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Installment 113

July 31 through August 29, 2018

I find myself standing at the mouth of a large cave, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites lit by some unseen source in various brilliant colors. Iridescence twinkles everywhere, resembling sparkling fairy lights interspersed among the brightly lit columns or stars in a night sky surrounded by the aurora borealis.

The floor of the cave is smooth and a natural pathway leads around the brightly lit columns towards the back of the cavern which appears to be leagues away from where I stand at the mouth of the cave. Around the base of the stalagmites, the natural rock has been carved in delicate filigree tracery to resemble bushes and leaves with flowers rising above the floor of the cave, their stems impossibly fine. Some stand tall and straight while others are bent, appearing to be blown by a strong wind. The ceiling is darker, but like the cavern walls is reflective, mirroring the brilliant columns in an exquisitely-formed canopy resembling a rain forest, making the cave appear inestimably tall.

Hesitantly, I enter to traverse the vibrantly-lit pathway and wander freely, touching the delicately-carved foliage as I go, towards the rear wall which seems to have been carved from the bedrock by skilled hands. Water trickles from the top of the back wall, leaving darker, wet lace and highlighting the natural rock hues, to fall into a clear pool hollowed out by the drilling of the water and the hands of time. Its melody is comforting … uplifting.

It is cool in the cave. A vaporous mist rises from the pool, giving me the impression that the water is fed by a warm spring, somewhere far above me, beyond where my eyes can reach.  Nearing the rear wall, I notice a couple of benches rising from the floor of the cave, hewn from the living stone and inviting visitors to sit. Calmly, I sit and lean over to ruffle the warm surface of the pool.

It is peaceful here. No clamor or confusion from the outside world reaches into the heart of this cavern. I close my eyes and breathe deeply and evenly, enchanted by the beauty surrounding me.

Ah … there you are. We need to talk.

Opening my eyes, I see a shadow entering at the mouth of the cave, a shadow with which I am very familiar. I have seen this figure many times before, entering stages around the world, backlit by brilliant light, making just his silhouette one of the most recognizable symbols the world over. He walks towards me, his voice reverberating around the cavern walls, echoing and fading, but I would recognize that voice anywhere.

“Michael! Beloved! I am so glad you are here.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Michael …
Happy birthday to you

my heart sings and he chuckles.

Well, who else? Thanks … I love you more!

Hey! You are getting really good at this visualization thing! I love what you have created here.

I have created? Are you sure?  I was just going to ask you where we are.

I don’t know. Where are we? Never mind … it doesn’t matter. We are here … and it is NOW … and we are together … forever. Let’s talk. You are conflicted and confused. What’s bothering you?

I don’t want to burden you, my beautiful one – not today.

Your burdens I will bear
But first I need your hand
Forever can begin

[Michael sits beside me on the bench and holds his left hand out for me to grasp. When my fingers touch his, he takes my hand in his.]

You do not have to do any of this alone for I am here with you. Have you forgotten? I am here to stay. You are always in my heart. Now … spill!

Oh, Michael, the political climate in this country is just going from bad to worse. Since this administration has come to power, led by this president – the ineptitude, the bald-faced lies, the ignorance, the criminal cover-ups, the brazen nepotism, the lack of compassion or empathy, the divisiveness, the corruption, the discrimination and racial bigotry — being exhibited by our government officials just has me shaking my head in despair and panic.

The United States of America has become the laughingstock of the world community. Our hypocrisy is daily fare for the world’s press community; our ideals – the foundations upon which our country was founded – are being trampled underfoot; and our purported system of checks and balances is not doing anything to stop the tide. I am frightened. I want my country back.

[Michael nods.]  Yes, I understand. But you are in danger of allowing yourself to slip back down that long slippery slope of fear and negativity that had you in its grip for seven years and which we have discussed at great length in these dialogs. Do you really want to go there again?

Dear God, NO, Beloved!

I didn’t think so. I have told you over and over again that I would check in with you frequently to make sure that you wanted to disconnect from our LOVE dimension, so … I’m checking in.

