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Announcing the print release of The Greatest Story Never Told, a new short story by the author of With a Child’s Heart Blog and Conversations. My thanks to all those who donated to Walk the World for Michael-Calgary for the PDF version. Many of you, however, asked specifically for the print format. Happy 56th Birthday, Beloved!

Ascension cover

Following is a brief excerpt from the book, now available in print format from Lulu.com


As a Michael Jackson fan of many years’ standing, one of the numerous things that has impressed me about him is his ability to reach out to people in all walks of life – regardless of age, nationality, religious affiliation, ethnic origin, gender identification or sexual preference – and open them to a more expanded view of themselves through discovering possibilities for new avenues of expression they never suspected they possessed.

In the process, accomplished through pursuing perfect execution in the broad spectrum of his own artistic expressions, he seems, by some means unknown to me and simply described in the word “magic,” to inspire others less talented than himself, perhaps, to explore – to try new ideas and forms and mediums – and discover within themselves hitherto hidden, ignored, dormant, or thought impossible talents and means of expression.

This uncanny ability, surprisingly, did not cease five years ago when he retired the physical manifestation of his indefatigable energy, for science informs us that energy never dies. While its form may change, the energy, itself, remains.

That energy has resulted in an explosion of new books, visual arts, websites, blogs, and videos as well as, of course, music and dance in the last five years. I liken this detonation in my own mind to a NEW RENAISSANCE because it reminds me of the expansion of art and science that occurred in Italy in the 16th Century, when new possibilities were thick in the air breathed by our medieval counterparts. It is aided and abetted by the technology we have at our disposal in the 21st Century, but the fact remains that many who have never written before are writing; many who have never drawn or painted before are drawing and painting; people who have never given of themselves before are giving of what they are moved to create – and all are fueled and inspired by that same indefatigable energy we knew as Michael Jackson.

The novella you hold in your hands explores this new development and attempts to explain it in imaginative vignettes. While the characters illuminated in the vignettes are painted with broad strokes to protect their identities, most are real people and personal friends. They will probably recognize themselves from the descriptions.

A few are purely fictional and, yet, plausible, given the facts (as opposed to the fictions and urban legends foisted upon an unsuspecting public by a media that has repeatedly ignored its mandate as well as truth, justice, human rights and common human decency) in its reportage of Michael Jackson’s life.

This novella is a work of fiction … or is it?

[Author’s Note: While many great writers and thinkers have attempted to explain some of the concepts and abstract theories contained within these pages, they remain a mystery. This is my, no doubt, poor attempt to approach them with a child’s heart and paint a plausible rendering of the subject matter. I make no claim to great understanding of these concepts.

I do lay claim to playing with them in a contextual framework, which is, I believe, a privilege granted to all as inhabitants of Planet Earth and children of a Creator who shares our joy in investigating, exploring, experiencing and discovering meaning with … and in … and through … all of her creations. She delights in each new creative expression and shares that delight with all of us.]

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What Can We Do


August 7, 2014
In the past couple of weeks, I have been very focused on putting the finishing touches on a surprise for all of my regular readers to honor Michael’s upcoming birthday. However, very recently, a couple of stories have cropped up in the so-called NEWS that I feel I must address briefly here at With a Child’s Heart because they have the potential of distracting us from our main goal and impeding our forward progress toward a healed world.

The interesting thing about these so-called NEWS stories is that there is really nothing NEW in them. One of them states an obvious fact … and the other is just a rehashing and embellishment of a very old story. Of course, the embellishment is the addition of ever more salacious detail to whet the prurient interests of a culture that thrives on salacious sensationalism to feel superior.

However, both deal with events and situations that have not yet taken place. In other words, by allowing them to unbalance us we are projecting an imagined event that may or may not occur and appropriating it into our present moments as if it had, reacting to it in the present as if it were already a reality instead of using our focus to create new, more healing scenarios.

