …

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September  18 through September 25, 2011

Michael, I’ve been watching video clips of Neverland Valley Ranch a lot lately. I have a DVD by Larry Nimmer (the videographer who taped your lovely compound for the defense during your trial) including the footage that was shown to the jurors. I also have several short video clips that I’ve downloaded from the internet which show all the children laughing and playing as well as the video that is being called Michael Jackson Commemorated which has footage of various families during their visits to your beautiful home.

Most of the footage I have opens with shots of the ranch in all the beauty and splendor and playfulness and serenity that you intended for it … the flowering clock at the train station and the statues of children running and playing on the lawns … the amusement park rides full of laughter and music and joy of all the children you invited to be your guests … your beautiful home stuffed with all the clutter of mannequins holding cookies on silver trays and beautiful furniture and wonderful sculptures and paintings depicting you as various figures of history. Among all the different clips, I love the videos of you embraced and supported by the branches of your Giving Tree most of all.

Then, as the clips draw to a close, they show the empty, cavernous rooms abandoned in your absence, the collections of art and memorabilia removed and stored in some warehouse, the bald circles where the rides once stood, the tents abandoned, the flower beds and topiaries uncared for, the ice cream and popcorn carts stilled and the “Good-bye for now” sign as one leaves the compound.

It’s heartbreaking!

The place just fascinates me. I would love so much to travel again (as I did in 1997) to its gates and just breathe the air and bask in the atmosphere of your beautiful spirit. I believe that a location built with so much love … not just for the children of the world but for the place itself … has to absorb … almost by osmosis, if you will … some of that love and respect for the beauty you found there when you filmed Say, Say, Say and discovered the place, and multiplied and enhanced during your residence.

Don’t be sad. Don’t let it break your heart. Instead, let it live and grow inside you … let it fill your heart and soul with beauty … let it be a reminder of what is possible with a little love and caring for the secrets and magic of nature. Know that the intent of the “Goodbye for now” sign was literal then … and that the very literal meaning of that sign still applies … especially the “for now” part. This is just a temporary farewell. I can’t wait to greet you all at the gates of Foreverland. It’s everything Neverland Valley was … and more. It’s the dream from which Neverland was born and the reality into which it grew. It is here … with me … and inside your heart … and serves as yet another link or connection between your heart and mine.

Will you tell me about Foreverland?

We’ve talked about it briefly before in these dialogs, but let’s save a more detailed tour for another discussion. [Michael giggles.]

The important thing to remember right now is: You don’t have to travel to California to soak up those rays of love and healing and blessing. You can sit in the comfort and privacy of your own home on the dark side of the moon and absorb the same love and healing and blessing. All you need to do is know that I am here with you … surrounding and embracing you in my love just like my Giving Tree surrounded and embraced me when I was with you (physically) at Neverland. This takes trust … trust in my love … and trust in your own worthiness to enjoy all those blessings. We’re still working on that. All you need to have is faith that your soul-healing is in progress. We’re still working on that, too. And you need to open your heart and accept the blessings of my love. On this one, we’re almost there … just one more step … just one more step … don’t give up … we’re almost there. Look at the lonely lovers that didn’t make it. It’s a long hard climb. They just couldn’t take it. Don’t let it happen to me and you. Hold on together darlin’. We’ll make it through. Darlin’ keep on reachin out for me … keep on reaching … do it for me … do it for me. We’re so close I can taste it. A life so sweet, we can’t afford to waste it. If you feel your hand slipping from mine, just hold on tighter, darling … keep on trying. [Michael sings.]

All of them are right here next to you and available to you any time you take a moment to sit down and spend some time with me. I am always here waiting for you, even when you think I’m not.

Sometimes, I think you convince yourself that I’m too busy visiting all your other friends and don’t have time for you; we’ll go into that later. Or that you want to spare me the trouble; believe me … it is no trouble for me. You all are my joy, my best of JOY! I think you sometimes believe that your friends are more important to me than you are. That is NOT TRUE! You are all equally important to me. You are ALL my children. And I love you all more than you could ever understand … at least, in this current physical manifestation that you are living.

Have you been eavesdropping on my doubts and fears, again, Beloved?

Well, it’s kinda hard for me to ‘lock out’ those waves of doubt. They are so different from the waves of love and faith. It’s the difference between the gentle sounds of waves washing the beach on a calm, peaceful, sunny day that lure you into a relaxed, almost sleepy state of mind … and the sound of those same waves being tossed and blown by a heavy thunder storm against the rocks at water’s edge that sets the blood in your veins jumping and you scurrying for cover. How can I not notice the difference? How can I block those thunderous feelings from my soul? It’s impossible!

Oh, My Dear One, I am so sorry. I would never deliberately mar your peace and tranquility.

