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Installment 87

May 28 through May 30, 2014



Did my heart skip a beat?
My breath catch in my throat?
My hands rise to a gaping mouth in prayerful pose
To cover my whispered,
“My God!”

For the space of a heartbeat
You were there

Once again,
You prowled the stage in catlike grace

once again,
Your voice rose to blanket the audience
In awareness
That all of life is just a stage
All of us merely players
In an illusion

Once again,
The Man of Magic
Manipulated cutting edge technology
To re-invent
A moment of awe-filled wonder

Before my mind kicked in to discredit
Before analysis turned hope to ashes,
Eagerness to believe to anger,
And disappointment in what is
Ruled again my tearful heart,
Vanquishing what could be
With harsh reality

Before I noticed that the lips were out of syn
With the song,
The steps on automatic speed dial,
The movements stilted,
The poses practiced,
Lacking that familiar fire,
The glide too studied,

Before my heart came crashing back
To a reality
I never chose
Your presence within me whispered,
“Choose again!”

For one glorious
Heart-stoppingly familiar moment
You were there
Offering a different view
Teasing from me a moment of awe
Of wonder

For my heart did skip that beat
Lost and never to be found
Or missed

My breath did catch in my throat
To be released
Only in a long, lingering sigh

My hands did rise in prayerful pose
My mouth did whisper
“My God”
In awe-filled tone

Which is the illusion?

Discussion will arise
Debates ensue
But that moment of awe
Unmolested by acrimony

For that moment
I am grateful!

“You and I were never separate
It’s just an illusion
Wrought by the magical lens
Of perception”


Beloved, the Billboard Music Awards broadcast on Sunday, May 18, 2014 featured a Michael Jackson Experience that was billed as being “Michael Jackson as you never thought you would see him again.” Of course, I tuned in and sat waiting with bated breath through performance after performance by young people of whom I had never heard until very nearly exactly the half-way point through the three-hour telecast (one of the very rare occasions when I actually turn on my television set to watch something on one of the channels my inadequate satellite cable service provides on the dark side of the moon.)

And how was it?

Well, it wasn’t you.

Of course, it wasn’t me! How could it have been me? Modern technology can perform miracles, but it hasn’t achieved the level of raising the dead, yet! Did it remind you of me?

For a couple of heartbeats, yes … it reminded me of you. For a few moments before my mind kicked in with all the reasons why it was imperfect, it rekindled the excitement that I experienced over and over again in the early days of our somewhat unusual spiritual courtship when I would sit in front of my television set, Video Recorder on standby and remote control in hand to catch every smile and tiny facial tick. I wrote the poem above on the day after the broadcast while trying to come to terms with the disappointing crash I experienced upon realizing that it wasn’t you.

For a few days after hearing about the upcoming broadcast, I had allowed myself to believe that this Experience would be what the advertising claimed it would be, namely Michael Jackson as you never thought you would see him again.” My disappointment seemed to stem from the fact that it wasn’t you. It was a computer generated image of you, singing and dancing to Slave to the Rhythm. The CGI technology displayed an image that resembled you a little which sang and danced across the stage with live and other CGI dancers. Of course, its resemblance to you was superficial; it’s performance lacked the fire and passion of your performances because no one can duplicate the energy you emitted during one of your stellar performances. I guess I should have expected that.

In retrospect, it was a visual and auditory masterpiece of art. As a matter of fact, when I stop to think about it, the technology used was incredible. I keep hearing your voice saying, “You ain’t seen nothing, yet,” from the 2000 World Music Awards appearance. And in the case of this Experience, that is true. They created what appeared to be a three dimensional image which sang and moved among live and computer generated dancers in a very integrated and seamless way. For those of us who have followed your meteor as it blazed across the cosmic galaxies of our hearts, entrapping us in the gravitational pull of its tail, it could serve only as a reminder of your dominance on the world stage; in this it was exemplary. For those who are unfamiliar with your high energy, over-the-top, “are you nuts?” approach to live performance, it could serve as an introduction … a catalyst to investigate further.

Good! Watch the ripples. Look always for those ripples!

The crash you experienced upon further thought is a perfect example of one of those choice points we’ve talked about before so many times. At first, you experienced an emotion that was reminiscent of the wonder and awe one of my performances evoked in you … but, then, your mind kicked in and gave you all the logical, sane reasons why it was imperfect … why it couldn’t be me. It was an illusion … and an imperfect one at that.

The trick is to stay in the awe and wonder … in the bliss … of that reminder instead of in the disappointment closer analysis brings. The experience of that momentary emotion of bliss is all that matters. The rest is just detail, as I tried so often to show you during the physical side of my life. Why do you think I gave you so many ‘making of’ films?

