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Travel in the Light

Another anniversary of the day the Earth stood still
Saps my energy, reroutes my will
Tears, near the surface, threaten to spill
My heart is drawn to where you lay
So quiet, now, so still

Rolling thunder silenced, lightning flashes dimmed
Fireworks saved for Independence Day
Anticipation thinned
Brilliance that once flashed across a world
Decorating every nook
Now only in memory stored,
Now only in books

As the day approaches, my energy level dips
All my good intentions seem to have slipped
My only thought to be with you
As I walk my path of days
Until at night, I merge with you
When I close my eyes to pray

Then, your eyes pierce my soul
Beckoning me from fear
Your gentle chuckle lifts me up
On winged feet, I clear
This clay planet’s earthly drag
I fly with you, My Dear

They say you were a singer, nothing special, nothing rare
A two-bit entertainer, your life for all laid bare
But they don’t see what I see; how can they be so blind?
The truth is plain for all to see; it’s written in your eyes
When I close mine at the end of day
And you come and join with me
Then, soar I in blissful ecstasy
Your hand held tight in mine

You danced a dream for forty years
One you invited all to share
A dream of unity, of love, of peace
A planet nested in your gentle care
You said no star was beyond our reach
NO dream beyond our grasp
How could you leave us here alone
My heart in broken sobs asks

But, then, at night when dusk has flown
And darkness fills the sky
A tiny twinkle flashes once
Pure beams infiltrate my mind
Then, I know you never left
With LOVE in hearts you bind

You’re dancing still just beyond our sight
Where the music never ends
Your song weaves haunting melodies
We still rest in your gentle hands
So, dance on, Bright Star,
Your corona lights up our darkest night
Rapt stargazers, we applaud
As you Travel in the Light

Jan – June 20, 2012


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June 1 through June 8, 2012

Don’t be messin’ with
Don’t be messin’ with
Don’t be messin’ with
Ay, Ay, Ay

What are you doing?

[Michael has just caught me dancing around the house with my earphones in my ears, my MJ3 player in my bra, singing along while listening to his demo “Don’t Be Messin’ Round.” It is not a pretty sight!]

Michael! Don’t sneak up on an old woman like that! Oooo, that would work, too!

Don’t sneak up on me
Don’t sneak up on me
Don’t sneak up on me
Ay, Ay, Ay

I got new Michael music!
I got new Michael music!
I got new Michael music!
Ay, Ay, Ay

[Michael laughs.] That’s not new. That’s old!

It’s new to me-e
It’s new to me-e
It’s new to me-e
Ay, Ay, Ay

You are so funny!

Seriously, this song is so fun! I love it! It’s so different from anything I’ve ever heard from you before … got this funky, Bossa nova/Calypso/Caribbean beat happening. Definitely a floor-scorcher!

Another internet leak?

Well, yeah, but it was officially released yesterday on a CD single with the original single version of I Just Can’t Stop Loving You and my copy is in the mail. So, I don’t feel too bad about the piracy issue on this one. I understand you play piano on this track?

That’s not playing piano; that’s just keeping the rhythm. Liszt is playing piano. Rachmaninoff is playing piano. [Michael giggles.]

Baby, are you sitting in front of the piano … and are your fingers on the keys?

Well, actually, I think I was standing in front of the piano … and trying to dance at the same time, if I remember correctly.

That figures! Then, you are playing piano … and very well, I might add. I love the little catch in your voice on this song … uh, uh, uh! And I love when you sing, “Bridge!”

This is BAD’s Silver Anniversary Year and your estate and Sony and Pepsi have teamed up to make it memorable with several releases. The first is a CD single re-release of I Just Can Stop Loving You (with the original spoken introduction which has been unavailable for years—the one you talked about with Darrell from Ebony/Jet as being recorded ‘lying in a bed with covers and everything’) and this demo, Don’t Be Messin’ Round. So, it was on the internet and I did manage to download it a couple of days ago, but my copy is in transit.

In addition, Pepsi has a new marketing campaign called “Live for Now” which features cans of Pepsi with your silhouette on the can to celebrate Bad ’25 and displays are being constructed in supermarkets beginning in China and spanning the globe. I am reminded of Thriller’s 25th Anniversary. You were still physically with us, then, so this anniversary has some bittersweet memories.