It’s not MY peace and tranquility we’re concerned with here … it’s YOURS. I am beyond that, now … but you are still entangled in human definitions. I notice the difference, but I don’t participate in it. I just wait patiently until you come to your senses. It usually doesn’t take too long for you to open your heart to receive my love again. And when you do … I am ready to flood you with it! I will always be ready to flood you with it.

Don’t apologize for being human. I know what it’s like to belittle your abilities … or your appearance … or your intelligence … or whatever … because you don’t think you are capable or worthy of achieving your dreams … or of being loved … or you think that someone else does it better. I know what it’s like to question your authority … or your relevance. I fought those same doubts and fears. It’s especially difficult when you have people all around you telling you that what you are doing is ‘impossible’ or ‘can’t be done’ or ‘a sin’ or ‘ugly.’ And I had the whole world telling me that.

I’m so glad you brought that up, Beloved, because I have a question I really need to ask you. In one of the film clips I have collected, you say, “I hate my smile … but I’ll do it for you.”

Oh my God, Michael … you can’t be serious! Did you really say that? I mean I heard it … and it is your voice saying it … but how could you hate something that I (and so many of us) find so beautiful? Didn’t you know that your smile could stop traffic? How could you not have realized that your smile brought the sun out on a cloudy day for so many of us around the world? Sometimes, I just wanna smack you upside the head and yell, “Get a freakin clue, you beautiful creature!”

[Michael laughs.] See? I told you I understood how you could feel doubts or fears or inferior. And sometimes, I feel like doing exactly the same thing to you! [Jan gets a mental picture of the woman in Ghosts smacking her son upside the head … and getting smacked herself by an invisible hand.]

Yes, I said it … many times … I didn’t intend for it to be filmed or heard by anyone. [Michael giggles.] Do you see how easy it is to fall into that kind of thinking. No one is immune. That’s why you have to be aware of your thoughts in each moment … and redirect them into more positive channels before they drag you into that kind of circular negative thinking for weeks on end.

I know some of you wonder how it is possible for me to share myself with all of you at the same time … so you convince yourself that I’m not really here with you … that your experience of me can’t be real … even though you feel me near and hear my whispers of love.

Some of you attempt to define our relationship by human definitions … to restrict it … limit it … or apply human expectations. You are used to thinking of relationship in the human, limited definition of the term instead of the spiritual, infinite definition. Human definitions have no reality to me anymore … because I see around, over, under and through them. If a hundred of you need my tender touch at once, I will touch a hundred of you with all the tenderness I can muster. If a thousand of you in different parts of the world need my love to ease your pain or comfort your grief, I will be there to offer my love to each one of you in whatever way will be most easily recognized and accepted by your spirit.

A lot of you feel a very physical response to my love … and that is perfectly human, as we’ve talked about before in these dialogs. I do not object … your thoughts do not embarrass me because I understand your need to be ONE with me and I share it. I will not withhold my love from you on that account. There is nothing wrong … or sinful … or disrespectful … about those thoughts. As a matter of fact, they assist me in my never-ending desire to reach you. Please do not belittle yourself or feel guilty over them.

One of the most beautiful facets of being human is falling ‘in love.’ Have you ever noticed that when you’re ‘in love,’ your heart is more open to all the universe’s endless wonderful possibilities? You entertain thoughts of connections and oneness that you would have rejected prior to falling in love. All the colors of the rainbow are sharper and the pot of gold at the end is more real and filled to overflowing with every blessing imaginable. Your anger is less easily aroused; your smile becomes a more permanent part of your landscape. Even your skin glows with a healthy vibrancy and your blush is only a thought away. [Butterflies … you give me butterflies.] You feel beautiful, capable, desirable, unstoppable … and you are all those things as you have never lived them before … and all your dreams are only a step away from coming true in the nearness of the beloved.

The world is friendlier, fresher, more fragrant; it conspires with you to bring you ever closer to the object of your desire. The sky is bluer, colors are more radiant and vibrate with life, music is more meaningful and expressive and touches your heart with more aching, piercing tenderness; you can almost see and hear the entire universe humming along in harmony with your love song. You face each day with a renewed sense of faith … in yourself … in the beloved … in the nurturance of the world around you. You are more grateful and aware of your blessings.

All of these feelings are caused by bio-chemicals released into your body as a response to love … pleasure hormones and endorphins … that reawaken every beautiful human characteristic with which each of you is endowed by the Creator.

So, by falling in love with me all of these physical, chemical and biological reactions are activated … and each one makes you more open to accepting the reality of my presence in your life. This love you hold for me is magnified and makes my touch upon your heart more welcome, more meaningful, more real, more inescapable. I am grateful for them; those reactions open doors that might otherwise be closed to me … eliminate fears that might otherwise keep me at arm’s length. Within that matrix, you invite me into closer and closer relationship. God bless you!

