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January 25 – February 1, 2013

Imaginary Interlude

I find myself standing in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The colors are heartbreakingly vivid and beautiful. It seems to be a garden of precious, aromatic flowers, guarded and bordered by fantastic hedges and topiaries and trees of every possible hue of green imaginable. To the left is a building reminiscent of the Gothic style of architecture so prevalent in Europe and Great Britain – a tall structure with gothic arched windows and a lower wing extending to one side. The wing is split to allow an uninterrupted view of the hills and lawns in the distance. While the building seems a bit incongruous at first, its imposing sight does not mar the unspeakably gorgeous radiance of the garden that spreads out in front of me or the panoramic view through the gap in the wing blending into the horizon. Rather, the edifice complements its surroundings.

Through the opening in the low wing, children can be seen running and playing on a field of pure green lawn in the distance. They’re kicking a ball and laughing, but the din of their play is harmonious rather than jarring. Nearer to me, couples walk arm-in-arm or sit in quiet, private alcoves provided with benches. The peace of my surroundings is overwhelming and I find myself breathing it in more deeply than I am accustomed to breathing. While not totally silent, the ambience is serene and calming and the quality of light is surprisingly clear, vibrant, alive with promise.

A figure emerges from the building to my left, but I, in my stupor, fail to notice his silent presence immediately. It is only as my eyes survey the garden that I, finally, become aware of his appearance and am somewhat taken aback by its suddenness. He motions for me to come nearer and I walk down a narrow, winding path through the sumptuously plotted flowers, bordered by low hedges, and meticulously manicured grounds towards him.  Topiaries in the fantastic shapes of animals and cartoon characters seem almost to breathe as I pass them. I am enchanted by them; I’m afraid I keep him waiting as I pause to examine them. He doesn’t seem rushed, however, and patiently awaits my arrival at his side.

He is wearing an electric blue corduroy shirt, black pants, white socks, black shoes and a fedora shades his face from the light of the garden path. His hair is worn short and waves around his cheekbones unconfined, accenting his liquid chocolate eyes. His pallor is lit by a healthy glow and roses kiss his magnificent cheekbones. As I approach closer his smile broadens to reveal perfect teeth worthy of a Colgate commercial. He holds out his left hand to me and draws me into a shady nook, canopied by ancient trees; the song of a small trickling waterfall breathes in the air as he leads me to a marble bench. Drawing me near, he smiles and envelopes me in a warm hug, cradling my head against his shoulder with his right hand. Releasing me, he sits on the bench and draws me to sit beside him.

I’ve been waiting for you. I wanted to show you something so that you could tell everyone about it. Will you do that for me?

Of course! At least, I’ll do my best. I’m here, Beloved. What an incredible place! What is it?

This is one of the gardens of the Michael Jackson Children’s Healing Facility in Foreverland. There are several others, some with themes and some more haphazardly arranged.

It was my fondest wish to build a new kind of children’s hospital and to staff it with the brightest healers – from all the different branches of healing – our world had to offer. Most of you are aware of the fact that I dreamed of building a bunch of children’s hospitals all over the world. You mentioned the tape the prosecution played at Conrad’s trial in an earlier conversation – the one in which I talked about that dream a matter of hours before I transformed to this side of life.

This place is the result of that dream. As I’ve told you before, our dreams aren’t sloughed off with the physical body and the ‘laws’ to which it is subject; they are thoughts … and thoughts are energy … and energy doesn’t die … it goes on forever, expanding and transforming everything it touches. That’s the ripple effect we’ve talked about so often.

What’s more, thoughts are creative and on this side of life, they manifest with much more immediacy than in the human world of material form and substance. We build our world … our reality … from our thoughts and dreams and the faith with which we believe in them … on both sides of life … but here those manifestations become very real, very quickly. On the physical side, the manifestation is limited by our faith … or lack thereof … as well as by the intrusion of the accumulated thoughts of all of the human family.

If we dream BIG and pour all our faith into our ability to create from our dreams, there is absolutely nothing that can stop our dream from becoming our reality … eventually … on the physical side of life. Here there is no blockage or delay. We anchor our dreams in the ‘collective consciousness’ of the planet and once it is real there, it’s just a matter of time before it is real in the human world. You and your friends are practicing this model with your daily meditations and your monthly visualizations. God bless all of you for hearing me and putting this concept into your focus sessions.

I know that some of you have a hard time with the concept of ‘collective consciousness.’ Don’t worry! We have a demonstration of that concept that is very real … and that I think you can all relate to … later in this conversation.

If we dream small and have little faith in our ability to create from our dreams, then our creation gets hijacked along the way and doesn’t materialize in the way we want it to. It’s like that kink in the hose we talked about before.  We end up with a watered down version of our dreams … a world that is not harmonious and that fosters violent upheaval and the innocent suffer.