Later in the year, the Estate and Sony will be releasing different packages, one of which will contain the re-mastered BAD album, outtakes and demos from the original recording sessions and the Wembley LIVE concert on three CD’s PLUS a DVD containing the Bad Concert performance at Wembley Stadium for Prince Charles and his then wife, Princess Diana and 72,000 fans. That’s the one to which all of us are looking forward. I can’t wait to add another BAD concert performance to my collection! The estate has announced that the DVD is sourced from your original VHS tape of the performance and that the video has been enhanced and the audio has been re-mastered to provide the ultimate viewing experience.

I have a BAD concert from Yokohama on the first leg and several performances from the second leg of the tour on compilation DVD’s, but to have an entire concert from the second leg … especially Wembley … woohooo! Be still my beating heart. I have pre-ordered the entire collection and I am going to party when I get mine! The “BAD 25 Deluxe Collector’s Edition” is also slated to include an exclusive t-shirt, booklets, and tour memorabilia unavailable from any other source.

I kinda hesitated to order it because it’s not exactly cheap, but, then, I decided to give myself a retirement present and splurge. I mean, it’s not every day that something like this comes down the pike. I’ve mentioned to you before in these dialogs how I feel about the BAD album. The thing is perfection from beginning to end … from the production to the clarity of your vocals to the recording techniques … every single song is just a masterpiece. There isn’t an ‘album’ song on it. It is non-stop wonderful on a little three-inch disc. The fact that you wrote nine of the original ten songs included on the original release is just icing on the cake.

I love every single song and Man in the Mirror (the one song you didn’t write) has become so synonymous with the name Michael Jackson throughout the ensuing twenty five years since its release that you might as well have written it. It carries your message so strongly and so beautifully.

God bless you! Yeah, Man in the Mirror has always been one of my favorites. I just have always loved the message of the song.

“If you wanna make the world a better place,
take a look at yourself and make a change.”

I’ve always had a special fondness for the BAD tour because it was when I reconnected with all of you, my children, after a period of several years’ absence. We talked about that before and how the love you generated in those stadiums just filled me up.

It was a difficult tour because it was so long. I loved being on-stage during that tour, but the performance was a relatively short time interspersed with all the traveling between time zones and rehearsing and exhaustion and being unable to sleep between shows. The time in between the performances was often drudgery for all the reasons we’ve talked about so often before in these Conversations.

Being on stage, though, there was nothing like it! We forgot all the travel and exhaustion and irregular hours and aches and pains during those two hours. The love and joy rising from the hearts of all those audiences fed all of us, nourished us, gave us the energy to pour everything we had and put it ‘all on the line’ during those shows … everyone dancing and singing and clapping and holding up their little BIC lighters … there is just nothing in this world to compare to that feeling. Those stadiums ROCKED with love and joy! And, as we’ve stated before, when that much love and joy are gathered together in one place, something in the atmosphere is changed and that change radiates outward in ever-widening concentric circles changing everything in its path.

Wembley was awesome. We played seven sold-out shows at Wembley with each show holding 72,000 people, which broke a record for the number of sold-out shows at that venue. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were in the audience at one of them. And MTV was at one to give me a Video Vanguard Award backstage.  Peter Gabriel presented the award, saying, “I sincerely hope that this award will rescue this artist from obscurity and set him on the road to fame and fortune.” I had to laugh at that. I was so richly blessed!

Your joy and enthusiasm, energy and virtuosity, and, most of all, your meticulous attention to every detail are all so evident in the sporadic footage I’ve seen from the BAD tour.  They contributed so much to the atmosphere of spiritual communion experienced by those audiences and transmitted through the technology almost undiluted. I can’t wait to be a part of that experience again, even if it is vicariously through the DVD release.

You know, Dear One, there are times when I think my spiritual view of you is just a little ‘whacked out.’

[Michael laughs.]