Your fear and anxiety has kept you from feeling my presence as strongly as you have many times in the past. Therefore, you think I have abandoned you, but I haven’t gone anywhere; I have promised you that WE ARE FOREVER.

I haven’t left you alone.

However, when you are giving all of your attention to judging what you feel is wrong and worrying about it, your focus on our LOVE dimension begins to wane; feeling my presence becomes more difficult. You begin to fear that my promises are just a figment of your imagination. I have never abandoned you and I never will.

But I don’t understand how this has all happened. How did we get here? It feels, to me, that this country has regressed back to the pre-Civil Rights Movement – back to before you were born. Is the majority of this country unable to see what is happening? Is this really who we have become as a nation?

Well, let’s examine that question a little further. Do you remember when we discussed the “societal agreements” to which you will all be expected to adhere? I think it was the discussion about the AEG trial.

Yes, I remember. It was in Installment #75 (Volume 2, page 328.) You said:

You know, this trial is not just about money; it goes much, much further than that. What is this trial really about? Is it just about money … or is it an attempt to discover the truth? Is it about fixing ‘blame’ … or is it about deciding where corporate ‘responsibility’ ends and human ‘responsibility’ begins? When seen from a larger perspective, it’s not about me, at all, even though every newspaper in the world will be calling it the Michael Jackson Wrongful Death trial. I’m just a ‘bit player’ … ‘an extra’ … a ‘walk-on.’ What’s really at stake here?

When seen through a broader lens, this trial goes to the very heart and soul of humanity … the very foundation of our society. It goes to our FOCUS … as individuals and as a collective on this planet. What is our current cultural ‘agreement,’ the one to which we are all subject?

And later …

The outcome of this trial is really immaterial. Whichever side wins … and whichever side loses … what’s important is the answer to the question, “how do you want to align your focus and intention?”

What kind of world do you want to live in? Do you want to continue to live in a world where a lie results in fifteen minutes of fame, a booking on a national television program and a few dollars? Is it okay to invade a person’s privacy as long as you get the story first? Is it acceptable to chase a car to get a few pictures even if it results in the deaths of the car’s occupants? Is it all right to stand outside a mangled vehicle and snap pictures of a dying woman rather than trying to help her? Can we continue to consume natural resources without reaping the consequences of our shortsightedness? Should we invade another sovereign country to prevent them from striking against us first, even if we have … and can find … no proof that they ever intended to strike us first?

Where is the line drawn between acceptable and unacceptable that we can all agree to?

These are the kinds of questions that will be raised during this trial. Our responses to them will determine the way our world will go for the next several years. This is not just about me and the O2 concerts. It’s much bigger than that. The stakes are much, much higher and far longer-lasting.

This country was founded on the principles that all are created equal … that all have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … that all have the right to privacy … that all are presumed to be innocent unless and until they are convicted of a crime by a jury of their peers. These are ideals that are instilled in our children in schools across this nation, but the examples they see from the adults around them differ greatly from the principles they are being taught. Children are not stupid and it’s important to realize that they learn much more from our example than by any words we speak.

Am I my brother’s keeper? My answer is “yes” … and I tried, always, to live my life by those values and ideals as much as I was humanly able. I learned that from my mother, the same mother who has filed this lawsuit.

AEG’s answer is “No, we’re not responsible for anyone’s health. We promote concerts. This is business. The aim of all business is profit. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve done our job. If he died, it’s not our fault. It’s his fault.” And they will do everything they can to prove that … lie, cheat, bribe, threaten … because the “end justifies the means.” As long as they walk away with their assets intact, they don’t care about anything else. Is that the world you want to live in? Does the end justify the means?

Those are the questions that will be asked … not out loud by the judge or lawyers … the jurors will not be asked to rule on the question … much more quietly and with more subtlety … in hearts and minds and souls that have been awakened. More importantly, what’s your answer? Think about it.

Yes, that is the part I was referring to. Now, tell me what was the ruling handed down in the AEG trial?

