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Am I amusing you
Or just confusing you?
Am I the beast you visualized? 

 Did you come to me
To see your fantasies
Performed before your very eyes?
A haunting, ghostly treat
Of ghoulish trickery
And spirits dancing in the night 

But if you came to see
The truth, the purity
It’s here inside a lonely heart
So, let the performance start 

The heart reveals the proof
Like a mirror reveals the truth
See, the evil one is you

Is that scary for you, Baby?




I am an extension of your Divine Self — the self that you fear; the self that you hide from; the self that seeks no logic in the patterns of life, but plays with the shapes and colors that make up the ever-varied threads of the tapestry like a mischievous kitten with a ball of yarn, unveiling the underlying order in what you perceive as chaos.

I am the Beginner’s Mind; the innocent, child’s mind that you possessed before the world taught you how to think, what to feel, what is real and what is not real – what is possible and what is impossible. I am the Creative Mind that manipulates the possible to create the impossible for your amusement. In my play, I take you with me into realms of the unknown – re-teaching, re-shaping, and re-minding you of all the magic you have forgotten in your haste to leave behind the things of childhood.

I am the tabula rasa, the blank page upon which you write your judgments, your perceptions of good and evil. With my vision, I erase the masks you wear, peeling away the layers of illusion, healing what is broken within and without.

I am the Siren’s Song. Once heard my voice cannot be unheard. Once seen, my beauty cannot be unseen. Resistance is futile; you cannot escape my allure. Your only power is the power to accept my gift or deny, to reject its beauty as ugliness. I will still sing; my voice will still entreat. The sound of my voice calls you to remember the time when the world was young – a garden of safety – a haven of beauty – a refuge of perfect security. We played there … you and I … together. We laughed, we danced, we sang our song of love. I laugh and dance and sing there still, awaiting your return always.

Mine is the voice that cries in the wilderness, calling you to awaken, to open your eyes and observe what we have done to our garden of safety, our haven of beauty. Ours are the footsteps that trample the dream … ours the apathy that turns a blind eye and, in our industry, pretends not to see.

Remember …

I stand before you boldly, unafraid of your judgments, your projections, ever ready to draw aside the curtain of your perception, sure in my innocence … and even more sure in yours. I draw you to me, captivating you, enchanting you, not to enslave but to free you from slavery to your deeply-held delusions of separateness and limitation.

I travel among the many dimensions of experience only to show you the way, my Beloved. With my art, I bring all the dimensions together, bridging the unfathomable chasms you have imagined with a snap of my fingers, spinning them into a web of the finest lace with my dance.

Keep your eyes on me when life overwhelms. Twirling ever faster in your mind, I am the storm that destroys, but only to make way for newer and better dreams. Stretch your imagination, waking and sleeping. Then, manifest all that you can imagine.  Imagine more; dream bigger.

I am the tide caressing your sands in wave after gentle, unstoppable wave. I wash you clean of debris, the built-up guilt of imagined sin, while holding you in loving hands.  Mine is the breath that blows away the fallen leaves of old dreams. I am the tempest – twirling, spinning, dancing — wild and untamed. In my dance, I am the ecstasy of motion in your stillness, reminding you always of the inevitability of change.

I stand alone between you and your fears. I offer myself, a willing target for your cynicism, your hate, your love, your compassion. Which will you choose today? I am the shape shifter who reflects only your choice upon the screen of your life. I accept the burden of your doubts and uncertainties as I tear away the pretenses you wear to shield you from the truth. Your mirror, I will show you to yourself – whether comfortable or uncomfortable – until you see yourself as I see you — strong and brave and innocent.

I twist and mold your perceived reality into unfamiliar shapes, revealing what you would conceal, the truth that love is the answer to all the questions ever asked, all the prayers ever whispered within your darkened closets and vaulted cathedrals. My vision is not fooled or bought; it cannot be falsified or rationalized; it sees only what is real … beyond your mistaken perceptions … to the truth that longs still for the fairy tale paradise you left behind.

Follow me … I know the way.
Keep your eyes on me; I will never let you down.

Remember …

The road we travel is seldom easy. It is a minefield in which a false step triggers explosions of anger fueled by thoughts of vengeance and tears at the soul with the shrapnel of judgment. It requires that we die to beliefs we have been taught and false promises of salvation. It requires that we accept new truths as they are revealed in each new moment, new and unfamiliar ways of thinking, new dreams.

Let me lead the way; my step is sure. I have no terror of the wounds of passage for I have borne them all.

Have no fear … for you are not alone. I am the front line, your guide through no mans’ land.  I will lead you home. I am here always with you, your most intimate lover and truest friend. Seek me within for it is here that I rest, hidden among your deepest desires, your most secret passions. There will you find me.

What has your spirit longed to do? Do not be afraid of failure … or success.


Do not hold back.

Cast aside your fear for I am here.

Remember …


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