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April  21 through April 28, 2012

Come Together Over Michael Jackson

My Heart, in our last installment, we discussed a major, unified push toward creating a healed Planet Earth with visualizations and prayers intended to address some of the major issues facing our world and anchoring those solutions within our own individual awareness and the collective consciousness of our world.

Yes, I remember your Gift. It is so beautiful! Thank you!

We’ve decided to call this campaign “Come Together Over Michael Jackson.” It is scheduled to begin the day after the Major Love Prayer on April 25th with visualizations aimed at silencing every gun on Earth for one minute on June 25, 2012 in your name and in your honor.

Each successive month from the 26th through the Major Love Prayer on the following 25th a different focus topic will be chosen. A six month schedule of focus topics follows:

Present to June 25:  Silence every gun on planet Earth for one minute on June 25.

June 26 to July 25:  No child dies of starvation on Planet Earth on July 25.

July 26 to August 25:   No child on Planet Earth dies from a treatable disease on August 25.

August 26 to September 25:  No young person dies from random or gang violence on September 25.

September 26 to October 25: No young person is denied an education due to ethnic origin or economic lack on October 25.

October 26 to November 25: Every child victim of a life-threatening disease realizes his or her dream on November 25.

Additional focus topics will be added to complete the year as your children approach the end of the six-month period.

Suggested Visualization:

You may wish to bring a sacred feeling to your practice by lighting a candle or burning sage or a favorite incense to purify your meditation space and enhance your quiet mood. It is strictly a matter of personal preference.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, take several deep, cleansing breaths, inflating your diaphragm first and then your lungs and filling your inner space with the white or golden light of love. Allowing your mind to be cleared of all thought, expel any negative emotion with your exhalations, emptying your lungs first and then your diaphragm.  You may wish to ask your angels and guides to be present and to guide your spiritual practice.

When you are breathing comfortably, sanctify your inner space by repeating a favorite prayer, mantra or inspirational quote. One of my favorite prayers … and one that we have used with great success in the past … is St. Francis Prayer:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where there is injury, pardon
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy
O, Divine Master, grant that I may seek
Not so much to be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
And it is in dying that we are born unto Eternal Life. Amen.

When your mind is quiet and your breathing feels natural and comfortable, visualize the last few moments of Michael’s performance of Earth Song from any of the many stages upon which he performed it.

See the tank roaring onto the stage as he stands with his arms flung wide in front of it in defiance.

See the soldier opening the hatch of the tank and jumping from its treads to point his rifle at the innocent bystanders occupying the stage with Michael.

See him turn and point his rifle directly at Michael and the pained, haunted look on Michael’s face.

Watch as Michael slowly raises his right hand to touch the barrel of the rifle with his fingertips and point the rifle towards the stage.

Watch as Michael plants his feet firmly at the front of the stage, turns his arms so that his palms are facing up and motions with his arms from the center of his chest out over us, his audience, in a silent plea for us to do likewise. Pour all the love your heart can hold into the intention of silencing all the guns on Planet Earth for one minute on June 25, 2012. Know that Michael joins his prayers and intentions to ours and that all of God’s universe joins us in our visualization to create peace.

Repeat this visualization, if you wish, to anchor it firmly in your awareness. On the repetition, you may want to add your intention that on June 25, 2012 all the guns on Planet Earth are silent for one full minute. Feel the joy of that minute of silence and extend that joy and peace outward to blanket the planet. Feel our great love for our beautiful, blue planet and all her inhabitants. On the day of Major Love Prayer (the 25th), know that you are joined by thousands of others in every corner of the world. Feel their presence. Feel the love we all share … for each other … for our planet … for our beautiful Earth Angel. Focus that love like a laser beam upon our planet. Visualize joining hands all across the world to blanket the planet in our love.

If the last few moments of Earth Song are uncomfortable for you, substitute the few moments from the short film for Heal The World when the soldiers throw all their guns into a pile on the street. This visual speaks to the same concept just as strongly.

You may wish to add prayers for friends or loved ones experiencing health or personal problems.

