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Installment #92

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good morning, Beloved. Today marks 68 months since “the day the Earth stood still” – (sixty-eight) !!! That’s a long time, but it seems like only yesterday. So much has happened in my life in those months for which you have been the catalyst that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you are gone.

That’s good … because I’m not.

I know … I know. I mean physically. You are still very, very real to me and to so many of your children, but we can’t turn on our television sets and watch you, caught by the ever-present cameras during one of your many visits to other countries … or performing at the Grammy’s … or the Oscars.

Yes, you can … just slap in a DVD and I am right there in your own home. Slip in a disc and I am right there, whispering in your ears that

I am forever
We are forever

Yes, that’s true and I am so grateful that I have so much of you in so many different formats. We are, indeed, blessed to live in an age in which our technology affords us so many avenues of recharging our batteries with your energy. As I have stated before in these Conversations, you are the gift that just keeps on giving and giving. We have books in electronic and physical format, You Tube videos of your performances from all over the world, your own short films, and I have videotapes that I made from your interviews and performances and travels back in the 1990s that I have preserved in DVD format.

See? I am just as present now as I ever was and as we’ve discussed before in these dialogs, I poured my heart and soul into all that I did. It resides there … always. It lives there … and it cannot die or be taken from you. You are always welcome; the door is always open for you. That “energy” that you refer to is in every project I undertook; it had to be there or I wouldn’t have released it, performed it, sang it. 

Let nothing be a “take” unless
I am extremely satisfied with it …
unless I felt it in my soul.

[Handwritten note regarding BAD short film BAD 25 Documentary]

That held true with everything I did, not just the BAD short film … everything … all the songs and films and performances … even the creation of Neverland Valley Ranch contained that same devotion … that same “energy.” Just as every shot was my shot in the filming of my short films and performances … every scene and vista was my scene and vista at Neverland. The same principle applied across the board. I tried to make sure it was there in everything. That’s why I insisted on editorial control in all my projects and interviews. 

And that “energy” continues to touch hearts and inspire people all over the world, Beloved. Books are being released on an almost daily basis by your children who continue to be inspired by it; blogs are written daily by those who are dedicated to your messages of healing and compassion. The Michael Effect continues to engulf and envelop the world and I, for one, am so grateful to have been swept up in those ripples. Charitable outreach in your name and memory continues unabated, with children’s homes and preschools being built and equipped in Liberia and Haiti, fundraising efforts are underway for a children’s hospital in Gary, Indiana and books are being donated to the school system in your hometown to supply the first and fourth grade classes with age-appropriate reading materials that focus on your life, your legacy and your messages of love and unity. Other groups are devoted to reforesting blighted areas of the rainforest; musical tributes and documentaries continue to be produced. It’s getting hard to keep up with everything that is happening on a global scale. There is at least one book out there that I have to order and I understand your friend, Spike Lee, is producing another documentary, this time focusing on Off the Wall and the recording sessions for that album. Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever is scheduled for national telecast on Public Television on February 28 and your landmark reunion with your brothers and your solo performance of Billie Jean will be viewed by an entirely new generation of music lovers 32 years after it was taped in Pasadena, California.

Please know that I am so aware of all that you are all doing in my name … and I am so grateful to all of you for your love. I love you all so much MORE than you can possibly know. I am so much more able to touch your hearts and minds and in-spirit you now than I was when I was living the physical side of my life. And my devotion to embedding my heart and soul into all of you is just as strong now as it was during the recording sessions for my albums or the performance rehearsals for my tours … even stronger … because I can feel your excitement as a new idea overtakes you … and as you move forward to implement it and get it off the ground. 

Now, I’ve got a mission
The story unfolds
What the wise man had told you
Is already known
That a woman and man
Should go by the plan
And we’ll find out how high we can fly.

For you, personally, I can feel your curiosity when you ask yourself, “What if I tried this …” or “I wonder if this would work?” in the development your art and as you attempt to make that idea real; I participate in your sense of discovery and your excitement over the finished piece. I can encourage you to “try it” and “see what happens” and as you progress, I can be right there, see it through your eyes, feel it through your emotions. If it doesn’t work, we can collaborate on what to do to fix it … just like we do in these Conversations. You call it “fidding with it” and “playing around;”  I call it “refining it” and “fine tuning it” until it feels like what you want to say or expresses the idea that you wanted to convey. I love your openness and willingness to try, the innocence you bring to the drawing board. When you get discouraged, I can whisper, “Let it sit for a while. Come back to it with fresh eyes and, then, fiddle with it some more. Play with it! Have fun!”



You talk to me about the ideas and inspirations that come to you … in your mind … or in your journal … or here, in these Conversations. You had an idea just this past week that we discussed in that way, didn’t you?

Yes, I did.

