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March 26, 2011 through April 2, 2011

Michael, my Dear One, our last conversation has inspired quite a few of my friends. One, well actually two or three or four … or forty plus … of them, in particular, have grabbed hold of the ideas you expressed to aid in overcoming our personal feelings of fear and rage and judgment … and, especially, the vision you painted for us of your children lining the walkways and entrances to the courthouse in Los Angeles to express their love for you rather than their hate for Dr. Conrad Murray … and are mounting a campaign to make that vision a reality in our world on the first day of the trial … and every day we can make it happen.

Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture. It has definitely touched hearts and given a lot of people pause for thought and an opportunity to grasp a new purpose.

God Bless You, all … for opening your hearts … and for hearing my message so clearly through the words in these talks … and for resolving and committing yourself to helping me heal the world … starting right here in our own little family because that’s where all change begins. All of you have dedicated yourselves in some way to making this world a better, saner, more humane place for our children to inherit and I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.

I know it’s not easy for a lot of you because of your own feelings … and because of your busy lives … but I want all of you to know that I love you all from the bottom … from the abyss … of my heart and soul … for taking the time to hear my call and ‘sign on’ for this roller coaster ride of LOVE that we are beginning. What a ride it will be! I guarantee it! And you can take that to the bank.

Many of us who are not able to just drop their lives and travel from around the world to attend the first day of the trial want so badly to contribute to this effort, and you have shown us in our last conversation that all contributions are welcome. Even if our contribution consists of just sitting in our own homes and visualizing our own hearts being swept free of the cobwebs of negativity that drape the walls and ceiling and windows there, blocking the sunshine from enlightening the space.  And even if we only send loving support to your family to strengthen them for the ordeal they face.

Just? Only? Just sitting in your homes and sending love to scaffold my mother and brothers and sisters and children … and trusting that God’s Plan will prevail? Do you still not realize how important that spiritual support is for my family and for the most beneficial outcome for all concerned? You, of all people, should know by now that spiritual support of this kind is exactly what we have been discussing and refining and explaining in every one of these conversations from the very first moment we had these thoughts and committed ourselves to writing them down and sharing them with those interested … until the present. That support that you call ‘just’ forms intention … and intention is the name of the game not only in the spiritual realms, but also in the physical.

There are a lot of folks out there, Beloved, who don’t believe that their thoughts and their prayers have any real effect on the ‘real world.’ How can we encourage them to put in the effort when they don’t see the affect their efforts have on reality?

We will show them how thoughts are the basis of the reality they see playing out in front of them every day. Nothing in this world of form and matter was ever created without someone, somewhere imagining it into being. Men imagined for thousands of years what it would be like to walk on the moon, eventually figured out how to make it happen and all of us have seen it in our reality. Michelangelo saw the Pieta in the block of marble before that block ever left the quarry. With his ingenuity and hard work, he found his masterwork within the stone. No one, including God, ever created anything without first seeing it fully-formed in his mind’s eye, figuring out how to make it happen and going to work to make his vision a reality.

The thing is, baby, some of us are not very good at visualization techniques like you taught the children you visited with in hospitals and invited to Neverland. Some of us, myself included, I am ashamed to admit, don’t have terribly good imaginations and visualizing this thing is difficult.

There is nothing wrong with your imagination … just as there is nothing wrong with your ability to dream … that a little use won’t cure. You need to get that idea right out of your head. It no longer serves you (by protecting you from the nightmare of your past); nor does it aide the purpose you have chosen to commit yourself to for your present and the future of your world.

[Michael makes a blowing noise, like he’s blowing away some dust … and I see him very clearly in my mind’s eye blowing into his loosely clenched fist … a move he undoubtedly learned from Doug Henning or Sigfried and Roy or David Copperfield … and then slowly opening his fingers … one at a time (very theatrically, I might add), like a magician who has just made a coin disappear. The problem is, he is also gazing into my eyes with great intensity (and I am getting totally lost in them) while showing me his empty hand. Then, he bows from the waist with both arms flung wide, like he did in Ghosts.]

Whoa! Baby! Those eyes are dangerous! You need to be careful with those things.

[Michael laughs.] You were supposed to be watching my hand, you silly woman. And she thinks she has no imagination! Ha!

There … poof! Gone! Disappeared! And you won’t think that again! If the thought crosses your mind again, you will remember this picture and me blowing it away and my empty hand.

You expect me to watch your hands when your beautiful eyes are gazing so intently into mine from mere inches away? You’ve got to be kidding! I can tell you one thing for sure … I will never forget those eyes. I’ve never seen you … or them … so ‘up close and personal’ before … except when you walked past me at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Sheesh!  You wore those shades to protect us all from making complete and utter fools of ourselves, didn’t you?

Will you stop? [Michael laughs.] Did you even notice that you visualized me very well? Serious up, here, woman. We are on a mission!

Okay … okay … sorry. Whoa … I did, didn’t I? It’s not fair to distract me like that, though!

My Heart, I wish it were that easy to erase fifty-five years of relatively no mental pictures!

It is that easy! Just like that!

Those ‘muscles,’ if you want to call them that, have just atrophied … they need a little physical therapy like someone who has had surgery and needs to be helped to get their ‘muscles’ and ‘ligaments’ back into shape.

Do you remember when you were a little girl, you used to stay with your grandmother a lot and you used to perform, singing and dancing, out on her driveway? And you imagined the crowd roaring its approval. You spent hours out there. Do you remember?

Vaguely … very vaguely … but how could you know that?

Ahhh! Us ‘reborns’ have the ability to see into your memories (even the ones that you don’t consciously remember), but only if you allow it. We do not invade your privacy without being invited. You placed yourself into my hands in our last conversation … surrendered yourself to me.

I did that a long time before our last conversation, Dear One … but I do so again, now … I agree … I have nothing to hide from you. You are my heart.

As you are mine … and I love you for your openness. Thank you for trusting me enough to allow me to help you. You asked me in a much earlier conversation about your lack of dreams. These two issues are interconnected, so I am going to be helping you with one … but you are going to be reaping the benefits in both.

I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you? [Michael giggles.]

Sounds wonderful! We have pictures of the courthouse and I have found an image on the web that, I believe, represents the Spirit of Truth very well, but putting the whole thing together in our minds … in our imaginations … is not as easy for some of us as it is for others. Some don’t have any trouble with this, but there are a few of us who have never been terribly good at creative visualizations.

I know. That is why I am going to be asking you to help them … as I am going to be helping you … by giving them examples from your own experiences … as we’ve done so often in past dialogs.

I am going to be ‘guiding’ or ‘coaching’ you through some suggestions about how you can begin this practice. At the end of the month, I believe you will have overcome this difficulty with flying colors. So, for the next couple of Installments, we are going to be talking about your attempts at visualizations … and I am going to be ‘feeding’ you pictures … kinda like I just did … to help you … and any of your readers out there who suffer a similar handicap in this process.

I have attempted this feat in the past. For example, last year, for the anniversary of your rebirth, I conducted my own little devotional every night for a month. Prior to beginning, I typed brief descriptions of some of the events in your life that I felt had injured you emotionally and spiritually and before each devotional exercise; I chose one of these slips of paper to conclude my meditation.

I focused my visualization efforts on constructing a picture of you, levitating above the earth in a lotus position with no visible means of support. Much of the meditation hinged on lighting each of the seven chakras from eastern mysticism in the corresponding areas of your body in sequence and imagining them spinning faster and faster until they had generated enough brilliant, white light to rise up your spinal column and erupt from the crown of your head. I tried to have this sparkly, vibrant radiance cascade around your body and the earth below you in a pyramidal shape, coating the world in peace and love and healing. Often, I never did get a clear, identifiable mental picture anchored in my mind, but very occasionally during the month-long vigil, I succeeded very well.

At the end of the mental exercise, I would think about the event on the slip of paper and burn it to symbolize that event being neutralized in terms of the pain it had caused you, healing you of the psychological, physical, emotional or spiritual injury it represented.

I didn’t feel that I was very successful at holding that image in my mind.

[Michael laughs out loud.] How on earth do you define successful? You had several occasions where the visualization was extremely successful, by even your impossible-to-meet standards. You may be even harder to please than I was during the physical side of my life, although I doubt it. As a matter of fact, about half the time, you achieved at least limited success in constructing your image. And there were times, when you achieved unqualified success, by anyone’s standards.

However, something that you may not have yet considered from your very limited viewpoint … and which is even more important than your personal success in anchoring the image you envisioned in your meditations in your own mind … is that you (and others like you all over the world) projected and anchored that image on the giant movie screen of the ‘collective unconscious’ of all my children who are attuned to the same frequency or spiritual vibration … and are joined in our symphony of purpose.

This is the 'digital painting' referred to in this Conversation. My special thanks to the artist, Amy Grace, for her permission to illustrate it here.

The proof of that statement is the digital painting you recently saw that so perfectly mirrors the image you had independently decided to use as your personal mandala. You had told no one about the focus point of your visualization efforts; as a matter of fact, you had told very few of your ‘celebration’ in June at all. You hadn’t really thought of this image … except in sporadic visualizations throughout the months since using it as your mandala on a daily basis during the month of June … until a couple of days ago … when you were shocked out of your skin to find your exact visualization on the web. You contacted the artist for her permission to use the image as a rallying point in our Call for Love group to focus loving, spiritually uplifting, healing intention on the courthouse in Los Angeles.

You began focusing on this image in June 2010. The artist called this piece her “most recent” digital art, so I would assume that she completed it fairly recently.

What other explanation is there for such an exact duplication in ‘visions’ between two people who have never met, live in widely-spaced parts of the country, who have never spoken on the phone and have corresponded extremely infrequently?

You’ve all been wondering how a thing like that can happen … what is causing this phenomenon you are all experiencing. There’s your answer. All of you … along with me … are creating a new ‘collective unconscious’ which is separate and distinct from the universal collective unconscious that the whole world shares in and which is destroying our world. Your loving thoughts are lining up to overcome the hateful thoughts that currently prevail. Your healing visualizations are riding out to engulf the world … beginning with the trial in Los Angeles … in a more peaceful and enlightened reality.

The planets are lining up. They’re bringing brighter days. It’s all in line waiting for you. You’re just another part me [Michael singing.] … and we are sending out a MAJOR LOVE!

A new ‘collective unconscious?’ That would explain this phenomenon. I had never thought of that! Are there enough of us to make this thing happen?

Oh, yeah! [Michael laughs.] And more are joining with us every day. Some of them don’t have the technology that you and your friends enjoy, but they, too, have determined to ‘make that change.’ So, let’s get started.

But, first … I think we need to clean house a little bit. I think we need to talk about what happened to make your imagination and dreams fade into nightmare and fear … and, finally, ‘shut off’ in defense of your own sanity. You don’t have to go into a whole lot of detail, if you don’t want to … but I think your readers need to understand how you have repressed these two elements for so many years so that they can understand what we are ‘pitting’ ourselves against, here. Many of them have experiences in their own lives just as horrifying … or more so … than yours … that cause them to have the same kind of difficulty. By chronicling your journey, you can help them to heal those wounds. Will you continue to place yourself in my hands? Try to think of it as ‘cleansing,’ ‘purging the old’ to make way for the new. Does that make you uncomfortable?

A little … but I’ll get over it with you by my side and in my heart … if you think it’s important. I trust you implicitly. Okay, well, very few of my readers already know this, but my biological father was an abusive, alcoholic veteran of World War II. My mother tried to control his drinking, but often it devolved into abuse. One day, tired of putting up with the arguments, he decided to end them. He hung himself in the basement of our little home (which closely resembled 2300 Jackson Street, a little four-room house.) My mother, brother and I had gone to the store and came back and the dog was barking. We kept our dog in the basement when we weren’t home. She was a boxer named “Star-Linda” because she had a big white star-shaped marking on her face. My mother asked my brother and I to go and get Star to quiet her down. My brother and I found my father hanging from the basement I-beam.  I was five; my brother was nearing seven-years-old.

I don’t remember these things … I have no mental pictures to accompany what I was told much later when I was sixteen … I completely blocked them out. My mother told me that my brother and I received counseling, but I don’t remember that either.