I mean, it’s fairly uncommon for a spiritual guru to come along in the guise of a musical genius of any genre, but when I was growing up, my parents used to tell me (and I think they actually believed) that rock ‘n roll was little better than Satanism, a tool of evil to ensnare unsuspecting teens into sin and depravity.

Yeah, the church leaders of my church told me the same thing. It just goes to show that you should never let anyone dissuade you from doing what you feel … intuitively … is the right thing. Far from ignoring those ‘gut’ feelings, you should be paying very close attention to them. They are your Higher purpose speaking to you in the only language it understands.

To have a teacher and mentor arise from this field … at times … has made me a bit uncomfortable, made me wonder if I am just a little bit crazy. Sometimes, when those feelings take me down that road, you send me something … by Michael-providence or through a friend … that just reconfirms my faith in your message.

Just such an occurrence happened this week, when a friend posted a link to some articles written by a man by the name of Aberjhani, who is a columnist for The African-American Art Examiner. Very soon after the day the earth stood still, Mr. Aberjhani wrote a series of four articles for the Examiner. The last of the four was called The Existential Spirit. The following quotes come from The Existential Spirit which he wrote in 2009 regarding the This Is It film, which was newly-released at that time:

From his early days as a devout Jehovah’s Witness going door to door offering to discuss the Bible, to his latter years in concert when he would fall on his knees and sing testimonies to the powers of redemption and love for the earth, Michael Jackson embodied and expressed a profound sense of spirituality that affected others deeply.

Exactly! I re-read this series of articles last week and wondered how the world could have gotten things so cross-wired. Why couldn’t the rest of the world see this? Mr. Aberjhani saw it; I saw it. Many of my friends see it, now. But, at the time, most of the world was so blinded by the lies dispersed in the print media that it couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

My thanks to Debbie for the beautiful picture of Michael and Siren for the wonderful graphic of The Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn, Glendale.

Where Jackson is concerned, mainstream commentators ––possibly rightly so–– have generally shied away from acknowledging this spiritual component other than to describe fans’ apparent love for and devotion to him. Speaking on the Larry King radio show the night of Jackson’s funeral author and spiritual philosopher Deepak Chopra bluntly described him as “a mythical being” and “an ecstatic soul.”

“He could go into a state of ecstasy,” Chopra continued, “which is nothing short of the existential spirit and he could do that in such a way that he brought that ecstasy to people.”

Beloved, it wasn’t enough for you to experience the ecstasy to which Dr. Chopra refers. Our religious literature is full to overflowing with first or second hand accounts of many saints who experienced that ecstatic union with Divinity in the past … and wrote about it or described it to their initiates, but otherwise kept it to themselves, deeming it either ‘too dangerous’ or ‘too sacred’ to share with the world at large.

On the other hand, you experienced that state on stages in full view of the entire world. Your ecstasy is written clearly all over your face and body. However, in your case, you had to share it with tens of thousands of people at a time who were fortunate enough to attend your concerts … and, by extension, all of us who have only experienced your concerts through telecasts and technology … and bring every single one of them … and us … into that ecstatic state of union with you.

And you are still doing that, still bringing all of us into closer Oneness with you every step of the way. We are all so very grateful!

God bless you! Well, yeah … what fun would it be to go there alone? That was always my goal … to bring everyone in the whole world together in the joy and ecstasy of Divine Oneness with music and dance and performance and film … and everything I did, really. That was my mission during the physical side of my life and it remains my mission on the eternal side of my life. We are ONE. To get you to recognize that … and commit yourself to spreading the news … and to live that Oneness … was what I was all about. I said it years ago. “You are my messengers to heal the world … and I love you.” How much more clearly could I have stated it?

Yes, but many of us are only beginning to ‘grok’ the fullness and richness of that statement, now.

‘Grok’ … I love that … hee hee hee!

Well, but the word applies here, Baby. In Heinlein’s story, A Stranger in a Strange Land, it was used to describe a level of understanding which included intellectual and experiential as well as appreciative! We are only coming to understand your statements in this fullness, richness and gratitude now, almost three years after you left us.

I have never left you and I never will.

Tho’ we’re far part
You’re always in my heart.

But, yes, the seed is planted and is beginning to sprout in the fertile soil of your souls. The tree that springs from this planting will bear beautiful and nourishing fruit for you and for our world.