I will use those feelings to re-awaken your heart to your true potential and purpose which, of course, can be summed up in one word …LOVE.

People used to ask me how I could love children so much and assumed that I was just talking about my own, biological children. They just couldn’t understand that I set no limits on love … that I recognized no distinction between my own children and the children I visited in orphanages in Hungary and Russia … or the children I visited in hospitals all over the world. All children are my children … and your children … we are all one big family … God’s family. Even all of you who are not children are MY children … and always will be. I never could understand how someone could just love their own children and not be deeply invested in the welfare of every other child on earth … how they could turn a blind eye to the suffering of children in Africa who are starving or in India where terrible poverty blights their beautiful, young lives.

My thanks to Charlene for this beautiful photograph!

When I visited India, I made the driver stop the car at every intersection between the airport and my hotel because I saw all these beautiful children in the streets, dressed in rags, their skinny, little bodies barely covered, their eyes huge. They looked so miserable, so forsaken. Each time the car stopped, I hopped out and hugged them and danced and clapped with them and their faces just shone with happiness by the time I climbed back into the backseat of my car. It took a long time to finally reach the hotel, but my way was lined with smiling faces!

Children ask for so little. Someone had taken the time to just pay some attention to them. Half of them didn’t even know who I was. All they knew was that someone noticed them. And it was enough.

It all goes back to the discussion we had about ‘vastness.’

What do you mean, Michael?

You don’t seem to understand that my time is not in limited supply … it is infinite. It doesn’t have to be either/or … it is both. I don’t have to pick and choose … I desire … and am able … to be with each of you in a very special and personal way that feels most comfortable to you … for all time. If you feel alone, I’ll be your shoulder with the tender touch you know so well. Somebody once said it’s the soul that matters, but, baby, who can really tell when two hearts belong so well. [Michael sings these lines.]

Time does not progress from point A to point B in a linear progression. There is no limit or restriction on it … or me. Love does not build walls to keep the beloved in … or others out; it expands in ever-increasing concentric circles from the mid-point, embracing everything and everyone it encounters in its path. And no matter how often I try to explain that, your human, logical thinking cannot grasp it in its entirety. I understand.

Here, let’s see if this helps … let’s compare time to oxygen [Michael giggles and I get a visual of him shrugging his shoulders and ducking his head. Then he hands me a little box with a lid … about the size of a ring box.] Here, I want you to put oxygen in here.

All of it?

[Michael giggles.] You should see your face … priceless! Okay! Forget putting it in the little box. Oxygen is everywhere … all the time … unless you are in a closed in space where no air can escape or enter … a vacuum. So, the air that encircles and encompasses the Earth is infinite. It cannot be divided. It has no beginning; it has no end. The oxygen that you breathe is in your lungs. Is it separate or different from the oxygen that is in the atmosphere around the planet? Or is the oxygen in your lungs the same as the air that encircles and encompasses the planet but wearing an artificial, restricting cloak for a limited period of time so that it can nourish your blood with its richness? When you exhale the oxygen in your lungs, doesn’t it rejoin the other oxygen molecules in the atmosphere all around you … and around the planet? There is no distinction … right?

We talked earlier about the lonely, little note being conscious of herself, but unaware of all the other notes that represent the physical manifestation of the entire symphony. She is also unaware of her own vastness … that her little blob of ink on the page is just the physical manifestation of one of the tones or vibrations that make up all the tones and vibrations of the entire composition. She is just the symbol of something much vaster than she realizes but this vastness still exists, whether she is aware of it or not. And it is still her; and she is still it.

Love is freedom; it cannot be limited or restricted. It builds and encourages growth! It lifts up; it never destroys. It expands the spirit beyond the confines of the physical body … beyond the limitations of the human experience. It never restricts or limits to one outlet … or one child … or one relationship. As I’ve said before in these dialogs, that is not love; that is domination.

Let’s compare love to the drop of water in the ocean. The single drop is just the tiniest fragment of the entire ocean and may not be conscious of its role in the larger Plan. But it is still the ocean just as much as the infinite span of water you see reaching far out to the horizon from the sandy beach you’re standing on. You can’t really say it’s a part of the ocean when it is immersed in the whole, can you? Because the whole is infinite … it cannot be divided … it has no beginning … it has no end … it has no breaking point. It can’t be separated from the whole. It’s only when you take a cup and scoop some into it that you provide artificial boundaries that contain or limit it. But it is still ocean and when you pour the cup back into the ocean, the small amount that was in the cup merges again with the whole seamlessly … as if it had never been parted, doesn’t it?