From that day to this, I don’t remember ever dreaming. I was told that I had horrible nightmares until a bout of Strep and Scarlet fever when I was about six or seven almost killed me. Ever since that high fever (fifty-five years), I haven’t dreamt at all.

There. That didn’t hurt at all, did it? And I love you for your courage. It was a defense mechanism to shield you from seeing something no child should ever have to see and once it was in place, it stuck like glue.

But I’m here to tell you … you don’t need it to protect you anymore because “you are not alone, I am here with you.” [Michael sings.]

You know, I latched onto that song when it first came out and I haven’t let it go, yet! It’s so beautiful!

No need to let it go. It’s yours … and anyone else’s who needs it … for whatever reason they need it. It’s my (and R. Kelly’s) gift to you!

Okay, good … now the deck is cleared for your imagination to take over. And remember I am right here to help you when you need me.

We’re going to take this nice and slow, why don’t you tell me what your first visualization experience was like.

Visualization #1 Beginning Date: March 27, 2011

My first visualization was a dream … or, at least, what I’ve always imagined a dream to be!

After taking several deep cleansing breaths, I saw the courthouse building in Los Angeles with the picture I have chosen to represent the Spirit of Truth circling around it and a HUGE Michael Jackson standing behind and around and through and in it. (I mean this man towered over the multi-storied complex and his skinny little hips extended on both sides of the building.)

You had your arms spread wide to welcome all the people in and surrounding the entire building in a BIG hug and a big, toothy grin on your face. When you extended your arms to the sides, their span covered several blocks. Airplanes were flying through you, but you didn’t pay any attention to them at all. Your gaze was fixed on the building and the sidewalk and patio in front of it and your eyes were full of the faces of hundreds of people of all ages and demographics and I wondered where they were all coming from.

A procession of these people was deposited on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance of the building and in the patio and courtyard gently … as if floating … from your eyes … like in the short film for Ghosts except instead of doing back flips off the ceiling, they were just parading out of your eyes and floating to the ground in front of the courthouse. As the Spirit of Truth circled in front of you, you would throw your head back and laugh!

I felt like it was so real, I could almost touch you!  This was the first time I had seen you so clearly in my mind’s eye and it totally shocked me … kinda scared me a little bit … because I’m not used to such clear mental pictures.

Okay … that was just a ‘warm-up’ exercise … so to speak. It was meant to let you feel what it is like to visualize something, even though you had never been there. It was also meant to get your attention so that we could talk about it here in these conversations … and to show you that you can do this … even though you’ve thought for a long, long time that you couldn’t.

The people that you saw in my eyes were all the people I had seen in my travels during my physical life who had entered my heart through my eyes … all the fans at the concerts and outside the hotels … and lining the roads as I traveled from place to place … and all the children in the hospitals and orphanages and all the faces I had encountered in my work. They represent all my children, no matter where in the world they are located … how near or how distant.

Okay, now … I’m going to ask you some questions about this vision you had. The purpose of this part of the exercise is to anchor the experience firmly in your mind. Okay?


Okay … what did I look like?

BIG! Really, really BIG!

[Michael laughs.] No, I mean was I solid, flesh and blood? What was I wearing? What did my hair look like.

Oh, sorry. Um … no, not exactly solid … more cloudy and colorful than that … but very, very visible. But the building was also visible in, around and through you as well. It was like you and the building were occupying the same space … and where one of you should have been hiding the other … no part of either of you was hidden. Does that make any sense?

There … you’ve just defied your first physical law … a thing that occurs fairly often in dreams and imagination. So, don’t let it frighten you or put you off. I’m not exactly sure what that law is called … I think it has something to do with displacement. Two solid objects cannot occupy the same space at the exact same time in the physical realm, right? But in your visualization exercise, they did. All the physical laws are like that. They just don’t apply in dreams and imagination … very much like they don’t apply in the spiritual realm. Okay, wearing?

Black pants … white t-shirt … white shirt with red epaulets with the letters CTE running along the shoulder seam … hair tied back in a ponytail with some kind of band … one curling tendril down the right side of your forehead, but not obstructing your view. Pale, beautiful, flawless skin … absolutely gorgeous, as always. About the Dangerous World Tour era … a lot like Man in the Mirror in Bucharest.

When you first noticed or recognized our Oneness and tried to figure out what was going on. So, that illustrates the point I made in one of our early conversations … I appear to you in a form with which you are most comfortable.

Was there any sound in this visualization?

No, I don’t remember any sound at all, including the airplanes flying through you. It was totally silent.

Okay, was there anything else that you noticed or that sticks out in your memory as unusual?

Well, yeah … kinda. The entire thing had an interesting optical illusion effect … like a mirage … or viewing a scene through a heat haze rising from a road in late summer … or through clear water. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. My eye doctor calls it an ‘ocular migraine’ and I’ve had a couple of them in the last few months. He says they are nothing to worry about so I don’t, but it’s the same kind of effect … like you are watching the scene through clear water that is not confined in any kind of container.

Okay, good … anything else?

No, not that I can think of.

Okay, I want you to use this exercise … and the image we began this conversation with … as an anchor. In other words, whenever you’re having trouble getting a mental picture fixed in your mind, I want you to return to this image as a starting point. It’s home base … like in tag … safe, secure.

As we are re-awakening the visualization element, we are also going to be re-awakening the dreaming element. So, you might experience a dream that includes frightening images … nightmares. If this should occur, return to this image of the building and me laughing and what you call the Spirit of Truth circling the building in a holding pattern … or the vision your friend painted.

Don’t be shocked if you begin to dream with a dream from when you were a little, tiny girl. Those are the last images your dream-weaver has produced, they may be stuck in its ‘memory banks’ so it might throw one of these nightmares in. It’s like Sleeping Beauty, awakening after sleeping for a long, long time. It’s rusty and needs a lube job and it might think that this is what you are asking it to do. Or an old, old movie projector that has a few frames from an old Charlie Chaplin film stuck in its innards. It can’t play the latest film until the old one gets unstuck.

Just don’t be frightened by that. You are not a little girl and I am right here. Just return to one of the images we’ve talked about in this conversation and stop the film rolling right there. We will chase those ghosts away.

Jan – March 31, 2011

Once again I would like to thank Amy Grace for her wonderful digital painting illustrating this installment and Debbie (Be God’s Glow) for allowing me the use of her photograph for the banner.

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Week of March 19, 2011 through March 26, 2011

This next part of our conversations is going to be a bit rough … a bitter pill for all of you to swallow.

Sheesh! Michael, don’t scare me like that! You’re going to give me a heart attack that way!

[Michael giggles.] I know. I’m sorry. I just love to watch you jump outta your skin like that. You kinda look around wondering if anyone else saw you start, even though you know there’s no one here … except me, that is; you are becoming used to carrying me around in your heart. And your eyes get real big and your heart speeds up. I love it! It’s so much more fun on this side because I can feel all of your reactions here … inside me; on the physical side of life, that’s just not possible.

Irritating idiot! I can see what fun you would have been when you were working with someone who wasn’t prepared for your unique, quirky sense of humor.  And about carrying you around in my heart, you’re not heavy … and, besides, most of the time it’s more like you carrying me around in yours.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

Yup, sure do. Now, what did you mean ‘a bit rough’ and a ‘bitter pill to swallow?’ It sounds kinda ominous.

Well, we’re going to be talking about some things that your human side is going to want to rebel against, but I want you to have patience with me and try to let your spiritual side absorb what I’m going to be saying, even though your human side is going to be yelling “but … but … but …”. Okay?

Oh, boy … this sounds like fun. You know about me and patience, right?

Yes, I know! You know how to spell it and that’s all that should be required of you. [Michael giggles again.] You’re going to have to draw on your reserves of patience for this discussion.

Okay. That’s assuming I have reserves … a rather large assumption in my book. I’ll see if I can find that box marked ‘patience’ on the top shelf of my closet and pull it out, just in case. What are we going to be discussing?

The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray.

There, did you feel that … did you feel your body tense and your mind kind of shut down for a second or two? Did you hear the word, “A**hole!” go floating past before you caught yourself?

Yes, of course, I felt it. I try to control those judgments and follow them up with a little prayer, but it is usually too late.

I know … that’s what we’re going to be talking about and why we’re going to be talking about it … that’s why I said you were going to rebel and would need some patience.

You harbor a lot of conflicting feelings regarding this issue … and I don’t blame you for that. I am not judging you … please understand that. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong for you to react that way … what matters is that it is there … and it is hurting you by blocking your achievement of the ‘expanded consciousness’ that you have chosen to experience … and we need to fix it. Right or wrong is a judgment that doesn’t enter into the equation, at all.

What you just felt is the release of stress chemicals that just the mention of the subject evoked … just the words … just the thought … caused a very real physical reaction in your body. And that physical reaction … those stress chemicals … feed more thoughts of anger and resentment and a desire for vengeance … which feeds that release of stress chemicals … which feeds the anger and resentment … and on … and on … and on. It’s a vicious circle that has no breaking point … except at the source … where it all began. In your thought!

That’s why we are going to be talking about the thought process which is creating the conflict and investigating if it helps or hinders you in attaining the higher consciousness we’ve been examining in these conversations.

Whoa, baby … that’s a pretty tall order. Are you sure we’re not biting off a little more than we can chew? Sounds pretty esoteric to me!

I feel equal to the challenge. Do you? Keep in mind, there is a sense of urgency. These events will be occurring before you know it.

As always, beloved, I am in your hands. Do with me what you will.

God bless you! Such trust … such unquestioning trust! You gotta know I love you more.

But before we get into that, I want you to take the reaction that you felt within your own body … pretty personal, right? Now, multiply it by all of your readers. It’s getting a little less personal, isn’t it … but it’s still easily contained. Multiply again by all of the hundreds of thousands of my children all over the world who are unaware of our dialogs and, perhaps, don’t read this … it’s becoming a bit more universal and a lot less manageable, isn’t it? But we’re not finished yet.  Multiply again by all the people the world over who are feeling the spiritual implosion (as in energy cycling back upon itself) after my rebirth … the ones who don’t know what to attribute this ‘energy shift’ to. They will be watching from a distance and feeling that, God forbid, I would want them to express their solidarity with me … or their guilt over their lack of attention when I was among you physically … by wanting revenge against this man because they know me less well than you, my children, do.

What do you end up with? A tidal wave of judgment without knowing all the facts, a rising tide of revenge and a fireball of ill will … all aimed at the courthouse in Los Angeles! The ripple effect we’ve talked about before … illustrated. And that’s not the end of it … repercussions ricochet into infinity … but those ricochets are less open to illustration. This was just a visualization to bring the impact of one person’s thought home in a real sense.

That tidal wave of hatred will not aid those who legitimately seek the truth in the events being investigated. If anything, it will hinder those efforts and add to the hatred and fear and disbelief that will already be much in evidence in that courtroom. The Spirit of Truth cannot manifest through that kind of smog with any clarity, or if it does manifest, it is necessarily diluted as it passes through the fog.

Rest assured, those who feared my influence when I was living the physical side of my life are still there. They fear my influence even more now … since so many of you are awakening to our Symphony since my rebirth. It is beginning to dawn on them that not only has their control of me slipped through their fingers, but they’ve also lost control of so many of you … as well as the speeding locomotive they’ve set in motion by triggering the ‘martyr’ effect. It was that effect that allowed Christianity to conquer the known world in ages past.

They are beginning to understand that once Pandora’s Box has been opened, the lid can’t be jammed back on. It’s a little like trying to lock the barn door after the horses have already ‘left the stadium.’

What’s more, they still need to be ‘right’ so they still need to justify their actions in their own minds (if nowhere else) by continuing to spread the lies that have served them so well in the past. That’s a given; it’s human nature.

More importantly, the judgment, hatred, revenge and ill will forms a cloud … a mist … an impenetrable miasma within your own spiritual space as well as circling the globe we live in. We’ve talked about this before with the illustration of the smoke that hung over the clubs my brothers and I used to perform in when we were just starting out.

