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Installment 120

January 19 and 20, 2020



I seem to be in a “stuck” position – kind of like a car that can’t be put into drive because it is stuck in reverse. An experience that I recently encountered with my own vehicle has illustrated this concept rather well.

The other day while driving home from dropping my granddaughter off at school, my car slowed down dramatically and would not accelerate no matter how hard I stepped on the accelerator. In addition to that, the engine began to surge. I was able to make it home and put it in the driveway, but got on the phone to our mechanic immediately and it turns out that the throttle that sends fuel to the engine was not operating. So, he was able to get the part and fix it, but it was a scary thing for a couple of days.

[Michael laughs.] Isn’t it interesting how closely life mirrored your feelings in this situation? You’ve been feeling stuck and suddenly your vehicle mirrors that “stuckness” in such a way that you had to pay attention to it. In other words, you couldn’t just go on ignoring it and keeping yourself busy with all the thousand and one things in your business-as-usual life.

Yes, that is very interesting and I really had not made that connection until we sat down to have this Conversation.

Do you want to talk about why you’ve been feeling stuck?

Very much, but like my car’s throttle, I can’t seem to get myself going. I think I need my favorite Soul Mechanic to get myself headed in the right direction. Hopefully, I won’t have to have myself towed to the shop to get myself up and purring again. I don’t know where to start or how to get going.

Soul Mechanic … that’s funny. Okay. Let me get my tools and attack it from another perspective then. In what way are you stuck?

Well, let’s see how this works. The Christmas holidays are finally over. This is always a very busy time for me because I make a lot of the gifts that I give to family by hand and I have been in “crochet” mode since about October. However, I was successful in creating three sets of scarves and hats for my three granddaughters and three sets of six placemats each for my daughters and a friend.

However, I was feeling stuck long before that. The political situation in the United States of America is uncomfortable at best and fear-inducing at worst. Of course, we have talked about this administration before and I am trying to see the light in the darkness through my daily meditations, but I’m afraid I am failing miserably.

I believe my failure is due to daily, ever-increasing angst as this administration blunders about, lies and gets caught in the lies, and, it seems, tries to undo fifty years of progress in racial and environmental protections that have come (at considerable costs to those involved) before it took power.

This President seems to be driven by an infantile jealousy of  former President Barack Obama and he appears to be intent on solidifying his political power and personal prestige at the expense of the American people and its democracy. He has welcomed and encouraged foreign interference in the 2016 election and now stands accused of soliciting foreign interference in the upcoming 2020 elections; rolled back protections of the environment, calling climate change a “hoax;” bullied a sixteen-year-old girl who has courageously dedicated her young life to raising awareness of the threat to human and animal life on this planet as a result of climate change; impeded investigations into his conduct, and incarcerated children as young as eighteen months in detention centers, separating immigrant families for years.

I have begun several Conversations during the months that I have been feeling stuck and distracted, but they all turned into long rants regarding this President’s apparent lack of any kind of morality or honesty or dignity … or humanity, for that matter.

What surprises me in all this turmoil is that this President still has supporters and they attend his re-election rallies with their fists raised, shouting hate and division. It seems to be a personality cult as damaging to American democracy as fascism was to Europe in the 1930s. It appears that the entire Republican party has “drunk the Kool-Aid” this administration is serving and they are the majority in the Senate.

Yes, I tried to tell you this when I was still with you.

All I wanna say is that
they don’t really care about us.

Exactly, Michael. Even more surprising to me, personally, is that an impeached President can still run for re-election at all. To me this last point is a major flaw in our constitution which needs to be remedied immediately.

As a result of his unconstitutional, illegal foreign policy, the House of Representatives impeached the President in mid-December and the Articles of Impeachment were sent to the Senate as of last Tuesday, January 14, 2020. The trial has now moved to the Senate where the majority leader has publicly stated numerous times that he will take his cue from the President. In other words, the jury foreman and literal judge of the trial is in lockstep with the defendant in the trial. The American people and their democracy are being bought and sold by “Trumpism.”