It’s the same with you. Your human experience is the artificial boundary that contains or limits the infinite expression of who you really are for a moment. When you are still immersed in your human experience, it’s hard for you to see beyond the artificial boundaries it imposes to recognize and realize your vastness, but the whole time that you are involved in your human experience, your vastness still exists … just as scooping up a cup of water doesn’t diminish the vastness and infinity of the ocean. Do you see what I mean?

Yes, I think so, Beloved.

Good, now … the trick is to bring the laser sharp focus of your physical awareness into that vastness … or to bring your awareness of your true nature into the focus of your human awareness. Either way works because they are ONE. And I know that was about as clear as mud, so let’s see if we can fix it.

In a previous conversation, we talked about all the different songs I sang throughout the forty-plus years of my career … starting from my first recordings and ending up with the Invincible release … and how the message stayed the same over that span of time. We talked about each successive period as an ‘invitation’ or a proclamation. Do you mind if we talk a little more about that?

Of course not … I don’t mind at all. But would you mind if we amended that statement to include Michael in the list. I do so love the album and I believe your messages are consistent throughout the tracks on it as well.

God bless you! Okay, we’ll include Michael. But let’s make a small change. Let’s not call each of the times you noticed me an ‘invitation’ … let’s call them ‘opportunities.’ Okay?

Yup … opportunities.

You described the first time you became aware of me when I was singing and dancing on the Ed Sullivan Show and talked about how that moment was ‘freeze-framed’ in your mind. In other words, it stands out among your memories. So, that was your first opportunity.

Later, you kinda lost track of me until your brother tried to teach you some ‘moves’ [Jan gets a visual of Michael’s eyes and eyebrows doing a perfect Groucho Marx wiggle … and laughs] in around 1979 or 1980 and dancing to Off the Wall. But, like most people, your life was hectic. You were getting married and moving and settling down and starting a family. So, your second opportunity, although noticed, kinda slipped by without too much of an impression. Right?

Yes, Dear One.

Your next opportunity was offered with the Thriller album and you described how Billie Jean caught your attention and Lady In My Life held it for a short time, but, again, life was hectic and you kinda missed BAD until later. Sometime around BAD, you became peripherally aware of all the trash that was being published about me, but you didn’t pay much attention to it. That was an opportunity, too … but from a different perspective.

Then, Dangerous was released in 1991 and you watched the Bucharest concert on HBO in 1992. You described how you were hooked, how your fascination led you on a voyage of discovery … of me, yes … but, more importantly of YOU. This was your fourth opportunity. And it hit you hard. You described it as ‘being hit by a train’ and you asked me ‘what kind of train hit me?” At the same time, you became more than marginally aware of the garbage that was being published about me … and you rejected it. You chose love.

Wait a minute … hold on … opportunity for what?

[Michael giggles.] Invitation to what? An invitation into my love, of course. An opportunity to choose love. What was I all about, for heaven’s sake? What was my message in almost all of my songs? Love. Healing, pure and simple. Care for the children. Take care of the planet. Everybody watchin’ the news on Michael Jackson. They wanna see that I fall because I’m Michael Jackson. You write the words to destroy like it’s a weapon. You turn your back on the love and you can’t get it again. [Michael sings.]

All the points that attracted your attention since then … the trial … the verdicts … my transition … This Is It … the release of Michael … and, now, the trial of Dr. Murray … all of them were … and are … opportunities to continue to choose LOVE.

Some of you were attracted and noticed the opportunities earlier … some later … but, each of you has been offered numerous opportunities and, at some point, all of you chose LOVE and, in doing so, invited me into your life. More will choose love as a result of the trial. But their choice hinges on the choices you all make during the long days of the proceedings. Are they seeing LOVE … or are they seeing HATE, vengeance, fear?

The outcome of the trial is not the important thing. We’ve discussed this many times before in these dialogs. The most important outcome of this event is going to be the choices made by those not yet committed to LOVE. Will they choose it over fear and sensationalism? Will the same train that hit you in 1992 hit them in 2011? Will they join us and swell our numbers closer to critical mass? For some, this will be the most recent in a long series of opportunities to make a choice. For others, it will be the first.

If you look at my life in retrospect, the answer to the question “Why?” becomes very clear, doesn’t it? Everything that happened … the good, the bad and the ugly … happened for a reason. Each was an opportunity for you to make a choice … and for me to make a choice. Even when you claim that you weren’t paying attention, you were watching from a distance … and you were still choosing love.

This courtship continues to this day. And you are still choosing LOVE.

Now, I know a lot of you are asking … and have been asking for a long time … “What makes me special? Why was I chosen to see the light in this man instead of the darkness? The whole world has been watching the whole time … and seeing the same things. Why me? Why did he choose me?”

