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Installment 119

May 17 – May 21, 2019


Your voice just melts me! It is just plain phenomenal … so full of your beauty and energy … so expressive … such incredible sensitivity. Of course, I hear your voice all the time while I am driving or working around the house. I wake up every morning to “Fall Again” and I spend at least  half an hour before falling asleep at night listening to you. In this way, you bookend my days … every day.

However, it has been such a long time since I have just sat in our little sanctuary and cranked up my Bluetooth speaker and done absolutely nothing except feel your presence in the music, absorbing that beautiful essence that you so deliberately placed within every song and performance.

Finally! It took you long enough!

I am glad you did that. When you are driving, you are necessarily focused on driving. When you are working around the house, you are focused on completing your task. When you are falling asleep at night, you are focused on reviewing your day and preparing for the next day. But when you just sit and let your mind drift with me, we are one.

Like we have talked about many times before, it’s all about focus … and I have missed you.

Well, to say that I have missed you would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. I had to begin with “Lady in My Life.” That song has just been having such a relaxing, soothing effect on me lately. Of course, I have loved it for over thirty-five years; it was one of the tracks that I played over and over on the “Thriller” album, but in the past few months it has turned me every which way but loose, for some reason. It is haunting in a visceral, earthy way. However, I would love it if you would take over this conversation from this point on.

Okay. Putting me in the driver’s seat, huh? Are you sure you want to do that? I know you have heard that I am … well, let’s just say … there is a reason why I had drivers.

Are you ready for a real good time, Baby?

Are you ready for a real good treat?

Ha! Yup, my love. I got my seat belt on! My lord, it’s been too darn long since we did this! Speak to me, Michael.

Take away this never ending sorrow
Take this lonely feeling from my soul

I know that you have been feeling distant; I have felt your confusion and isolation, but I wanted you to find your way back to my love on your own. It will strengthen our bond if you discover for yourself that I am always here for you. I have told you that so often in these Conversations, but you need to become more sensitive to your own feelings in order to know when it’s time for us to reconnect in this way. It just takes a moment for you to remember.

You’ve been caught up in your busyness and confusion over events occurring in your world. I can understand that. You have a beautiful teenager in the house … school and parties and proms … and I know she keeps you pretty busy.

Yes, she does that … God bless her.

In addition, you feel like everywhere you turn, you see darkness and negativity and you forget that YOU are here in the midst of it all; YOU are the light that is so badly needed. It is hard to sustain your commitment to light when you are surrounded on all sides by darkness and when you focus on the darkness, your light feels dimmed; but by your very presence you are dispelling that darkness, particularly when you remain in our love dimension.

You are also too driven to always be accomplishing something, but your conflicted state of mind has been preventing you from getting things done. As a result, you’ve gotten frustrated and anxious.

May I recommend that you just stop occasionally and relax? You have forgotten that just sitting with my voice, just “playing around” and “goofing off” occasionally pays huge dividends. Please remember to take a few moments to

Just call my name
I’ll be there

I am so sorry, Baby. The repeated blows to my reality have been difficult in recent weeks. Basically, since the end of January, I have felt that my world was going to hell in a hand basket and I am sure that I am not alone in that assessment.

I do understand. I am not being critical here. There is no need to apologize. However, being so worried about all those things that are causing you conflict, just accelerates that descent. I am just reminding you that:

Whatever happens
Don’t let go of my hand

I am here. All of the things that are worrying you will pass, most of them without having any of the devastating effects you have imagined; and I will still be here. In the end, all those things can only add to our new reality … our love dimension … where we are one … if only you would just realize it. More and more are joining us in the truth because everything happens for the greatest good for the greatest number, as we have talked about before. Even an event seen originally as a curse can be perceived as a blessing from a slightly different perspective. We have proven that several times in these dialogs.

Okay, Baby, I am holding on tightly to your hand.

Good! Then

Get on the floor
And dance with me

Let’s have some fun! You are taking yourself way too seriously. You have this “gloom and doom” thing down pat. You see something happen in the world and you start to worry about all the “what if …” scenarios almost automatically, which only drags you into worrying more. Remember … worry is the battle nobody wins.

Relax your mind
Lay back and groove with mine

You’ve forgotten how this whole thing started … AGAIN!

Our sacred relationship is no different than any other relationship; it needs to be nurtured by moments of silent togetherness. It is not only you who benefits from them.  We both need these moments of just being together … of just loving each other… of just talking in this kind of “stream of consciousness” way. I need them as much as you do. I can’t help you weather the storms you encounter if you don’t stop all the busyness and worry long enough to take the time to let me into your heart.

Michael, my beautiful one … you know that I would never deliberately shut you out. I gave you my heart a long time ago; it is your home.

