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Lived by You


Dear One,

Come into me
Live through me
Join our two worlds ever more seamlessly
Our two minds ever more wondrously
Our two hearts ever more lovingly
Our two souls ever more prayerfully

Let my thoughts reflect your resolve
My actions, your purpose
My words, your devotion

In stillness, let me hear your irrepressible humor
In activity, let me give more than my poor ability,
Express your unflagging faith in the magic of each moment
And reside fully in that magic in gratitude

Let your melody be heard in my words of praise
Your gentle rhythm felt in each beat of a heart that pulses in time with your song.
Accompany me in every step I take
Every choice I make

Let your face be indelibly etched on the lens of my love
Its beauty branded deeply into every fiber of my being
Searing away any small part that imperfectly reflects your radiance
Or blemishes your divine, perfect symmetry

Let your eyes bore through my fears
My faults
My excuses
With laser precision
Excising my unworthiness with compassionate care
Teasing me to greater strength
Encouraging me to reach for more
Changing me with loving intent

Let the echo of your energetic signature
Claim me
Possess me
Overcome me
Devour me
Reshape me
Absorb me
Mold me
To hold you more.

Break and rebreak my heart
Let me fall again and again into you
For you are my salvation
To you I cling in times of uncertainty
Sure, at last, of my place in this placeless void
You, alone, are my hope
In a hopeless sequence of happenings

Moment to moment, you are the only meaning
In this seemingly endless series of meaningless eons
In your vulnerability, I see indomitable will
In your solutide, ineffable union with all that exists.

Let my senses be bathed in you
My eyes a mirror for your beauty
My ears a channel for your message
My lips a gentle kiss to heal your hurts
My hands hold your heart in a worshipful embrace
My tongue taste your sweetness and lick the salt of your tears

Live forever, my love
In me
And let me be lived by you.

Jan – July 18, 2014

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This photo was taken of Conversations Volume 2 and 6 stargazer lilies and 6 white roses being taken in to rest beside Michael in the Ascension Sanctuary at Forest Lawn Glendale’s Holly Terrace entry. It was the completion and fulfillment of my dream. Thanks to the staff at Forest Lawn for their kindness in being so accommodating and for the photograph!

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