I know a lot of you think that I, somehow, gathered you into this loving relationship … and it’s true that I do. I welcome each and every one of you with open arms. And I hold each of you close in my heart at all times. You think that I changed your life … that I collected you up in some way.

The thing you fail to realize is that it wasn’t just me gathering you … it was just as much you gathering me and holding me close in your heart … by choosing love at some point (defined or undefined) along the way. As I pointed out before, I didn’t change your life; I invited you to change your life. You accepted that invitation and, in the process, became more aware … more conscious … more alert to the continuing opportunities that are presenting themselves to you in each moment. And those of you hearing my words now … and acting to impact the world with the message I have implanted into your hearts and souls … accepted my invitation … and invited me into your hearts.

Beloved, you have to answer this question for me. Were you aware in 1992 of what was occurring? Did you know that you were scooping me up … or that I was scooping you up … or something?

[Michael giggles.] It’s that ‘or something’ that’ll get you every time, ya know?

I’ll answer your question this way: I was aware that I had a job to do … a mission …I knew this from a very young age … and I accepted that into my life and built my world around it. I always had faith in God and in the two-part mission … to heal through music and dance as well as through visiting the most vulnerable members of our society … the children. My mission was to remind the world about love … for the children … for the planet.

I was also aware that I loved music and dancing and making films and that these media offered me an unparalleled opportunity to reach all of you with that message. And I loved the mission. Combining those two loves resulted in my third love … all of you.

Did I understand the mechanics of it? Probably not. Would you have been able to see all the fullness and richness of the experience, if you had been me? I don’t think so. You, too, would have been blinded by the same human frailties and weaknesses that beset us all. Would I have agreed to complete the mission if I had known … um … all the details? I don’t know. I hope so. I would like to think that I would have seen the importance of the mission. I would like to believe that I would have been so unselfish, so self-sacrificing.

While I was always so grateful for all the beautiful gifts I was given, I was also aware that God doesn’t give that kind of universal platform … and popularity … and appeal … to just anyone. It comes with a price … the responsibility to use those gifts responsibly for the betterment of the human condition … to make each and every note as perfect as was humanly possible because it was really God’s heart-song I was playing and it demanded all the perfection I could give it … to make people happy and bring them joy.

That fact made me aware of every moment being a moment of history, and, therefore, of enormous import … just as every person is a note in a common symphony … and every drop of water is an expression of the ocean … and every molecule of oxygen is one with the source from which it is born.

And, once again, we’ve come full circle.

Jan – September 22, 2011 

My thanks to Irina for the beautiful Call for Love banner.

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Hunger No Longer, My Love

Dancing the Dream: Poems and Reflections (1991) is a wonderful book written by Michael Jackson. One of my favorite little essays tucked away unobtrusively within its pages is Two Birds. I quote the essay here. Below Michael’s beautiful essay is my response, a kind of ‘conversation in poetry.’ We will return to the Conversations Series soon.

Two Birds 

It’s hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven’t ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let’s give them a clue. 

Two birds sit in a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One’s song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility. 

It’s easy to guess which bird I am, but they’ll never find you. 

Unless … 

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine? Oh, that is a day I hunger for!

My thanks to Charlene for sharing her beautiful picture of the Oregon Coast, taken during her most recent retreat.

Soul of Humanity

Song of My Soul
Your lilting melody,
Binds us with golden jesses
In your music
Your song of love so vast
Embraces all, excludes none
Spans the universe
Your heartbeat
Moves ocean tides
Harmonies my soul rides
In you, I find more love
Than I ever knew to pray for

To you, I run
Unashamed, unafraid
Sure of my welcome
In your arms
Beneath your gaze
I blossom into heavenly bloom
Petals shyly unfolding
Release heady, intoxicating incense
To lure you closer
Ever closer
You are security
The roots of my yearning
A tiny flame planted in my heart
Grows to a fireball and
Sets galaxies burning

Let me shelter beneath
Your canopy
When the icy cold finger of fear
Has me in its grip
There I know safety
Let the branches of your love
Shield my quivering form
When thunder and lightning
Rend the peaceful approach
Of the mighty storm
In the midst of the tempest
You are my comfort,
My survival,
My warmth

The enticements of the world
Hold no temptation
Only in your song
Do I find inspiration
In every waking moment
The whisper of your presence
Is my companion
Your laughter is balm
To my wounded, shattered soul
Mending it
Making it whole

In rising, I pray your name
No other sound
Passes my lips
No other thought
Vast enough to
Contain my piercing need
To hold you ever closer
in my heart