It’s like the lean in Smooth Criminal. Your logical, sane mind informs you that it has to be a trick, that there is some kind of illusion going on and it goes into ‘overdrive’ to uncover the secret wires or the hooks that rise out of the stage floor into which my shoes … with their ankle and calf supports … were embedded … or whatever mechanical thing makes it possible. Those are the details … and your logical, sane mind is all about details.

Your emotions, however, are all about MAGIC! And for those few seconds in which you observe the illusion, the MAGIC takes precedence and evokes an emotion of joy … or wonder … or ‘how the heck did that happen?’ … or ‘did I just see what I thought I saw?’

It’s also like your afternoon visits to Neverland. Of course, you are aware that you are sitting in your room with your headphones on, listening to the water and bird ‘symphony’ of your Neverland CD, but in your mind you are wandering among the flower beds, lakes and meadows of Neverland Valley Ranch, swinging on rope swings and splashing in the water and playing with me.

For that hour in the afternoon, your emotions of joy and bliss take precedence. Your body doesn’t care that it is an illusion. The healing chemicals that accompany joy and fun and play and love that are released into your bio-chemical systems don’t differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘unreality’ … and here’s the thing … neither does the field of all possibilities where the reality you are living is created. The emotions elicited by your ‘presence’ in an illusion are the same as if they were experienced in conjunction with what you label ‘real’ events … and they have the same effect on your body and your mind as well as on that field where reality is born. That’s why our visualizations for the trial of Conrad Murray … removing the negative atmosphere in the courthouse and replacing it with an atmosphere in which Truth and Love could thrive … worked so well. It’s why prayer works. For those few moments with me, your emotions are communicating with the field and you are consciously creating the reality in which you want to participate (as opposed to creating it unconsciously by default.) One hour of conscious creation trumps twenty-four hours of default reaction any day.

You can change the world
(I can’t do it by myself)
You can touch the sky
(Gonna take somebody’s help)
You’re the chosen one
(I’m gonna need some kind of sign)
If we all cry at the same time tonight

Well, after the broadcast, I was strongly moved to re-read one of my favorite books by Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief, in which he describes all of life as a “holographic universe.” Only, this time, I decided to read it aloud to you.  

Hee … hee … hee! I love it when a plan comes together!

While I had read this book before, it was during one of my trips to and from Los Angeles when I was often distracted by having to board or exit a train or airplane, so I think my absorption of the theories proposed in the book were superceded by the noise and anxiety of eleven or twelve hours of traveling (not the most conducive conditions for comprehension.)

Upon picking it up again after the broadcast, I am completely and utterly dumbfounded at how Mr. Braden describes recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics and his descriptions of the ‘holographic universe’ and its properties. For example, most of us think of a hologram as a photograph with 3D effects produced by some magic photographic process (which we don’t have to understand to observe and marvel at its effects); but it is much, much more than that.

If you were to ask scientists to explain a hologram, they would probably begin by describing it as a special kind of photograph where the image on the surface suddenly appears to be three-dimensional when exposed to direct light. The process of producing these images involves using a laser light to distribute the picture over the entire surface of the film. It’s this property of ‘distributedness’ that makes the holographic film so unique.

In this way, every part of the surface contains the entire image as it was originally seen, only on a smaller scale. In other words, each fragment is a hologram. If the original picture were divided into any number of pieces, each one — no matter how small — would still show a full view of the entire original image.

Mr. Braden posits, then, that we are all holographic images in a holographic universe which is an illusion, just as our ancient scriptures all claim. We see ourselves as separate from each other and the world in which we live and the universe in which our planet orbits its sun, but even this is an illusion. He compares his hypothesis (for which he has a lot of scientific basis from recent discoveries in quantum physics and which it would take pages and pages to describe in detail; instead, let me recommend Mr. Braden’s book to my readers) to human DNA, which can be separated from its host but still contain all of the complete … and individually unique … identifiers of the host regardless of its source (as is referenced daily in ‘crime scene’ television dramas.)

In addition to containing complete and individually unique identifiers, Mr. Braden describes experiments conducted by the United States military establishment which prove that a single cell of DNA separated from its host by hundreds of miles still acts as if it were not separated from its host … as if it were still a part of its host. He describes experiments in which when the host experiences an emotion, the single cell of DNA separated by 350 miles from its host also registers an electrical charge … at the same moment … in considerable detail!

When the donor experienced emotional “peaks” and “dips,” his cells and DNA showed a powerful electrical response at the same instant in time.