The first of these stories is the possible sale of what … to every fan … will always be Neverland Valley Ranch. This possibility has always been obvious from the date of Michael Jackson’s Ascension. It’s not news … yet. It’s a possible scenario that may occur. To my knowledge, no offer for the property has been made, accepted or finalized and, therefore, no sale is imminent. Hence, it continues to exist as one possibility among a host of possibilities, which means we can choose which of the host of possibilities becomes reality with our focus. Michael showed us how this works in the instance of the trial of Conrad Murray [Conversations Volume 1 – Installments 9, 20, 38, 48 and 49]

The other is the filing of legal documents in a claim against Michael’s estate which outlines in graphic detail wild allegations by a man who repeatedly denied any sexual overtures on the part of Michael both publically and under oath and filed his claims long after the court-imposed deadlines for such filings had elapsed. Coincidentally, these claims were also filed after the claimant’s career went belly up when his expectations of choreographing the Cirque du Soleil shows were dashed. None of this is news. The news is the sick-making “graphic detail” contained in the legal documents, which were, apparently, leaked to the press. The hearing of these claims is several months away and concerns only the determination of the legitimacy of the claims. In other words, MONEY – and whether the estate can, legally, be required to pay the claimant. Guilt or innocence is not at issue; that has been established. In 2005, Michael was acquitted of all charges brought against him by a jury, largely on the testimony of the current claimant … but not exclusively. The insubstantiality of the prosecution’s case and the mental instability and lack of credibility of many of the prosecution’s witnesses were also huge factors in the jury’s verdict.

To my knowledge, a dead man cannot be put on trial or a court’s verdict overturned by a claim against his estate. This is all about the money as it has always been. In any case, any hearing is months away and, therefore, subject to change.

Intention is the steam roller of creation … the earthmover of reality. It is the work horse that gets the job done.
While intention is the earthmover, the steam roller of creation, joy is the fuel that moves that massive machinery forward, the accelerant without which the task becomes a chore instead of the act of selfless love that we want to broadcast with these visualizations. It’s the Pac-Man part of the equation that brings fun and imagination and laughter …

[Conversations Volume 2 – Installment 56]

I see many discussions on social networks that we, as a community, have to take action to prevent our projections into the future from coming to pass … and I agree. We do need to take action. However, my action may be a little different from those I’ve seen proposed by others and is based on my Conversations with Michael (which are available for all to read on this site as well as in printed format) as well as the exemplary life he lived among us. My action includes the following:

STOP projecting into a future that has not occurred and worrying about possibilities. By doing so, we just cause ourselves unnecessary pain in the present moment and our focus on our imagined projections makes the dreaded scenarios more likely rather than less. We strengthen it instead of disabling it because what we resist persists. Change in all situations is inevitable; how the situation changes is up to us!

Instead, choose a possibility in both situations and visualize both bathed in the pure light of LOVE and TRUTH. I, personally, (as my regular readers know) am in the habit of spending an hour every afternoon that I possibly can at Neverland Valley Ranch through the power of imagination and visualization. With the help of my Neverland compact disc of nature sounds, I visualize Michael’s beautiful compound as we’ve seen it so often in photographs and videos and its serenity and tranquility embrace me as I shower it with love and reverence. It is an imaginary interlude to which I look forward … and miss when life intervenes. I find it restful and bracing, but it also informs the universe of my intention (remember that quote earlier?) that the compound be preserved as a haven of rest and healing for the whole world.

A return to daily visualizations in which the current claimant is engulfed in love … and light … and truth … and nasty, little white feathers that follow him wherever he goes no matter how much he resists that engulfment, sticking to his nose and eyelashes and hair [hee hee hee] seems an appropriate response to recent leaks. Cleaning out the courtroom in anticipation of the residence of Love, Light and Truth and bathing the judge and legal representatives in wisdom without attachment to any particular outcome also seems appropriate.

These actions have worked for us before with spectacular results. A side benefit is that our sickness, anxiety, resistance and conflict melt away with these proactive measures.

I commit myself to them. Who will join me?

Jan – August 7, 2014

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