In falling
I fall into you
Without fear of shattering
The smallest particle of my being
Throughout my day
You are the melody
My heart sings
Raising me up
To fly on wings
Of gossamer splendor
Lifted by the current
Of your sweet breath

In my prayers
It is the haven
Of your eyes I seek
Your heart I hold
Your soul that holds me
In my rest
Your hand invites
Me into your caress
Where playing is loving
Fun is fruitful
Laughter is hope
Faith is free
And love is the air
That breathes us
Together in joyous rhapsody

My gratitude is boundless
My love wordless
A sacred, silent, aching
Of never-ending praise

You are Ecstasy
My only reality
Soul of Humanity

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We Interrupt

We interrupt this series for an important message from our sponsors. Remember those television series that used to put breaks right at the worst possible moment, when you were hanging on the edge of the sofa waiting for the ‘rest of the story?’  Or when something terrible happened in the world outside of the world of television and the program you were absorbed in was hijacked by a news flash?

Well, this is one of those times.

Many of my readers will remember that I contributed a small part to the Voices Education Project’s Words and Violence Curriculum called The Caricature which you will find linked to the right. I am proud and honored to have been included in such a worthy effort. After all, the Words and Violence curriculum is aimed at creating space for peace to get a firm grip on the hearts of young people by teaching them some of the devastating consequences words … both spoken and written … can have on the targets of those words. It provides materials for parents, teachers and concerned citizens to ponder and reflect. By educating our youth, it has the power to change our world for the better.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Words and Violence Curriculum is currently enjoying its second incarnation in the Second Edition. The film below was produced to announce the Second Edition of Words and Violence and is a fitting introduction to the curriculum’s additional reflective articles, poems and activities. But, rest assured, the original case studies still provide the backbone of the curriculum.

So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, for your edification … may I present Man Behind the Myth. It is a film that I believe every man, woman and child should see. My thanks to Voices for generously allowing me the share:

For further information regarding the Voices Education Project and the Words and Violence Curriculum, please click on the link to right of this page.

Jan – September 8, 2011

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August 28 through September 3, 2011

Do you mind if we continue our conversation from last time.

No, I don’t mind at all. But first, my Dear One, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful gifts you have given me this week. I had seen parts of a video a year or so ago, but what I had seen  was poor quality and my internet connection at home is too slow to allow me to watch videos on line. The few snippets I had seen of these clips confirmed in my mind that I wanted a good copy of it, but it was removed from the on line source after just a few short days and I was unable to get my hands on it. So, I had hoped and prayed it would be released on DVD … or, at least, that I would be able to figure out a way to download a good quality copy of it and put it on DVD at some point. Then, I forgot about it.

I was reminded of it again the other day and decided to see if I could find it. Well, I found it early yesterday morning and just about fell off my chair! I spent a lot of the day downloading it in the background while I was working and putting it on my flash drive to bring home with me and burn to a DVD. I got about one hour and fifty-two minutes of a one hour and fifty-nine minute video. Another clip that I knew must be out there was the Michael Jackson and Friends in Seoul, Korea concert from 1996, but I had never seen any of it … until today. I have the Munich performance of the same concert, but I had never seen the Korea performance. Of course, I had to download that as well and will transfer it to a DVD as soon as I buy some more DVDs.

Thank you so much. I am so very grateful for all the ways that you continue to show up in my life and leave me little ‘calling cards.’

Now, what did you want to discuss?

Well, in our last conversation, we talked about how vast you really are … and what you really are … and what you really look like from the perspective of the bigger picture that I can see … now … and you are still mostly unaware of. Do you remember?

Of course, I remember, Beloved. I’m old but I haven’t totally lost my memory, yet. What part did you want to clarify?

Well, I want to talk about the concept of ‘vast.’ We don’t really have a good grasp of it as human beings. Most of us think of ‘vast’ as a synonym for ‘big.’ But it’s bigger than that … [Michael giggles] … more all-encompassing. There’s more to it than that, I should say. It’s a complicated concept. I’m not totally sure how to explain this … unless we go back to the Symphony analogy. I suppose we could try that.

Oh, good. I love that analogy … and so do my readers.

Okay, good. Let’s start with that and see how far we get. Will you hold this for me?

[Jan gets a visual of a big, thick book … beautifully leather bound and with gold lettering on the front and spine. It looks really heavy.] Well, I’ll try, Michael … but that looks pretty heavy. [Jan reaches out both hands and accepts the book. Engraved on the front are the words Symphony in the Key of Love in elaborate gold script.]

Now, I want you to open it and tell me what you see.

Well, after this first couple of pages, it’s full of musical notes and staffs … page after page after page of musical notations.