Finish your visualization practice with a prayer of thanksgiving for your intention being made manifest in this physical reality. Thank Michael for being near and joining his intention with ours as we heal this violation of our common human spirit. Thank him for bringing us all to Come Together Over Michael Jackson.

I know that you have been doing this visualization for a while now, haven’t you?

Yes, I have.

I think you should tell your readers what happened the first time you did this visualization.

Okay, well a few of my friends and I were discussing this concept and some of them expressed concern over being uncomfortable with the rifle pointing at you. Suggestions for substitute visualizations were proposed. One of them was to use the visualization as suggested above, with the rifle barrel pointing directly at you, but then to show the gun melting like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. We all remember Elmer Fudd’s frustration as his shotgun barrel spluttered and coughed and melted, hanging loose from the butt and swinging with his movements or dragging on the ground as he chased that “wiley wabbit” across the cartoon landscape.

So, the first time I tried this visualization, I was very successful in anchoring the picture in my mind. As you and most of my readers know, this is still a new experience for me so I was very pleased with how easily this short clip from your many performances of Earth Song during your HIStory World Tour was reproduced in my mind. I saw the tank roll out onto the stage very clearly and I saw you jump out in front of it with your arms extended out to the sides to stop it. I pictured the soldier jumping from the hatch and pointing the rifle at your dancers and the children you had invited to participate. I saw the soldier turn and aim the barrel of his rifle directly at you. Then, just like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, the barrel of the rifle melted and ended up swinging flaccidly from the butt of the gun. You looked over and saw this and just started laughing uproariously and ended up rolling around on the stage holding your sides and laughing. I was a little upset because I was trying to be serious and began to view the incident as a failed attempt.

My thanks to Debbie for the beautiful graphic.

[Michael laughs.] No, it wasn’t a failed attempt. As a matter of fact, it was probably the most effective visualization experience you have ever had.

And it brings out a very good point that I wanted to make, so I’m glad you injected this incident into this discussion. I know these meditations are dealing with very serious situations, such as war and hunger and children dying of preventable diseases, but you really need to bring some joy and light-heartedness into this practice. You are a little too serious. We need to inject a little fun and humor and laughter into these visualizations, occasionally, to propel them into the world consciousness … and your own … with more speed and force. You have to admit, this incident has made your practice much more memorable in your mind, hasn’t it?

Definitely, My Heart … it is memorable. Each evening and morning since, as I sit down to begin to breathe consciously, I wonder if it will be repeated or if I will get through the visualization with you still standing on your feet with your arms extended toward the audience.

Well, we don’t want it to become stale, do we? We’ll just sneak it in every once in a while to keep you on your toes. [Michael giggles.] 

As we’ve said before in these conversations, you are forming intention…and there is nothing on earth that can stop intention from impacting your own mind and your own soul and, by extension, the world soul. Intention is the steam-roller of creation … the earthmover of reality. It is the work horse that gets the job done. 

While intention is the earthmover, the steam-roller of creation, joy is the fuel that moves that massive machinery forward, the accelerant without which the task becomes a chore instead of the act of selfless love that we want to broadcast with these visualizations. It’s the Pac-Man part of the equation that brings fun and imagination and laughter and releases all those ‘happy’ chemicals into your own organism. By extension, the world soul must be impacted with that same joy and laughter. 

I always brought joy and my love to everything I did whether in the recording studio or in film production or in performance or in building Neverland Valley Ranch.

Yes, Michael, and it showed. I was re-reading Joe Vogel’s magnificent book Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson today and noticed the following paragraph in the Introduction:

In spite of his quirks, it is nearly impossible to find someone Jackson worked with who didn’t walk away with a profound level of respect and appreciation. Even when his personal life was in disarray, his creative colleagues witnessed an individual far different than the man depicted in the tabloids. From producers to assistant engineers to fellow musicians, they describe him as possessing a certain ‘aura,’ but being down-to-earth, humble, and polite. They describe his sense of humor and ‘boisterous’ laugh; they describe his curiosity; they describe his passion and excitement for each new project. “All of Michael’s recordings were done with a sense of joy that I have never experienced with another artist,” recalls longtime recording engineer Bruce Swedien. “Not just fun and laughing and stuff. I mean real musical joy. His passion for what we were doing was boundless.”