We have talked about “corporatocracy” before and make no mistake, Mr. Trump is a corporation. Would you mind putting our earlier discussion here?

Of course, Beloved. In Installment 101 – March 23 through March 31, 2016 [Volume 3, page 365] you said:

Most of us (in the USA, at least) like to believe that we are living in a democracy; but we aren’t. The Founding Fathers of our great country would be rolling in their graves if they saw what has been made of their high-sounding ideals. They were idealists (translate naïve and innocent.) They believed that the world could be changed and they gave their lives and their fortunes for the evolution of the human spirit. They bucked the system which spawned them very successfully, at least for a while. However, they would be appalled to see how their devotion to that ideal has been corrupted.

We have exchanged the “divine right of kings” for the “divine right of the almighty dollar” and we have taken much of the rest of the world with us, unfortunately. Money is energy just like anything else, but when our total preoccupation is with acquiring money, it is ruling us instead of us ruling it.

What we are living in currently is a corporatocracy. Corporations in the United States have been granted the same rights as human beings … by law!! Contrast that with the South American nation of Bolivia, which has granted legal standing to Mother Earth … by law! Now, that’s a movement I can get behind.

As a matter of fact, corporations are generally given more rights than human beings. Just look at my life. I was given none of the rights constitutionally guaranteed to all citizens … like the right to privacy or the right to presumption of innocence … while the publishing corporation’s right to freedom of the press was sacrosanct and protected in a court of law, even though everything it was printing was proven to be lies. Its representative was allowed to hide behind its “shield law” when questioned under cross examination.

Consumerism rules our airwaves, our news broadcasts, and our so-called democratic elections. The manipulation of information is big business, raking in billions of dollars every year. A closer examination of my physical life provides all the proof you need of that. Profit is king. End of story.

We talked briefly about this issue when we were discussing the AEG Trial and we will probably talk about it again as the Presidential elections draw nearer.

We … you and I and all those who continue to hear my voice and who are beginning to live my messages in a world that little understands compassion … are in the process of changing that, but it is neither easy nor comfortable. It is an uphill battle. We must begin to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE and when one of us is harmed, all of us are diminished. This realization is not won only by addressing external problems and fighting against them, but by approaching those problems from a state of pure consciousness with love and compassion. That state is only achieved by facing our own inner fears, restrictions and limitations and transcending them. This battle is not waged in battlefields with weapons of destruction … but in mind fields with instruments of construction because as Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the same mindset that caused it. You are my Spiritual Warriors, and I love you all … but more about that a little later.

The “corporatocracy,” which currently holds all the chickens in its basket (particularly in the United States) controls the sister music and publishing industry conglomerates between them on a global scale. It became increasingly uncomfortable that so much power and potential residual earnings rested in one man’s hands, especially one “black man’s” hands (and there’s that racial component, which must be taken into effect because no matter how many articles were published claiming I didn’t look like a black man anymore, no one ever lost sight of the fact that I am an African-American and proud of it.) To add insult to injury, that one “black man’s” hands belonged to someone who was heaven-bent on giving everything he had to improve the world and “make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” That’s flying in the face of their bottom line.

They like the world just the way it is, thank you very much, because they are in charge of telling the rest of us what we will consume … in food … in fashion … in physical beauty … in health care … in beliefs … in information processing … in news broadcasts and publications … in our acceptable self-concepts … in what we accept in our politicians and journalists … in just about everything … and we pay them BIG  money for the privilege.

They have been telling us who we are and what we are capable of … what is possible and what is not possible for human beings to achieve … for a very long time and most of us have believed them and bought into their worldview to one degree or another … until we don’t. It is their stories about ourselves that most of us grow up believing, at least until we decide to take charge and discover that we are much more than they have told us we are capable of being. In many cases, we have handed our right to determine our own destiny over to them.