AEG was held responsible neither for the hiring of the doctor nor for the failure of his duty of care. Their claim that you had hired the doctor and their only responsibility was paying him was upheld. It was decided that the doctor in question was a qualified, practicing physician at the time he was employed and, therefore, the jury decided that AEG was not liable for his actions or inactions that led to your transition.

No ruling was handed down regarding the callous treatment of you by the executives of AEG – they were not held accountable for the revelations which came to light during the testimonies regarding scheduling the shows too closely together, not allowing adequate time for recovery between shows, or their brutal treatment of their artist (which so horrified so many of us at the time) to my knowledge.

Okay. So, the end does justify the means. Corporations are not required to treat their artists humanely, according to the court’s ruling. Corporate responsibility is not required to adhere to human responsibility.

This is a very dangerous concept, as you are well aware – one that could easily lead to large corporations being considered “above the law.” Nonetheless, that is the reality that the court ruling upheld. Right?

Yes, my dear one, it does appear that that is the reality that our flawed legal system upheld.

Now, would you please repeat the sentence that begins with “our responses to these questions …”

“Our responses to these questions will determine the way our world will go for the next several years.”

Thank you. For those of you who were following the proceedings closely, the ruling was unsatisfactory, wasn’t it? Those of your readers who read our earlier dialog were somewhat aware of the stakes at issue. Nevertheless, that does appear to be the way our world is going, as I predicted it would, at least for the next several years.

Yes, as has happened so often in the past, your words (either in the lyrics of your songs or in these dialogs) have anticipated events uncannily. Lately, I have been so drawn to two songs from your Invincible album, particularly as events and policies enacted by this administration have unfolded in the past several months.

What do you mean?

Well, Cry and The Lost Children appear to predict this administration’s policy of separating families seeking asylum in the United States and holding very young children in detention centers. The detention centers are being called “tender age care centers,” but the reality is that they are detention centers for children as young as two years. I am appalled at such a policy. It is madness and so very antithetical to what this country has always stood for.


This One’s For All the Lost Children

I do see the connection. I didn’t intend for them to anticipate events; at the time, the plight of children was bad enough. However, I will concede that they do seem to apply now, even more than they did then, if that’s possible.

So, this is just another example of God walking into the room as She has done so frequently in your life, Beloved?

Exactly. Now, do you remember our discussion about the “corporatocracy?”

Of course, I do. In Installment 101 (Volume 3, page 365) you said:

Most of us (in the USA, at least) like to believe that we are living in a democracy; but we aren’t. The Founding Fathers of our great country would be rolling in their graves if they saw what has been made of their high-sounding ideals. They were idealists (translate naïve and innocent.) They believed that the world could be changed and they gave their lives and their fortunes for the evolution of the human spirit. They bucked the system which spawned them very successfully, at least for a while. However, they would be appalled to see how their devotion to that ideal has been corrupted.

We have exchanged the “divine right of kings” for the “divine right of the almighty dollar” and we have taken much of the rest of the world with us, unfortunately. Money is energy just like anything else, but when our total preoccupation is with acquiring, hoarding, and controlling money, it is ruling us instead of us ruling it.

What we are living in currently is a corporatocracy. Corporations in the United States have been granted the same rights as human beings … by law!! Contrast that with the South American nation of Bolivia, which has granted legal standing to Mother Earth … by law! Now, that’s a movement I can get behind.

As a matter of fact, corporations are generally given more rights than human beings. Just look at my life. I was given none of the rights constitutionally guaranteed to all citizens … like the right to privacy or the right to presumption of innocence … while the publishing corporation’s right to freedom of the press was sacrosanct and protected in a court of law, even though everything it was printing was proven to be lies. Its representative was allowed to hide behind its “shield law” when questioned under cross examination.

Consumerism rules our airwaves, our news broadcasts, and our so-called democratic elections. The manipulation of information is big business, raking in billions of dollars every year. A closer examination of my physical life provides all the proof you need of that. Profit is king. End of story.

We talked briefly about this issue when we were discussing the AEG Trial and we will probably talk about it again as the Presidential elections draw nearer.