And we talked about it. I encouraged you to go for it. You got together and talked with your friends and implemented the idea very quickly … with little nudges from me along with way. 

Baby, seriously … you call those little nudges?

[Michael chuckles.]  Subtle, ain’t I? 

Okay, for my readers, as I was talking to Michael about the concept while preparing to go to sleep, Earth Song played on my MJ3 player, which would not be a terribly uncommon occurrence. What was a bit curious was that it played … not once but twice … consecutively … one right after the other … and the player was not set on repeat. Now, there are over 750 songs on my player and it was set on shuffle, as it always is. How does that happen? In that same late night session, Earth Song was followed by Cry which was followed by We Can Change the World. At that point, I turned the player off with the thought, “Okay, Baby, I think I got it!” The next morning, as I logged into my customary social network site, the first thing that I saw was a post from a friend that had the general concept of “changing the world.” And in the middle of discussing the concept with one of my friends in one of the participating groups, Wanna Be Startin Somethin started on her player.

[Michael laughs out loud.] Okay, now you’re just embarrassing me. I admit, subtlety was never my strong suit. I think you should put the description of that idea here. Will you do that?

Of course, Beloved.

Change the World Initiative

March marks the four year anniversary of Call for Love. Happy Anniversary, Call for Lovers.

As many of you know, Call for Love was founded in March 2011 as a response to Conversations – Installment #20 (March 19-March 26, 2011) during which Michael introduced us all to creating and sustaining an atmosphere of L.O.V.E. during the trial of Conrad Murray by visualizing the courtroom in Los Angeles swept clean of all negative emotions and deceit and surrounded with our love. All of us responded on that occasion with purpose and resolve; many of the members of Call for Love were committed to daily meditation/prayer/visualizations based on filling the courtroom with love and light not conditional on any particular outcome, but trusting that the judge, jurors and legal representatives would be fair, impartial and weigh all the evidence presented with care and respect. On the first day of the trial, we were there on the ground with sunflowers to hand out to all who wanted them in memory of our Beloved (yes, even a few media representatives sported the flowers on their cameras and at least one family member carried a flower into the courtroom.)

Again, in April of 2012, Call for Love members signed on to the Come Together Over Michael campaign in response to Installment #56 (April 21-April 28, 2012) during which we meditated or prayed or visualized key issues that needed to be addressed to, in Michael’s words,

Heal the world; make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.”

While many of us have continued our daily meditations, prayers and/or visualizations, some of us have found ourselves embroiled in a lack of focus, a sense of overwhelm in our daily lives, frustration with the monumental task of re-imagining our world in a higher frequency vibration or a feeling of defeat because we don’t see immediate results.

All of the books I have been reading lately use different terminology but all state firmly that this planet and its inhabitants are in a period of transition towards a more spiritual, less ego and fear- based reality. Signs abound in the positions of celestial bodies, vibrational frequencies, lunar eclipses, channeled messages, scientific discoveries and all manner of other symbols, not the least of which are all of us from around the world gathered together by one man for a purpose.

“You are my messengers to heal the world … and because I love you.” 

There is an explosion of art, books, music being released in honor of this one man’s Call for Love. We have all been awakened to an expanded sense of self in his music … in his words … and in this expanded sense of self we have recognized the catalyst … Michael Jackson.

While they all use different terms, all these books point to the same reality. This is a critical time for Planet Earth. One of the books I have recently finished (The Secret of Shambhala by James Redfield) suggests that the Utopian, spiritually-enlightened culture of Shangri-La (Shambhala) has established “seed groups” planted at strategic spots all over the globe to focus their intentions and extend their “prayer fields” to cover key issues that are of paramount importance in moving humankind over the speed bumps of selfish, ego and fear-based reactions, greed and acquisition of personal power.

When I read that, I had to stop and breathe for a moment.  I recognized that we already have those seed groups … actually … WE ARE THOSE SEED GROUPS!

We are located all over the world, from South Africa to Belgium … from the United States to the United Kingdom … from Europe to Russia to South America to Asia to Canada and every place in between. We represent all different cultures, religious affiliations, ages and demographics and we come together here in Call for Love and her sister groups (Dancing the Divine, Michael’s Circle of Love, Major Love Prayer) for mutual support. We pray for each other when the need arises and we pray for topics as they arise for our attention.

There are key issues that impact all of us in all of our countries and provinces. Examples:

The United States will soon be electing a new president. While I do not follow politics closely, I am in turmoil because I can’t vote for Barack Obama again. (I would if I could, but he’s not allowed another term by constitutional law.) I don’t look forward to trying to choose “the lesser of two evils” again; that’s no way to choose a leader. The direction of this country for the next four years, at least, hangs in the balance. And, often, where the U.S. goes the world goes.