Mr. Braden attributes this mind-boggling result to the theory that once linked we are always connected, whether it is a cell of DNA and its donor or two atoms that were separated from each other at the time of the ‘big bang.’ And since we are all products of the ‘big bang,’ we are all connected to each other and to the planet and universe in which we all live out our physical lives. So, where we have all thought that we had to ‘send’ healing thoughts or prayers to our loves ones from whom we see ourselves as separated by distance or time, in truth our thoughts and prayers don’t have to go anywhere because they are already there!

However, rather than just being holographic images in a holographic universe, we are participatory holographic images in a participatory holographic universe. In other words, we participate in creating the reality in which we live by observing it from within it.

Right! That’s what I’ve been saying all along! Haven’t you been listening? [Michael chuckles.]

Of course, I’ve been listening, Michael … but I do so love it when I am reading a book from a completely different field of study which mirrors your words to me so unerringly. It sends little, tiny shivers running up and down my spine and makes the little hairs on my arms stand up at attention.

This is our relationship to The Divine Matrix. We’re given the power to imagine, dream and feel life’s possibilities from within the Matrix itself so that it can reflect back to us what we’ve created. Both ancient traditions and modern science have described how this cosmic mirror works …

The language of consciousness appears to be the universal experience of emotion. We already know how to love, hate, fear and forgive. Recognizing that these feelings are actually the instructions that program The Divine Matrix, we can hone our skills to better understand how to bring joy,healing and peace to our lives.

… The key to experiencing ourselves in this way is to create those experiences intentionally — to have our transcendent insights when we want to have them rather than just when they seem to happen.

Right! And that’s what we’re doing in our afternoon Neverland sessions. We are ‘honing our skills to better understand how to bring joy, healing and peace to our lives’ and learning how ‘to have our transcendent insights when we want to have them rather than just when they seem to happen’ by random chance (which doesn’t exist, but that’s another conversation.)

… Every second, we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or depletes our lives, to breathe deep and life-affirming breaths or shallow life-denying ones and to think and speak about other people in a manner that is honoring or dis-honoring.

Would you mind repeating that last quote?

Which one? This one?

… Every second, we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or depletes our lives, to breathe deep and life-affirming breaths or shallow life-denying ones and to think and speak about other people in a manner that is honoring or dis-honoring.

Right! And that’s what we’ve been practicing in Neverland every afternoon … with our as you call them ‘therapy’ sessions … as well as when we just play around and hang out.

You have a tendency to feel guilty on those occasions when we swing on rope swings or ride the train around the property … or chase each other around the flower beds as reawakened children … because you feel that we are ‘wasting’ time. [Michael laughs.] You will feel guilty at the very least provocation, won’t you?

I can’t help it, Michael; it’s the way I was raised to think. It’s like ‘playing around’ and ‘goofing off.’ It’s that Puritan work ethic rearing it’s ugly head.

I know … I was raised the same way. But it’s time to rethink our Western ideas of productivity. In our cultural narrative, we need to be engaged in what the world considers ‘constructive’ activity at all times. This is born out by many of our old adages: idle hands are the devil’s workshop, for one example. In Eastern cultures, men (and even women) would raise their families and, then, as they neared the end of the lives, they would retreat from the world to re-acquaint themselves with their spiritual natures in seclusion and relieved of the obligations of making a living or caring for children, etc. The contradiction has its basis in the definition of the words ‘productivity’ and ‘constructive.’ In the Western world, both of those words are based in economics; if it doesn’t make money it isn’t ‘productive’ or ‘constructive.’ But in oriental philosophies, it is the height of human productivity to be a fully aware and conscious human being.

First of all, since we are all connected, there is no time or space in what Mr. Braden calls The Divine Matrix. Here is already there and then is already now. Second of all, we can’t waste what doesn’t exist. Third of all, no time spent in dreaming in ‘bliss’ can by any stretch of the imagination be called wasted for in those ‘blissful’ moments we are communicating with The Divine Matrix … and re-imagining our world as the haven of peace and joy and health and abundance we want to inhabit.

Or, sometimes, you tell yourself that this ‘bliss-filled’ hour is JUST in your imagination … that it is an illusion and that, as such, you are indulging in ‘flights of fantasy,’ which your world has told you is ‘suspect’ at best … or ‘delusional’ at worst … or a total ‘waste of time.’ But all of life … the entire universe … is an illusion … a hologram, as Mr. Braden states in his powerfully insightful book.

All of our ancient traditions have told us the same thing, but, until now, our ancient traditions and scientific discoveries were in conflict. Our science has supported the assumption that we are here and all the rest of the universe is ‘out there’ because our technology lacked the sensitivity to confirm the ONENESS that is a true reflection of the universe.