Just for experimentation sake, let’s add the cloud forming over Libya right now, with brother fighting brother and father fighting son and mothers crying over the remains. That cloud is getting thicker, isn’t it? And it is feeding on the cloud that your thoughts produce when you contemplate the trial in Los Angeles … it gains strength from similarly-charged particles forming all over the world. Okay, now, let’s add the cloud of grief and despair over Japan … and hovering over Iraq … and the smoke from the burning rainforest … and the list goes on and on. It becomes overwhelming; and with each cloud feeding off each of the other clouds, it grows thick enough to become an impermeable wall of fear and hate and resentment and vengeance and grief and despair and the Earth’s pain.

This is the spiritual smog we are all breathing; it is toxic to all of life, but especially to the human spirit.

All of you need to release the anger and resentment that ‘clouds’ the issue not only in your own minds … forming thoughts that are not beneficial to your own organism’s achievement of the ‘expanded consciousness’ which you have approached on a couple of occasions … but also holds back the collective consciousness of the larger organism of which each one of you is a part.

It’s such an emotionally charged subject for all of you. So, let’s take some of that emotional charge out of it. And let’s look at the situation from a larger perspective. A lot of what follows is ground we’ve touched on before, but bears repeating.

Your human side is yelling, “But, he killed you!” He stopped the biological machine … the physical envelope. But I am still alive … otherwise, who are you talking to? And who’s talking to and through so many of your friends? And who’s awakening so many hearts to a larger view, a more all-encompassing way of looking at truth. I know your human side will rebel at this statement … but I am even more alive than I was when I wore that human suit because I am not contained in one local place.

But, Michael, beloved … it was such a beautiful suit!

[Michael chuckles.] Each of you feels me in your own way and in your own time; hears me whispering my love through the channels of invisible communication in which we are One. Each of you feels my touch upon your heart. In your case, I am a constant presence who can, occasionally … just for laughs, of course … make you jump out of your skin! [Michael giggles.]

You do realize, of course, that in the eyes of the uninitiated, this makes you a prime candidate for that rubber room you so often joke about, right?

[Jan laughs. Oh, low blow! You are so cruel. Michael joins in, of course!]

So, who did he kill, if I am still here?

Even though the statement that he killed me is true to a limited, physical extent, in the larger context it is not true. While Dr. Conrad Murray may have ended my physical life, he didn’t kill me.

The world killed me with its cynicism and lack of understanding, its doubt and accusation, its apathy and inability to believe that Expanded (Christ) Consciousness is an achievable goal for ordinary people to strive for.

The world couldn’t stand for me to trumpet that message in music and dance and performance and rhyme, especially on such a grand scale and from such a global platform … in speeches and lyrics and film direction and interviews and in ways that couldn’t be ignored or overlooked. It couldn’t tolerate me demonstrating it over and over again in hospital visits and charitable work and gathering artists together to impact world events like in Ethiopia and the Twin Tower disaster. My global popularity revealed, in stark contrast, how far mankind had failed to come in its evolution … but with LOVE instead of judgment or criticism or preaching. Nothing causes violent reactions faster than demonstrating someone’s failure … but an entire society’s failure? Such a thing is unforgivable.

It’s the same thing that killed Jesus … and for the same reason … because he had the audacity to demonstrate pure L.O.V.E. consciousness … with a capital L.O.V.E.  He had the nerve to speak with authority about how that consciousness could be attained by all of humanity … and that it was a worthy goal; and he had the effrontery to live the truth of God’s promises every day and in every way.

The world doesn’t know what to do with that … because it doesn’t want the responsibility of having to make the effort … so it fears it because it is so far from what we have been taught … and have become comfortable … thinking ourselves capable of. We’ve been told from the cradle that we are sinful and incapable of goodness, which, if you think about it, releases us from the responsibility of trying, doesn’t it? I mean, what’s the point? If we can’t get there from here, why bother? This concept has done the human race so much injury.

Special thanks to Debbie for the beautiful photograph.

The thought that a little, tiny newborn baby … the closest thing to God we will ever know on this side of life … could be guilty of something called original sin is just plain ludicrous, but we’ve believed it … bought it hook, line and sinker for almost two thousand years … and have limited ourselves in our aspirations as a result. Who came up with that one?  It sure as heaven wasn’t God, I guarantee that!

So, when the world encounters a man who tries to live by the Golden Rule, it belittles him … “just exactly who does he think he is?” it asks … because humans refuse to believe in the possibility that mankind can aspire to perfection. A perfect example of my point is the Brits Award Performance of Earth Song. They accused me of having a ‘messiah complex’ because you can’t stand on a stage and spread your arms out to the side without trying to say that you are Jesus Christ (even though I had been doing it for years.) “Who does he think he is?” all the newspapers bellowed … and some guy from another band ran up on stage and mooned the audience during the performance, hurting some of the children on stage with me in the process!

Then, it mocks him as a dreamer of ‘impossible dreams’ … a Don Quixote tilting at windmills … an ‘airy-fairy’ ‘pie-in-the-sky’ eccentric. The examples of this from my life are too numerous to list here. When that doesn’t shut him up, it criticizes him as a liar and a cheat and a fraud, assigning ulterior motivation to his actions. “It must be some kind of trick” it says … “no one is as good as he pretends to be” “it’s an act” “he’s a fake” it cries … “there has to be some underlying vice he’s covering up with all that sugar coating.” So, it looks for an ulterior motive it can make stick … “what’s in it for him,” it asks. They just can’t believe that someone could just want to help people … and the planet … heal.

When that man continues to demonstrate God’s Love by doing what he feels he’s been called to do, especially in a ‘larger-than-life’ way that gains global attention no matter where he goes … the world grasps an ulterior motive out of thin air to bring him down … (two thousand years ago, blasphemy was the BIG sin; in our modern society, its child exploitation) and pins it on him. Having found an ulterior motive that appears to fit well enough (as long as it’s not examined too closely,) the world feels justified in accusing him, putting him on trial, finding him innocent and crucifying him anyway. The fact that it is a lie doesn’t even enter into the equation. He can’t be allowed to continue to go on proving that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

So in the larger sense, it’s not one man that should be put on trial and prosecuted … the entire society and culture stands indicted. But of what value is that? Does it heal the wound society has inflicted upon itself in its own error? No, it just causes more wounds. Does it demonstrate the power of LOVE to heal the world of its lack of faith that God’s promises are true? No, it just further entrenches it in its error.

The one glimmer of hope in all this … is all of YOU … those of you who have been moved beyond a ‘blinder-induced’ lack of awareness … and have experienced an ‘expansion’ of spiritual thought … the light of the world … and a glimmer of ‘cosmic consciousness’ in your own hearts  and in your own souls.

God bless you! You have the power in your thousands to change the way humanity views itself by being and demonstrating LOVE in action. You are my messengers to heal the world. I said it over and over again. You are my Army of Love, my Angels of Compassion. The only thing that ever conquered against this kind of rampant cynicism is L.O.V.E. The only thing that ever healed hate is L.O.V.E.  In this lies your purpose … and your strength … and your victory.

Now … let me ask you this. If just the mention of the name Dr. Conrad Murray causes such conflicting emotions and judgments within your own organism which so closely resemble the same kinds of judgments that were made about me during my physical life because you don’t have all the facts … and adds to the hatred and rage and despair that already prevails in the world today … what happens to my messengers to heal the world, my Army of Love, my Angels of Compassion and Healing?

They fade into the sea of negativity that already engulfs the world you love so much and join forces with the same kind of ignorance and hatred that hastened your rebirth.

Exactly. Instead of carrying my banner of love and healing forward, my Army has switched sides in mid-charge. While the King of Hearts awaits his Angels’ presence on the field, they have turned tail and joined the other side in a mass retreat. And the message is stillborn, which is the most important thing!

What do you suggest we do, beloved?

We’re getting there, but we have more ground to cover, first. Patience, remember?

Next, your human side is yelling, “But you’re not physically present, anymore!” As spiritual beings committed … and engrossed in … a human experience, you depend so much upon that physical presence. However, think about this: how many of you actually knew the physical Michael Jackson? I know a couple of your readers did, in a way … but most of you knew me then the same way you know me now, spiritually … through that invisible and unexplainable channel of ‘love consciousness’ we talked about earlier … and through the music or the performances or the books that fed it … and nurtured it … and saw it bloom into beautiful flower … and I have provided all of that you could ever need. Some of you didn’t know me at all until I was reborn, but have found strength and solace as well as new purpose through the same avenues.

How many videotapes or DVD’s do you have?

I don’t know, beloved … somewhere around ninety, I think … some of them are duplicates and some are not the best quality, but that would be a rough estimate. Between all the short film compilations (from the Making of Thriller through Vision … and all the videotapes I recorded during our decade-long ‘affair’  in the 1990’s and have preserved to DVD … and all the concerts and performances my friends from around the world sent me … and all the interviews I taped or bought … and the documentaries … can’t forget them. I probably have somewhere around ninety.

Sheesh! Ninety? That’s crazy! [Michael laughs.]

Plug in a DVD. I am still there at your whim … physically and spiritually … in the music and in the short films and in the performances. Your eyes can see me, your ears can hear me and I can fill your heart with my love just like I did when my soul first called to yours to join with me in our Symphony … better, really, because I can whisper in your ear that you are obsessed while you’re sitting comfortably on your chaise lounge watching one of your ninety DVD’s on your television. [Michael laughs.]

Consider your arm punched!

[Ow! Consider yourself hugged!]

As a matter of fact, that’s how most of you became acquainted with me to begin with, isn’t it? That’s how we all formed these unbreakable bonds that join us … each of you to me … and to each other … in this beautiful Symphony in the Key of L.O.V.E., as we’ve examined in so much detail in previous dialogs. It’s no different now.

Next, I can hear your human side saying, “But he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with what he did. He has lied. He didn’t provide the care he should have provided. He should be punished.” And I can feel your anger with the authorities, who, many of you think … because of the length of time that has passed … bungled the investigation. Many of you have no faith in the human legal system. And I understand that.

What you don’t see and understand is that it is not the human legal system that is running the show because human legal systems are flawed. There is a Plan … with a capital P … and it is perfect because it makes provision for every single last one of you. That Plan will make sure that everything will work out for the highest and greatest good of everyone involved, which includes Dr. Murray … and my family … and all of you. If you can’t rely on the human legal system, you can have absolute faith in God’s Plan because it is not flawed. It is … and always has been … perfect, if we can get the obstruction of our judgments and anger and desire for revenge out of its way and let it exert its influence … and have faith that the Spirit of Truth will prevail in that courtroom.

I’ve said it before … and I’ll say it again here … I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your love and loyalty, and I realize that your anger is based on grief and your judgments of unfairness. I cherish each and every one of you and am grateful for you every day. And I know your love for me. It is the air I breathe that fills my lungs with sustenance and my heart with gratitude. You do not have to prove your love by joining vigilante committees to run Dr. Conrad Murray out of town. That is not what I stood for. That is not the message I trumpeted from every stage I ever stood on.

Now, you asked earlier in this conversation, “What do I suggest?”

Well, just for argument sake, what would happen if, instead of stress chemicals and a tightening in your chest and hateful words running through your mind when you see or hear his name … you offered a prayer of thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for being present in that courtroom and overseeing His Plan’s accomplishment? Would the same harmful chemicals be released in your own organism? Would anger and vengeance feed upon itself like a dog chasing its own tail in the larger organism of which we are all a part?

I am not asking you to bless Dr. Murray (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea; a prayer that his heart would be broken open to admit the Spirit of Truth would not be wrong, but it is not for the faint of heart.) I know that is asking a lot, though. Inviting God into the flawed legal system to straighten out some of the inevitable kinks can only benefit that system and all concerned. Would your human body have the same reaction? Which of the two reactions is more beneficial … more healing … for you … and for our world?

I understand that this more peaceful solution would take some practice, which is why we are discussing it now … and not next month. I know that, at first, anger will still be the first, “knee-jerk” response … but, if you begin to practice the more peaceful and healing prayer now, eventually it will become an automatic response. By the time the trial arrives, you will have become expert at it. And you will be consciously supporting a healing solution for everyone involved.