Our ability to dream and, more importantly, our ability to have faith in our capacity for creation, are nurtured during our childhood. If our childhood is blighted by illness or abuse or poverty or war or death or criticism by peers or parents … so, too, is our creative spark. And it is that creative spark that can and will heal the world we have created by our lack of belief in our creative power. It’s a vicious cycle that must be stopped at its inception … our thoughts.

We’ve talked about all this before in considerable detail when we talked about the Symphony in the Key of Love. So, this is a summary of all of our conversations to date. It expresses the importance of our full and joyful experience of our formative years.

The state our world is in at the present time is a direct result of the violation of this premise … and promise.

The only way to fix it is to reclaim the power with which God intended us to be endowed … to realign ourselves with our purpose. It is the promise of a loving creator … not a vengeful, fearful being whose sense of justice leads only to judgment and damnation as we have believed for centuries (and by which we justify our own tendency towards judgment and intolerance) … but a loving father who nurtures our dreams and encourages us to go for them and become every bit of what She created us to enjoy.

So, I invited you here to show you how this works in this so-called ‘hospital.’ Would you like to take a tour with me?

Um … is that a rhetorical question?

[Michael laughs.] Yeah … kinda! Come on.

Michael rises from the bench and begins walking toward the building. The path twists and turns around topiaries and flower beds in marvelous shapes. I notice an MJ replica from the HIStory era and a magnificent crown bordered in flowers of gold and white with greenery forming the metal framework. Seeming somewhat incongruous is a gigantic topiary pruned in the shape of a grazing brontosaurus.

First of all, what do you notice about this place … first impression? Don’t think about this too hard.

It is so peaceful … although it’s not really quiet. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. I can hear the children playing and birds singing and underneath all of that there seems to be some kind of music playing all around me. If it’s coming from speakers, it’s beautiful. If it’s coming from you, do NOT stop it.

[Michael kind of blushes.] Sorry! Can’t help myself. [He shrugs.]

Please, Dear One, do not apologize for being who you are. I love you!

I love you more!

Peace is not a function of absolute stillness. It is an emotion … a feeling of well-being … of being in total harmony with everything around you … connected … not a lack of sound. It’s one of those words that has been misinterpreted for a long, long time. What else?

Color … it’s everywhere … so rich and exuberant and alive.

Yes, good. That is the force of life … love … it’s a song … a symphony. The Symphony in the Key of Love.

Now, as we go inside, I want you to notice the atmosphere.

Together, we approach the building. The gothic arch-shaped door is a little larger than the two sidelights on each side. The building appears to be constructed of the finest, sheerest bone china or alabaster. It is opaque, but it is also transparent in that there appears to be a glow that shines from the inside outward like a candle in a china holder or an oil lamp with a frosted hurricane surround. Interestingly enough, from the inside that glow appears to originate outside and glow inward. I pause a moment to touch the material, expecting it to be cold like marble or granite, but it’s warm and seems to pulse with life … as if the flame inside radiates outward … or vice versa.

Do you like hospitals?

No, I don’t, Michael. I find them, generally, sad places. The suffering of the patients seems to create an atmosphere of … I don’t know … hopelessness, I guess. Whenever I’ve been in one, I’ve found myself very anxious to leave – even if I’m only visiting a loved one. The only exception is the OB/GYN area; it usually seems to be an oasis in a desert.

Exactly! That miasma … or dis-ease … that you experience the moment you enter is a perfect illustration of the ‘collective consciousness’ of the place. Many of you wonder what those two words mean. This is demonstration of that concept that is easy to relate to for just about anyone. There is a feeling of despair … of hopelessness … of lack of well-being. You can feel it. It grips you as you enter the building. It’s the same kind of negative smog that we cleaned out of the courthouse in Los Angeles during and immediately preceding Conrad Murray’s trial.

A hospital as it is in the human world is a place where people go to die and the fear of death that all humans share creates an ambience of fear and darkness that can be felt the moment you walk into the lobby. Do you feel that here?

No, not at all! There is no change from the peace and serenity I felt outside.  I notice a lot of people scurrying about, Michael. And they all seem to be intent on doing things, carrying stuff back and forth.

Yes, this kind of healing facility requires far more ‘staff’ than a hospital on earth. Most of these are volunteers who have ‘healing’ tendencies in their spiritual make up. It is their joy to help in facilities like this. They run errands for the kids, make their meals, help in their classrooms, hold their hands when they’re facing procedures, etc.

In the physical world, there are many, many people who have ‘healing’ tendencies or curiosities. They may not have an urge to be a physician or nurse, perhaps just to help out. It is their gift to be offered to their world. But they have to make a living … instead of living a life … so they ignore those curiosities and tendencies for the almighty dollar. And their gift is never expressed. The world is poorer for the lack. Here that isn’t a problem. Those who find joy in doing the many tasks required in a facility like this connect with their bliss in being part of the healing that takes place here.