They, in turn, feed us a steady diet of junk food … of fear and division, limitations and lack, violence and sexual stimulation, sensation and innuendo to control our free-thinking minds and keep us too mired in negativity to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way. And God help anyone who dares to buck the system.

Everywhere I turn
No matter where I look
The system’s in control
It’s all run by the book
I got to get away
So I can free my mind
Escape is what I need

Yes, Michael. Your words in that dialog were so prophetic. One of the people I heard speaking about this impeachment said something to the effect that our founding fathers foresaw a time when our country would see a “rogue” president, but had failed to foresee a time when a “rogue” president would serve at the same time as a “rogue” majority leader. That time is now here and I am very anxious about how all of this will turn out.

The American people are going to hear an impeachment trial (hopefully, an impartial one although the majority of the Senate appear to number in those who support this President) for only the third time in history.

I am glad you mentioned the media and its influence. Unfortunately, what we see and hear is also being filtered by the communication media in this country. There are channels which report the news from a pro-administration bias and there are news agencies that report from an anti-administration bias and, as a result, the country is very much a house divided depending on which newscasters or newspapers they listen to or read.

I have been centering so many of my meditations and visualizations on awakening of the qualities of love and compassion in the current administration, but it seems like every day more ignorance and intolerance, more corruption and cover-ups are exposed.

I am feeling a strong sense of déjà vu in your description above. It reminds me of the weeks leading up to the trial of Conrad Murray. While the circumstances may be different, you are feeling the same kind of anxiety and fear. Do you remember how we eased your discomfort at the time?

Yes, I do and to refresh my memory, I have been re-reading our Conversations from that time. In Installment #22 [April 2, 2011 through April 9, 2011, Volume 1, Page 224] we were talking about visualization and you helped me to experience a visualization for the first time.

“Once again, I begin by sitting comfortably and taking several deep, cleansing breaths. Then I sense I am in a long hallway with a lot of rooms branching from this one central corridor closed off by doors. Each door bears a plaque. These appear to be offices and conference rooms, plainly decorated … no really fancy furniture. Everything has a kind of gray or industrial feel to it … gray tables and chairs and desks.

The hallway appears to be deserted except for one man dressed in a work uniform jumpsuit about halfway down the hall and he is stooped over a big broom and sweeping. As his broom moves, a black, sooty-like substance is raised into the air. As I near him, he turns and looks at me. It is you, Beloved, but dressed in very plain work clothes. You are carrying a broom in your hands and sweeping up the hallway! When you look at me, you say, “I’ve been waiting for you. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.”

As you are sweeping, this greasy, black sooty-looking material hovers in the air … like black coal dust … and, somehow, I know that this material represents the negative detritus of years of hatred and vengeance and corruption and violence and dishonesty and anger and outright lies that this building has seen within its walls … the energy of negativity that coats the walls and ceilings and floors and forms a pall over everyone who enters. And we are here to “sweep up” this contagion to make the place sanctified to host the Spirit of Truth.

The clouds of sooty looking material form little whirlwinds and tornadoes … like leaves that are blown in a brisk wind on a fall day … and are sucked through the roof and out of the building … as if there were a giant vacuum cleaner hose positioned above the building. Suddenly, I am outside the building, watching the whirlwinds rise through the roof and through the atmosphere and away from the building and the Earth, where they are purified.

When I return to the interior corridor, you look at me again and say, “I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty. Are you? We are on the top floor. We have a lot of work to do and not much time.”

At the conclusion of this speech, you hand me a mop and a broom and smile a piercing smile.

Yes, as you and I did in our last conversation, if you want to invite something new into your life, you have to make space for it. You want to invite dreams and imaginative play and visualization back into your heart, so we had to rid it of the idea that only fear could reside there. To invite love into your own heart (represented by the building you saw), you need to clean out the anger, judgment, hate, worry, irritations, annoyance and resentments which have held you back in the past. This is a very important step and shouldn’t be overlooked.