But I don’t feel that way — those problems aren’t “out there,” not really. I feel them inside me. A child crying in Ethiopia, a sea gull struggling pathetically in an oil spill, a mountain gorilla being mercilessly hunted, a teenage soldier trembling with terror when he hears the planes fly over: Aren’t these happening in me when I see and hear about them?

Dancing the Dream, 1991 – Michael Jackson

These new discoveries are paving the way to a time when viewing the world we live in from the perspective of spirituality and from the perspective of scientific inquiry will no longer create that dissonance because there really is … and never has been … a conflict between them. What has existed is a lack of understanding due to standards of measurement that lack the sensitivity required to explain the apparent anamolies. That lack is being rectified in experiments as we speak. All roads lead to heaven because there is nowhere else to go! It’s an exciting time to be alive.

We’ve discussed often before how every great idea in art … or topography … or performance … began with someone imaginging it. This is how Neverland Valley Ranch was born. It’s how all of my music and performances were created. It’s how the Pieta and David were created, the artist already SAW them in the stone before it ever left the quarry. It’s how the new world was discovered. It’s how electricity was discovered and harnessed. It’s how Jesus healed the sick and brought the dead back to life … by seeing those he healed and raised AS ALREADY HEALED AND RAISED and experiencing the joy … and awe … and wonder … and gratitude … the emotion of that reality. Every great step forward taken by mankind has been first created in the realm of imagination and brought from that field into the field of what we call ‘reality’ … what we recognize as physical reality.

The barriers between ‘reality’ and ‘unreality’ … or between manifest and unmanifest are thinning and we are all a part of that process.

Or, as Mr. Braden states:

Through the power of consciously focusing on the things that we create in our imagination, we give them the “nudge” that brings them through the barrier from the unreal to the real.

… Manifestation begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that supposedly doesn’t exist. We create that something with the force of our consciousness and awareness.


Well, re-reading this book on the heels of watching the holographic performance on the Billboard Music Awards has, so far, been a very eye-opening experience. I’m beginning to see it more as a ‘teaching opportunity.’ All I can do is recommend the book highly to all my readers.

[Michael whistles innocently.] When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.

Now, my Dear One, do you mind if we switch gears a little?

No, I don’t mind at all. Whatchu got? [Michael does a playful impression of Gary Coleman.]

Well, by the grace of God, I’m coming back to Los Angeles for Michael Week in June. This is going to be the grandmother of all trips, but, hopefully, it will also be a lot easier on me than earlier pilgrimages have been because I’m flying directly to and from Las Vegas, which is a four-hour direct flight from a city near the dark side of the moon. That means no four-hour train trip, limousine to the airport in Chicago and additional four-hour flight to Los Angeles. Instead of eleven or twelve hours of travel, I will have four at both the beginning and end of my pilgrimage, which I believe will make the trip much easier on me.

While in Las Vegas, I plan to see Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel both at the beginning and end of my pilgrimage. I am really looking forward to that! In addition, I will be visiting Neverland Valley Ranch and Forest Lawn, attending The Homecoming, a series of seminars by Brad Sundberg at Westlake Studios which promises to be an all-day affair, and joining and meeting many of your children at a special sunrise meditation on the morning of June 25. I am so looking forward to meeting my friends whom I have met on previous trips … and those whom I haven’t yet met … in Michaeland! I can’t wait! The One Rose for Michael group is planning an awesome floral display at the Holly Terrace entrance to the Grand Mausoleum and there will be a Lanterns of Love gathering in Santa Monica.

Woohoo! House guests! I look forward to welcoming you all.

I’m not going to ask you if you plan on participating in the events and activities.

Good! Because you already know the answer to that question. So, be alert. You never know when I will sneak up behind you and say, “Boo!” I just love the reactions I get in these situations … always have … always will! Don’t forget to fly MJAir. Four hours in the air can still be a bit anxiety-causing, but I will be right there to hold your hand should you need me … because I love you more.


*Author’s Note: All indented but not italicized sections in this Installment are direct quotes from The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief by Gregg Braden.





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Installment 86

April 26 through May 4, 2014

Oh … SHAZBAT, Beloved!

Shazbat?!? [Michael laughs.] What is that?

Oops, sorry, Michael! I didn’t realize you were listening in! It’s an exclamation … kinda like DAYUM or SHAMONE … to express joyful surprise. I got it from an old television show called Mork and Mindy back in the 1970s (I think).

I just saw a photograph of you from the Vanity Fair photo session that I so want to draw … or better yet, paint! Oh my gosh … if I could get those flesh tones right. The beauty of this photograph just took by breath away and left me gasping! I don’t think I have ever seen this one before (which is another whole conversation … where are these things coming from?) I mean it’s not like I haven’t been paying attendion for the last twenty plus years!