The quote reminded me so much of this incident with the visualization. I actually saw the visualization again in my mind as I read it. I interpreted ‘happening’ upon it today as just another illustration of your subtle methods of communication with me … one of the many ways that these conversations get accomplished.

[Michael laughs.] Well, this must be a first. Woohoo! I don’t think I’ve ever been called ‘subtle’ before. I think I like it. I’m subtle! The thing is that you noticed that little visual running through your mind just after reading the paragraph in a totally unrelated context, tucked it away until you got home and remembered it long enough to put it into our conversation. And this is what makes these discussions possible. Thank you and God bless you.

I remarked upon a couple of other paragraphs I read in the Introduction of Mr. Vogel’s book as well. May I put those here, too?

Of course.

Okay. From the Introduction of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson:

As an artist, then, Jackson’s work was about liberation. He wanted to free what was bound, transform what was petrified, and awaken what was dormant. He wanted to break through any obstacle that constrained the imagination, any chains – psychological, social, or political – that imprisoned the body or mind. This is what art meant to him personally, and it was his intended effect on his audience as well.

For millions around the world, of course, this is exactly what he accomplished. To admirers, he was always far more than a mere celebrity or pop star. He was music incarnate. Listening to his songs or watching him perform was an injection of life, a torrent of powerful emotions. Some likened it to a sort of spiritual ecstasy. Others compared it to an exorcism. Fans spoke of feeling transported, empowered, connected, inspired.

If there is an overarching thread to Jackson’s work, however, it is its persistent dissatisfaction with the world as it is, and its attempt to provide some kind of escape, liberation, or transformation as antidote. It is a fundamentally Romantic paradigm. Art, as the poet Percy Shelley put it, is “the mirror which makes beautiful that which is distorted.” It is a journey, in other words, toward wholeness or integration.

The thing that so moved me about the above three paragraphs is that they represent a perfect illustration of what you are still doing. Joe Vogel related it to your art; he doesn’t quite jump off the cliff into the spiritual realm, but sees it in the body of work you left behind. I see it in the impact you have had … and continue to have … upon us, your children … in these conversations and in the thousand and one ways you continue to breathe your spirit into us.

Hee Hee Hee! You noticed? Remember, I told you earlier that you are all my songs … my love songs … and that I would bring the same patience and attention to detail with your development as I brought to the recording process … or film production … or the performances. That is true.

Yes, Beloved, I noticed.  With these conversations you are “transforming what was petrified” … our inability to see past the physical realm is being transformed into a realization of an entirely different dimension, a dimension in which your continued presence is palpable and a thing of great joy to us.

You are “freeing what was bound” by releasing our imaginations to recreate our world into a haven of joy and peace and goodness with these creative visualizations.

You are “awakening what was dormant” by aligning so many of us with a higher purpose and opening our hearts to a more spiritual view of life, while at the same time encouraging us to utilize the individual gifts we have been given in service to that cause.

You are removing the blinders from our imaginations and encouraging us to dream BIGGER than we ever thought possible … to guide our world into a more sane, humane, loving and healing awareness.

You are still engaged in this “journey toward wholeness or integration” … in your art … in the conduct of your life during your physical experiment … and in your communications with us, guiding us toward that same wholeness and integration in the aftermath of the day the Earth stood still. It mystifies me how consistently and single-mindedly your art, your life and your afterlife are aimed unerringly at the same goal.

“Even though rooted in Black experience, he felt it would be a crime to limit his music to one race, sex, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or nationality. Michael’s art transcended every way that human beings have thought of to separate themselves, and then healed those divisions, at least at the instant that we all shared his music.” Mr. Vogel attributes this quote to Michael Eric Dyson, cultural critic.

The sentence that really caught my attention from the above paragraph is: Michael’s art transcended every way that human beings have thought of to separate themselves, and then healed those divisions.