Various individuals, including readers of this column, have described that spiritual quality in different ways: some have called it creative spirituality, some duende, angelic presence, Weda, bliss, Sufi-like, unconditional love, and other metaphysically potent terms. [For those of my readers, including myself, who are unaware of the term duende, the definition is: having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity.] Flashes and extended moments of these concepts in action are visible throughout This Is It, most notably perhaps in the delicate manner with which Ortega addresses Jackson, almost as if to do so too loudly or too forcefully would cause him to shatter into a thousand glittering pieces. And the singer himself is prone to stating repeatedly “I love you” almost as a kind of subdued mantra.

A potent ‘mantra,’ indeed, Beloved. This along with ‘God bless you’ (which you used to mean everything from “thank you” to beseeching God’s blessing) sum up your life with us so beautifully. You are, without question, a blessing upon the world and all of us who are aware of and willing to live your mission.

An individual does not have to be an officially ordained religious or political minister to conduct a ministry per se on behalf of humanity, and the more examinations of Jackson’s life that are presented through projects like This Is it, the more evident it becomes that a major aspect of his life was a noteworthy attempt to minister to the world through music and philanthropy. Because his living presence became such an uncommonly global one, that ministry reflected universal ecumenical principles dressed up in ultra-modern dance grooves, love songs to nature, lyrical eulogies in the form of musical elegies, and sermons sung with passionate intensity and suffering eloquence.

Mr. Aberjhani has hit several nails on the head with this paragraph. First, his first statement is so appropriate. We tend to wait until our religious hierarchies officially elevate someone as worthy of our reverence. Official sanction from any church or denomination is not a prerequisite for a ministry to be lived; your physical life was a ‘ministry’ to the world in song and dance and performance and film and humanitarian involvement.

We’ve talked before about this concept of ‘worthy’ and ‘unworthy’. These are human concepts and have no meaning in the spiritual realm. All of God’s children are worthy of reverence just because they ARE God’s children. They don’t need to be elevated by some organization or establishment; they were born that way. We must begin to see all life as worthy, to love all of life’s creatures and manifestations as candles that have been lit from the Divine Flame. Then, we will be seeing truth.

Rev. June Gatlin has stated that the Catholic Church is not the only organization with the authority to establish a saint. She called you Saint Michael, Prince of Peace. Each of us has the authority to establish those whom we revere in this way within our own hearts and minds. In my heart and mind, you are Saint Michael and Angel Michael and Guru Michael as well as an absolutely undistorted reflection of God’s love in physical, and now, spiritual form.

Second, the only spiritual term missing from the above summary is parable. Mr. Aberjhani omitted the word parable, but it would fit nicely in his, otherwise, complete synopsis of the tools of your ministry.

Re-reading this series of articles as we near the third anniversary of your re-birth has re-affirmed my ‘craziness’ in spades.

[Michael laughs.] Yeah, well we all know you’re crazy. Your heart knows truth. Truth does not require affirmation or validation from external sources or the written word, as we’ve mentioned so often in previous conversations. It cannot be harmed … and it will not be ignored. It will pester you … and nag you … until you ‘give in to me.’

We are learning to recognize truth through our intuitive knowledge and re-awakening your spiritual senses with these dialogs. However, as with most journeys, one step forward also requires one or more steps back. So, don’t feel guilty about needing that confirmation or validation occasionally. Accept the gift in the spirit in which it is given … freely and with a child’s heart.

Never, ever feel that I am judging your need for validation. I am not. I am grateful for both … the steps forward … and the steps back … for each, in its own way, contributes to progress.

Ah, you know me too well, My Dear.

Yeah, I knew it was coming. So, we might as well get it out of the way right now. And I love you, always.

Oh, by the way, Beloved … brace yourself. The One Rose for Michael group has managed to collect almost twice as many roses to decorate Holly Terrace for your re-birthday this year. Last year, 4,500 beautiful red roses were collected. This year, as of the date of this writing, 7,000 red roses will be delivered to Holly Terrace on June 25. What a beautiful sight that will be to see!

Jan – June 9, 2012

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