The photograph is a profile in which you are partially turned toward the left of the frame. Your white silk shirt is billowing in the breeze from the fan and your t-shirt is casually ripped almost to the waistband of your black jeans. Your hands are folded right inside left and tucked beneath your chin and the expression on your face is thoughtful and relaxed. The thing is that in this particular photograph, you have a little, tiny tummy instead of the usual flat washboard … just the hint of a little belly! It’s so cute! I wanna tickle it. This is the most tactile photograph. It’s kinda like a baby’s tummy that you want to blow raspberries on.

[Michael giggles.] You are so funny! Should I consider myself tickled?

Oh, definitely, Baby! But … uh … wait a minute! Is it disrespectful … uh … inappropriate … sacrilegious … to want to tickle an angel? Somehow, the Puritan in me is aghast at the very suggestion.

I thought you locked that Puritan ethic in the same deep, dark dungeon that you keep the voices that say, ‘I can’t’ … or ‘you should’ … or ‘that’s impossible.’ If you haven’t, yet, may I highly recommend doing so right now?

Isn’t that what we’re doing here … taking the separatist perspective out of spirituality and helping you to see that there really is no separation between you and your neighbor, your world or your spiritual nature? We are committed to a new kind of spirituality … one that is intimately involved in your day-to-day life, aren’t we? In the new view, the “hands off” … “don’t get too familiar” … “kneel when you approach me” … attitude of the past is over-ridden. It’s not conquered, exactly … more like invalidated. We just don’t need it anymore. So, virtual tickling is definitely an option in our new paradigm.

Oh, goodie! Then, yes, definitely … consider yourself tickled … and be careful I don’t blow those raspberries on that cute, little tummy!

However, it seems that no matter how often I lock those voices in that deep, dark dungeon, they always manage to pick the lock and escape and wreak havoc. I imagine the same will be true with the Puritan ethic.

Yes, that’s true, but don’t give up. Keep locking it up! Eventually, it will take the hint and be just like the lie that is repeated until everyone believes it. If it works for lies … it works for truth!

The world keeps changing
Rearranging minds
And thoughts
Predictions fly of doom
The baby boom
Has come of age
We’ll work it out
I told my brother
Don’t you ask me
For no favors
I’m conditioned by the system
Don’t you preach to me
Don’t scream and shout 

She pray to God, to Buddha
Then she sings the Talmud song
Confusions contradict the SELF
Do we know right from wrong?
I just want you to recognize me
In the temple
You can’t hurt me
I found peace within myself

Go with it
Go with it

Speaking of lies, my heart, the Wade Robson thing is about to rear its ugly head. I believe, if I remember correctly, a judge is supposed to rule on the question of whether or not he has a legitimate claim against your estate in his pursuit of his civil case sometime in June. I would think the fact that his claims occurred well after the deadline imposed by the court for creditor’s claims should preclude any further pursuit of his wild allegations. In addition, his previous statements made under oath in a court of law in 2005 … statements in which he adamantly denied any sexual behavior or connotation in your friendship … should also cast serious doubt on his motivations. He was 22-years-old at the time of his sworn testimony during your trial. Yet, he claims now that it wasn’t a case of lack of recall, but that he didn’t understand what he was allegedly experiencing! That is just plain preposterous … ludicrous … and totally impossible in this day and age when children in 5th and 6th grades are experimenting with sexual behaviors!

This thing just has absolutely no merit, whatsoever, but no doubt the Dimonds and Graces of this world are going to jump into it with both feet. It just makes me sick!

So, have you continued to focus your energy on returning Wade to the LOVE DIMENSION?

No, Michael, I’m afraid that after the AEG Trial ended, I’ve been rather rudderless in my visualizations concerning such matters. Once the furor died down, my visualizations have been more centered internally, but I think it’s time to shake the moth ball smell out of my visualization practice and focus on bombarding Mr. Robson with white feathers again!

Good! By focusing your energy on how all his claims are making you sick and anxious, you only reinforce your anxiety and illness. Refocusing on returning him to the energy of truth and love will ease your discomfort and, hopefully, engulf him, once more, in the wave of love you unleash. We got this!

We do, indeed, Beloved!

Oh … and … uh … I don’t want you beating yourself up for letting it slide for a couple of months because that internal work is also important. As we’ve said many times before … a healed you equals a healed world.

If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and make a change ¯

You know me too well, Michael!

Have you been enjoying your afternoon visits to the ranch?

Oh, my angel … yes! I so look forward to that hour every afternoon. When my life gets in the way and I am unable to keep our rendezvous, I so miss it! And I so love your … uh … participatory therapeutic style … would that be the way to describe it?