You are still doing this. Even what has been considered the ultimate separation of death doesn’t slow you down. I am in total awe of the beautiful symmetry contained within these comparisons.

God bless you! But, please, don’t be in awe of me. I never wanted anyone to be in awe of me. I’m no different than you. That awe was what separated me from all of you during my physical life. It was the reason my late night forays into the streets surrounding my house at the very height of my fame ended in disaster because when the strangers I met realized it was me, they were like, “Oh my God, you’re Michael Jackson! Will you give me your autograph? It’s for my daughter.” It is what kept me alone on one side of the glass window while all your love and caring was on the other. That awe was what made it impossible for me to be treated like everyone else.

I am not doing this alone. You are all an integral and important part of this process … even when you think your experiments in visualization have failed. Those experiments cannot fail.

When your individual consciousness is whole and integrated … your mind, body and soul fully and completely in balance … it must affect the world soul. The awareness that:

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself and make a change

Is what we are striving toward is so important.

Instead of being in awe of me, join with me … all of you … in this awareness of love.

You can change the world

[I can’t do it by myself]

You can touch the sky

[Gonna take somebody’s help]

You’re the chosen one


We’re on a mission in the everlasting light that shines

A revelation of the true enchantments of our minds.

So long, bad times

We gonna shake it up, and break it up

We’re sharing light brighter than the sun

Hello, good times

We’re here to stimulate, eliminate

And congregate, illuminate

We are here to change the world

Sing it

We are here to change the world

Gonna change the world

So just surrender cuz the power’s deep inside my soul

Sing it

We are here to change the world!


Oh, My Heart, I do so love you!

And I love you, more.

Jan – April 22, 2012 

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Videos by Gerri Stone

While I am involved in proofreading, please enjoy the below videos made by Gerri Stone. The first is Love That Never Ends, a poem that I composed and posted here at With a Child’s Heart that I read on a blog radio entitled A Place in the Heart. The second is a poem by my dear friend and roommate in my pilgrimage to Michael Mecca in January, Charlene Burgess.


Thank you, Gerri for finding just the right pictures to go with the words.

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April 1 through April 8, 2012

I am walking along a dark path bordered by tall trees. The ground beneath my feet is strewn with pine needles; my silent footsteps raise the scent of a pine forest after a late winter thaw.  Light surrounds me that I cannot explain, but it caresses me as I walk and follows and precedes me as I go as if it emanates from my very being.

I carry in my hands a package, brightly-wrapped and beribboned. Ahead, through the tall trunks of the trees that seem to join over my head in a gothic arch, I see a brightly lit pastoral scene, shades of green and bright, saturated hues, the colors almost achingly-intense. I do not seem to be in any great hurry to reach my destination, stopping frequently to smell the lightly scented perfume of the tall trees or to watch some small animal scurry up a gnarled trunk or to listen to a faint, almost subliminal melody that floats just beyond the level of my awareness.

As I approach the end of this beautiful tunnel, I notice that the brightly lit space beyond is alive with color sparkling in a light that seems to rise from all directions, but whose origin is not detectable. This quality of light is beyond sunlight or moonlight. It sparkles and twinkles playfully from all directions and casts no shadows. The path is crossed up ahead by a stream or brook of glittering water from which rises a nearly subliminal melody, just on the cusp of detection by my sense of hearing. Across the brook is a clearing be-speckled with tiny wild flowers of every shade and hue. A tall tree bearing red fruit grows almost directly ahead. For some reason, the sight of this many-branched and leaf-bedecked tree increases my anticipation of reaching it, hurrying me along the path with my outstretched arms containing the package preceding my footfalls.