We … you and I and all those who continue to hear my voice and who are beginning to live my messages in a world that little understands compassion … are in the process of changing that, but it is neither easy nor comfortable. It is an uphill battle. We must begin to realize that WE ARE ALL ONE and when one of us is harmed, all of us are diminished. This realization is not won only by addressing external problems and fighting against them, but by approaching those problems from a state of pure consciousness with love and compassion. That state is only achieved by facing our own inner fears, restrictions and limitations and transcending them. This battle is not waged in battlefields with weapons of destruction … but in mind fields with instruments of construction because as Einstein said a problem cannot be solved from the same mindset that caused it. You are my Spiritual Warriors, and I love you all … but more about that a little later.

The “corporatocracy,” which currently holds all the chickens in its basket (particularly in the United States) controls the sister music and publishing industry conglomerates between them on a global scale. It became increasingly uncomfortable that so much power and potential residual earnings rested in one man’s hands, especially one “black man’s” hands (and there’s that racial component, which must be taken into effect because no matter how many articles were published claiming I didn’t look like a black man anymore, no one ever lost sight of the fact that I am an African-American and proud of it.) To add insult to injury, that one “black man’s” hands belonged to someone who was heaven-bent on giving everything he had to improve the world and “make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” That’s flying in the face of their bottom line.

They like the world just the way it is, thank you very much, because they are in charge of telling the rest of us what we will consume … in food … in fashion … in physical beauty … in health care … in beliefs … in information -publications … in our acceptable self-concepts … in what we accept in our politicians and journalists … in just about everything … and we pay them BIG  money for the privilege.

They have been telling us who we are and what we are capable of … what is possible and what is not possible for human beings to achieve … for a very long time and most of us have believed them and bought into their worldview to one degree or another … until we don’t. It is their stories about ourselves that most of us grow up believing, at least until we decide to take charge and discover that we are much more than they have told us we are capable of being. In many cases, we have handed our right to determine our own destiny over to them.

They, in turn, feed us a steady diet of junk food … of fear and division, limitations and lack, violence and sexual stimulation, sensation and innuendo to control our free-thinking minds and keep us too mired in negativity to realize that it doesn’t have to be this way. And God help anyone who dares to buck the system.

Right.  Our highly-vaulted democratic process is, unfortunately, in the hands of corporations – the large lobbyists and special interest groups which donate multi-millions to election campaigns are in control. Our elections and democratic process are tampered with through campaign donations and the majority of those elected to public office spend their terms repaying their obligations to those campaign contributors by passing legislation that favors the lobbyists and special interest groups, which are representatives of large corporations.

The administration currently in power is just the tip of the iceberg, although it is a blatant, in-your-face wake-up call.

The current President is a corporation and always has been. If corporations are “above the law,” as we hypothesized could easily happen earlier in this conversation … then, by definition, so, too, is this President and his administration. They will run this country like a corporation with the President as the CEO, which is all he has ever been. He has no political education, knowledge, experience or agenda other than profit. He did not run for election on a platform of service to his fellow man; he ran on an economic feasibility platform, a platform of disharmony and division, and undoing any and all legislation passed by the previous administration. And the lobbyists and special interest corporations made sure he was elected because profit is king.

Again, we are being asked to choose what kind of world we want to live in. Every moment of every day, we are faced with the same choice masked in a variety of different circumstances and situations.

Do you see what I mean?

Yes, my dear one, I do see what you mean. But every day I am appalled at his ignorance and lack of respect for anyone or anything other than himself. Every day I think that it couldn’t possibly get any worse and every single day he proves me wrong, usually before 8:00 in the morning. I am reeling in total abhorrence of everything this man stands for and every word out of his mouth!

And, now we come to the crux of the matter. I recall another man that you felt as strongly about. Do you?

Yes, I do.

Do you deny that your conflicted feelings against Tom Sneddon were as thoroughly negative?

No, I cannot deny that, but his sphere of influence was limited to your situation and one state. This man is supposed to be representing the majority of this nation on the world stage. Several European leaders have refused point-blank to shake his hand when meeting him, while allegations of election-tampering by former totalitarian regimes run rampant in the headlines.