Yes, I do know that. But when you worry and fret, focusing your attention on all the terrible things that could result from the events occurring in your world … when your mind is so occupied with judging what is fair and what is unfair, what is good and what is bad, it is very easy to get lost in those conflicting, dueling emotions.

It’s like you are a glass lantern with a flame inside. When you focus all of your attention on all those things that make you angry … all the darkness that surrounds you… a layer of judgment collects on the glass panes of your lantern and your flame cannot shine as brightly to illuminate your world. As you continue to judge … and worry about it all … the layers build up, eventually reaching the point that very little light escapes through the panels of glass and you begin to feel imprisoned. The light which is meant to illuminate your environment is no longer able to be seen in your surroundings and you feel plunged into a vast, dark hole of judgment and worry.

However, when you stop for a little while every day … or whenever you can …  to remember our love and connect with me like this, we can clean the glass panes of your lantern and wipe away the layers of darkness that have collected there over time … together. Your lantern can, once again, illuminate your environment more clearly. Your flame, which never goes out, is more focused because the glass panels surrounding it permit the light to shine.

Each of you is placed in a strategic way to illuminate your surroundings because your light is needed there. When we are all joined together, our combined flames can ignite the world in an awakening which has unlimited potential.

What a great a analogy! Yes, I admit it … you are right. I have been feeling imprisoned, surrounded by layers of darkness that often feel too thick to breach. I had forgotten how we have these Conversations. It has been too long since I have just sat down with nothing on my mind but being open to you.

[The spoken intro to “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” plays.]

I just wanna lay next to you for a while

Dang, Baby … you are killing me here!

[Michael giggles.] That got your attention, didn’t it?

Well, it’s time for you to remember that when you get all tied up in knots from all that “stuff,” you need to remember to take time to untie those knots … to take time for the music … to take time to hear me more clearly.

You are too much like me in some ways. You feel like you always have to be accomplishing something.

Working day and night

Can be a real danger. The need we share to accomplish things all the time can be even more dangerous. And worrying day and night about all those things you haven’t accomplished today and all the things that make you angry and imagining all the worst possible outcomes is the most dangerous of all. This just keeps you shackled – imprisoned in unhelpful emotion. It doesn’t solve anything.  And it doesn’t let my love through to comfort you and let you know that I have your back. The universe has your back.

I feel like I have been wounded by recent events; like there is a war against “innocence” being waged in this world. A battle is raging against faith in goodness, kindness, compassion, light, and the ability of the human spirit to rise above its self-imposed limitations. It feels like there is a force out there deliberately aiming at destroying our belief in our inherent potential.

Of course, there is; there always has been. This is not “breaking news.” It is “out there,” but, more importantly, it is also “in here;” and it is “in here” that we are concerned about here. That battle has been raging for centuries; it is not new and you are not alone on the front lines.

It’s the story about the wolves from the Native American tradition we have sited before, being played out in Technicolor and Dolby Surround Sound. The one we feed is the one that prevails, both in your inner and outer world. We feed those wolves with our attention; it is the only thing they will eat. So, what we focus our attention on will prevail in our world.

We all stand with you … both on this side of eternal life and in your world. And you … all of you … are the only weapon required to defeat that force.

The thing is: the force opposing innocence cannot win the battle because human potential will be developed and cannot be thwarted; it can only be delayed. The only solution is for all of us to remain committed to developing our individual potential to the very best of our ability … to recognize that this is our only purpose … and to remember who we are.

You are the light of the world. You are goodness; you are compassion; you are innocence; and you are faith. You don’t have to DO anything; it is enough to be aware of the truth and of your true nature.

You can change the world
[I can’t do it by myself]
You can touch the sky
[Gonna take somebody’s help]
You’re the chosen one
[I’m gonna need some kind of sign] 

You are the chosen ones, but only if you choose to be chosen and only if you choose to feed the gentle wolf of light and love. In this way, you can nourish your light even in times of great darkness. Be the light.

You need to remember, always, that any darkness must serve the light. It can’t be any other way because this universe was created by Eternal Love and Light and you are its beloved child. It can look like the darkness is winning the battle for a time, but it cannot win unless your focus wavers.

You have been letting your focus on the problems mask the potential for growth. Have you seen any positive signs in the midst of the chaos?

Yes, I have. While a fictional film was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival at the end of January, initiating a veritable firestorm of media coverage reminiscent of 1993/1994 and 2003-2005, demoralizing your children all over the world, it seems that its impact upon the world-at-large has, so far, been fairly minimal. Fortunately, the film has not made ratings history in “share of the market” statistics in any of the countries in which it was broadcast. Its ratings were disappointing, even in the United States and the United Kingdom (and much more so in other markets.)