That’s okay … I’m always here waiting for you and I understand when your other obligations interfere with our virtual reality breaks. That’s the beauty of imagination; it’s ready when you are … where you are … always … and so am I. What do you mean by ‘my participatory therapeutic style?’

Well, it seems like our ‘therapy sessions’ are following a pattern. It goes something like this. We introduce a person from my childhood and during the introductory session, I usually receive some kind of insight about the person introduced. For example, with my father, his military service in the navy during World War II with possible resultant post traumatic stress contributing to his later actions (a syndrome which was not recognized in the early 1950s and only gained credibility after the Viet Nam conflict) brought to the surface things which I had never considered.

These little insights that surface provide me with a foundation from which to view the events from a more dispassionate, objective, less personal viewpoint. After the insight pops into my head, I usually fall asleep, but when I awaken, I continue to think about them by journaling and mulling them over in light of the historical and cultural influences, contexts and pressures prevalent at the time of these events (because it was a vastly different world back then.)

The next few days or weeks, my afternoon visits are usually spent just relaxing and resting and recharging in your beautiful Garden of Eden … just letting my mind drift where it will after anchoring it in the pure, infinite love you embedded into every square centimeter of the grounds. We play like children (and sometimes I even envision us as children around the age of 8 or 9 years old) … or skip stones … or wade and splash in the lake … or sit beneath the trees … or walk in the afternoon sunlight with my visualization helped by what I’m beginning to call my Neverland CD. I usually end up feeling buoyant and extremely refreshed, even when I don’t actually fall asleep.

However, during this period I am mulling over the original insight I received during that first introductory session. Of course, I do realize that these insights can only be surmises on my part because all of these people are dead, but I don’t think the point of the exercise is to arrive at hard and fast facts concerning what caused the actions that impacted my life … but, rather, to help me view the person more from the perspective of compassion for the circumstances and pressures which he or she may have faced instead of from the perspective of the pain their decisions caused the little girl I was at the time. It helps to take the ‘personal’ out of these events and helps me see them more clearly in a different contextual field.

Yes, we’re taking the forest away so that you can see the tree. The forest represented by your pain presents an almost impenetrable barrier to compassion. It’s deep and it’s dark … and miles across so you can’t go around it.

Too high to get over
Too low to get under
You’re stuck in the middle
And the pain is thunder

Once that forest is removed, it becomes much easier to view the events that caused you so much distress … and colored your view of the world and yourself … like the colored lens of a high-priced camera, affecting all of your relationships. You’ve buried all of these events under defensive barriers for years. When the underlying causes of those ways of thinking of your world … and yourself … are revealed, it becomes much easier to see that they just plain no longer apply. They’re obsolete – like a pair of old, tattered shoes with holes in the soles. It becomes safe to discard them for shiny new ones.

After a week or so, during our afternoon visit, you ask if I’m ready to release the individual we have been working with in a true spirit of forgiveness and together we release him or her with the words, “Go with God.”

You don’t preach; there’s no pressure … you allow me the time to examine the insights at my own pace and to look at all the historical, societal and cultural influences of the times in which these decisions were made. In addition, You provide a reality in which I know I am safe and protected and supported in love.

It’s absolutely masterful! I am awed and humbled at your infinite patience with me … and the revelations of these insights are making our Neverland Therapy sessions the most relaxing and restorative part of my day. I thought this was going to be hard … and painful … but quite the contrary. It’s beautiful … and restful … and there is absolutely no anxiety involved at all. I can’t thank you enough. We’ve gone through and released both my father and my mother and processing them both has been fairly easy and painless. We are currently working on my grandmother and even she is not proving to be difficult at all, so far.

You are welcome, but it’s not me doing this; it’s you! Once again, you’re giving me more credit than I deserve. You do that a lot. God bless you for your faith in me.

We’ve always heard that we need to forgive the errors of our pasts. So, we sit down and pray and say, “I forgive you” to those who had hurt us in our hearts, but two weeks later when we think of that person again, we think of them in the same derogatory terms we did before we forgave them because we’ve never really taken the time to try to comprehend them or their actions or decisions from their point of view. We fall right back into the negative thoughts patterns we had of them before out of habit. It’s easy to say, “I forgive you,” but if you haven’t at least tried to experience the event from the other’s side of the fence, there’s no real understanding, is there?

It’s important to try to see these things from both sides, which is not possible if viewing them only from the point of view of your pain and how these decisions ruined your life. You need to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes … try to put yourself in their place and see how you might have reacted under the same conditions … with the same cultural influences and experiences … to see them with compassion for the stresses and pressures they were under at the time. And it’s only with compassion that true forgiveness is possible. That takes time and a willingness to be open to seeing another’s viewpoint.