Nevertheless, by focusing your energy in our LOVE dimension, you were able to ease your dis-ease to the point that you almost didn’t notice when Sneddon died. The same techniques can be applied here as we have used so often before.

You cannot control what he says or does. The only thing you can control is your reaction to it. I am not saying that you should remain uninformed nor that you should not voice your opinion. However, when all of your attention is absorbed in worrying about him, being appalled by him, being angry at him, hating him  – you are focusing all of your energy on him and supporting his worldview.

Furthermore, we’ve talked at great length about our FOCUS and how our focus affects the reality we experience – how our society mirrors our consciousness back to us like a giant, cosmic copy machine – in these dialogs.

You and your friends have devoted yourselves to “Changing the World” by changing your focus, but, unfortunately, much of the population of this country … and the world, for that matter …  are not aware that their focus has any affect on their reality at all. That is changing, but it is a slower process.

Many of them are beginning to feel the same kind of uneasiness about what is occurring in this country. They are waking up and this administration, believe it or not, is contributing to their awakening. It is the irritating alarm buzzer going off too early in the morning and jolting them back to what is REAL from their dreams and illusions.

We have also spoken about the “collective” consciousness of the planet, to which each individual is connected and contributes, but that connection is invisible and undetectable by normal, scientific standards of measurement.

Therefore, since it is not experienced by the physical senses, to most people it is “illogical,” “airy-fairy,” “pie-in-the-sky” claptrap. In other words, it isn’t REAL and anyone who disagrees with that assessment is at best either crazy or naïve or at worst delusional. To almost everyone reality is only comprised of those things that are easily proven by our out-dated science. As a result, they are unaware that their thoughts and choices are being made by default – unconsciously.

Now, would you mind if we conducted a little experiment?

No, not at all.

Okay, are you afraid of the dark?

No, I’ve never considered myself particularly afraid of the dark, my Anam Cara.

Okay, we are going to experience something that you’ve probably not experienced in quite the same way before. We are going to see a concrete representation of the “collective” consciousness using your beautiful visualization – this cave and its atmosphere.

[Suddenly, all the brightly-lit stalactites and stalagmites are plunged into a deep, echoing darkness.]

What you are experiencing right now, we are going to call the “collective” consciousness of the entire planet.

[Michael’s voice is reassuring in this almost pitch-black cave and I hold his hand a little tighter.]

[Michael laughs.] I thought you said you weren’t afraid of the dark. [He squeezes my hand.]

It’s pretty dark, isn’t it?

Yes, Beloved, it is very dark.

That’s because it is not en-lightened. In other words, most of the planet has not awakened to the facts, as they are being proved daily by quantum science, that we are all connected and that our thoughts and observations – our FOCUS do, in fact, affect the reality that is being mirrored back to us by the cosmic Xerox machine.

[Gradually, one at a time, little tiny sparkles – irregularly-spaced — begin to appear among the stalactites and stalagmites. At first, they are so small and so widely dispersed throughout the cavern that they are almost indecipherable; they flicker and twinkle in the inky-dark as stars and planets flicker and twinkle in the dark night sky.]

Now, you are seeing individuals … individuals like you and your friends … who are beginning to grasp that we are all one. They are awakening to a new way of being human – one that is more expansive and inclusive – one that acknowledges that there are valuable lessons to be learned from our differences, that there is room for all of us and that we don’t need to hoard or waste our resources. We don’t need war. They are just beginning to stir; they have not yet reached full waking consciousness. Their light is dim, flickering and doesn’t really make much of a difference.

[As Michael is speaking, more and more twinkling, flashing lights appear, still widely dispersed throughout the cavern.]

As each individual begins to grasp the concept of ONENESS, he or she en-lightens a small area around his or her immediate location, but the small twinkling lights are not strong enough to cast enough light to lighten up the entire cave.

As each individual becomes more and more accustomed to focusing on the higher frequency, she begins to cast more and more light around her. However, sometimes, an individual will fall back into the prevalent collective focus – like you did during our “standby mode” – and I did during my self-imposed exile. It happens. And it is nothing to be ashamed of.  It is a step back but it prepares us for the next leap forward.