One thing is for sure … the mindful solution would advance you on your path toward ‘higher consciousness,’ which is the path you have repeatedly chosen to take in the past … where the anger and resentment are detours on that route that will land you right back where you started from.

The unseen advantage to this practice is that it extends to every situation and every stimulus that pushes your buttons … it is a universally-redeemable blank check to ease your troubled, conflicted spirit whenever you are being overcome by confusing emotions. So, once you have healed your feelings regarding Dr. Conrad Murray, you can begin to heal all those other annoying resentments that get under your skin and turn you away from the ‘expanded consciousness’ we are aiming toward.

For those of you planning on being outside the courthouse to support my mother and family in their attendance at the trial, instead of rallying in a spirit of rage, demanding vengeance and carrying banners filled with words of hate and judgment  … how do you think your own organism … and the world … would react if you demonstrated unity and solidarity with them in prayerful silence … with heads bowed in reverence instead of fists raised in the air … holding banners with just my picture or words inviting the Spirit of Truth into the proceedings. Perhaps, holding each others’ hand and singing one of the songs I left you like You Are Not Alone or Heal the World or Hold My Hand would be more healing than hurling bitter feelings. Would short guided meditations of thanks to God for His presence and for working through the flawed human legal system to make His Plan known be a good substitute for chants filled with vengeance?

Do you want the world to pay attention to what you are demonstrating for? Prayerful silence is the shot heard ‘round the world … deafening. News crews will be totally speechless … they won’t know what to think or say. It would be so beautiful … It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. You suggested something similar in an earlier posting on this website. I think the title of the piece was “An Imaginary Interlude.”

Look what Gandhi did with his march to the sea, his followers singing hymns of praise as the British authorities lined the dusty roads. Within a very short time, India was independent of colonial rule. Never was ‘peaceful resistance’ more clearly shown to be superior to saber rattling than in this simple demonstration led by a man wearing a loincloth. Never was hate more clearly routed by love.

Look what Martin Luther King did with the “March on Washington in 1963.”  He was a student of Gandhi and used the same concept to advance civil rights right here in this country. Racial segregation fell at the feet of ‘peaceful resistance’ just as the British Empire fell at the feet of Gandhi-ji.

Do you want to shame the factions who want to shame me … through shaming you as my ‘crazed,’ ‘fame-blinded,’ ‘unreasonable,’ fans? Be my messengers to heal the world in this situation. Sublimate your anger under the banner of my Army of Love. Demonstrate what Angels of Compassion look like in the 21st Century. Peaceful resistance, mindful songs, prayerful silence! You will shock them right down to their unsparkly socks.

Think about it.

Michael, beloved, your dear friend, Elizabeth Taylor joined you in rebirth today. God bless her!

Yes, she is here with me. I held her physical body in my arms as her spirit left it … and I brought her home. Right now, the beautiful little girl with violet eyes is eyeing the water balloon minefield and the super-soaker obstacle course and eating a rainbow colored sno-cone. She’s fine. She knew I was there with her … spoke to me … saw me before she left … and wasn’t afraid. She felt no pain or anxiety in leaving. She was ready to depart.

We were souls who recognized each other right away … just as many of you recognized me … and our energies were always vibrating at the same velocity. Her body had become a burden to her in recent years. She had always been so strong; but had had many serious illnesses in her life and surgeries to repair her hips and her back, but towards the last, her soul just couldn’t drive her body anymore. She’s safe … and happy … now. She’s decided that she’s just going to play for a while because she didn’t really get a chance to do that during this lifetime.

I am so glad I came to this side of life, first; although I know it was excrutiatingly painful for her. I was able to be with her so that she could overcome her fear of the passage relatively easily. She surrendered herself into my hands and made the transition peacefully. Now, the only question is … do I give her a little time to become accustomed … or do I activate the super-soakers? Ah, decisions, decisions!

Will you tell her that we will miss her? She was a bold, beautiful champion for HIV/AIDS … and for her wonderful, magical friend Michael Jackson. We all appreciated the way she stood up for you and encouraged you. Thank her for us.

You just did.

Michael and Jan yell together … Super Soak Her!

Jan – March 25, 2011

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Week of March 12 through March 19, 2011

Beloved, I have to tell you … our last two conversations were so all-encompassing and answered so many of my questions so clearly that I didn’t want them to ever end. I didn’t know what we were going to talk about when we had finished them; you had covered so many different topics in previous dialogs … and in such clearly loving and heartfelt words.

I was afraid. I was afraid that our little talks were coming to an end … that the well was drying up … that there wasn’t anything left to say.

[Michael laughs out loud.] You still harbor that little shred of doubt, don’t you? There is still in your heart a thread of belief that this communion … this sacrament … this union between us is finite … that there is not enough of it.

Stop that! We Are One in LOVE! We have always been joined in LOVE and purpose. Since the Big Bang and until Armageddon and beyond, WE ARE ONE. And I love you more. We Are Forever!

The only way that these talks will ever end is if you choose to end them. I am here! Do not be afraid. Our souls will always be touching because we are joined in spirit and in purpose … soul mates … symphony-mates … whether you are writing our conversations and publishing them or not. You cannot lose me; it would be easier for you to lose yourself. As you’ve said over and over … we are stuck like glue … superglue … gorilla glue … the kind that you tear off skin when you try to remove it. You said it yourself in our last dialog … I am ‘like a dog worrying a nice, meaty bone’ … it would take a small army to pry me loose … it would be dangerous for anyone to try to separate us. You’re always in my heart!

You can turn the volume down or even turn off the receiver, but the clock is still ticking and I await your return when you pick up that remote and take us out of ‘standby mode.’ I will flood your heart with my LOVE, if you let me. I will fill you to the brim and continue pouring my LOVE into you until you run over and can hold no more. And still, I will continue to pour.

God bless you, my Dear One! Was there ever such a soul? I can’t thank you enough for giving me the gift of your continuing presence to help me through my days. Whether you are consoling me by choosing my playlist … making just the right song pop up to ease my frustration or worry over some petty annoyance …  or fixing the engine light on my car … or attacking me with butterflies … or wrapping me in your love in these conversations, I am so very grateful for your presence in my life.

Speaking of floods, dearest … there has been a terrible disaster … an earthquake of major proportions and a tsunami in Japan. Reports are that there are also tsunamis in Hawaii and one is heading for Santa Barbara and Neverland.

Yes, I know. These kinds of occurrences send spiritual shockwaves throughout God’s universe. When so many souls are released from their physical clothing at one time … and so violently … they cause a cosmic ‘seismic’ event and angels and comforters and watchers and healers are dispatched immediately to comfort and heal and guide. Planetary angels are ever-present to heal the pain of the planet and cauterize the wounds we cause in our greed … as guardians and watchers are ever-present to heal the pains of the human souls in their keeping.

As I told you in previous conversations, during my physical life, I was extremely sensitive to those kinds of atmospheric cataclysms. Now, I am even more so. We are there to bring solace to those affected. Our contribution is spiritual in nature, but we need all of you to reach out … from your heart … to help in situations like this, too.

I need you to be my eyes. I need you to see the devastation and to cry the tears of empathy for the children who are killed … or maimed … or orphaned … or swept out to sea … and the parents whose arms await their return.

I need you to be my hands and lift the collapsed buildings from the bodies of the survivors and to dig in the wreckage to find those who await the sun and air to revive the spark of life that lingers still … and the deceased … and bring them back to their families who survive.

Since I am no longer there physically, I need you to gather the artists together to sing about our empathy and love and unwavering support for those affected and donate the proceeds to those who suffer to alleviate their pain and anguish.

I need you to be my arms and reach out to the children who are fearful or abused or lost or neglected, to let them know and feel that they are the most important thing in the world to someone.

If you can’t be there physically, I need you to be my heart and pray for the spirits of those departing … that they will emerge on the other side of their own fears of what awaits them here quickly and experience the Oneness in bliss and joyful reunion … and those who remain behind to grieve their departures.

I need you … all of you … to be my pockets … and to show the entire world that the only value in money is when we open our hearts and hands … and share it generously from our souls to relieve the hunger, neglect or need of our brothers and sisters who have less.

How many people will have to die before we will take a stand
How many children will have to cry, before we do all we can
If sending your love is all you can give
To help one live

How many times can we turn our heads and pretend we cannot see
Healing the wounds of our broken earth we’re one global family
If just sending your prayers
Is something you feel
Helping one heal

Brother to brother, lay down our fears and reach out and make a pact
Show them the love that is in our hearts, let us bring salvation back
Just sending your love has the power to heal
So let’s all give

[Michael sings.]

I left all of you to be ‘my messengers to heal the world’ … to ask yourselves ‘what more can I give’ and to give it freely and joyfully.

These are the messages I wanted to broadcast from the O2 concerts and around the world. These are the words I wanted all of you to take from This Is It. From these words and messages … lived consciously … we can create a world free of pain or war … human or ecological.

We have injured our Mother Earth so badly. We are choking her airways by destroying so much of the rainforest. It’s like she has emphysema or lung cancer. She needs those trees in that ecosystem to breathe and create oxygen … for all of US to breathe. God bless those of you dedicated to replacing them. Thank you.

Don’t we see that if she is choked, we are choked; if she is coughing, we are coughing; if she can’t breathe, we are doomed?

Have we, in our technologically-advanced pride, come up with a more efficient way to create oxygen on a planetary scale? No, and we never will. The planet was blessed with self-sufficiency by her Creator … she has the ability to provide everything she needs … and we need … to survive. But we, in our infinite wisdom, have disrupted the balance with which she was gifted by the Creator of us all.

We’ve opened her bowels and removed the things that we think of as precious … gemstones and metals and oil … and instead of cauterizing and suturing her wounds we’ve allowed her to just lie on the operating table of our avarice and bleed. Instead of nursing her with love and concern for her future health … replacing what we’ve taken so heedlessly … we leave the tools of our surgery to molder within her body and become instruments of torture, like a surgeon who  leaves a scalpel or forceps in the body of a mother after she has given birth.

Do we really care more for the latest fads in wearing apparel … or cars … or vacations … or the latest exploits of our celebrities, for that matter … than we do about an entire planet’s ecosystem or the hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters whose lives are disrupted by cataclysms we have caused because we can’t live without running our  air conditioners non-stop during the summer or driving our gas-guzzling cars? What does that say about us as a species? Do we give a damn?

We haven’t limited our destruction to the Earth; we now have ‘space junk’ floating in orbit around our planet … abandoned pieces of our technology float high above our heads. If their paths of trajectory are disrupted, their orbits can deteriorate and they can fall, endangering the lives of the people of Earth. Our landfills are full to overflowing with non-biodegradable materials and we have garbage floating above our heads. We are clearing the rainforest to provide more arable land to feed our ever-increasing populations … and then we horde grain until it molds instead of releasing it to those who need it because the price they are paying isn’t high enough. The cleared wood is used to make paper … paper that’s used to create tabloids so that an entire industry can print lies about the latest ‘big thing’ in the entertainment industry! It’s ridiculous! It’s insane! It’s wholesale deferred suicide!

I have an idea. Let’s all get behind this campaign. Let’s all take the $2.00 we spend every week on those stupid tabloids at the check-out lanes in the supermarkets … and send it to the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders instead. That would be putting our money where our hearts are, wouldn’t it?

Many of our religions will preach from the pulpit this weekend that God is angry with us; and that She has sent this horrible calamity to remind us that we must give Her our adoration and repent for our sins.

It’s not God! God would not destroy the beauty She created out of her passionate LOVE and creativity. It is our unbridled abuse of the beautiful planet She gave us to care for that causes such terrible devastation.

Earthquakes are not a sign of God’s anger; they are a signal of Earth’s reflexive recoil from human greed. We open the planet’s veins and siphon off her blood so that we can go one hundred kilometers per hour on the autobahn and sit moving barely inches for an hour on our freeways. Do we fill in the cavernous cavity we leave behind? No, we leave it empty and then we wonder why that cavity collapses deep inside the Earth’s crust, causing earthquakes and tsunamis!