I approach the brook at almost a run, wondering how I’m ever going to get across. No bridge spans the distance between shores. My urgency increases when I notice someone sitting beneath the marvelous tree. Cradled between the ancient roots and resting with his back against the massive trunk sits a man. He is slim, compact, his elegant limbs at rest. He is wearing a red shirt, black pants and a fedora shades his face and forehead. His knees are bent toward his torso and his mismatched, stockinged feet, one encased in bright lime green and the other in yellow, rest against the verdant grass beneath the stately tree. He is reading and the book he is reading lies against his thighs, leaving his hands free to turn the pages. Intermittently, his left hand sinks towards the earth at his side … to something resting beside his left leg and hip that I cannot see from the shore upon which I am standing, still trying to figure out how I will cross to join him.

He doesn’t seem to notice me across the brook from him, and I hesitate to disturb him by calling out, but I hear within my own heart, “Come to me. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Throwing caution to the winds, I step off the embankment. To my surprise, I walk across easily without getting wet and scurry up the opposite bank to kneel at his side. Only then does he look away from the book he is reading to smile up at me. His face becomes visible as he tilts his head up and it emerges from beneath the shadow of the wide brim of his hat … his beauty spellbinding, his eyes hypnotic and his smile engaging. Finally, as his left hand descends to his side again, I notice a small dog lying by his side. The dog is a Shetland Sheepdog, but a very small one. The dog looks at me and rises to its feet to crawl over Michael to get to me, his tail wagging his little body furiously and his bark a familiar, warm welcome.

“Impy?” I whisper. “Sir Impalot? Is it really you?” My thoughts are chaotic as my little dog vaults over a reclining Michael to jump into my outstretched arms, unbalancing the package resting in my hands to fall on Michael’s abdomen.

“Ouch,” he exclaims, laughing, his audible exhalation a resounding, “ufff.” Imp is wagging his entire body in his joy and excitement to see me. “He’s been keeping me company,” Michael explains with a huge grin.

“I thought you didn’t like dogs?” I ask in dismay.

“Nah,” he replies. “I love dogs. I was a little afraid of some dogs in life, but there is nothing to fear, here. And Imp would never bite me. About the worst thing Imp would do is love me to death. We’re good friends. I thought you would appreciate seeing him again.”

“You were absolutely right, Beloved. I miss him a lot.” I say. “You know, it’s funny … when I got back to the house after shopping today, I could have sworn I heard Impy barking as he waited for us to get inside. That dog has a bark that could peel wallpaper.”

Michael looks at me intently. “You could get another dog, you know.”

“No, Beloved,” I respond sadly. “There could never be another Sir Impalot … just like there could never be another you. He is totally unique.”

“I understand. What’s this?” Michael asks excitedly looking at the brightly wrapped package balancing on his flat stomach and rising and falling with his breaths.

“I’ve brought you a little gift,” I explain, calmly putting my beautiful, little Sheltie back on the ground and petting him as he curls up between both of us, his back end butted up against Michael’s arm and his nose resting in my lap while my hand pets his little head.

“Is it a Super-Soaker? Can I open it, now?” he asks with excitement in his voice.

I laugh a little before responding. “Now, Michael … what would you do with another Super-Soaker? You have the market cornered on Super-Soakers! And, no, you have to wait until June 25 to open it! [Michael whimpers a little.]

Then he laughs. “Okay, it’s June 25 … and you’ve been gone for a little more than a month.”

“Just kidding. Of course, you can open it now!”

Michael reaches around the box with a huge grin on his face to close the book he was reading and place it beside his left leg and hip in the spot that his gift to me, now gently sleeping on the lush grass between us with my hand caressing his little head, had rested only moments before. As he does, I notice that the book he is reading has a kind of burgundy or claret-colored cover with a black and white picture of him. Below the picture is the word, “Conversations” in fancy white script. The book is about six inches by nine inches by about an inch and a half thick.

Michael notices the direction of my gaze and comments, “It’s already real here. I can’t wait for you to hold it in your hands!”

“Is it good?” I ask sheepishly.

“Nah,” he replies a little forlornly. Then, he giggles. “Good doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s the best! How could it not be? It is our love made real. Of course, it’s good!”

Gently, Michael unties the huge red bow on the top of the cube and inserts his elegant, long fingers under the seam of the paper to uncover a pure white, square box. He lifts the top of the box and looks inside and then his beautiful eyes search mine puzzled.