The youth culture of violence (in all its guises such as bullying) is epidemic and is spreading from industrialized countries to those on the fringes of industrialization. This is a key issue the world over and one which was near and dear to our Beloved’s heart (See the text of the Oxford Speech).

The list could go on and on and never end. I am sure that each of us in all our different countries can contribute issues that require our commitment to uphold them in the light of L.O.V.E.

“We need to remind the world that Love is important … L.O.V.E.”

In light of all of the above, representatives from all of the like-minded groups (ie Call for Love, Dancing the Divine, Michael’s Circle of Love and Major Love Prayer) are beginning a joint “Change the World” initiative to begin Monday, February 23, 2015 and continuing indefintely to refocus and redirect our daily prayer/ meditation/visualization intentions to uplifting our world and its policy makers in the coming months.

In recognition that we are all spiritual beings involved in individual human experiences, the purpose of this initiative is to appeal to the spiritual, “higher” selves of our policy makers, youth leaders, religious leaders, media representatives and educators … to hold them in the light of love and compassion, allowing them to view the world from a more humane, less ego and fear-based perspective.

We are proposing that each of us in our own daily spiritual practice … at whatever time of the day is convenient … concentrate our attention on the following general topics that have overarching predominance in all of our respective countries and provinces:

Monday – Holding policy makers and government officials in the light of love and compassion to gain humility and higher wisdom in directing the ongoing spiritual evolution of our respective countries and provinces.

Tuesday – Holding youth leaders and youth culture in the light of love and compassion to open them to compassionate methods of conflict resolution.

Wednesday – Holding religious leaders in the light of love and compassion to open them to fruitful ecumenical dialog that focuses on common ground rather than difference.

Thursday – Holding global communication media and their representatives in the light of love and compassion to initiate a more compassionate retelling of the human story. (Yes, my friends, that does include those with whom we take umbrage, the Dimonds and Orths and Graces of this world.)

Friday – Holding educators in the light of love and compassion to reach for a holistic approach to education that respects students’ unique learning needs.

Weekends will be devoted to unspecified topics, personal intentions and general love and light visualizations toward our beautiful Mother Earth.

Please join us because, as our Beloved Angel has told us,

You can change the world … (I can’t do it by myself) … 

You can touch the sky … (Gonna take somebody’s help) … 

You’re the chosen one …”


Suggested Visualization:

You may wish to sanctify your space by lighting a candle or incense. Begin by sitting comfortably and breathing deeply and evenly in a regular circular pattern, inflating the diaphragm first and then the lungs and deflating first the lungs and then the diaphragm. When you are comfortable and your breathing pattern is fully and comfortably established, you may wish to say a favorite prayer, like St. Francis’s prayer.

As you breathe, begin to visualize yourself being filled with beautiful, warm, glowing light. This light is warm and loving, entering your body from above through your crown chakra and flowing down your spine enriching and enlivening each of the chakras in turn: the crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sakral and the root chakras until your entire body is filled with this divine light. Feel this light flowing into you, around you and through you, bringing you joy and filling you with pure, infinite, divine love. Draw it in deeper and deeper with each of your inhalations, letting it circulate throughout your circulatory and nervous systems. Rest in that feeling of being totally loved and loving. You are love; know it; feel it; and recognize that this feeling is who you really are.

When you are full to overflowing with this pure, infinite, divine love, begin to think about one of the daily topics: Policy makers and government officials, youth leaders and youth culture, religious leaders, communications media and its representatives, or educators. Visualize a symbol that represents one of these key groups to you. For example: for youth leaders, you might envision Michael’s short film for Beat It as he teaches the leaders of the two opposing gangs that finding and developing their own unique talents is a better way of gaining recognition and handling conflict. For religious leaders, you might envision a conference table filled with the representatives of all the different religious organizations … Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, etc … conducting talks aimed at discovering and promoting common ground rather than difference. Perhaps, you might want to envision Michael sitting at the table and directing the discussion and angelic beings of light hovering over the proceedings. Each of us will see something different (and that is perfectly okay) but all of us with be focusing our energy on uplifting the key players in each of the categories to make them more receptive to their own higher and more compassionate natures. Stay with that visualization for a few minutes, extending your prayer field to cover and uplift the daily focus topic.

When you feel complete, begin to return to your comfortable position slowly becoming more aware of your surroundings and continuing the circular breathing pattern established at the beginning of the prayer cycle. You might with to end your daily practice with a closing prayer like the Dalai Lama’s prayer (published in his book Ethics for the New Millenium):

May I become at all times, both now and in the future

A protector for those who need protection

A guide for those who have lost their way

A ship for those with oceans to cross

A bridge for those with rivers to cross

A sanctuary for those in danger

A lamp for those without light

A refuge for those who lack shelter

And a servant to all in need

Take a few moments to become oriented before continuing the activity of your day, but carry that feeling of being filled with pure, infinite, divine love with you into all your activities.


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