The lobby of this facility is spacious and airy with plants and trees and flowers everywhere. There are hallways leading further into the depths of the building that are equally spacious and lofty. These halls branch off from the lobby in various directions and an elegant stairway leading to upper floors dominates the center of the space. Every corner is lit with the same iridescent, incandescent light – as if the very walls, floors and ceilings radiate this pearly, soft glow.

Let’s go this way. [Michael leads me into a hallway toward the center of the back of the lobby. Althought there are no obvious windows, the space is well lit with the same light evident in the lobby of the building.] These are the kids’ classrooms. Each child has a ‘mentor’ or ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister’ who stays with him during his stay at the facility. The mentor explores the child’s interests, curiosities, dreams and steers the child into reading materials that reinforce and support those curiosities. If the child is interested in the arts, for example, the mentor chooses reading about that topic, including biographies of famous artists from the past and current events, art history, ‘how to’ videos and books … anything that engages the child’s mind. He’s supplied with whatever materials he needs to test his own imagination and is encouraged to experiment in developing his own gifts of artistic expression. This is something that my mother was so good at and we have used her as a model for these mentors.

Most of the teachers, too, are volunteers who derive their joy from working with children and healing. Their only certification is LOVE. Each becomes a part of the child’s family and their rapport with their charges is never based upon judgment or criticism … nor is the child’s achievement standardized or measured by  outcome … only on fostering the child’s innate inquisitiveness and helping her to achieve her highest potential.

The child is encouraged to explore his or her own creativity … whether it be music or dance or art or mechanics or history or mathematics or architecture … wherever the child’s interests lead him. In this way, all areas of study are encompassed … but not by memorizing facts and dates. In addition, the child discovers her own gift and practices using that gift in the service of others. The child’s mind is relieved of worry about his or her illness … his feelings of powerlessness are dissipated by examining topics of his choosing, his mind is developed and his unique gifts are encouraged.

Everyone’s highest and greatest good is achieved … volunteers, staff, patients discover and utilize the tools required to connect with their bliss. All are served.

Sometimes, the child’s mentor may invite a special guest to speak to the child who shared the child’s interest during their physical life. For example, a child who is interested in music and dance might receive a visit from Mozart or Sammy Davis, Jr. through the mentor’s invitation.

Or … I don’t know … let’s say … um … Michael Jackson?

[Michael laughs.] Yes … “or … I don’t know … let’s say … um …” Most of these kids are sick and tired of me! I’m always around.

Oh, I can just imagine how sick and tired they are of you, sir! [Jan laughs.]

As we walk down the classroom hallway, voices can be heard from the classrooms … some of them questioning … some laughing. Classrooms are supplied with everything a child would need, including large floor-to-ceiling windows which bring the outdoors into the classroom for study and a connection with nature. We approach a T-intersection in the hallway and veer off to the right.

These halls are the video game rooms. There are teaching games … and experience games … games that test a child’s motor skills, quick-thinking or reflexes as well as role-playing games. The one thing that is NOT represented here is violence. Violence has no place in the video game world. These games teach coordination and reflexes and are sometimes used in rehabilitation modalities to help surgical patients regain full range of motion.

No child is ever left alone in a room connected to IV fluids to worry about his or her particular health issue.  There are endless activities from which to choose; everything here is based on children’s well-being … not sickness … not symptoms … well-being.

Remember what we’ve spoken about in previous dialogs? Your focus is your most powerful tool in creation. By focusing on illness and symptoms, the hospitals in the physical world are … um … shooting themselves in the foot … defeating their own purpose. Re-aligning the focus to the child’s well-being would restructure absolutely EVERYTHING the child experiences while inpatient … and the facilities would actually begin to serve the purpose for which they were created.

No … it’s not practical … or profitable … or cost-effective. But that’s not what the facilities were built for. There are other places where practicality, profitability and cost-effectiveness have their place. They don’t belong in healing facilities. Only service belongs in a healing facility. Health care is an inalienable right and the Constitution should be amended to include it in its Bill of Rights.

Those children who are up to it entertain visitors in the many functional social parlors which are fully-equipped with big screen televisions, kitchen and bedroom facilities. Or they can run and play outside. You saw some of them kicking a ball outdoors. Healthy exercise is fun, helps to relieve worry and depression and aids in the healing process.

There are shuttles that transport kids to the amusement park rides or Water Park for field trips on a daily basis.

If we had turned left at the T, there are swimming pools and hot tubs with exercise machines to build muscle mass, endurance and cardio function in that hallway. That corridor also houses the therapy wing; all branches of the healing arts are accommodated, respected and utilized for the children’s welfare. They don’t judge or discredit each other; they cooperate and the child’s comfort is the most important standard. Massage and Reiki, acupuncture and acupressure, physical therapy and energy healing … none are ignored, belittled or withheld. Visualization rooms are also found in that hall and children are taught simple visualization techniques to aid in their recovery, just as I taught them on the physical side of my life.