Do you remember when we discussed all of you being my love songs and I told you I would bring as much patience … as well as knowledge, skill and talent … to your development as I did in birthing my music?

Yes, Michael, I remember. In Installment 37 (July 30 – August 6, 2011), we were discussing your meticulous attention to every detail and your adamant refusal to be rushed, your infinite patience and total devotion to the ideal of perfection you achieved over and over again in the recording studio, as portrayed by Joe Vogel’s Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus. You said:

I knew what I wanted it to sound like and I wouldn’t give up until the song that I heard in the recording studio sounded like the song I was hearing in my head and in my heart. It was the same thing when I was working on the short films for Ghosts or Thriller or BAD. And that hasn’t changed. I’m still me. It’s the same thing we’re doing now … all of you and I … the same dedication and devotion to extending the limits of a ‘pop’ song.

You are all my songs … every last one of you is a melody that I hear in my head … and in my heart … and in my soul. As you hear me singing in your head … I hear your melody in mine. As I am the soundtrack of your lives, you are the soundtrack of mine!

This is a perfect illustration of what we are all doing here … and now. We are, as you said above, extending the limits of what a ‘pop’ song is capable of communicating … in this case, what you thought you were capable of becoming. In this, I will nurture each of you with the same loving patience, the same painstaking attention to detail, the same stubborn inability to let you go until you embody the melody that I am hearing in my heart as I did with the songs I left you. As you said earlier in these conversations, “When I latch onto something … or someone … it would take a small army to shake me loose.” There isn’t a small army in existence that can ‘shake me loose’ now.

Yes, and that statement is just as true today as it was when we first had the discussion in 2011 … and it will still be true five years from now … and ten years beyond that … because I love you more. Didn’t you believe me?

Of course, I believed you, Michael, but it’s one thing to understand and believe you intellectually and an entirely different thing to experience that patience and nurturance in one’s own life. It reminds me so much of the way you encouraged everyone around you to reach for his or her highest potential … not with critical comments, but with L.O.V.E. and your unshakeable faith in each person’s abilities and talents. You encouraged all of them to give you their best.

Of course! All of us have always heard that to ‘spare the rod spoils the child.’ So, we’ve all grown up with the paradigm that negative feedback, critical evaluation or punishment for failure is a viable learning method. I’ve always found that such strategies only contribute to humiliating the pupil, hardening his heart against pouring out the best that he can possibly be. After all, why should he expose himself to such criticism or make himself so vulnerable.

When I was young, my father (who let’s remember was a product of his times and cultural influences, as we’ve discussed before) used those negative feedback loops constantly. Approval and praise were foreign concepts to him. Fortunately, I was more attuned to the positive feedback loops all of you were sending me. Your love encouraged me more than his criticism discouraged me. Your approval meant more to me than his disapproval. Your embrace was the sunshine and water that encouraged me to reach deeper into my roots and pull out everything I had to give.

We’ve all heard lots of things all our lives. It’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate what we’ve all been taught and accepted. “It’s an adventure … a great adventure” … an adventure in new ways of thinking … new ways of seeing and hearing the world around us … new ways of judging and identifying with the people and circumstances we face … new ways of relating to the world we inhabit … because it’s pretty obvious the old ways aren’t working. It is these new ways of being human that produce the new ways of being conscious participants in creating a new, healed world for us and our children.

Well, I think it’s brilliant, Beloved … and I so love you. I am grateful.

Now, in other news … a new album from Michael Jackson is on the horizon. May 13, 2014 will see the release of Xscape, a new album of previously unreleased material (much of which has been leaked on the internet in some remixed format) from your vault which has been re-worked by producers who either collaborated with you in the studio (like Rodney Jerkins) or whom you respected (like Timbaland), but who share their admiration of you and are eager to contribute to your legacy. They’ve put together eight songs which have been updated or ‘contemporized,’ which necessarily means ‘remixed,’ because you are not physically present to put your stamp of approval on them. With this release, they plan to include your original demo masters on the deluxe version along with the re-worked versions.

If I recall correctly, this is how our Conversations began almost four years ago, isn’t it? Because of the furor generated in the fan community over the release of Michael (your first posthumously released album), we began regular dialogs which have proven to be a major blessing not only in my life but also in the lives of many of my readers.

[Michael snorts.] Our dialogs began long before that; they were just not formatted, formalized or shared before then. However

We’ve been
For such a long time, now

Yes, that’s true, Beloved. I feel the truth of that statement very strongly. This release is being heralded … and received … very differently than Michael. Rather than being greeted with controversy and resentment, Xscape is being rolled out in a manner similar to the way you always announced the advent of a new project. There have been ‘listening parties’ in several major markets, nationally-televised debuts of the first single, Love Never Felt So Good, and Michael Jackson is, once again, on the cover of Billboard with the headline, “He still has that red hot magic!” The fan community is eager to embrace Xscape and even media outlets are nearly overwhelmingly and unanimously supportive in reviewing the quality of the material it contains. Of course, there always have to be a few voices raised to rain on everyone’s parade, but the few dissenters I’ve seen are being roundly ignored.

