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Angelic Whispers

I come to you softly, quietly,
Seducing you from behind your veil,
Reducing you from the complexities of your everyday
To the simplicity of my NOW
For your veil has always been of your making
You created it from the fabric of your fear
Of what you do not know
You need be afraid no longer
Together we are stronger
Fear has no hold
Be bold

On the gentle strains of my voice,
Free yourself from the guilt of your yesterday
The anxiety of your tomorrow
To dwell, at last, upon the sandy beach of my today
The mountaintop of my faith
Breathe in the warmth of my embrace

You are my goal.
You have always been my goal.

Through all the years,
Past all the tears
We journeyed together to reach this point
Of union
The journey we traveled together engendered pain
But the goal always remained the same
I reached out to you so many times
In so many ways
Did you feel the touch of my voice in your aloneness?
Did my love pierce your awareness when you felt unloved?
Did my tears wash your sorrow?
Did my laughter bring hope for a more promising tomorrow?

In all the songs and notes I sang
The steps my feet danced across your world
Could you not feel my longing for you?

In the silence of your most secret, hidden memories
Of dancing raucously, spinning with wild abandon
Could you not feel my joy in you?

Release your ideas of what my life should have been
Your regrets, your anguish, your defense
Know that it was what was needed
To bring us to this place of union

Let me love you
As I always have
As I always will
Be In my love
And in my love

Jan @ 8/19/13

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