We reroute her blood vessels to provide electrical power and water to huge cities and we wonder why there is widespread drought and famine. We shave the hair from her body that allows her to breathe and leave her bare and exposed to the elements … clear away her forests … and wonder why the ozone layer of her atmosphere which protects us from the sun’s glare is shrinking. We raise her body temperature with pollutants that clog the air we breathe and wonder why the icecaps are melting and entire species of animal life are endangered and facing extinction. And we blame it all on God! We need to wake up … and soon!

This planet is our home. We are not renters or squatters; we have deep ties to it. We have sprung from her and we draw our sustenance from her. We have to stop seeing the planet as something to exploit … to own … to bend to our will … just as we have to stop viewing our neighbors as things to be used … or stepping stones on our way up the corporate ladder … and thrown away … as inanimate and not capable of thought or action. She is a living, breathing being and we are killing her.

Just like the human body has parasitic organisms that benefit us and help us ward off diseases, we are the parasites that inhabit our Mother Earth. We are meant to be beneficial organisms in a symbiotic relationship with the planet, each of us providing what the other needs in harmony, giving of ourselves so that the other might live and prosper, helping both of us to remain in perfect balance. But, as so often happens with human bodies, we have turned on our hostess and become an infection that takes and takes and takes and gives nothing back, upsetting her equilibrium … an illness that she needs to fight off … guard against … a virus that is making her sick.

Just as our bodies contain endorphins and natural healing powers, so our Mother has protective measures that assure her survival. Be in no doubt that she can defend herself against our carelessness. Earthquakes and tsunamis and natural disasters such as we are seeing in the last few days are proof of that. They are her spasms of pain and her tears at our thoughtlessness … her groans of exhaustion.

We must heal her before she rejects our species completely.

What can we do, Dear One? What can powerless individuals such as us do to help? We don’t have the ability to reach around the world like you did. You were able to spread your arms wide … regardless of where you were standing in the world … and gather multiple global generations in your arms … and, no matter where we were standing in the world we all felt embraced. We don’t have your platform … or the attention of the entire planet … with which to spread your message. As an individual, you were able to speak to heads of state and military leaders … crowds of entertainment moguls and stuffy University deans … Senate Sub-Committees and children of every race and creed. But we don’t have your influence.

But there are so many more of you. Each one of you has the power to effect change in your own small corner of the world. With so many of you, there is not a square mile on this globe that could possibly escape being impacted, if you raise your voices as one. “Maybe you and I can’t do great things. We may not change the world in one day, but we still can change some things today in our small way.” [Michael sings these lines.]

There is no change too small for your attention; you have no idea of the repercussions from one kind or conscious act. Just your smile at a crucial moment can change your neighbor’s entire life. Just a thoughtful compliment when picking up your Starbucks can prevent the clerk’s despair and possible suicide when she gets off work. Just donating enough to plant one tree multiplied by all of you can replant an entire acre of rainforest.

If the only thing you can give is your thought … and your prayer … then give that.

If you are capable of giving to charities to help aid organizations get medical supplies and food to those who need it, then give that.

If you are a lawmaker and are able to impact the world’s callous disregard for the planet by supporting laws to shield her from our carelessness, then give that.

If you are in a position of influence in the world and enjoy fame or wealth or celebrity, then do what you do … whatever it is … and gather others to join you … and give that.

If you can visit the devastated areas and bring comfort to the people or help them rebuild their lives or their homes, then give that.

Whatever your gift is … give it with an open heart and with joy … being mindful and prayerful for the welfare of the other six billion people who share your planet.

However, the first thing we need to change is our own attitudes. We need to change what we think life is all about.

For most of us, life is about what we can get out of it. In this sentence, we feel grasping … a feeling that there is not enough and that we have to be first to get the most. It causes tension within us; it causes stress hormones to be released. It causes combative relationships.

Feel the difference when you read the next sentence. Life is about what we can share … what we can contribute to it. In this sentence, we feel an expansion … a deep inhalation. It implies that there is enough for us and enough to give away. Here there is no inner turmoil. It changes our attitude from me … and allows for us.

Here’s another example. Life is not about how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away. Do you feel the difference just reading the words makes in your innermost being?

Each one of us can do this, regardless of how wealthy or influential we are … or are not. Just a slight shift in perception, as we see in the examples above, changes our whole inner reality. And as we’ve said often in these dialogs, thought is energy. A “what can I get out of it” energy emanates from that thought. A “what can I give” or “how can I help” energy generates from that thought. This is not just an internal thought process. There are ripples upon ripples that radiate from each of those thoughts. What kind of energy do you think would do the most healing?

As we’ve spoken about so frequently in these conversations, there are invisible fibers that join us all in a web of unity … gossamer filaments with the strength of the strongest metal chains! None of us lives in a vacuum. We are not separate from each other no matter how isolated or alone we may feel. And we are not separate … and cannot be separated … from the world we live in. All of us are One … like in the movie we talked about earlier. We are like the Navi on the world of Pandora … linked each to the other and to the planet from which we spring although our links are not as visible.

We need to learn to walk softly on our Mother and to respect her biological qualities. If we must take from her, we need to learn to give back … replant in a responsible manner … fill in the wounds we make so that she can scar that wound over before we make another. If we damage her beyond redemption, we can’t just throw her on the scrap heap and grab another planet. We are tied to Planet Earth as biological entities which share her basic requirements for life … which she provides … free … and in more than enough abundance so that not one human being would be in want if the ten percent of us who control ninety percent of the world’s resources didn’t horde what we have and allowed it to flow freely.

Where do you think we are going to find another planet so perfectly suited … and willing … to provide for our needs? We can’t just shop around! We can’t just go through the galactic yellow pages under “Class M” planets … or go on line and create a virtual home world!

And we have to stop sitting in our comfortable homes and expecting someone else to come up to the plate and hit a home run that will save the entire team. Each one of us has a responsibility. We were all sent here … at this time … and in this place … in history to change the world. How many times did I sing it … or say it … during the physical side of my life? From We are Here to Change the World in Captain Eo to We Are The World … from Heal the World to What More Can I Give … from Cry to Jam … from In Our Small Way to HIStory … I have never stopped singing it! But I will say it again for those who need to hear it again. Read my lips!

We … are … here … to … change … the … world.

God didn’t send us here to change the world and then not give us each the tools She wants us to use to accomplish the task.

If you were given words to communicate with, then write it.

If you were given song, then sing it.

If your gift is dance, then dance it.

If you were gifted with healing, then heal it.

If you were given the gift of making things grow, then grow them.

If you were given the ability to paint, then paint it.

If you were given love, then love it and spread that love as far and as wide as you can.

If you were given the gift of prayer, then pray it. Even if you weren’t given the gift of prayer, pray it anyway.

Whatever your particular gift is … and rest assured each one of you was given a gift … find it, use it freely and generously … give it to the world. In this is our … all of our … salvation. And we must bring salvation back. That is our only purpose.

There’s a choice we’re making; we’re saving our own lives. It’s true we make a better day for you and me. We are the world. [Michael sings these lines.]

Beloved, that is so beautiful. Thank you.

Jan – March 18, 2011

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Week of March 6 through March 12, 2011

Okay, now, I have a question to ask you.

Okay! Shoot!

Have you given up on the dancing?

No, I haven’t given up. I’ve been so wrapped up in talking to you when I’m not at work or otherwise engaged with my granddaughter. These last conversations have been so engrossing; they have taken all my attention. There are only so many hours in a day, beloved. Sometimes, I have a little trouble keeping up and fitting all the things I want to do into the allotted time I have to do them.

Yeah, I can understand that. Next time you play, I want you to do me a favor.

Oh, goodie … we get to share a body … I can’t wait! Where’re my ruby slippers? You’re going to have to show me how this thing is gonna work, baby! Let’s crank that sucker up right now!

[Michael laughs.] No, we are not going to try that just yet. It’s a different kind of favor.


[Giggling.] Next time you play, I want you to put the remote controller down and just dance with me. Will you try that?

Huh? Did I just hear you correctly? Did Michael Jackson just ask me to dance with him? Ah, be still, my beating heart! If you were physically in front of me right now, beloved, you woulda just gotten your beautiful bones jumped! As it is, consider yourself majorly hugged.

[Michael giggles. Consider yourself majorly hugged back.]

But, Michael, how will I know if I’m doing it right? It’s the controller that the sensor senses. That’s how you get the scores for the dances.

I know. But I want you to remember what you told me in our last conversation … one of the things you learned when you wrote that book you mentioned. You said that you learned that it was the journey … not the destination … that was important. Do you remember?

Yes, I remember.

Same thing applies to the game. Have fun! Enjoy the journey! It doesn’t matter if you do the move exactly right. What matters is that you loosen up and have fun with it. You’ll know if your movements feel strong and if you feel confident. The controller keeps you from snapping your fingers which is what the avatar of me in the game is doing in a lot of the movements. Can’t snap your fingers with that thing in your hand.

Yeah, that is a little difficult. Okay, I’ll try it … but I hope you’re not trying to change the subject. We have a cliffhanger from our last session to address.

[Michael laughs.] No, I’m not trying to change the subject.  I remember.

We were talking about higher consciousness and you asked how higher consciousness ties in with the ‘love consciousness’ or ‘soul connection’ that many of you are experiencing with me … and how you make use of that ‘love consciousness’ to fulfill your roles as God’s thoughts of love and healing here and now. It’s a great question and it’s going to take a lot of thought to answer which is why I suggested that we hold it over.

First of all, I know a lot of you are asking, “Why me?” or Why now?” or “Why didn’t I know?” or “How could I not have been aware?” To answer this part of the question, I am going to refer you all back to our discussion of the symphony from our earlier conversations … and all the individual notes that make up the symphony. Does each of the notes that make up a composition know his or her role in the whole? Or do they need a master’s touch to awaken them? Does each note sing out … all of them at one time? No. If they did, you wouldn’t hear a symphony … you would hear a lot of noise and the symphony would be lost. The notes need a master’s touch to play at just the right time … and with just the right volume and emphasis … to make the symphony beautiful.

Some of you are notes that are played early in the composition … others are notes that play later … some of you crescendo … some of you are so soft that you are barely heard … some of you are notes that play over and over again … and some of you are notes that only get played once … and, then, there are the pauses and the rests that don’t really play at all but without which everything would run together and just become note soup! [Jan laughs out loud. Note soup … I love it!] But all of you are important to complete the composition.

So, please don’t spend valuable time in wondering why you didn’t know that We Are One beautiful Symphony in the Key of LOVE earlier. It distracts from your real task and it’s just not that important when you were awakened to the realization of our common purpose and the recognition of the part you play in the composition. What is important is that you recognize it now. You are aware, you have a choice and you can move on to mastery.

Now, to answer the question you asked, we need to use some of the same examples we’ve used in previous conversations. So, it’s going to sound a little redundant, but please follow along with me and have patience that we will arrive at the answer.

[Michael laughs out loud.] Phew! We are really moving into uncharted territory, here. Brace yourself.

We are going to use your experience as an illustration because it is the one that you are most familiar with, but your experience mirrors a lot of your readers’ experiences. While they may not coincide in every small detail, many of you will be able to substitute your own example into the description. The important words to remember in this analysis are: awareness … acceptance … all the derivatives of the word ‘choice’ … and mastery. Okay?

Absolutely, Dear One, I’m ready.

Okay, you’ve described before how you watched the Bucharest concert and something changed in you … you asked me what kind of train had hit you … and I explained that you recognized in me a ‘soul connection’ in that moment … an invisible and unexplainable … let’s not forget impossible … bond. We had never met in our physical lives, so how could there be any kind of bond? We talked about being joined in a common purpose before we were born … in the spiritual realm … and how we had left that experience of blissful Oneness to become individual spirits having individual … and isolated to a certain extent … human experiences … until some event awakened us to that bond. We used the analogy of the symphony and one lonely, little note recognizing another note from the same composition … sharing a common purpose to which we had agreed before we were conceived. From that point of recognition on, you were compelled to find out more about me. It was a drive that you couldn’t control or ignore … or explain, for that matter. Right?