Let’s go upstairs to some of the patient rooms.

Follow Me To the Gates of Paradise - Graphite and Prismacolor Colored Pencils on 11x14 drawing paper

Follow Me To the Gates of Paradise – Graphite and Prismacolor Colored Pencils on 11×14 drawing paper

Michael holds my hand and we are instantly in a different hallway with doors branching in both directions. Most of the doors are open. Each of the rooms has taken on the personality of its occupant. There are no cold, clinical, impersonal features. And none of the rooms contain televisions. Warm wooden dressers and toy shelves filled with books and toys, board games and skill games … posters and artwork adorn all the walls, the beds are made up with spreads and pillows chosen by the occupants and large bay windows look out over the beautiful grounds and gardens. Everything is spotlessly clean, but not uncluttered. It is instantly apparent that great care is taken to maintain a healthy cleanliness while at the same time offering the patients a sense of private space.

Sorry, about the hasty transport … our time is getting short and there is still so much left for you to see. These are the patient’s rooms; the child’s autonomy is paramount. There is no institutionalization here.

Each patient decorates his own room in the things that bring him comfort and joy. The closets contain his choice of clothing. No patient is forced to wear a hospital gown to make him feel awkward and exposed; nor are they tagged with bracelets that make them a statistic in the hospital’s bookkeeping system. The artwork is chosen according to the patient’s interests and inclinations. If a kid is interested in space, her room reflects that. If another is curious about the Wild West, his room is decorated like an old west hotel room. Another may be interested in horses and she decorates her room like a stable. Another may be reading about spirituality and his room may be decorated in Japanese Zen. Always, the child’s interests are the most important thing.

Each of the hallways containing patient rooms also house several social gathering rooms where families can spend quality time together. There are regular movie nights during which all the kids and their guests gather together for a movie in a movie theater, complete with popcorn and candy. They are encouraged to socialize with their fellow patients and they encourage each other in their development and achievements. There are spare rooms for parents who wish to stay near their children and we can house entire families here for indefinite periods of time. Visitors are not limited, movement is not restricted, exercise is encouraged for its healthful benefits and curiosity is rewarded, heightened and developed to its fullest potential.

In the Intensive Care Units, every effort is made to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible. Those are the only rooms with private televisions; and we have our own networks that offer cartoons and family-friendly entertainment; but the kids are still encouraged to socialize as much as their illness allows. Those who are too ill to enjoy outdoor activity are still allowed the autonomy of surrounding themselves with familiar objects with the goal of making them as comfortable as possible. Although they may need intravenous liquids or medication, these invasive procedures are kept as unobtrusive as possible. No patient is surrounded with beeping monitors or intravenous crash carts. The child is allowed visitors, if he or she wishes and his condition warrants it.

You’d be surprised how just a simple thing like bringing his own blanket and bed sheets can relieve a child’s mind and aid in the recovery process. Our success rate here is astounding. Miracles occur on a daily basis.

As Michael and I stand in a guest room decorated in early ballerina, including wall-to-wall mirrors, antique white dresser and desk and a dance bar at child-height, I notice my reflection in the mirror. I am stunned to discover that it is, indeed, me that I am looking at … but the ‘me’ that I was, physically, when I was twenty-something. I feel a little like Dorian Gray! “Wow!” I exclaim.


Well, I didn’t expect to see me in a dream; I didn’t know that was possible to begin with. But that’s me when I was a whole lot younger.

[Michael laughs.] This is Foreverland … anything is possible. [He stands next to me in the mirror.] You’re gorgeous … perfect … always. I’ve told you that before. You don’t see yourself as clearly as you should, but that’s another conversation.

A cluster of kids runs past the open door in the corridor outside.  Their laughter is subdued … but present, nonetheless … and their playful exuberance is followed by a tall, rather gangly adolescent boy sloping along in their wake.  Some of the children display marks of recent treatments … medical tape on their arms or hands or bald heads … but rather than sitting in a bed feeling sorry for themselves, they all appear to be heading outdoors for a game of baseball. We exit the room.

Children are a lot more resilient than adults give them credit for. They can have a treatment or session one day and be ready to play within hours. Holding them back makes them ‘feel’ sick; ‘feeling sick’ just gives reality to their illness. The goal of this facility is to make their illness unreal … to not play along with the illusion of their illness. Allowing them the freedom to play with reasonable precautions allows their bodies to release the chemicals that heal.

The young man that you saw accompanying the kids is a patient who has volunteered to help out with some of the younger kids. We have a lot of teenagers who want to feel valued and useful. That desire is always accommodated. Tasks are found that correspond with their interests. The young man you saw loves baseball and has volunteered to give the younger kids regular afternoon lessons.