The first single from Xscape was debuted on a new awards show on Thursday, May 1, 2014 and introduced by L.A. Reid of the Epic Division of Sony Music with a snippet being played and a tribute dance by Usher. It has also been remixed into a duet with Justin Timberlake. Additional songs are being streamed (one per day every day this week) on IHeartRadio stations and presales of the album are through the roof with Amazon ranking it #2 on its topsellers list.

While I had to tune in to the television debut of Love Never Felt So Good, I have decided to wait until the release to enjoy the rest of the songs. I know how you loved to surprise us … and create that magic suspense … and I want to be surprised. However, awaiting the television premiere of the song brought back wonderful memories of the 1990s, when your appearance on an awards show or interview found me checking my television for reception and my recording equipment to make sure everything was ready. As the time of the broadcast approached, I was nervous and almost vibrating with anticipation.

Love Never Felt So Good sounds very like the leaked version I’ve heard with the addition of soaring strings and staccato guitar plucks. I, personally, don’t think the tapestry is quite as integrated and richly woven as you would have done, but I loved how they honored your vocals in the mix. I also feel that you would have made a much stronger statement in the intro, outro and bridge sections. You always loved to enter and leave with a major flourish whether in the studio or on the stage. That said, I love seeing your music, once again, being respected.

However, I love even more the fact that those who worked on realizing Xscape did so with your wishes in mind. The article in Billboard quotes several of them saying that they heard your ‘disembodied voice’ giving them instructions … or had ‘conversations in their heads’ with you about their decisions … and poor Rodney (Jerkins) felt like he had to ‘convince you’ that the drum sounds he used on Xscape were not too ‘muddy.’ LOL!

Welcome to my world, guys!

[Michael laughs.] See? You are not alone for I am here with you.

I guess it has become fashionable to have Conversations with Michael Jackson in the last four years.

Of course, I told you. We are re-imagining what it is to be human. And they, too, are being opened to a fuller, more complete understanding. The world is awakening … and WE ARE THE WORLD.

These comments from the producers of the new album and those I remember from Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne during the patching together of the footage for This Is It just seem to augment an article I ran into very recently called The Zen of Michael Jackson. The following paragraphs are quoted directly from the article:

My thanks to my friend, Debbie, for allowing me to use her beautiful Photoshop Image. I call it Saffron.

My thanks to my friend, Debbie, for allowing me to use her beautiful Photoshop Image. I call it Saffron.

How quickly we forget that our sojourn here on earth is short. How marvelous it is when we do something remarkable between hello and goodbye. Here at the Soul Sword Zen Community, we would like to pause and reflect on a soul who transfused us with his love energy – Michael Jackson.


…The power of his spirit and its message bore witness of itself time and time again. That message was beautiful. By reclaiming what we once loved without apology, the public embraced redemption, the gift of heaven to all who seek it.


Michael Jackson delivered it [soul] at full force decade after decade … When I watch Michael Jackson perform, I feel the spiritual current flowing back through me to the source of all things. God loves us because we can send the current of Him back with our own spin on it. We can touch him when we act from soul (spirit) … We are taught that only one who comes like a child can enter the “kingdom of heaven.” No adult in the modern world blazed a more obvious path to that sacred place than our Michael.


The artist has fallen and now his greatness is apparent. The music lives on. The rhythm is unbroken. The curtain has not closed on Michael Jackson. A curtain has two sides. He’s just backstage until the rest of the show plays out. You must perform also. Will you pour out the best you have to give without looking back, without seeking approval from those around you? Will you give from the essence of your soul? Will your activity have the power of Zen because it is real?


Michael Jackson demonstrated a great Zen lesson. He lived Michael Jackson. There is a saying, “When you are really you, that is enlightenment.”


How clever to disguise a cosmic agent as a child-like singer.


Michael was humble. Despite his tremendous accomplishments, fame and money, he spoke gently and with respect to others. This is a significant sign to those who understand. The current of the Spirit flows through us not from us.


The Zen of anything is simply living and doing it from Source, a “place” beyond prior thought. So, Michael danced and we moved. He sang and our volcal chords vibrated. He was one soul expressing for many bodies.

For the convenience of my readers, the rest of this article can be viewed at http://www.soulsword.com/kitabu-roshi/the-zen-of-Michael-Jackson

God bless you … and I love you more.




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