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I Am Love


The stage is empty
The lights have dimmed
The extras have all gone home
The scenery is darkened
The screen is silent
Yet you remain
As so often

You gave it all you had to give
Your blood
Your sweat
Your tears
Your heart
Your very soul
You wanted it perfect
So it would live
To carry you forward
Even after you’d gone

But you’re tired and ill
You need to rest
A rest that never comes
As you close the door
And turn away
Are you aware
That your dawning upon a million souls
Is only hours away
While our hearts call
“Please stay.”

Here we are
Together, my love
Even after nine long years
You planted us a garden
As you sang so long ago
A garden of laughter
And of tears

Your garden thrives, Beloved
We are your flowers
Your trees
We remain in you
You in us
Indeed, we are your seeds

Your shadow passes over us
A rainbow in our skies
You rule our nights
A silent, silver orb
Ever circling
Dancing still
The rhythm of our tides

We think of you daily
With gratitude
Thankful for all the times
We laughed
We danced
We sang along
For all the little signs
That you remain
Our hearts’ dear guest
‘Tho hidden from our sight

The years pass swiftly
As we learn to live
To be alive in you
As you live in us
Our hero
And our Guide


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