As you can see, this facility is not run on the economic feasibility scale … as hospitals in the physical world are run. Here economics is not measured in profitability or cost-effectiveness but in HEALING. Success is not measured in dollars and cents but rather in nurturing the whole child’s personality … physical, mental and spiritual. The convenience of the doctors and nurses is not placed above the child’s comfort and autonomy.

What is the message when you force a patient to wear a hospital gown that is ugly, uncomfortable and exposes the patient’s backside when he is not confined in his bed? Is that done for the comfort of the patient? No, it’s for the comfort and convenience and accessibility of the doctors and nurses.

What is the message when a patient is shackled with an unremovable bracelet as a means of identification for billing purposes? Is that done so that the patient will realize his or her uniqueness? Does it encourage a patient to connect with her creative spark and God-given gifts? No, it’s done so that the hospital can charge him $100 for a tube of toothpaste!

So, you have a facility that purports to be for the care and welfare of the patient which, from the first moment of arrival, is placing the convenience of the staff … or the profitability of a huge corporation … above the comfort and care of the patient. What kind of sense does that make?

Absolutely none. Michael, this place is phenomenal! I wish I could paint or draw everything I’ve seen here with you.

This is what I wanted to build during the physical side of my life. Like I told you before, it was within a ten-year construction plan.  Our children are sick and not just with physical illness. Their illness extends much, much further; their spirits are ill; their minds are atrophying in those places that are supposed to be caring for them.

Their needs are not being met … not in their homes where their parents are too busy or exhausted to eat a regular meal with them … not in their schools where their learning is stuffed into little standardized boxes and they struggle to remain interested … not in their healing facilities where they are nothing more than their symptoms and greed controls every service they are provided.

Their dreams and curiosities are not being encouraged or engaged. When they get ill, they are sent to hospitals that are cold and impersonal, clinical and institutional. Their autonomy is violated and they are forced to wear gowns that increase their fear and powerlessness. Their movement is limited, visitors restricted, families ostracized. They are forced out of innocence and love … into fear … fear of their illness … fear of their treatments … fear of their doctors and nurses … fear of their powerlessness to make a difference in their condition. It’s no wonder they don’t get better. They are depressed.

It’s what I was trying to tell Conrad in the tape that you all heard. The doctors and nurses in those hospitals do nothing to ease their fear. They believe they are noble servants with their six figure salaries; they believe they are doing their best, but they’re not. They aren’t motivated by healing those children, by love; rather they are motivated by their own self-importance, by profit and greed and their own convenience. They are compelled by their administrators to meet daily quotas … to see as many patients as they can … which, naturally, limits the amount of personal involvement with any one patient severely. Those hospitals foster fear and lack of power; hopelessness and a dampening of the human spirit.

In like manner, adults in hospitals are met with the same lack of autonomy. Cold, clinical, impersonal care. Let me ask you … what is impersonal care? Don’t the two words cancel each other out? There is no such thing as impersonal care. Care implies intensely personal! Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.

Our educational institutions suffer from the same lack of ‘personal’ care. Our governmental institutions suffer from the same lack of ‘personal’ care. Our financial institutions are suffering from the same lack of ‘personal’ care. Insurance institutions suffer from the same lack of ‘personal’ care. Our religious institutions are suffering from the same lack of ‘personal’ care.

 Humanity has been taken out of the equation. All of our institutions are based on practicality, profitability, cost-effectiveness … in other words, GREED. It’s all ECONOMICS! It’s putting a band-aid on a gut wound and our humanity is bleeding out in the shortfall.

I know there are ‘healers’ among your readers – people who have always been drawn to healing others. Some may work in healing careers; others may be working in careers not directly related to healing to get by financially. Still others may have always been drawn to the healing arts but have never allowed themselves to explore those urges and, therefore, have not developed those gifts.

If we can plant the seed of this vision in the hearts of just a few of them … just a handful … perhaps, with careful husbandry … we can make a difference … and take practicality out of the equation of the healing arts.

And it’s a domino effect. If we can take practicality out of the equation of the healing arts and make healing a successful and important vocation, won’t education also follow that model … and government, and finance and insurance and religion? These institutions can still be profitable and practical, if we redefine the terms in alignment with the focus of our intentions.

Will you help me plant the seed?

Of course, I will help you, Beloved. You know, you don’t even need to ask.

God bless you! It’s an idea whose time has come. Economics has no business in healing. Or education. Or religion. Or government.

As we are walking though the hallway we come to the grand staircase I had only seen from below when we entered the building.  I am amazed to find it completely surrounded by magnificent balustrades, whimsically carved and painted in the three-dimensional shapes of fairly tale characters like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, and, of course, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. Great attention to detail has been paid in these carvings; they are almost life like. We begin to descend.