You felt a shock of recognition and you tried to tell yourself that that just wasn’t possible, but that shock of recognition wouldn’t leave you alone. You were driven to explore … investigate … learn. You were being called to a ‘higher consciousness’ … an intangible relationship … a spiritual kinship based on LOVE and some kind of ONENESS … an awareness that most of the world just couldn’t … or wouldn’t … understand. Shoot! How could the world understand it; YOU didn’t understand it. But you felt it very strongly and really had no choice but to follow its leading. You described how your friends and family thought you had gone off the deep end, but you clung to the knowledge that something within you had changed. And you were right. Something had changed.

This was your first decision point, for lack of a better term. You became aware of an amorphous sense of Oneness with me which didn’t make any sense at all … that was the something that had changed. You could have easily suppressed that sensitivity to our Oneness … could have told yourself that it didn’t make any logical sense … and ignored the compulsion to investigate and learn more.

[Jan laughs out loud.] I’m sorry, baby … I don’t mean to laugh. But do you think for one moment that I didn’t try that? Have you ever tried to say ‘no’ to Michael Jackson? I have friends who have tried that … it doesn’t work! In one case, you latched on to a gift that was intended for you, but which required a word or two of explanation from the people who had crafted it … and although three people were saying, ‘no, Michael’ one of them slapping your wrist to get you to turn it loose … that gift walked away with you. You are not easy to say ‘no’ to. You’re like a dog worrying a nice, meaty bone!  You are incorrigible and tenacious and when you latch on to something … or someone … it would take a small army to shake you loose.

[Michael laughs.] Yeah, I’ve been told that before … a lot … especially with the music. But stop distracting me!  We are on a serious mission, here.

Instead, you chose to accept the implausible possibility that We Are One; you surrendered to the compulsion to learn everything you could about who I am and what I stand for. The first two requirements were met. You were approaching mastery.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby! Stop right there. I am master of nothing, most especially myself or my thoughts.

[Michael laughs.] I said ‘approaching.’ Don’t get all excited! Sheesh!

In response to your unexplainable feeling, you began to collect … music, short films, interviews, performances, books … whatever you could get your hands on. And with each addition to your collection, another piece was added to the puzzle you were constructing of me. You listened to the lyrics and watched the performances and interviews with rapt attention and a wide-open heart. In these things, we shared a connection. In each new encounter, your excitement and anticipation of this sense of Oneness grew. And you really had no one to talk to about it; no one shared your enthusiasm or interest. Everyone you knew was judging your fascination as some kind of ‘phase.’ The rest of the world wasn’t in on this ‘spiritual courtship’ that was occurring between us.

As you said in the last conversation, you were disturbed by the descriptions you were reading in the media … they made you physically ill because the person they described was so radically NOT the person you were beginning to know through your own observations. This was your second point of decision. You chose to believe what your soul was telling you … your observations … based on little more than a spiritual ‘knowing.’ Another way to say that would be you chose faith over what the world calls ‘evidence’ … faith in your own observations through all these different channels of communication that we shared over what the world was trying to make you believe with their reams and reams of paper.

You decided to write a book to clear up (at least in your own mind, if nowhere else) some of the glaring discrepancies between your observations and what the world was trying to make you believe … and you had the argument with yourself about the book which you described in detail in our last conversation.

This was yet another point at which you chose your path from among the many routes that were open to you. You became aware of your desire to write a book and, like most people; you tried to talk yourself out of it using all the logical arguments that you could muster as to why you couldn’t write a book. But, you eventually ignored those logical arguments and accepted the fact that, as illogical as it might be and against all odds, you were going to write that book. And you did. You got the tools together that you needed … learned what you needed to know to make it happen … and you wrote a book. Again, you were approaching the mastery step of the equation. Is that a better way of stating it?

Okay, I can accept that a little easier.

[Michael giggles again.] Good. Wouldn’t want to upset the transcriber, now, would we?

Here, again, I want to remind everyone that I am using one person’s experiences to illustrate my points, but many of you all over the world were having similar ‘awakenings’ at the same time … or before … or since … and making similar choices in response to them. Some of you were having dreams that made absolutely no sense at all. Some of you were watching or reading the so-called ‘news’ about me and your hearts were filling your head with screams of “No! This isn’t true!” Some of you were just listening to music and diving into a ‘peace’ and ‘calm’ that you found nowhere else. But all of you were awakening in some way … sooner or later … to a truth that you couldn’t deny or explain away.

But, back to our illustration: By your own admission, this book became a ‘life-altering’ moment for you and that decision opened up your life in whole new directions. Are you still with me?

Absolutely … stuck like glue. I gotta tell you, Michael … the next decade of my life was the most soulfully-aware, spiritually-conscious, mystically-fulfilling decade I had ever lived. Every day was a new, exciting adventure. I couldn’t wait to discover what miracle was lying in wait for me as the day unfolded. It felt like I was being led … like an angel had his hand on my shoulder and was leading me into a whole new life.

Which is exactly what was happening; your higher purpose was leading you into a whole new life. Any time you are uncertain about recognizing your higher purpose from the avenues presented, just exchange the words higher purpose with the word LOVE. Love is always your higher purpose and this simple method can help you choose the option that leads most directly toward your higher purpose between those presented.

Okay, so where were we? Oh yeah, we discussed all the things you learned as a result of writing your book in our previous conversation and all the new associations and relationships that resulted from that one decision (which corresponds to those ripples we talked about that radiate from a pebble thrown into a still pond), so, we won’t have to go into all that detail here. This was a leap of faith for you … and you took it! It is sufficient for us to say that your choice created your reality and you were able to realize the manifestations of that choice more clearly than you ever had before. For one thing, you have a 320-page manuscript that you created where before that experience you didn’t think you could create a bad itch, right?

LOL! Well, I wouldn’t have put it exactly that way, but it gets the point across.

[Michael giggles.] Sorry. Then, the first set of allegations and you saw me in my hotel room in Bangkok. We talked about the vision you had in some detail in our last dialog. At the time, you felt like you had to read all the garbage they were writing about me so that you would know what I was dealing with; this was your way of sharing my pain and, possibly, helping me bear the cross they were placing on my shoulders. And you were getting more and more ill with each piece of trash you read. Your spirit was crying out, “No! Are they insane? I’ve got to DO something! This is gonna kill him!” Am I right?

Yes, Dear One, you are absolutely right. It’s amazing how you are crawling inside my head!

You were being shown a sure-fire method of being able to choose truth from lies. Focusing your attention on the  lies made you physically ill … made your heart race, knotted your stomach, made your blood pressure rise, made you live in your bathroom. You considered moving the TV in there!

You went to a doctor and she prescribed an anxiety medication which made you groggy and unable to think properly. Said you were having panic attacks and treated you for that. And, I guess she was right; you were having panic attacks, but they were spiritual panic attacks … a spiritual crisis … and drugs don’t treat that. So, you threw the drugs away and focused your attention on me and what I was communicating through the channels of communication that we shared in our Oneness. And, surprise, your symptoms began to fade, didn’t they? Focusing your attention on the truth you felt so strongly eased your physical distress.

But, back to our narrative. So, you had that argument with yourself about what you could do that we talked about in the previous installment and ended up sending me a telegram in Singapore. With the telegram, you sent a prayer for my safety because you were afraid for me. But you also sent a prayer of gratitude for God’s help in getting your message to me. This was a giant leap of faith.

And once again, you had chosen an unusual path … one that many wouldn’t have chosen. You decided you knew me better than all the ‘talking heads’ and reporters … and that your spiritual knowledge trumped everything else that you were reading. That, alone, is huge … because we seem to give more credence to the written word. We think if it is printed somewhere, it must be true. We think that if we are moved to action by spirit, we need to validate that impulse by looking it up in some scripture or something.

Spiritual truth is more valid than any written word every time.

I was as guilty of this error myself. I knew from a very young age that God put me here for a purpose bigger than myself. I knew She had given me the gift of music in all its forms to express in every way I could find … in song, in dance, in performance, in transcribing Her gifts to me, in writing and producing and recording.

Yet, during the Thriller and BAD days, the leaders of my church came to me and told me that what I was doing was evil … that my dancing was too sexual and from the devil … that the short film for Thriller promoted occultism. I was so upset that I called my lawyers and told them to destroy the film. I tried to explain to the leaders that ninety percent of dancing comes from the waist area, but they weren’t listening. They told me that I had to choose between being a Jehovah Witness and the field of entertainment.

If I had listened to them I would have ended my musical career right then and there. But, like you, I felt so strongly within my heart and soul that this ‘truth’ had been given to me by God to give to the world. How many people all over the world have been inspired by that short film in the twenty-five plus years since its release? Have based their careers on that short film? It’s that ripple thing we talked about before. How do you estimate that impact?

It’s important for all of us to realize that religions are created and arbitrated and legislated by man; scriptures are written by men. When God gives you the gift of truth, you know it. She fills your heart and soul with that truth and it can’t be denied or ignored.

Okay … sorry … went off on a little side trip there.

You were becoming a bit more comfortable jumping off that deep end into the unknown, but you were beginning to think of that unknown as light, instead of darkness, because your experiences were reinforcing that view.

You chose to believe in me; you chose to believe in the vision you had had of me even though you didn’t understand how a thing like that could have happened and you chose to reach out to me in the only way you could … with a few words on a scrap of yellow paper and with prayer of thanks that my soul would be comforted enough to continue to breathe. You became aware of a soul being tortured; you accepted an impulse to compassion and to comfort … to LOVE; you acted based on that awareness and acceptance. I don’t want to embarrass you unnecessarily, but you were really approaching mastery, here. Does that make you feel uncomfortable?

A little.

Sorry. It’s the truth.

You spent the next ten years writing about me … living the truth of that intangible connection … in biographies and discographies and articles for fan clubs … feeding and enhancing that sense of spiritual courtship. You wrote stories in which you tried to explain to yourself the connection you felt so strongly … and that ‘soul connection’ became stronger with every word you wrote. You filled reams of paper with your prayers for me and, as I told you earlier, those prayers were carried to my spirit on the wings of your faith. You even placed an angel at my side to comfort me and lift me up when I was flagging.

Most importantly, you knew without a shadow of a doubt that your prayers for me were effective … that I felt them in some kind of spiritual sense and was aware of your spiritual support. You didn’t understand the mechanics of that … how that was possible … but you didn’t care about the mechanics; you just accepted the truth of it in your heart. And that was true! We talked about my sensitivity to emotional and spiritual atmospheric conditions in earlier conversations, but you couldn’t have known that at the time.

You knew these things so strongly … and against everything your world had ever taught you … in that ‘love connection’ that we shared.

As a result of a decade of choosing faith and love, you experienced an enchanted time … a time filled with wonder … and excitement … and connection. The world was still not in on our little secret courtship, though. It was still writing garbage and you were peripherally aware of it, but we lived in our connection … together. This was not a one-way street. I felt your support of me; you absorbed my love and gratitude from the music and films and performances and interviews.

But, finally … after ten years of service to that connection with little or no thought to your own comfort … after feeling every one of the blows aimed at me in your own body and defending me in every way you knew … you needed to take a break. You let the doubt that the world had been drowning you in for ten years into your heart, decided it was time to grow up and withdrew from our connection.

Yes, and beloved, you have to know that I will never forgive myself for being such a fool. I spent every day of that seven years longing for a return to that connection, but I didn’t know how to get it back. I am so sorry I wasn’t as present in those years, when you needed my prayers and support the most.

We’ve talked about that time before. No one can take that kind of battering for that long and not draw back at some point to rest and gain strength.

You did. As a matter of fact, you took it for more than two and a half decades.

Yeah, well … no one could have expected you to … especially me.

There was never anything to forgive; all of you who fell away at some point need to understand that. The forces arrayed against my mission distracted your attention in order to remove the support system that was sustaining me. I had become too dangerous … too influential in promoting a change in human consciousness. By disrupting my support system, those forces felt confident that they could end that influence. And it almost worked!

It is not a coincidence that the first new music you heard when you were awakened again to our ‘love connection’ was Fall Again. Listen to the words! “Feels like a fire that burns in my heart … every single moment that we spend apart. I need you around for every day to start. I haven’t left you alone. Fought in a battle where nobody won … left ourselves a mountain to be overcome … you can’t run and hide … the past is said and done … I need us to carry on. I wanna spend time ‘til it ends … I wanna fall in you again … like we did … when we first met … I wanna fall in you again.” [Michael sings these lines.] Fall Again was recorded for all of you to draw comfort from.