This is a dynamic, ever-changing scene as some lights flicker on and others flicker off. None of us can en-lighten the entire cave by him or herself.

You can change the world
[I can’t do it by myself]
You can touch the sky
[Gonna take somebody’s help]
You’re the Chosen One
[I’m gonna need some kind of sign] 

All we can do as individuals is contribute our light to the collective consciousness with pure love and dedication to the service of humanity.

Maybe you and I can’t do great things
We may not change the world in one day
But we still can change
Something today
In our small way.

It takes time to change a world, Beloved Ones. It can’t happen overnight. We didn’t get where we are overnight and we can’t undo it with the wave of a magic wand. And while the change is occurring, the cave feels increasingly dark. Your eyes are drawn to the pin pricks of light and the surrounding darkness feels more threatening.

[More and more flashing, twinkling lights appear and begin to display a more connected feeling – like strings of fairy lights draped against the rock hewn foliage of the cave. Larger clusters enlighten larger areas of the cave, piercing the inky darkness.]

When enough individuals have shifted their focus from the love of power to the power of love and unity more permanently, their individual lights are joined in the LOVE that created and sustains all life on this planet and throughout the cosmos.

[In the distance, far off against the wall of the cavern, a single pillar of light appears as the stalactite and stalagmite meet in one column of rainbow-colored splendor. However, the rest of the cave remains shrouded in darkness with just small pin pricks of light to illuminate the darkness.]

The light cast by this one small column is enough to en-lighten a larger, but still, localized area of the collective. The remaining parts of the cavern, though containing en-lightened individuals which draw our eyes and hearts, are, for the most part, surrounded by darkness. It is important to realize, however, that it is a process.

If you are standing with the illuminated pillar behind you, you might be tempted to believe that you are all  alone in the surrounding darkness and you might be persuaded that your attempts at re-aligning your focus are useless, empty, and futile. You wouldn’t be able to see any progress. All you perceive is the darkness lit intermittently by tiny, flashing lights – just enough light to draw your eyes, but not enough to dispel much of the darkness.

The darkness feels more threatening and you may begin to feel afraid. You might want to give up or think that your contribution to the collective consciousness of the planet is having no effect.

All you have to do is turn around (re-align your focus) though, and the illuminated pillar will be visible to you, As more and more individuals awaken, the one, lone column of light will soon be joined by another … and another … and another.

[As Michael is speaking, another pillar of light appears and is joined by still more columns of rainbow-colored illumination until the entire cavern is illuminated.]

The thing is: If you give in to the temptation to give up, your tiny, flashing light is dampened, which reinforces the darkness, increases your fear, and strengthens the prevailing focus on separation and division.

[Once again, the cavern is plunged into a deep, echoing darkness as some of the flashing lights dim and flicker out.]

It has the opposite effect to what you want to accomplish and you become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

Re-aligning your focus from all of the negative things you are seeing around you to an awareness of our common goal of peace and unity is not easy when the darkness seems to be winning against the light, but it pays HUGE dividends.

[Columns of light illuminate the cavern again and it seems even more resplendent than when I first entered.]

The darkness cannot win against the light. Even the light of one small, but determined, candle dispels the darkness in a small area … for a while. It doesn’t need to fight against it. It just needs to exist.

This is our mission – our purpose.

So, what do you suggest I do, Beloved?

First of all, please realize that you are not alone.

This life don’t last forever
So, tell me what we’re waiting for
We’re better off being together
Than being miserable alone
‘Cuz I been there before
And you been there before
But together we can be all right
When it gets dark and when it gets cold
We’ll hold each other
Til we see the sunlight
Hold my hand

Second, re-align your focus to our LOVE dimension, where I am always waiting for you, supported by your daily meditations and visualizations to surround all involved with love and compassion and encourage them to appeal to their highest Self, instead of their lowest.

Third, VOTE as early and often as you can to remove this administration … or, at least, hamstring it by electing representatives who will not support the current administration’s attempts to undermine our democracy.

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

Only every day … in every way. And I love you MOST!


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