From below, a youngster’s voice calls, “Michael …” We approach the bottom stair and a small boy wearing a baseball cap rounds the staircase and looks at Michael with anticipation in his eyes.

“Sick and tired of you, huh?” I say to my host, eyebrows raised. “Go ahead; go play. I have a feeling the universe will return me to my proper place and time without assistance. ”

[Michael turns to face me.] Are you sure?

“Absolutely sure, Beloved.”

You know they only want me because they know I am dreadful at baseball. [He laughs and looks deeply into my eyes, cupping my right cheek in his left palm. Then, he runs off and his voice wafts back to me as he goes. “I’m so glad we had this time together … just to have a laugh and sing a song …”]

Jan – January 27, 2013

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January 1 through January 11, 2013

The Year of the Child


I apologize if I seem to have been ignoring you. It seems like it’s been a long time since we chatted. Events in our world have occupied my mind for the last couple of weeks.

[Michael laughs.] We chat all the time. Every minute of every day, we are in constant communication in one form or another because WE ARE ONE. You awaken in the morning with me on your mind and your last thought at night is a prayer of thanks for my presence. You know that! And I know that! And I love you much, much more.

I’ve noticed you’ve been a bit distracted, but … why? What’s happened?

I know you know that there’s been another shooting incident at a school in Connecticut. More than twenty people, including children and a few teachers, were killed and several more were wounded on December 14, 2012 (just before Christmas).  The fact that such events, triggered in anger, fear and pain, still occur in our world just dismays and frustrates me.

Yes, I know. I’ve told you before. Catastrophic occurrences like this impact the entire universe, manifest and unmanifest.  We are always there to help and comfort, give strength and guide. Those babies who lost their physical lives have gained their spiritual lives and while your world mourns, this realm rejoices in their homecoming. Their tasks and goals, for the moment, have been completed and they rest in The Eternal One’s hands … in the immersion in Oneness and Wholeness that you have experienced just the merest whisper of on a couple of occasions.

Do not fear for them. Their sacrifice is sacred. No life … no sacrifice … no energy … is ever wasted or ever in vain in God’s Perfect Plan.

We all feel so helpless when such terrible things occur … like nothing we can do can make any difference. Nonetheless, in honor of your lifelong commitment to issues of this nature and compassion for those affected by such tragedies, many of your children found a way to reach out in love and compassion to encourage those affected. Michael’s Messengers of Love sent each child who attends that school a ‘Care Bear’ through generous donations from your global family and trees were donated and planted in the name of each child who lost his or her life in the event. These are small contributions in events of such overwhelming and heartbreaking magnitude, but both groups acted out of love and compassion … and in your name and honor … to continue your legacy of humanitarian outreach and partially heal the irreparable damage that occurred to humanity itself.

God bless each and every one of you. You have always been my support … my strength … my rock and you rock my world.

I was so thrown by the event that I opted to reprint the entire text from your speech at Oxford University in 2002 here at With a Child’s Heart a couple of weeks ago. Your words on that occasion were not widely reported; and, if publicized at all, were accompanied by the censorship to which you and the world were subjected by the world’s media … or purposely trivialized to make them more sensational. Your speech is so important to our world today. The text was so topical to the incident in Connecticut, although your speech was made more than twelve years before it occurred … and even more important to our world now than it was then … because it focuses on the tragic consequences of bypassing, neglecting, ignoring or belittling childhood. This is a topic that you spoke very eloquently and quite often about during your time with us and, therefore, one which I know you felt keenly.

Yes! Very keenly … and I still do. It’s what we are doing here. We are re-imagining a world which does not tolerate violence against its future … its babies.

The number of references to the importance of childhood and the parent/child bond in your speeches and publications is staggering, so much so that a complete listing of your references would require more space than we have in one of these conversations. A partial listing would include: your acceptance speech for the Grammy Legend Award in 1993, several passages in your books, Moonwalk and Dancing the Dream (1991), your music, your short films, your Heal the World Foundation,  and your Heal the Kids initiative, which you launched at Carnegie Hall in 2001 with the following words:

Heal the Kids 2001

Heal the Kids 2001

“I would like to welcome you to Carnegie Hall … the world’s most famous concert hall … to hear an entirely different kind of music — a loftier melody. It’s a more eternal song.

There are two kinds of music. One comes from the strings of a guitar, the other from the strings of the heart. One sound comes from a chamber orchestra, the other from the beating of the heart’s chamber. One comes from an instrument of graphite and wood, the other from an organ of flesh and blood. 

This loftier music I speak of tonight is more pleasing than the notes of the most gifted composers, more moving than a marching band, more harmonious than a thousand voices joined in hymn and more powerful than all the world’s percussion instruments combined … that sweet sound of love. 