Good. We talked before about the Symphony being all of us who are joined in a common purpose and how all the notes blend together to form the beautiful composition. We talked about how an individual note can be warped from its original intended tone by his or her experience of childhood. We also talked about the one lonely, little note who thinks she’s out there all by herself until … for just one heart-stopping moment … she recognizes another note from the symphony and the effect that would have on the one lonely, little note, didn’t we? We used that analogy to describe ‘the train that hit you’ when you were awakened to our oneness.

So, what you’re holding there in your hands is the entire Symphony in the Key of Love, isn’t it? I mean that’s it, right? It’s all the little notes that make up the composition, right?

Well, I’ll take your word for that, Michael. It sure looks like it. I don’t read music, but yes, sir! The whole, entire beautiful composition. And it is heavy!

Okay, here … let’s set it on a table and open it up so you can see it better. I want you to run your fingers over all the notes and all the pages until you get to the note that you think is you. [Michael giggles.] Can you do that?

Michael, you’ve got to be kidding! How in the world could I possibly choose the one note in that universe of notes that I think is me? I just told you, I don’t even read music.

Yeah, neither do I. Oh! That’s what’s missing! There’s no music! [Michael giggles.] We’ve got a whole universe of notes beautifully bound in a really, really big book. It’s a work of art all by itself, isn’t it? But there’s no music! Why? We’ve got the whole thing, don’t we?

Of course there’s no music, Michael. You need someone who understands what the notes mean … who can read the notes … who thinks and speaks the language … and who is skilled at playing the notes on an instrument to produce the music.

So, what you’re saying, then, is that we don’t have the whole beautiful composition here in this book. There are parts missing?


Well, if the whole beautiful composition was in that book, wouldn’t we be hearing the music and experiencing all the drama and emotion and enjoying all the richness of it just by holding it in our hands or looking at the pages?

Um … yes … I suppose that’s true. It’s an odd way of looking at it, but I guess that’s true.

So, the whole composition is not there on those pages, is it? What we are looking at is just the ‘physical manifestation’ of the Symphony in the Key of Love that we talked about so often in earlier conversations, right?


There’s a whole world of invisible meaning and emotion that is not really even hinted at by all those staffs and notes and key signatures in that book … unless the person reading it is ‘initiated’ into the culture of music and can interpret all the different notations and make sense of them. It is all in there, but it is hidden … invisible … implied … within that book, isn’t it? Someone who understands the language of the symphony can decipher the notes and interpret the meaning. He might even be able to hear the music represented by all those notes in his head and could then imagine the beauty and symmetry of the composition in its completed form … but he would still need a whole bunch of someones who are skilled at playing the various musical instruments in such a way that the Symphony is reproduced, rendering the emotion and richness and drama for the audience to hear in the music.

Now, the one lonely, little note which is a physical manifestation of one tone … one vibration … in the music is not aware that she is just the physical manifestation of that tone. She thinks that this is all there is because she doesn’t see the page before or the page after. She doesn’t even see the notes that are played before her on the same page or even the other notes that make up her chord, even though they are just above and below her. In addition, she doesn’t see the invisible, implied music that she and all the other lonely, little notes like her represent. She has no idea that she is so ‘vast.’

So, you see … the word ‘vast’ doesn’t just mean ‘bigger’ … it means ‘more.’ It means there is more to you than you are aware of. It is more expansive … to include not only the physical manifestation but all the non-physical, invisible, implied, spiritual parts of you that you … wearing the blinders human experience imposes … do not see or understand. Do you see what I mean?

Vaguely … would you mind expanding on that a little more?

[Michael giggles.] Nice pun. Slid that one right in there, didn’t you? And with a straight face. I love it!

Okay. The one lonely, little note is stuck in her physical manifestation and blind to anything else; but just because she is blind to her connection to the other notes in her chord … and on her page, etc. that doesn’t mean that all those other notes in her chord (which are also physical manifestations) … or on her page … or in her movement … or in the same section … or in the entire composition don’t exist. She’s just unaware of them.

She is consciously aware of herself … her individual consciousness … to a limited extent … sometimes.

On a good day … right!

However, the ‘collective consciousness’ formed by all the individual consciousnesses (is that even a word?)  of all the other notes in the symphony is an abstract, little-understood concept as she contemplates her own importance in the larger Plan. Right?

Oh, Michael … this is so beautiful … this analogy is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it?

Well, it’s working out pretty well so far, I think, if it’s helping you to understand the point I’m trying to make. God bless you!

What’s more important to this discussion, it also doesn’t mean that the drama and emotion and meaning which are invisible, intangible, energetic manifestations of the one lonely, little note along with all of her companions that make up the entire symphony  … but which are so important to the fullest possible enjoyment of the symphony … aren’t there either.

Now, let me ask you a question, okay? I want you to choose one note … just at random … and point to it.