That makes sense; it illustrates, once again, the topic we have discussed often in these dialogs … FOCUS. What you focus your attention on becomes your reality. Many of you, my dear ones, are very focused on me; I am your reality. You have devoted yourselves to my mission of healing the world. Much of the rest of the world is focused on politics … or family … or career … or financial worries … or any number of other topics. They are wrapped up in the 24-hour news cycle and their major concern is their own little world.

You are committed to a broader view. Your focus has made this film a devastating and traumatic episode for so many of you, but for much of the rest of the world, life just goes on as usual. It is under their radar.

Well, almost immediately upon hearing of this travesty, your worldwide family went into action. Your “agents of change” mobilized. This film seems to have brought all of them together.

Beginning with the film’s premiere in Salt Lake City, Utah and spanning the globe during the entire month of March and parts of April, peaceful protests were launched in each of the major markets as the film was broadcast throughout the world. Spanning the globe from China to the United Kingdom, from Italy and France to Malaysia, from Spain to Mexico and South America your children came out in their thousands to support you. The film was actually banned from being broadcast in Russia. Buses carried banners declaring your innocence in the United Kingdom; billboards in the U.S. displayed the same message. Major Love Prayer held vigils on a daily basis (sometimes more) as the film was shown in all the major cities across the globe. It made me so proud to be a member of such a unified, purposeful community.

While the corporate media has predictably fallen all over itself to shove this film down our collective throats, particularly in the United States, your children  committed themselves to doing the research the media failed to do. Their investigations have exposed so many of the allegations made in the film as provably false that the entire film … and its actors … have been rendered for the most part null and void. Circumventing the mainstream media (which in the U.S., at least, remains unyielding) they have published their findings across the internet, the new media.

You guys really do rock my world, you know! I love each and every one of you MORE!

Anything else?

Well, yes. I have seen several reports from people who admit to being almost convinced of your guilt prior to the broadcast of this film, being thoroughly convinced of the truth of your innocence upon viewing it. They have joined your “Army of Love” because they were moved to investigate your life and your actions, much as I was compelled to do the same twenty-six years ago.

So, the ripples that we talked about with the trial of Conrad Murray and the AEG Trial are beginning their journey towards the shore. For every such story you have read, there are tens, perhaps hundreds, more that you have not read. More and more are joining us in our love dimension and you all need to have faith that the truth will prevail. Nothing can assail it … and nothing can defile it.

It’s all about FOCUS. We have covered this ground many times in past dialogs, but I am always here to remind you when circumstances keep you from remembering.

When you focus on all the awful things that could result from all the awful things that are already occurring, you keep yourself mired in awfulness, which is just another judgment.

You recognize this feeling of judgment in your body. You feel stuck. You feel stagnant. You feel like you are only one small person; and you feel that you can’t really make a difference.

But they told me
A man should be faithful
And walk when not able
And fight til the end
But I’m only human

When you begin to feel those feelings, you need to break free of all the “stuff” that is making you feel ineffective, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Don’t wait so long that you feel depleted, like you did this time.

I got to be free, free like the wind blow
To fly away just like the sparrow

If you can shift your perspective and focus your energy instead on creating the world as you wish to see it, even if it’s only in your own mind, you can refocus and rebalance your energy. Because nothing materializes in this world except from the invisible world of the field of all possibilities. When you are focusing on all that worry and anger, you are creating more of the things that make you worry and angry.

A few moments, like this, re-directing your focus to experience and recognize our ONENESS, our love dimension, can make all the difference in the world.

It is a crazy and anxious world you are living in. But it is also a beautiful world with lots of beautiful people and experiences. And it is worth saving.


[My eye falls on Michael’s “Mandela Chant,” a printed copy of which rests on my Michael altar next to my chair.]

These are the worst of times
And these are the best of times.

Yes, and these are exciting times. We have chosen to be here now because we have volunteered for the task of being holders of the light, even if it means that we are surrounded by darkness. But no one expects you to do it alone.

I have been feeling that, perhaps, I have made my contribution to your legacy. Maybe, I have no more to contribute.

[Michael laughs out loud.] Are you kidding? Why on earth would you even begin to think that? You can’t get away from me that easily!

Nor would I want to, but it has been such a long, long time since we have done this … since we have just talked through the music. I thought you had left me.

And what have I said about that? That is not going to happen; I will always check in.

Read my lips: WE ARE FOREVER!

There is no end to this journey we have undertaken … together.

She’s from a world
Of popcorn and candy
Pony rides for a dime
Little children laughing
I’m from a world
Of disappointments and confusions
But I want her to be mine

Whether you see a world of disappointments and confusions … or a world of popcorn and candy is all a matter of your focus. Shift your perspective just a tiny bit and a more balanced focus results.

So, let’s make the time in your busy schedule to do this more often. Deal?

Definitely, Beloved.


I’m so glad we had this time together
Just to have a laugh and sing a song
Seems we just get started and before you know it
Comes the time we have to say “so long.”


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