Just a generation ago, it was this sound that could be heard in every turn in every town. It was the sound of love that echoed in the living room when a father giggled with his son or a mother tickled a small infant child. It was the sound of love that echoed from children’s literary classes as the parents read their children tales before they went to bed. And it was the sound of love that reverberated in their dinner conversations between parents and children, not just once a year but should be discovered everyday for peace to prosper. 

Sadly, that sound has become a lost melody, a forgotten refrain, an empty tune and all we have in its place today is a dark and terrible noise. Instead of dinner conversations, there is the noise of video games. Instead of homework there is the din of the evening news. And instead of regular conversations between parents and children about drugs and violence, there is the sound — the deafening sounds — of silence.

Who among us would have believed that the sound of children at their playgrounds would be replaced by the sound of automatic machine gun fire at our schools; that the sound of little girls skipping rope would be overshadowed by the frantic squeals of children dodging bullets? Yet instead of loving our children more we’ve installed metal detectors in our schools. 

Are we blind to the fact that our children are raging against the indifference… crying out against the abandonment … thundering against the neglect?

Heal The Kids is about doing something, about making a difference and trying to help adults and parents realize that it’s in our power to change the world that our children live in. 

As a wise man once said, ‘If not us, then who; if not now, then when?’

My friends, with two children of my own, I know what it means to have to balance the demands of family and career — let’s not even talk about finding a date for myself, even though… [audience laughs and one woman’s voice can be heard, “Don’t you worry about that, Baby!” Michael laughs.] Even though Rabbi Shmuley keeps telling me he’s going to find me the perfect woman. My response is:  “As long as it’s not a journalist.”

But learning how to strike this very necessary balance is what this special evening is all about.

In 3 weeks time, at Oxford University I will be delivering an address with strong implications for dealing with the parent-child relationship and giving an address that is certain to surprise you. Until then, I want to thank you all for coming out…showing your love. And I want to offer a couple of special thank-you’s going … that we have 100 New York City teachers with us … I want to thank Steven Shaunfeld, he’s a wonderful, wonderful. Everything he does for Heal the Kids is just incredible. 

Together we can make a change for the better; together we can heal the world and make it a better place. God bless you all, I love you all.”

Three weeks later, at Oxford University, the following words summed up your oration: “Tonight, I come before you less as an icon of pop (whatever that means anyway), and more as an icon of a generation – a generation that no longer knows what it means to be children.”

With all these references, it is obvious that the estate of childhood and the deteriorating parent/child relationship was a particularly relevant issue for you during your physical life.

Yes, and it still is. It is the all-important first step to be taken in healing our world. Honoring the estate of childhood, as we’ve spoken about in previous conversations, has the potential of single-handedly opening the door to a healed and evolved humanity. And a healed and evolved human race will heal the planet. War will end; poverty will be a memory, violence will be erased, the degradation of the human spirit will be abolished, prejudice and bigotry will be eradicated. It all hinges on the restoration of the child at the center of the home and school communities.

Restoring the child to his place at the center of the home and school communities depends upon honoring the child’s needs, respecting the child’s sovereignty and healing the rifts that are all too apparent in the parent/child bond.

Baby, I found the following quote from one of my social network friends and I don’t know to which occasion I should attribute it, but I believe it’s relevant to this conversation:

I think every child is born wanting to do a certain thing and wanting to be like somebody who reached a goal. And adults make them feel as if, “Are you kidding? Come on … I want you to have a REAL job. What are the chances of making it doing that?”

The Wright Brothers, who were bicycle makers, had a dream of wanting to take flight. People never talk about the abuses they went through, these two guys. Or Edison … with every invention there was a world scoffing and feeding him negative information. He talked about it later. Disney, who was always told, “Don’t be stupid … come on.” His own father told him that. “You want to draw? How about a REAL job?”

Yes, honoring the child’s fears and dreams can heal the world. Rabbi Schmuley and I were writing a book about this very subject. We wanted to institute an International  Children’s Day and propose a Universal Children’s Bill of Rights.

Yes, Michael, I know. The good Rabbi has published his book Honoring the Child Spirit and I have an electronic copy of it stored on my computer. This is just another in the long list of occasions and platforms you utilized to speak about the importance of a nurtured, protected childhood … and the serious consequences of a lack thereof … for our children, for ourselves and for our world.

Well, do you remember in Conversation #55 (April 1 through April 8, 2012), we talked about a daily meditation and visualization practice called Come Together Over Michael Jackson?

Yes, I remember. How has that worked out?