You’re inviting the most important guest to come and reside within you; Love is just another name for God. There is no more important guest. You don’t want Love sleeping on a dirty couch infested with the bedbugs of greed, do you? You wouldn’t expect him to eat from plates filthy with the caked on grease of hatred and ridicule, would you? Or to eat from silverware that retained the greasy residue of yesterday’s meal of judgment and gossip? The Spirit of Love can’t reside in a room that is cluttered and full of years of anger and blame and dishonesty. There’s no room for him there.

When you have cleaned up the negative emotions within your own organism, we need to remove the pollution from the courthouse in Los Angeles. Can you imagine the unhappiness and fear and angry thoughts and words, the lies that building has seen? Can you imagine the corruption and miscarriage of justice that has occurred within those hallways and courtrooms? All of those energies are still hovering there, latching onto hearts and dimming the flame of love as people enter the building, throwing a black cloud over anything good that might come out of there. We need to give it a good spring cleaning.

I know what it’s like to be treated like a criminal. My arms were handcuffed behind my back roughly … they were not gentle with me because of my exalted status. The handcuffs bit into my wrists and my shoulder was dislocated from the way they pulled my arms back. I was locked in a filthy restroom which had been decorated in early ‘pig sty,’ smelling of human urine and feces. The toilet was crammed full of the voiding of previous occupants and paper towels so that it was totally unflushable; and the policemen jeered at me through the locked door and mocked me for forty-five minutes, laughing at me to humiliate me. That is the treatment criminals receive in this, the most democratic country in the world. It’s barbaric!  It’s similar to the way slaves were treated in earlier years of this country. Can you even imagine such cruelty or treating any human being, regardless of guilt or innocence, in such a way. I couldn’t!

Love cannot enter until that negative energy is neutralized.

Like anything in life, you need to prepare. During my physical life, I spent more time preparing to perform … rehearsing, checking the sound and lighting systems, going over the music and singing the instrumental parts so that the band members heard what I was hearing and could duplicate it, rehearsing some more, advising my support people, running scales with my vocal coach, getting the dancers and singers on the same page, rehearsing some more. Thomas Edison said, “Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration.”

When you have guests for dinner, you spend more time preparing for their arrival … cleaning and cooking and setting the table … than you do in serving the meal. When you take your family on a vacation, you spend far more time planning your itinerary and booking the plane and hotel and stops along the way, getting all the tickets to all the sightseeing attractions than you do in actually seeing everything that you want to see while you’re gone. It’s the same way here.

We need to prepare your hearts so that you can send Love from a limitless, endless supply and we need to prepare the courthouse to bring Love and Truth into the space. This is the ‘nuts and bolts’ stage of the visualization process.”

Have you remembered to implement the ‘nuts and bolts’ stage of the process?

No, Beloved. I am afraid that I have not.

That could be one of the reasons you are feeling a bit stuck. The Senate chamber is in at least as much need of removing the caked on debris of years of corruption and self-serving as the courthouse in Los Angeles, if not more. Your heart and soul are just as conflicted now as they were in 2011, if not more. The media reports are just as confusing now as they were then, if not more.

May I suggest that we go back to the beginning with a visualization centered on cleaning up the Senate chamber so that the truth can be clearly seen by the elected officials involved and the Senators can view the issues and documents presented with an open mind?

This would also be a good way to clear out your personal feelings of fear and resentment as well as your personal judgments of the man and his administration. Perhaps, this would get you “unstuck.”

As we found before (in 2011), it can often be beneficial to remove the “personal” judgments from the equation and just concentrate on clearing the path for truth and justice to enter the space itself. By clearing out all those old judgments and resentments in the Senate chamber and in your heart, perhaps the stuck throttle will respond when you step on the accelerator again.

Thank you, Michael. I will take your advice and go back to the “nuts and bolts” part of the process.

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