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Moon Whisperer


Moon Whisperer

In radiant beams,
Your gaze captures me
Its silvery streams cascade gently
Presiding benignly over the star-studded, comforting blanket of night
Whether your full, round face or the tiniest silver crescent
You captivate
Your gravitational pull sets the tides of my blood’s ebb and flow
And swings the metronome of my heart in rapid synchopated rhythms
Hovering over trees or snowy fields,
Shyly peeking from behind forested hilltops,
Playing hide and seek behind billowing clouds, or
Confidently floating motionless in an endless ocean
You call to me in silent breaths,
Whisper your mysteries in songs of captivating allure
Undulating sinuously in the reflections of my heart

I cannot escape you
Nor would even try
For your voice is my harp and your heartbeat my tamborine
Whether your mood sets a thrilling cadence
Or a sleepy lullaby
I close my eyes
I spin wildly
Held together only by the centrifugal force of your love
A dervish enslaved in the twirl of motion that hides only silence
My skirts rustle around me
Gaily colored and striped
Tiny parasols spun between your fingers
Optical illusions that evoke only gentle laughter

Oh, empty me of my stories,
Ancient One
The ones I’ve told myself for lifetimes
Those I’ve been frightened by but cling to so tenaciously
Fearsome tales populated by monstrous lies of unworthiness
Ogres of lack
That jump out at me from beneath the bed of my resistance
In your soft glow
Shine the light of your life
Into all the dark hiding places and corners
Illuminate them with your unquenchable brilliance
And in your presence

Empty me of my pride, my hubris
And fill the gaping spaces with your humility
Content in your purity to reflect God’s radiant love
Heal my discontent
And shine in me as She shines in you
With the soft astringent of your smile
Wipe clean the streaks of my ego which distort the image of your incomparable grace

I so long to be your vessel
Fill me, Beloved
With your vast beauty
Spray the perfume of your compassion to cover the stench of my apathy
Color my dullness with the bright hues of awareness,
The piercing sharpness of your wit
Paint me with the brush of your healing love
A love that perceives only beauty in all that it surveys
Only love
As far as the heart can reach
Erase the me who no longer sees illusions of imperfection,
Self-righteous judgments that judge only self-righteousness
Marring the incandescent landscape of her mind

Implant in her place
Your vision
One planet
One world
One people
One race
One religion

A world no longer embroiled in strife or fascinated with dangerous toys
A world with more than enough for all
For every girl
For every boy
A world where each is honored irrespective of status
The beauty of difference recognized,
A world where all are given a place
Not to hoard or barricade against the dark in fear
But to share in open welcome in the light of truth
A world where every voice is heard
Even the most timid
Whose whispers speak only truth
And in whose face lies and distortion
Find not the smallest crevice in which to hide their shame
A world where no more is taken than is given
And what is taken is taken in grateful submission and humility

Oh, Moon Whisperer
Whisper to me of love
Only love
Let me take up the task you left undone
Let me bring the awareness
That at long last
We are ONE



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