Very well, actually. We began in May and June with visualizing that all the guns on earth would be silent for one minute during the Major Love Prayer global visualization on June 25. The focus topics for the following months included educating the kids, feeding the starving children, treating all kids with treatable diseases, bringing peace to the conflict escalating in the Middle East, etc. Our social networking sites joined us in this initiative with Major Love Prayer and several Facebook groups all meditating on these same focus topics in private, individual practices … and then, using the Major Love Prayer global visualization on the anniversary day of your transformation, to collectively blast our intentions into the universe. The cooperation of all the different groups in a common purpose was hugely successful and created a strong bond of love and common purpose. While we didn’t see instant results, we didn’t expect to. We collectively set a commonly held intention and anchored that intention with our visualizations and prayers. And, as you have so often pointed out, when the intention is anchored within the collective consciousness of the planet, it’s only a matter of time before those intentions become real in the physical world of form and matter.

Well, we have begun a New Year and in honor of your lifelong commitment to the world’s children … and keeping in mind the recent horrifying tragedy in Connecticut … we would like to continue our Come Together Over Michael Jackson initiative by dubbing 2013 THE YEAR OF THE CHILD. To support this focus, we intend to concentrate our daily meditations, prayers and visualizations on the following monthly topics:

January and February – THE CHILD WITHIN

March – PAYING ATTENTION TO OUR CHILDREN (reading to them, playing with them)

April – APPRECIATING OUR CHILDREN FOR WHO THEY ARE (not making them carbon copy adults)


June – FEEDING AND PROTECTING ALL CHILDREN (for all children are our children)

For the rest of the year, we can put our heads together and come up with additional topics later. These visualizations concentrate our focus on happy children, sharing quality time with the adults in their lives, being read to by and playing with their significant caregivers, learning life skills but being encouraged to dream their dreams and make those dreams a reality.

I feel the first focus topic is the most important because we can’t expect to heal anything in our world if we haven’t taken the time to heal ourselves.

Yes, that is true.

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and make a change.

All of us have issues from our childhoods that we need to address. Whether it is abuse or abandonment, neglect or violence, peer or sibling bullying or degradation, illness or depression, adult pressures to abandon our dreams in favor of making a living or eschewing imaginative play in favor of the logical, cynical world … all of us have issues from our past that have made … and continue to make … lasting impressions upon our lives on a daily basis. By addressing these issues, we can heal THE CHILD WITHIN and that healed child can, then, reach out and heal others.

A suggested visualization to support this topic follows:

Prepare your sacred space with whatever has meaning for you. A candle, a stick of incense, a beloved photograph … whatever feels right for you. Sit comfortably, breathing normally and become increasingly aware of your breath. A favorite prayer may be said or hymn may be sung to increase the sanctity of these moments taken out of your day to spend with God, Michael, Higher Self, Allah, Krishna, Buddha. All are One!

When you are comfortable begin to notice your breathing and direct it more purposefully. Take deep breaths filling your abdomen like filling a water balloon, then your lungs. Exhale from your lungs first, then your diaphragm. Repeat these deep, slow breaths, feeling and acknowledging with gratitude the nourishment the oxygen provides to your body.

When your breathing is comfortably directed in this pattern (don’t force it), begin to empty your mind of all the chatter, worry and meaningless thoughts that cascade around it during your normal everyday life. Perhaps, you might count your blessings with gratitude for your health, the abundance you enjoy, the things that bring you joy.

After a few minutes, think about your childhood and one (just one, please, at a time) event, word or relationship that brought you pain or discomfort. View the incident with an unbiased eye, forming no judgment of right or wrong. In this way, there is no fault or blame. Remain aloof from it and unattached. It is done and cannot now be changed. Allow yourself to feel, again, the pain you felt. The pain is not right or wrong … it just is; don’t judge it. Accept it as a challenge to be overcome with forgiveness.

Now, view the other people involved in the incident … one by one … and forgive them for their part in your pain or discomfort. This may take a couple of minutes. Don’t feel rushed or pressured. Let each appear at his or her own time and in his or her own way. You might call them forward in your mind by using their name and let their actions in the incident be accepted. Acceptance does not mean approval. All you are doing is accepting the past which is over and done with. In Michael’s words, “The past is said and done. I need us to carry on.”

Now, picture yourself … the wounded child … in this incident. Call yourself forward and forgive yourself for your suffering. This is the most important part of this visualization. We are not here to change what occurred. We are here to forgive it so that we can move forward. Whether you misunderstood the implications of the incident or didn’t is not important. We are here to accept that this incident hurt you in some way. We are here to forgive the fact that we suffered over this incident. We are here to heal that wound and make ourselves whole again. You might visualize receiving a BIG HUG from yourself … or from Michael … as the graphic accompanying this example shows.

Child Within 2

When all has been accepted and forgiven, continue to breathe in the same pattern for a few minutes. Begin to hear the sounds around you, to feel the air, to smell the smells. You might want to add an affirmation, such as, “I accept that this incident occurred. It caused THE CHILD WITHIN pain. It is forgiven.”

Open your eyes and become aware of your sacred space. Next time, use the same template but with a different incident until you have reviewed and healed all the painful episodes.

Jan – January 11, 2013 

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