“It’s a Re-Birthday gift, Beloved … from me … and anyone else who wants to join me in this exercise. I know it looks empty, but it is full to overflowing, Michael. It is one year … 12 months … 365 days.

“You crammed a whole year in this little box?” he asks.

“Yup … a whole year. Beginning on June 25 of 2012, and each of the twelve succeeding months we will be devoting all our prayers and meditations and visualizations to a different problem that needs to be solved in order to heal our world … in your name … and in your honor.

You’ve told us in these Conversations that our focus is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. You’ve shown us how to use that focus to anchor our intentions in the field of consciousness around the planet. In Conversation #22 (April 2, 2011 through April 9, 2011) you said:

Science is discovering some very interesting facts, one of which pertains to quantum physics. Experiments in an atomic collider have shown that atoms appear (become visible) and disappear (become invisible)…wink in and out of ‘reality’ … according to whether or not someone is paying attention to them. In other words, focusing your attention on a thing can move that thing from the invisible, spiritual Field of All Possibilities into the world of physical manifestation. This is how I moved all the songs that I left you all from the spiritual, invisible Field of All Possibilities. I focused my attention on hearing those melodies and beats and harmonies, making it an intense laser beam of intention, and plucked them out of the spiritual field that surrounds us all. They were already there! They just needed my attention to become ‘real.’

Therefore, ‘focus’ is the most powerful of the weapons in your arsenal for creating change in your world!

One of the reasons that some of the children in the hospitals I visited…or who were my guests at Neverland … were healed of their illnesses illustrates the point I was trying to make. One of the main side effects of any serious illness is the feeling of helplessness…the feeling that there is nothing ‘I can do to change my circumstances.’ Children, especially, are victims of this side effect because they are powerless in so much of their lives. So, I taught them how to visualize the cells that were making them ill as a specific color and used the visual of PacMan (a nearly universally-recognized game with which most children are familiar) going in and eating up all those colored cells.

The first benefit of this visualization was that it took the kid’s mind off (removed his focus from) the feeling ‘there’s nothing I can do’ in his situation …which is a self-perpetuating negative spiral…and gave him hope to focus his attention on. The second thing it did was give him a tool with which he could help himself…he didn’t have to depend on the adults all around him …the doctors and nurses and his parents; this was something he controlled when the rest of his life was out of control. The third thing it did was to allow the child to have fun, even those who were too sick to hold the game console in their hands. They could do this in their minds. Fun is an emotion that brings focus and playfulness and laughter and imagination into any situation …which diverts the child’s attention from his own internally-negative environment and switches the focus into more positive intention.

But it also has a major bio-chemical effect for the organism which has turned on itself by creating the child’s illness to begin with. These bio-chemical effects are not fully understood by our science at this time. Laughter and fun release a surge of “happy” chemicals within the brain which filter down through the entire organism, changing the internal atmosphere and surrounding the “unhappy” chemicals produced by the disease, itself. These “happy” chemicals have a calming, soothing, healing impact on the organism. And sometimes, not often enough, but sometimes, the child got better. I would have wanted all of them healed.

Second you are forming intention … and there is nothing on earth that can stop intention from impacting your own mind and your own soul and, by extension, the world soul. Intention is the steam-roller of creation … the earthmover of reality. It is the work horse that gets the job done. I’ve told you before in these conversations, when you arrive here on this side of the never-ending stream of life, you will find that you will be creating your own world (as you are on the physical side of life but with much more immediacy), traveling at the speed of thought, being fully present in more than one place at a time, and comforting more than one person at a time. And all of it is done by intention. Intention is not only the name of the game…it’s the only game in town. So, it would be good for all of you to practice before you get here…and that’s what we’re going to be doing in this installment.

Many of us, like the children you helped during your physical life, are trapped in our thoughts that there is nothing we can do to change our world. With these Conversations, you have shown us that there is something we can do … that we are not powerless … that we can improve our inner environment … and that the outer manifestation will change as a result of our intense focus.”