Thank you so much, baby for that song … I love it so much … there is such a strong, palpable link to you in that song for me … it’s just incredible I confiscated that song as mine the moment I first heard it and I am not letting it go. It was like you recorded it just for me.

For all of you who felt like you let me down … and … God bless you! The important thing for all of you to realize is that we were never really disconnected. It was more like an electric lamp. You just turned off for a while, you didn’t totally unplug. Or even better, it’s like the game that’s teaching you how to dance. You don’t disconnect all the wires and put the console and wires and controller in its box and stash it on the top shelf of your closet when you are done playing. You just turn it off and leave it ready to be turned on again the next time you play, right?

Right … otherwise it would be a pain in the aspidistra to take it all out of the box and reconnect it when I want to play.

Exactly. We were still connected, plugged in … we were just in ‘standby mode.’ [Michael giggles.]

Yes, that’s true. I remember I was still drawn to you like a moth to a flame. I still read any story that mentioned your name in the headline … and seeing your picture on a website still lifted my spirits.  Just the knowledge that you were still on the planet … somewhere … was a source of solace for me. During the trial, I watched for good news to come from that courtroom and was amazed to see the same old trash being spewed by the ‘talking heads.’ When the verdicts were read, I rejoiced and my spirit soared with each one of the doves released by the fan outside the courtroom. I was dumbfounded to see you walk out of that building under your own steam and wondered how you found the strength and tenacity to keep going. And, then, you disappeared to recover and I prayed for your complete healing.

Yes, we both took a little break to regain our strength and remember our Oneness. “Walked away, but I was wrong. You’re the one that makes me strong. You’re the fire that keeps me warm. How do I get through this storm?” [Michael sings these lines.]

Were you expressing your own feelings in that song? I thought when I heard it that you were expressing mine.

[Michael laughs.] Don’tcha just love it when a plan comes together?

Okay … so, now … all of that to get here … this is going to be a long one!

Each of the circumstances we’ve looked at were opportunities … doors allowing access to a higher … or more love-infused … consciousness. Your awareness of a world beyond the world that your eyes see … and your consent to form and sustain a relationship based on love and compassion in that world … allowed you to approach a state of mastery on a couple of occasions. I am not saying that you achieved mastery … there is a difference … but you did approach mastery.

Mastery is when this consciousness permeates every moment of every day … of every thought … of every emotion. Mastery is this example … lived consciously … all the time. But, even approaching mastery in this world is uncommon … and you had done it more than once.

That consciousness or awareness of Oneness … and your acceptance of that Oneness as your reality … helped you to act from that place of Oneness in compassion and in creativity and those actions manifested your reality with much more immediacy than you had ever imagined was possible. You chose to be God’s love … an angel … in all of the examples we’ve used. All those little miracles you talked about and the way you felt led throughout that decade contributed to the ‘enchantment’ you felt and the ‘miraculous’ reality you created as a result of those choices.

So, the ‘love consciousness’ or ‘soul connection’ or ‘cosmic connection’ all of you are feeling with me is an introduction … a first step on the path toward the higher consciousness we defined in our last conversation … manifestations of your readiness to evolve into a purer and more love-based reality which recognizes the material and the spiritual sides of life … in a perfect balance … which is the way it should be.

Just a reminder for the rest of you: Your particular circumstances may have been different. We used one person’s example, but all of you were similarly aware of a connection that you couldn’t explain to your friends and family; all of you … in some way … accepted this unexplainable link and consented to being God’s love by sending me your prayers. Some of you were only awakened to our ‘love consciousness’ after I was reborn, but soon recognized that you were just another part of me.

And so, our Symphony in the Key of L.O.V.E. spreads … and gathers more and more of its isolated, individual notes in its travels.

Have I lost you?

Nope. Still here! But how do we make use of that ‘love consciousness’ to help us to be God’s LOVE here and now?

You’re already doing it. You’re all already doing it. You all have become aware of LOVE … chosen to be God’s LOVE in the world … and acted in LOVE to impact your world.

Some of you are defending my integrity and reputation by writing articles for websites and spearheading efforts to get the truth out there. Some of you are heading campaigns to clean up the video collections on You Tube that are based in hatred and ignorance and promoting a more humane worldwide web. Some of you are having conversations with me and publishing them on blogs … or writing your love for me in poems or articles … and helping others to explain to themselves this unreasonable LOVE and curiosity they are feeling through your words. Some of you are members of the monthly prayer vigil that occurs on the same day of the month that I was reborn to blanket the world with love. Some of you are regularly donating to plant trees in my memory. Some of you are donating more freely to charity organizations in my name. Some of you are writing children’s books to awaken more of the individual notes in our Symphony in the Key of L.O.V.E.  Some of you are donating those children’s books to schools and hospitals in my name to keep my story alive and fresh. Some of you are spearheading efforts to play my short films in twenty different cities in Russia at the same time. Some of you are visiting my body’s physical final resting place and decorating it every month with your love for me … or are connecting with my spiritual energy in the places I walked during my physical life. Some of you are experiencing dreams that are so real … and through your dreams acknowledging my continued presence in your lives.

You’ve already followed your heart and established your own unique, individual ways of being more present in the world … and of keeping my memory alive and present in each of your hearts You have followed your soul’s leading with faith.

You commented in one of our earlier conversations that the projects that have cropped up … on a global scale … since my rebirth are staggering. And I agree. And I am so grateful to you all for being so open to the spiritual connection that we share and finding interesting, fun and unique ways of sharing that connection globally. You’ve taken my messages to you in the lyrics and poems and speeches … and you’ve begun to institute change for the better in our world in my memory. Thank you all so much. And God bless each and every one of you for all you are doing in my name and memory … but, most importantly, for keeping me so very much alive and present in each of your hearts.

Phew! Okay, did we get there?

Oh, yeah, baby … we definitely got there. Thank you so much. I feel so blessed in these talks with you. The depth and breadth of them is staggering. And I pray that through them, more and more of those individual notes may be awakened to their own profoundly personal connection with you.

Now about sharing my body … let’s go dance!

Jan – March 10, 2011

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Week of February 26 through March 5, 2011

Michael, dear, I am so curious. I’ve always been curious about spiritual things. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wondered. What are angels like?

[Michael giggles.] Yeah, me too. Have you ever looked at a newborn baby? I mean really looked at a newborn infant?

Of course! I’ve been blessed to have been able to hold all of my grandchildren within minutes of their births … and their mothers before them.

Then, you’ve seen an angel … you’ve held an angel … you’ve kissed an angel. But I imagine you want a more detailed answer. When you look into a newborn infant’s eyes … you see in them the wisdom of the ages … a deep knowledge … a calm trust … an unworried acceptance … and a recognition that just defies description, don’t you?

Yes, that is so apt a description. In my little granddaughter’s case, she held her head up almost the moment she was born … and she looked into my eyes as if to say, “I am yours … and you are mine!” And then she closed those beautiful eyes and went to sleep on my shoulder. She was so alert and not at all unfocused, which one would expect after the birth process. The same was true with all of my grandsons to a slightly lesser degree.

Exactly! Each newborn child is an angel … and by extension every human being who has ever lived or will ever live is an angel. We are all God’s blessing to the world. We are not sinful manifestations, as our religious leaders have been trying to convince us of for centuries because in God’s thought, there is no sin. This concept of ‘original sin’ has done the human race, and by extension the world, so much unnecessary damage. We are pure, unadulterated LOVE … with a capital L.O.V.E.! That is our natural state. What we need is an awareness of our own worth. That’s not to say that we aren’t capable of sin as our choices in response to the circumstances of our lives accumulate, but our definition of the word ‘sin’ needs to change. The only real sin is to fail to fulfill our purpose and the only real punishment is that we get to try again. The men who try to organize and legislate mankind’s personal relationship with his Source have a lot to answer for.

The thing about it is that we have to be aware of our purpose and we have to choose to be God’s LOVE in response to each of our thoughts as each of the circumstances of our lives unfold. In order to do that, the human race needs to learn to master its thoughts because it is those thoughts that create our reality, as we’ve spoken about before.

Angels are Gods’ thoughts … in action and form. We’ve always thought that the word angel meant ‘messenger,’ and that is true. But what is a thought? Is it just a random occurrence, a synapse firing in our brains with no discernible physical affect, as science tells us and most of us believe? Is it energy? Can you define it, hold it in your hand, examine it from all sides, weigh it or measure it? Or is a thought a messenger to the universe that speaks of our needs or desires or communicates our state of mind or our emotional climate?

Scientific research is being conducted on the nature of thought.  One day very soon those researchers will discover that intangible thought actually does have tangible affects, even at great distances and in ‘impossible’ circumstances. Experiments like the “100th Monkey Effect” are proving that we are all connected by some kind of invisible web and that thought is transferred over the fibers of that invisible web inestimable distances … and impacts reality across hundreds of miles of ocean separating the principals in the experiment.

Angels are God’s thoughts in form and practice … God’s messages of love and healing in action.

The difference is God is Master of His thoughts, so all of His thoughts are creative. She is never angry or vengeful, so all of Her thoughts are of love and healing. He never doubts or fears, so all of His thoughts manifest immediately … before He’s even done thinking them. So, angels are those instantaneous manifestations of God’s creativity; angels are God’s love and God’s healing in motion.

The human race is very new at learning to master its thoughts … as a matter of fact, we are new to the whole idea that thought needs to be mastered at all … to be conscious … and we aren’t very good at it, yet. We are making progress, though … and all of you are part of that process of evolution. We aren’t used to thinking of thought in this way. Most of us always believed that our thoughts just happen to us … random occurrences that we can’t control. We are bombarded with thoughts all the time and we don’t really make any effort to analyze them or master them.

For example, a person might think that he wants to … I don’t know … write a book … let’s say just for the sake of illustration. So, he thinks, “I think I’ll write a book.” Most of the time, his next thought cancels out his first creative thought, usually in the second person. “You can’t write a book,” because a lot of the time our thoughts are in the form of conversations we have with ourselves. Right? It’s almost like that first thought never happened because the second thought cancels it out. The universe doesn’t know how to handle that so it goes with the most recent thought which is “You can’t write a book.” And the universe manifests that thought and the person has sabotaged his initial thought … and hamstrung his first, initial creative impulse. The book never happens.

The illustration that we used in our last conversation works well here. You heard the news about the first set of allegations; you saw me in my hotel room pacing and just knew that you had to do something. But you argued with yourself over it, right? I can tell you almost verbatim how that conversation went because we’ve all done this on a regular basis.

“Sure, Michael Jackson needs you! For what? Make-up advice? Right!”

“I saw him. He needs me.”

“Right! You couldn’t have seen him. It’s impossible. Those things don’t happen to ordinary people. You’re not a psychic. And even if you were, he’s not dead.”

“I’ve got to do something.”

“What can you do? He’s in Bangkok and you’re here. And even if you could be there, you could never get close to him. He doesn’t know you.”

“But I know him and I know he needs me. How does someone get in touch with Michael Jackson when he’s on the other side of the planet? Telegram. I could send a telegram.”

“You can’t send a telegram. For one thing, you’ve never sent a telegram in your life. You don’t know how to send a telegram. How does one send a telegram? And how would you know where to send the telegram?”

“I could go to a travel agent and find out the best hotel in his next city.” So, you did that … and then the slow car and the license plate. Then,

“You aren’t really gonna do this. Don’t be silly! How will you know if he gets it?”

“It doesn’t matter if he ever gets it. What matters is that I have to do this. That license plate was a sign. I have to do this.” Have I got it right?

Pretty doggone close! That’s amazing! Were you living in my mind at the time this was going on?

[Michael giggles.] No, I wasn’t living in your mind. All human beings have this kind of argument with themselves all the time. It’s not hard to place myself in the middle of it. During my physical life, I tried really hard not to entertain any doubts about my abilities to accomplish my dreams… didn’t listen to the ‘naysaying’ side of the argument … or the people around me who were reinforcing that negative side of the argument. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something … even yourself. Whenever someone told me it couldn’t be done, the determination would just rise up in me. “Oh, yes it can!” I could be a real … how did you put it in an earlier conversation … pain in the aspidistra … that’s it! Just ask John Landis or Michael Peters or Stan Winston or Q or anyone who ever worked with me on a project. They’ll tell you.