[Jan chooses one note on the page in front of her and points to it.]

Good, now … is the one lonely, little note on the page that you pointed to separate from the other notes in her chord … or on the page … or in that section … or in the entire composition? In other words, is she separate from the entire symphony which is made up of all the notes and chords on all the pages in our book, including herself?

No, she isn’t. She is an individual note, but that note and its vibration are also part of the larger whole whether she is aware of being part of the larger whole or not. They are connected by the little curvy lines … that I don’t know the name of … but they tie some of the notes together … and by the clefs … and by the key signatures … to the larger symphony. So, the physical manifestations are tied together, connected to each other.

Exactly! More importantly, can the one lonely, little note be separated from the tone or vibration or energy … the invisible, intangible, energetic expression she represents in the music? Isn’t that tone … although not heard when we look at the page … just as much a part of the lonely, little note as the ink which binds her to the page we are looking at?

Yes, it is. She can’t be isolated from the tone she represents, even though it isn’t heard until it is played. It is a part of her whether she is aware of it or not.

Yes! You and I were never separate. It’s just an illusion wrought by the magical lens of perception. When we change our perspective … take a longer view … it becomes clearer, doesn’t it?

So, the term ‘vast’ in this context doesn’t just mean more of the same but bigger … it means that the definition of the object expands to include all the permutations … visible, invisible and implied import become one with the physical manifestation representing them.

That is just brilliant! I love it!

Good! Now the relevance of all this is how does this relate to you, right? How does it explain the complexity of the human experience?

Well, we’ve compared you … meaning all of you … to the one lonely, little note in previous conversations. But some of you are still wondering how I am with you? I mean, you feel me on the dark side of the moon and your friend in Europe dreams of me and your other friend finds me at the ocean and another sees me in cloud formations … and you all feel me in the music … or whatever.

So, the question becomes how does that happen? We’ve talked before about the spiritual world not being a specific location … but a change in perspective. And I think from the above analogy that you are beginning to grasp that the spiritual and material are just different perceptions of the same thing. Your perspective right now is very human; it has to be. You all are still engaged in and committed to this human experience. You are experiencing the physical manifestation … the lonely, little note who … because of her human blinders … has difficulty understanding the larger picture.

However, the whole purpose of this human experience is for you to remember the fact that We Are One just as the Symphony in the Key of Love is One beautiful masterpiece … and all the lonely, little individual notes are connected through the ‘collective consciousness’ … the shared purpose … of the symphony. By using this analogy, we’ve allowed you a little peak … a slight change in perspective … to help you understand that your ‘vastness’ is not limited by location or time.

As a matter of fact, it is not limited by anything. You are right here with me … and I am right here with you … all of you … at the same time that you are experiencing the physical manifestations of that energy that we share in the symphony. The invisible, intangible permutations of energy that have assumed a physical manifestation are here with me.  At the same time, the physical manifestation is over there on that page. They are not separate. They are not fragmented with one part here and one part there. They are One just as We Are One.

Love is the universal translator … between languages … between countries … between worlds … between the spiritual and the material. It knows no boundaries and accepts no restrictions or limitations. It transmits at a higher frequency than any other emotion. That’s why we’ve been concentrating our meditations and visualizations on cleaning out the debris left over from unloving thoughts and emotions to make room for love to enter.

When I touch your heart here it can be felt by your physical manifestation … particularly if we are in tune … um … vibrating with the same quality. And that quality is love. If we share an intimate moment here, you may experience that intimacy in your physical manifestation as a dream or a visitation, which is what happened during our encounter a couple of weeks ago. When I whisper in your ear here, your physical manifestation may feel an urgent need to express that thought there in some form … either a poem or a Conversation … particularly if we are sharing a thought of love. Do you see what I mean?

Yes, I think so, Beloved. But let me ask you this: does this also explain how so many of us seem to be receiving similar inspirations at the same time by whatever medium we are connected to you?

Yes, it’s the same concept. When your mind and your friend’s mind are both concentrating on love, especially when you are both concentrating on loving me, both of you can receive the same words or dreams or inspirations even though you are separated by miles or countries or worlds … or death. Because there is no separation. We Are One in the Symphony in the Key of Love! Physical manifestation presents no barrier to our Oneness. But each of you interprets … and expresses … that inspiration in a slightly different way.

Now, all we have to do is get the rest of the world on the same wavelength … love … and all its problems will be solved overnight.

This analogy is such a wonderful teaching and explaining tool, my Dear One. Thank you! Now, I need to report that the group which was collecting money to vaccinate children for your birthday has topped 5,000 vaccines.

5,000! That is so beautiful! That’s what I’m talking about! God bless you, all … I love you more.

Jan – September 2, 2011




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