“Yes,” Michael says with a twinkle in his yes. “If things had gone differently, this is one of the things that I would have shown the world at Neverland. I had such marvelous plans for it … a medical and research facility that would treat children with the respect they so deserve … using traditional as well as folk and integrated medicinal modalities. They wouldn’t be confined to beds if they were able to move around more freely … and wanted to. Their visitors and activities would be restricted only by what they wanted to attempt. Of course, the rides and movie theater and water park would have already been there for their enjoyment and entertainment. I planned on showing 24/7 cartoons on giant outdoor screens so that if they awakened during the night, they wouldn’t be frightened and there was something to engage their minds in fun and laughter. I had people working on the plans and blueprints, designing the condominium units which would house entire families, so that they could all be together for the period of treatment and not have to worry about leaving their little ones alone.

It was all about two phases of construction away … about ten years. If I had just had that ten years, it would have been real in the physical world. As it is, it is reality here in the Field of All Possibilities and just awaits someone to pluck it out of the Field and make it happen. It’s only a matter of time, now. It is there. I guess it was mine to dream it … to imagine it with all my love … but it was not mine to build it.”

“Michael, do you regret that you didn’t get to complete it?”

“No, I trust in the perfection of the Plan. There is no reason for regret. It will happen in God’s time. I am grateful for the dream.

Sick children are so depressed … confined to no activity … tied to intravenous tubes and monitors … their little bodies filled with poisons to kill their cancers … nothing to take their minds off their suffering. It’s so wrong! Anyone would be depressed under the same conditions. They are often left alone for long periods of time while the nurses and doctors are taking care of other patients and their parents have gone home to sleep or take care of their brothers and sisters. And they are frightened.”

“In Installment #25 (April 23 through April 30, 2011) you said:

My vision has already come true! You and your friends have already created my vision in your visualizations and prayers. You have concentrated the most powerful tool you possess … your focus … on seeing it within your own universe. Furthermore, you have cemented it in your minds and hearts with your intentions to make it happen. Redirecting and refocusing that laser beam of attention from anger, resentment and a need to ‘make him pay,’ you have dedicated yourselves, your thoughts and your prayers to LOVE every day for more than a month, in your specific case…others have done so once a week. Whatever worked out best for you, it was more than you were doing before you committed yourselves to this vision. By taking a few minutes out of your day to sit quietly and commune with me with loving intent to fashion a healed world for yourself and your children to inhabit, you have fixed that vision in the new ‘collective unconscious’ we are creating … together. As more and more of you join that wave of LOVE, it grows more and more likely to manifest in your physical environment. Now, it is just a matter of time before that vision is reality. God bless all of you for your devotion…your friendship…your love…your understanding … and your determination to ensure that I am not forgotten and that my mission survives me.

Beloved, I am reminded of how so many of your children joined their hands … and their hearts … together to envision the outcome of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray … not with thoughts of anger and vengeance against this man who so callously took your beautiful physical life from us … but with love for you.

Your Call for Love was heard and many people responded with faith and purpose. We refocused our attention from our negative emotions to cleaning up the courthouse and surrounding it with our love … and the intention that God’s truth would win the day. We offered our love in the form of sunflowers to everyone who approached the courthouse on the first day of the trial and our visual representation of your Call for Love as described in these Conversations (Installments #20 and #23) made a visual impact, creating a field of sunflowers for your family and your children and everyone, including the reporters and camera crews, to remember. Our prayers were answered in a very spectacular way on that occasion.

We cleaned up our own internal environments, removed the thorn from our anger and the sting from our desires for vengeance and anchored our intentions within the collective unconscious. The results were amazing.

Now, we give you back the unbelievable gift you gave us … our focus.

The first problem to be tackled is a daunting one, and it is one that will require a concerted effort on the part of all your children working together … in unison. I am hoping to get all my readers and all the individual groups on our social networking sites working on the same concept throughout the month in their private meditations and prayers. We will be focusing all of our meditations and visualizations … in my case, morning and evening on a daily basis … on anchoring the intention of silencing every gun on the planet Earth for one minute on the 25th of June in the collective consciousness of the planet … one magical, mystical minute in which not one gun is fired on Planet Earth in the name of Michael Jackson.