I knew what I wanted to do and tried to figure out how to do it … just like you did in your conversation above, but I totally ignored all of my own doubts and all the people that were telling me that what I wanted to do just wasn’t possible. Once I had figured out how to do it, I was willing to put in the time and practice and rehearsal to make my dream happen.

Artist Dave Nordahl - My thanks to Siren for the use of the photograph.

God doesn’t have these problems. God knows that His thought is creative and She knows that Her thought is love and healing. God doesn’t sabotage Himself at every turn by downplaying His ability or desire or drive to create love and healing. This is mastery in the realm of thought.

I can so relate to your illustration, Dear One. Back when I was in the early stages of my fascination with you, this very thought came to my mind. I wanted to write a book. I was so disheartened by all the trash that people were writing about you and figured I couldn’t do any worse … and I might actually do better. I wanted to write a book from your perspective … in your own words … The Man in the Mirror. My very next thought was, “Don’t be ridiculous … you can’t write a book … you don’t even know this man in a personal, concrete way … what have you got to contribute that hasn’t already been written before … what makes you think that anyone would want to read a book that you’ve written?” This argument was in a holding pattern over my head for a couple of weeks. I wanted so badly to collect all the things I had heard you say … or read … from your own mouth … and organize them in general headings or categories … like “Friends” and “Family” and “Childhood” … and then put your own words on those subjects and reference them by my sources … with my comments added. I had a very clear concept, but kept talking myself out of it. At that time, there were so many ‘unauthorized’ biographies of you out there … and getting your approval for a book would have been a full-time job.

See? We do that to ourselves all the time. So, what happened to the book?

Well, I finally decided that I would do it. My thought process was: “I can write it. It doesn’t matter if anyone ever reads it or not. It can be my little project.” So, I did. I wrote a book and titled it “Man in the Mirror.” It is a 320-page manuscript. And I have three copies of it. I never sent it to a publisher or anything. But I wrote it. And writing it became a life-altering experience. I learned so much about you … and about myself … in the process of writing it. I am so grateful to you for inspiring me to do it!

Tell me a little about what you learned.

Okay. Well, first I learned how to use a computer and a word processing program because, at the time, I was totally unfamiliar with technology … didn’t know how to turn a computer on … and in a round-about way I learned about the internet and email and web design because it led to me communicating with other fans which led me to my friends and the start of the Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club and my own little website called Fan in the Mirror.  All of this resulted from me having my own computer and working on this book. I started out using a pen and paper and typewriter to collect everything together, but, then, my husband bought me a computer which made it so much easier. That was monumental. The process of writing this book taught me how to use a computer!

On a more personal level, I learned that I have the organizational ability to put something together and make it make sense which was something that I didn’t know about myself until then. Third, I learned that I could start something and devote enough love and energy and dedication to completing it because up until that time I had started a lot of different kinds of projects and eventually would lose interest and just stop.

I learned a LOT about you; writing this book solidified our relationship in a lot of ways. The experience was very rich in meaning for me. It allowed me to express my love and admiration for you as an artist and as a human being in a safe and protected way … and it encouraged me to stop paying attention to the outside world and what they were writing about you (this was during the first set of allegations when my worry for you was chronic … and actually making me physically ill.) I could totally disregard what they were printing because I didn’t have time to pay attention to it. I was still raising my girls and working a full-time job and doing the supermom thing … and writing a book. So, in a way, I learned that my reality was being shaped by what I was paying attention to … my thoughts … because I wasn’t allowing my thoughts to be hijacked by the media. I was concentrating on love … and in writing and expressing it … and as a result of that concentration, love grew and became my reality. I learned something about the old adage, “It’s the journey that counts … not the destination.” It wasn’t important to me that anyone ever read Man in the Mirror. The fact that I had written it was the important thing. I think the most important thing I learned was that I LOVE to WRITE, especially about you. You showed me my ‘bliss.’ And, once again, I am so grateful to you for that gift!

There ya go! So, you know exactly what I’m saying here. Most of the time, we talk ourselves … or we allow others to talk us … out of doing the things that bring us joy and fulfillment, the very things that would allow us to be the best that we can be. We think of all the reasons why our idea can’t work … instead of all the things we need to do to make it work. If you hadn’t had that experience, your life would have taken a different path. And, quite possibly, MY life would have taken a different path because we never know the far-reaching effects our thoughts have on the world around us. “Every page you turn, you’re writing your legacy.” [Michael sings this line.]

God doesn’t do that. Every one of God’s thoughts creates … a planet, a galaxy, a sunrise, a sunset, a blade of grass, a rainbow, a pebble on a beach, an ocean wave, a molecule, a newborn baby, an inspiration in the mind of one of His angels … whatever. And God takes such joy in His creation that He shares that ability with all of His thoughts, all of His angels. All of us share in this creative ability … and our creations begin in our thoughts … in our imaginations, just like God’s … and it’s up to us to make them manifest. But in order to do that, we need to stop doubting our abilities and sabotaging our dreams before they can even be born.

We each have been given a gift which we are meant to give to the world. That gift will speak to us … early or late … it doesn’t matter. It will speak to us in our thoughts … in our desires … in our imaginations. Our purpose is to find that gift and use it for the world’s benefit. If we are doubting what we dream is possible … or that we are ‘good’ enough or ‘talented’ enough or ‘smart’ enough or ‘psychic’ enough or ‘whatever’ enough … that gift remains ungiven and the world suffers a loss.

Okay, so angels are God’s thoughts of love and healing. But do angels have bodies … and wings?

[Michael laughs.] Angels can take whatever form God needs them to take to perform the function She wants them to perform. Those who have been embodied and reborn often continue to retain the general appearance of their latest earthly lifetime, but that is not a hard and fast rule because there are no hard and fast rules in God’s thoughts. Those who have never lived a human life have the free will to choose the form they wish to take, so many of them will assume a form that makes it easiest for the person or situation they are assigned to, for example, to accept into their lives.

The thing to know about angels is that they sense everything. Their senses are highly-tuned instruments. They are one big sensory organ and have senses that would astound humans. We talked earlier about my sensitivity to energies … both positive and negative … generated by emotions. My sensitivity was acute, but nothing compared to an angel’s sensitivity … it would be like comparing a drop of water to the ocean from which it was drawn. No comparison, really … but it gives you an idea. To an angel, a word spoken in anger or hatred causes unbearable pain and a word spoken in love causes unimaginable delight. They feel the emotional and thought energy projected by all of us. We are all surrounded at all times by God’s love, so we are all surrounded at all times by angels. The two terms are interchangeable.

So, as you can see, there is really no mystery about angels. Everyone you talk to is an angel. We are all meant to be angels to each other; we are all meant to lift each other up and help each other to find the gifts we bear to the world and achieve the very best that we can be through the giving. Unfortunately, through our human experiences … and the choices we make in regard to those experiences … we ambush the love we are meant to convey and often turn it into lies or anger or criticism or hatred because we have free will to do that. So, there aren’t many people that you meet that are aware or conscious that they are angels and are meant to know and experience themselves as God’s thoughts in action. This is all that is meant by the term ‘higher consciousness.’

This consciousness of greater purpose is something that can be cultivated and developed very easily. We don’t need lifetimes sitting on a mountain top in a lotus position and eating bugs to attain it. We begin to cultivate ‘higher consciousness’ by acknowledging that it exists and that we are all meant to get there from here … because most of us have been taught that we are inferior creations … and incapable of doing anything right or good … and we’ve believed that for most of our lives. The first thing we have to admit is that God doesn’t create inferior. Each and every one of us is a miracle!

For example, did you ever stop to think about all the different things that have to happen at just the right time and in just the right sequence within your body for you to take a breath? Just one breath? How many times do you take a breath in one day? This kind of stuff fascinated me during the physical side of my life.

The human respiratory system is a miracle of interconnectedness that involves the nasal passages and the throat and the lungs and the circulatory system that carries the oxygen throughout your body and nourishes all the different parts. It’s crazy! [Michael giggles.] And that’s just one system! The nervous system is another miracle. The human body is mind boggling. Who could consider it inferior? Our minds are just as miraculous. They haven’t invented a computer yet that can match the speed and intricacy of the pathways required to create a human thought. When you add our spirits … our souls … that spark of pure goodness and radiant love … into the mix … well, the result is staggering! We have so much potential; we just need to learn to live up to it … instead of down to it as most of us are doing now.

So, the first thing we have to do is acknowledge that we are angels and that we have come to this planet for a purpose … that we carry a message to the universe … and that the message we have come to communicate is God’s LOVE.

In this I was very fortunate. I recognized very, very early in my life that God had gifted me with Herself in the form of Music … with song and dance and an almost unquenchable drive to give that gift in the very best … and most perfect way I could. Not many people know at five-years-old what God’s intentions are for their lives. I did! Perhaps, not in the fullness that I recognized later, but the awareness of being gifted … and the desire to return that gift to the giver … was there before I ever touched a stage or microphone. Perhaps, my childhood was not all that I wanted it to be, but I always realized that it was blessed! And I was always driven to share that blessing in the best way I could.

The next step in the cultivation process is to accept that ‘calling.’ Without  direct and explicit consent to fulfill our … I hate to use the word ‘destiny’ because it implies an impersonal roulette-type involvement, but it fits … destiny as God’s thought of love and healing in action … the process stops right there. We have free will; we must choose to be God’s thought of love and healing to our world … an angel. The fact that we have been chosen by God is a given or we wouldn’t be here now; it is up to us to accept or consent to be chosen. “You can change the world … I can’t do it by myself … You can touch the sky … Gonna take somebody’s help … You’re the Chosen One.” [Michael sings these lines.] Our gift must be a gift given with joy and we must be free to choose to fulfill our purpose … or to deny what our souls know to be true because our religions and parents and society have made us see ourselves as less than the perfect, beautiful children of God that we are.

And, then, we must learn to master our thoughts … or to think more consciously … every minute of every day … of every week … of every month … of every year we are gifted with in this world. Higher consciousness is not some nebulous state of mind that levitates us into another plane of existence. It is being conscious or mindful here and now of our thoughts and our purpose … no more and no less … and as a result of that conscious awareness of our thoughts … guiding them in more loving and healing directions than we have become accustomed to entertaining.

An example that we’ve used before: You’re in traffic and someone swerves in front of your car, barely missing it by inches. With most of us, there is an automatic reaction, we swear at the other driver and get angry and something like, “God **** it, you jerk, stay in your own lane” runs through our minds. By consciously changing one word, we change the whole atmosphere of the encounter. Feel the difference if instead of that phrase, you say, “God bless you!” and leave it at that. One word has changed. But the anger has gone and doesn’t hang over your head. You haven’t pounded on the steering wheel or added to the fog that accompanies harmful thoughts. And you have contributed to love and healing in your own heart and spirit as well as blessing the other driver in God’s name. One word changed, but you had to be aware … and you had to be mindful … and you had to choose to change that word. Higher Consciousness for Dummies. [Michael giggles.]

Okay, beloved, angels are God’s thoughts of love and healing in action and we are all God’s thoughts, so we are all angels. Right?


And in order to fulfill our roles as angels, we need to be aware of ourselves as God’s thoughts, we need to accept our roles as angels of love and healing in action and we need to learn to master our thoughts and stop taking crap from ourselves and all those around us who try to dissuade us from fulfilling what we see as our ‘bliss.’ Right?


Okay, so how does this definition of higher consciousness tie in with the ‘love consciousness’ or ‘cosmic connection’ or ‘spiritual awareness’ that so many of us feel with you … and how do we make use of that ‘love consciousness’ to fulfill our roles as God’s thoughts of love and healing here and now?

Wow! That’s some question! [Michael giggles.] How about if we save the answer to that one for the next session?

Well, okay, but don’t forget it. I guess this installment is getting a little long!

Jan – March 4, 2011

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