To make this concept visual, I will be envisioning your performance of Earth Song throughout the world during your HIStory World Tour … the moment when the soldier points his rifle directly at you and you move the end of the rifle to aim it toward the stage. During my early morning and evening prayer sessions, I will visualize this scene in your many performances of Earth Song.

Then on the 25th of the month, the Major Love Prayer will ask all of its participants to spend the first few moments of their regular practice on this visualization, blasting this intention with all the power of our combined focus into the collective unconscious with all the force and love we’ve got. We will hit this intention like that train hit me in 1992 and propel it into the universe with our Major LOVE Prayer.

I know this is a herculean feat to attempt, but you always told us to ‘dream BIGGER’ … to imagine ‘MORE’ … and I am taking your advice on this one. As you so strongly pointed out in several earlier Conversations, nothing was ever accomplished until someone dreamed it, first, in his imagination. No giant leap forward is possible until and unless one person … or a group of people … somewhere at some time … imagines what it would be like if …

We will re-imagine our world as one in which not one gun is fired for one whole minute on June 25, 2012.

And, I think it’s important to remember that we don’t have to actually succeed in silencing every gun on the planet in a little more than a month. That would hardly be enough time to accomplish such a gargantuan task. All we have to do is succeed in anchoring that intention with our love within the field of consciousness that surrounds the Earth and to which we are all connected … give it a sure foothold within the universal consciousness with all the loving awareness we can find. Once it is real there, as you’ve told me over and over again, it’s only a matter of time before someone in the physical world tunes in to that vibration and finds a way to make it a reality in this physical world. I think it’s a worthy goal, don’t you?”

Michael sighs deeply. “You guys ROCK MY WORLD! This is probably the best present I’ve ever gotten. Did anyone ever have such loyal and devoted friends? A whole year of these kinds of visualizations?”

Yes, Michael,” I reply quietly. “The following month we will choose another problem that requires our attention. For example, perhaps in July we could focus all of our prayers and meditations and visualizations on one day when no child on this planet starves to death (like you did in Ethiopia in the 1980s with We Are The World) … and in August one day on which no child on this planet dies from a treatable disease (reflecting your years of support of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or UNICEF)… and in September one day on which no young person on this planet is killed in random or gang violence (the message of your Beat It short film) … and in October, perhaps, an entire month where no young person is denied an education due to his economic status or ethnic background … and in November, maybe, a month where every child suffering from a catastrophic illness sees his dream come true … and so on throughout the year. Perhaps, we could even find a month within that year to set the intention of a healed, truthful, honorable media which respects itself … and its audience … enough to eschew the promulgation of lies and sensationalism and checkbook journalism.

These are all problems to which you devoted time and effort and resources during your physical life, contributing to UNICEF and UNCF and mentoring programs and Make-a-Wish Foundation. And you spoke frequently about the media and its abuses.

You hold in your hand an entire year of loving intentions and intense, laser-beam-like focus … in your name and in your honor … to heal the planet you so love and the people you so cherish in celebration of the anniversary of your rebirth … and of your life. Along with all the other tributes planned, may this small gift bring certainty of our deep and abiding love. ”

“I don’t know what to say. You bring tears of gratitude and humility to my eyes … all of you. Our love’s a sacred, sacred thing. Never forget that.”

With these words, Michael rises to his stocking-clad feet and holds his hand out to help me up. Pulling me towards him, he embraces me and kisses my forehead.

As I return, I hear thunder and realize that a heavy rain is falling outside … and inside my little haven it is a little less heavy … but it is RAINING IN MY ROOM! “Michael!” Is it my imagination or did I just hear someone chuckle!

The thought crosses my mind, “I sure am glad my husband and my son-in-law fixed my roof this past weekend!”

Dealing with a Deluge – Anybody got an ARK?? LOL!
Jan – April 3, 2012

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